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Great Bend Kansas isn't a big city; just your normal Midwestern town. About an hour outside Wichita it's surrounded by wheat fields and farms. MY folks had moved here when Dad took a job with a law...

Home Repairs by MountainDewMan

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I wasn't sure what the sound was at first that brought me out of sleep, I lay on my side staring at the dark bedroom waiting. There it was again; like a soft thump. I glanced at the glowing numbers...

Bump in the Night by MountainDewMan

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Just a few things to point: - The story is really written with a specific male audience in mind, and the male protagonist is boring and unappealing. - If you're not into really big boobs,...

Lusting after Busty Mother by ThatIsNotSupposeToHappen

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1.Home Repairs
Storm changes the family sleeping arrangements. by MountainDewMan (02/06/20)
2.Bump in the Night
Strange noises leads to racy discovery for frustrated mom. by MountainDewMan (02/05/20)
3.Lusting after Busty Mother
Perverted son lusts after his naive mother's gigantic tits. by ThatIsNotSupposeToHappen (01/18/20)
4.Way to Go, College Boy
A smutty novel. by LexxRuthless (01/19/20)
5.Taking Mom on Valentine's Day
Son fills in for his father on Valentine's Day. by centrum1000 (01/24/20)
6.Incest Accommodations with Mom
Hotel needs proof that she’s (really) fucking her son. by HeyAll (02/07/20)
7.Spring Break
Jack accidentally does his mother. by zoedog (02/02/20)
8.Mom's House, Mom's Rules
A birthday present for the youngest in the family. by pantywriter (02/04/20)
9.Valentine's Gift Mix Up
A simple mix up leads to an unexpected night. by centrum1000 (01/23/20)
10.Swimming in Pleasure
College aged nephew seduces his favorite aunt. by redpilldad (02/01/20)
11.Injured Step Sister
Kelly my step sister asks me to help her. by Comshaw (01/27/20)
12.Getting Pregnant with Mom
Breastmilk & son's orgasm for government research. by HeyAll (01/27/20)
13.Mom Is Mine
Tom takes Mom from his incompetent father - a cuckold story. by mt44 (02/02/20)
14.My Sisters Keep Me Quiet
My sisters mistakenly believe they have to buy my silence. by sammbeltt (02/08/20)
15.What I'm Going To Do
She surprised him in his room. by Ashson (01/26/20)
16.The Coach's Wife Ch. 01
Short and stacked, the coach's wife is game for players. by d10sizemore (01/25/20)
17.A Hot Summer's Night Ch. 05 Pt. 02 - Illustrated
Part 2 of Brad and Jaime's Vacation with their cousins. by DarkBreezly (02/01/20)
18.Movie Night
A mature couple go to an adult theater out of curiosity. by jc1961 (02/07/20)
19.All nighter with my brother
All nighter turns differently when brother stays over. by kinkynkitten99 (01/19/20)
20.WICKed Hormones Ch. 01
Son has a BIG problem... his mom lends a hand. by RTR9209 (02/11/20)
21.Daughter-In-Law's Special Lotion
Daughter-in-law baby sits dad with broken foot. by m_storyman_x (01/17/20)
22.My Stepson
Ryan's stepmother is the best cure for his broken heart. by MaryAnderson (01/27/20)
23.My Best Friend's Mom
I never meant to fall for her. by LexxRuthless (01/21/20)
24.New Lit Story Page BETA - Font Customization Now Available!
New update - let us know what you think! by Literotica (02/14/20)
25.Sleepwalking Sis Pt. 01
My sister craves one thing when she sleepwalks... by Originsunknown (01/31/20)
I'll swap you mine if you swap me yours. by wajawhiii (01/25/20)
27.Just Dance
A mom and son hide secrets, and there are consequences. by JayPierce95 (01/19/20)
28.Now That Daddy's Gone Ch. 02
Now that daddy's gone someone has to service mommy and aunty. by MicheleNylons (01/28/20)
29.Mother of the Bride
A mother-in-law has a family tradition to maintain. by Bray123 (01/23/20)
30.Four Years After
Mother helps son and daughter restore their sexual life. by Soazoldman (01/22/20)
31.Riding Hot
Sonya discovers her family's twisted secret on Valentine's. by rarmons (01/21/20)
32.Fucked by My Sisters
Austin is seduced by his sisters and pegged. by 6ofnine (01/17/20)
33.Came Home Too Early
Came home early and found the surprise of a lifetime. by Joeblowisme (01/23/20)
A hot-blooded son wants to do more for his overworked mother. by Alleskeins1 (01/20/20)
35.Eager Beaver
Tough, lawyer mom & son's relationship takes unexpected turn. by SuperWriter (02/01/20)
36.Gang-Banging My Brothers as a Dare
Mary agrees to gang-bang her 4 brothers as a dare. by Nikkiejanes (01/25/20)
37.Dave's Story: Man of the House
Dave becomes man of the house and gives mom a new lover. by ThePokerGuy (01/16/20)
38.First Time with my Mother in Law
My fantasy of having sex with my mother in law comes true. by dice1974 (02/10/20)
My family's favourite day of the year. by Rollinbones (01/27/20)
40.The Vocal Local
No good deed goes unpunished, or does it? by JupiterMars (01/31/20)
41.Four Teachers are Blackmailed Ch. 01
Four MILF teachers end up blackmailed. by Thecsm (01/24/20)
42.Let's Talk Cameltoe
Influencer daughter moves back in with her father. by sunburycd (02/07/20)
43.Todd's Unusual Revenge
Todd's wife cheated - he has unusual way to punish wife. by StoneyWebb (01/31/20)
44.That's Big Brother to You #01
23,867 words -- Son/Sisters/Mother -- Enjoy. by MrHereWriting (01/16/20)
45.Daniel and Sara Pt. 01
She caught daddy with her panties, and then... by Rabbitman55 (02/01/20)
46.Son Teaches Mom How to Come
Mom learns that her son has become a master cunnilinguist. by nylonpunkie (01/27/20)
47.Tug of War
Fighting bro & sis' relationship takes an unexpected turn. by SuperWriter (01/25/20)
48.Sophie's Dilemmas
Sophie's choice. Destroy her own life and family or die. by Vandemonium1 (02/09/20)
49.Bad Decisions
She made a lot of them and paid the price. by saddletramp1956 (01/24/20)
50.Seducing Daddy
18 year old annihilates Daddy's inhibitions. by MadisonMaven (02/09/20)
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