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Well this is weirdly apt, I feel l should include a content note. There are graphic and, I hope, vivid descriptions of people dying of a contagious, gruesome disease. Sorry if it's upsetting to some...

The Enslavement of Briseis Ch. 05 by karaline

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It was hot. Too hot. Abby groaned out loud, flinging the covers away, her forearm over her face. She couldn't sleep. The warm air was rushing through the curtains and her skin felt sticky and...

Abby, Awakened Ch. 10: The Message by Vectura

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Author's note: Being an echocardiogram tech is a bit like playing slots in Vegas. Days go by when you grind it out, going through the motions and nothing happens out of the ordinary. Then you hit an...

Anthony and Ava by ChrisEva

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1.May and the True Crime Novelist
May meets a true crime novelist for a blind date. by PlainJane12 (05/24/20)
5.00 (10)
2.The Ward Ch. 07
Sage is tortured and contends with a betrayal. by Bellie444 (05/24/20)
4.95 (19)
3.The Enslavement of Briseis Ch. 05
Plague. by karaline (05/21/20)
4.90 (92)
4.Who can I trust saying no?
Is this Guest's teasing too much for Dr Love and Maddisyn? by Maddisyn (04/24/20)
4.89 (9)
5.Abby, Awakened Ch. 10: The Message
Abby takes James up on his offer. by Vectura (05/07/20)
4.88 (200)
6.Abby, Awakened Ch. 06: The Cupboard
James wants Abby to redress the balance. by Vectura (04/25/20)
4.85 (243)
7.The Enslavement of Briseis Ch. 03
Briseis gets to know Patroclus better. by karaline (04/24/20)
4.84 (155)
8.The Royal Lycan
Jett's kidnapping contract turns very complicated. by Bellie444 (04/27/20)
4.83 (326)
9.Anthony and Ava
Shy young woman's echocardiogram in detail (medical fetish). by ChrisEva (05/09/20)
4.83 (12)
10.Bright Sky Beach
Two sisters enjoy their spanking vacation. by writingsomethingnew (05/23/20)
4.83 (12)
11.Abby, Awakened Ch. 08: The Punishment
Abby's been hiding, and James isn't happy. by Vectura (04/30/20)
4.83 (220)
12.Abby, Awakened Ch. 09: The Backseat
Abby and James can't get enough of each other. by Vectura (05/05/20)
4.83 (183)
A brother's vow is her undoing. by gabthewriter (05/07/20)
4.81 (192)
14.After the Fall Ch. 02
He wants her mind, but he can't keep his hands off her body. by Enchantment_of_Nyx (04/25/20)
4.80 (81)
15.The Enslavement of Briseis Ch. 04
Cursed. by karaline (05/05/20)
4.80 (93)
16.Prison Possession Ch. 05
The Final Chapter. by Daisy_x (04/24/20)
4.79 (14)
17.Abby, Awakened Ch. 07: The Desk
Abby's feeling neglected, James has the solution. by Vectura (04/29/20)
4.78 (199)
18.The Ox Who Got the Cream Ch. 02
Layla settles into the Oxman's Lair. by Bellie444 (05/19/20)
4.78 (68)
19.Bride Rights Pt. 03
Amice tries to get back at the king by bedding his favorite. by trickysnail (04/30/20)
4.78 (18)
20.My VideoChat Error Ch 25
Shaun(a) eats creampies, ponders matters & has a date with gf. by NaughtyOne88 (05/07/20)
4.77 (57)
21.Imperius Ch. 06
She runs. by Damoiselle (04/24/20)
4.77 (91)
22.Sex for Silence Pt. 02
The secretary's problems deepen. by golasgil (05/23/20)
4.77 (43)
Deloris (Riss) is shown small town hospitality. Briefly. by gabthewriter (05/08/20)
4.76 (76)
24.The Venerati Academy Pt. 01: Ardice
A new apprentice, a land at war and an obstinate soldier. by gabthewriter (05/21/20)
4.76 (37)
25.The Witch and the Hunter Ch. 01
Magic by SofBlack (05/08/20)
4.75 (69)
26.Flirting with Sin Ch. 01
A Demon Hunter of the Church stalks a deadly cat demoness. by somdola (05/23/20)
4.75 (8)
27.The Ox Who Got the Cream
A miscellaneous superhero corners his elusive crush. by Bellie444 (04/25/20)
4.74 (117)
28.Turnons - A Game of Dares Ch. 07
Alex meets a DarkPassenger and loses control. by shyexhibitionist (05/02/20)
4.73 (62)
29.Becca XXX - Double Trouble Ch. 03
Becca and Nat go to work at the titty bar and have fun. by Naughtybecca (05/03/20)
4.72 (71)
30.Debt Collection Pt. 03
Angie discovers romance in an unlikely place. by shittylifelessons (05/09/20)
4.71 (21)
31.A Day in the Life of My Sub Slut Ch. 07
I blackmail Elaine's mother into becoming my BDSM sub slut. by sexyvp (05/24/20)
4.71 (31)
32.The Whores Next Door
Will Ginger and Dana betray their best friend? Joe explores. by joecali (05/24/20)
4.68 (41)
33.MILF in Office Trouble Pt. 05
Mary falls deeper into slutville and gets her pussy pierced. by lovetoreadXXX16 (05/11/20)
4.68 (132)
34.Bonnie's Diary Pt. 03 - Professor
Wife was taken advantage of by a professor in college. by JeffJared (05/16/20)
4.68 (34)
35.The Captain's Captive Ch. 05
Catherine gets rescued...but does she want to be? by cinnamongirl27 (05/09/20)
4.68 (77)
36.Casey's Fall Ch. 05
Week 1, Fri. Preparations for a nude weekend. by velcrofist (04/26/20)
4.67 (58)
37.Sex for Silence
A sexy secretary gets found out and fucked. by golasgil (05/20/20)
4.67 (235)
38.Cutty Ch. 37
The Lap Dance Lesson. by Bokkey (04/28/20)
4.67 (33)
39.18 and Naive
18yo has 1 night stand with the wrong guy...& his 4 buddies. by roxymoves (04/30/20)
4.66 (175)
40.Susan Ch. 02
Susan is seduced by her lover's wife. by Bluepen451 (05/02/20)
4.66 (89)
41.The Work Trip Predicament Pt. 03
She can't control the vibrations, but her colleague can. by Nefarium (05/16/20)
4.66 (76)
42.Ophelia Ch. 01
Her vacation was more than she bargained for. by gabthewriter (05/08/20)
4.66 (73)
43.Caught Snooping
She's caught while searching for the truth. by TheSecretLime_1999 (05/03/20)
4.66 (244)
44.BBW Blues Ch. 02
Todd does reconnaissance on Sarah. Mia examines last night. by SingularityForce (05/22/20)
4.65 (20)
45.Old Ladies, Thongs, & Whiskey
A married man meets an aggressive old slut at the bar. by TheTalkMan (05/16/20)
4.65 (197)
46.Step Mother Ch. 02
Misty, Kirsten, and Angela continue with their plan. by sadkins116 (04/30/20)
4.64 (130)
47.Casey's Fall Ch. 04
Week 1, Thurs. Not the bush! by velcrofist (04/24/20)
4.64 (77)
48.Self bondage gone...wrong? Pt. 03
Part 3 - an unknown mistress continues to tease and use. by erins_Whore (05/03/20)
4.62 (24)
49.Rest Area: Sasha
A female driver that likes it rough. by oldtruckdriver (04/25/20)
4.62 (116)
50.Maggie's Blackmail Begins Ch. 04
She's home and things will never be the same. by thesecretslut (05/13/20)
4.62 (131)
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