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Authors Notes: This story is dedicated to Literotica author and frequent commenter northbaybear. A public comment from him, on my last story got me thinking about the blessings in my life. Thanks...

Dani by The Style Guy

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A little fluff piece for Halloween. No sex, but enjoy anyway. ***** "Hey kids, grab a handful of sweets, and I'll tell you the story of how this house is haunted, okay?" The five looked at...

Conversations 11 by SleeperyJim

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This is a work of fiction. All characters and incidents portrayed and names within are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental. All...

'Goode' Neighbors by BillandKate

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Loving Wives

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Tequila Shuffle
Doin' the Shuffle. by Todd172 (10/15/19)
4.77 (2216)
2.Burning Down The House: A Story Event
No prisoners taken in these stories of love, loss, and justice (at least, closure). by Literotica (10/15/19)
4.74 (298)
3.Burning Down the House
He found out she had a plan. His actually worked. by blackrandl1958 (10/15/19)
4.63 (3032)
A best friend and loving wife. by The Style Guy (11/08/19)
4.62 (1184)
5.Conversations 11
Halloween - sweets, ghosts and fireworks. by SleeperyJim (10/20/19)
4.62 (872)
I was the swimmer, and she was the riptide. by norafares (10/15/19)
4.60 (1214)
7.The Love Shack Pt. 02
The conclusion of The Love Shack. by qhml1 (10/17/19)
4.53 (1480)
8.Love Me Do
How do you handle a wife that strays? by Harddaysknight (10/15/19)
4.52 (3155)
9.'Goode' Neighbors
George's wife gets much too 'close' with the neighbors. by BillandKate (10/17/19)
4.51 (1399)
10.Eulogy for a Cad
Toys, Cowboys and Girls Night Out. by JayDiver (11/09/19)
4.47 (605)
11.The Halloween Party
Where tricks were played, and treats were claimed. by jmmj5 (10/28/19)
4.45 (999)
12.Wrong Room
Tammy wrote down 1901 instead of 2901. by amischiefmaker (11/02/19)
4.44 (1302)
He was used and needed revenge. by imhapless (10/19/19)
4.44 (1494)
14.A New Profession
Her new profession ended her marriage. by qhml1 (10/15/19)
4.43 (2531)
A surprise visit. by stev2244 (10/15/19)
4.42 (2061)
16.The Premonition
A Halloween cheating wife story. by saddletramp1956 (10/28/19)
4.42 (2144)
17.Free Ch. 01
Escaping the man of the past. by javmor79 (11/10/19)
4.42 (892)
18.Wet Encounters Ch. 06
Day two dawns on the floodbound neighbours. by BlackJackSteele (10/23/19)
4.40 (94)
19.The Freak
The Freak just does what comes naturally. by imhapless (11/10/19)
4.39 (1345)
20.Nature vs. Nurture
Mortimer and Randolph Duke are underappreciated geniuses. by ankur257 (11/09/19)
4.38 (1211)
21.Plain Gold Ring Pt. 03
June fucking Silva gets what she wants. by GirlintheMoon (10/20/19)
4.37 (278)
22.Wet Encounters Ch. 05
First night in the woodcutter's cabin. by BlackJackSteele (10/22/19)
4.35 (83)
23.Following Laura's Footsteps
Winter Contest: Mamma had a mean right hook! by gordo12 (11/07/19)
4.32 (1323)
24.The Tulsasil Monster
Betrayed husband tells a special scary story on Halloween. by hotprof1973 (10/21/19)
4.31 (1286)
25.Accidental Slut, A Halloween Party
Mistaken for brother's slutty wife. by Panthergirl (10/18/19)
4.30 (575)
26.Wet Encounters Ch. 04
Role-playing helps fill in the time while floodbound. by BlackJackSteele (10/21/19)
4.29 (142)
27.Scenes - An Anniversary Cruise
A first year anniversary cruise. by The Style Guy (10/23/19)
4.29 (1243)
28.The Warren Files 01: Jim and Donna
Cheating wife and friends plot againt husband. by saddletramp1956 (10/21/19)
4.28 (1156)
29.The Me Too Experience
Actress has a #metoo experience with a famed director. by MohanSingh (10/15/19)
4.28 (83)
30.Monster in the Mirror
There was a monster in the mirror. by MattblackUK (10/15/19)
4.27 (1893)
31.Rue the Day
Consequences can last lifetime. by ragnarok1 (10/27/19)
4.26 (1839)
32.The Making of a Slut Wife Pt. 05
Olivia and Sam spend the day and night with Carrie and Brad. by mbtaichi (10/23/19)
4.25 (71)
33.Bachelorette Party Chaperone Pt. 01
Hank golfs while Maggie chaperones girls gone wild. by KingBandor (10/19/19)
4.25 (728)
34.Wet Encounters Ch. 07
Trapped neighbours identify their cabin's regular occupants. by BlackJackSteele (10/24/19)
4.24 (107)
35.The Warren Files 02: Dan and Kate
Cheating wife enslaves husband, Oscar intervenes. by saddletramp1956 (11/05/19)
4.24 (420)
36.Wet Encounters Ch. 08-09
Stranded neighbours keep themselves occupied. by BlackJackSteele (10/25/19)
4.23 (78)
37.Hard Lessons Learned
Unwilling husband learns, love 'em or lose 'em. by JimBob44 (11/08/19)
4.22 (770)
38.End of the Line
Man takes action after watching wife cheat. by saddletramp1956 (10/17/19)
4.21 (1393)
39.The Seven Deadly Sins: Rage
No, i think I'll take choice number 3, dear. by Vandemonium1 (11/03/19)
4.20 (646)
40.The Sly Wife
He's leaving for a younger woman; now what? by Santee110x (10/19/19)
4.18 (606)
41.Wet Encounters Ch. 01
Neighbours find themselves trapped by floodwaters. by BlackJackSteele (10/19/19)
4.18 (327)
42.Burn the Bastard Pt. 01
To Err is Human, To Forgive??? by Farmers_Son (10/18/19)
4.18 (1047)
43.Nick's Neighbors Ch. 01
Nick discovers his neighbors are interested in him. by cactusaur (10/29/19)
4.16 (247)
44.The Camp Ch. 01: Mike and Sandy
Man gets help dealing with cheating wife. by saddletramp1956 (11/11/19)
4.16 (1012)
45.Trying to Build a Better Mousetrap
What do you do when your house has a rodent problem? by moreandmore (11/02/19)
4.16 (1308)
46.Wet Encounters Ch. 11
Stranded neighbours expand their horizons. by BlackJackSteele (10/27/19)
4.15 (104)
Of circumstances. by TheMarlboroMan (10/22/19)
4.13 (1299)
48.Wet Encounters Ch. 02-03
Neighbours trapped by floodwaters discover love. by BlackJackSteele (10/20/19)
4.12 (171)
49.Ever Want to Get Away?
Things get complicated after the ladies drinking party. by moreandmore (10/19/19)
4.11 (839)
50.Loving Care in a Care Home Ch. 03
Getting dirty with a Cleaner. by backdoorboogie (10/25/19)
4.11 (93)
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