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This is one of the "Tales from the Shack." It is in LW in order to keep the series together, but in the case of "Needles & Delaney" there is a very strong LW element to it anyway. This is the third...

The Shack: An Implacable Man by Todd172

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This story is one of a continuing series of connected stories known as "Tales from the Shack." Normally these go into LW because the Shack series started here, and it is much easier for those that...

The Shack: An Unreasonable Man by Todd172

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With-in the confines of chapters one and three, Brent, while working in his back yard, experiences a heart attack. Writhing from the pain, he struggles along the ground in an effort to seek help....

The Last Chimes of Fall by laptopwriter

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1.The Shack: An Implacable Man
You'd think people would learn to leave them the fuck alone. by Todd172 (01/31/19)
4.86 (2730)
2.The Shack: An Unreasonable Man
Needles&Delaney should come with a fucking warning label. by Todd172 (09/29/18)
4.85 (2968)
3.The Unicorn
An average guy. A retired model worth millions. Can it work? by qhml1 (08/19/19)
4.84 (3370)
4.Nothing as Sexy as a Man in a Skirt Pt. 03
Part 3, The rhythm of my heart. by qhml1 (03/17/17)
4.83 (2931)
5.What Rough Beast
Treachery has its consequences. by dtiverson (03/20/19)
4.83 (2914)
6.The Last Chimes of Fall
While suffering a heart attack, Brent remembers his 3 loves. by laptopwriter (06/11/14)
4.83 (2126)
7.Boston to Birmingham Ch. 06
Welcome back, Gwen and Hardy. by qhml1 (10/11/12)
4.82 (4037)
8.S7: Jihad
The shadows of death. by qhml1 (10/25/16)
4.82 (3751)
9.Bad Day at the Greasy Grass
I hated O'Brien. by dtiverson (11/23/17)
4.82 (3647)
10.The Shack: An Angry Man
Needles is just having one of those fucking days. by Todd172 (06/30/18)
4.82 (3448)
11.The Shack: Ladykiller
The Girls of Hollywood. by Todd172 (06/26/18)
4.82 (2323)
12.The Shack: The Guardians
Dancing with the Monster's Daughter. by Todd172 (09/09/17)
4.82 (2241)
Sometimes love adds up. by oshaw (02/25/14)
4.81 (9194)
14.The Lazy Lemon Sun Ch. 04
The final surprise and moving on. by Rehnquist (09/29/11)
4.81 (6809)
Love hurts. by oshaw (05/31/14)
4.81 (6257)
16.What You Wish For Pt. 06
She love me, she love me not? by Rehnquist (01/14/11)
4.81 (6168)
17.The Bar and Grill Pt. 04
Tim finally gets his shit together. Pretty much. by Rehnquist (10/09/10)
4.81 (4982)
Playing for keeps. by oshaw (11/23/17)
4.81 (3984)
19.Boston to Birmingham Ch. 05
Will the real Hardy Wilkes please stand up? by qhml1 (10/08/12)
4.81 (3458)
20.Beyond a Shadow
When does logic stop being logical? by dtiverson (03/17/18)
4.81 (3308)
21.Beyond the Pale
Life's better the second time around. by dtiverson (04/23/18)
4.81 (2347)
22.Nothing as Sexy as a Man in a Skirt Pt. 01
...playing the accordion. Part One. A Legends Submission. by qhml1 (03/17/17)
4.81 (2338)
23.Finding an Editor Ch. 03
A weathered house. by qhml1 (04/10/16)
4.81 (1973)
24.S7: Holy War
Sequel to Mr and Mrs America, Aftermath. by qhml1 (07/29/16)
4.81 (1754)
25.Androshorts: A Christmas Affair
She wants children, and considers the simplest option. by Androgynousother (11/23/18)
4.81 (1302)
26.Goin' Back Home Again
A musician struggles with his collapsing marriage and career. by Rehnquist (03/18/10)
4.80 (6320)
How will two homeless kids change a divorced couple? by blackrandl1958 (06/22/18)
4.80 (3468)
28.A Totally Unromantic Love Story Pt. 03
Hacking has its rewards. by dtiverson (12/19/14)
4.80 (2723)
29.Finding an Editor Ch. 02
Rich And Famous. by qhml1 (10/09/13)
4.80 (2673)
30.A GOR-y Halloween Party
Halloween Slave Auction, and the girls of GOR. by Tx Tall Tales (10/08/12)
4.80 (2475)
31.Learning the Smuggler's Blues
Hi, I'm Wendy, Fly Me! by Todd172 (11/18/17)
4.80 (2434)
32.Play it Again Sam Pt. 06
The aftermath of the loop, and conclusion to Sam's story. by kublicon (04/24/17)
4.80 (2157)
33.Brodricksburg Pt. 03
The mystery's final chapters. by K.K. (03/12/07)
4.80 (2106)
34.An Unexpected Reaction
To an unacceptable situation. by qhml1 (03/18/14)
4.79 (13701)
35.I Started Out Roasting a Pig
...and ended up cooking a goose. by qhml1 (01/01/13)
4.79 (9470)
A woman struggles to regain her equilibrium. by oshaw (11/23/13)
4.79 (7047)
37.The Gift
Alone at the convention. by DreamCloud (08/16/14)
4.79 (6502)
38.The Short Happy Life of Island Bill
Sometimes a change of location helps. by dtiverson (02/14/15)
4.79 (5495)
39.The Damp, Gray Gone Ch. 03
Finding Whitney and getting my life back. by Rehnquist (04/10/11)
4.79 (5400)
40.The Old Man and the Sea
March or Die. by dtiverson (06/05/15)
4.79 (4480)
41.The Bar and Grill Pt. 03
Bumps and bruises in the life of a divorced man. by Rehnquist (10/08/10)
4.79 (3552)
Is she wife material, or can the claws ever be sheathed? by blackrandl1958 (07/24/18)
4.79 (2357)
43.Tales from the Shack: Nobody
The Raggedy Girl. by Todd172 (04/04/17)
4.79 (2226)
44.Nothing as Sexy as a Man in a Skirt Pt. 02
In a Skirt.Once a Warrior, Once a Celt. Legends Day Story by qhml1 (03/17/17)
4.79 (2014)
45.The Honey Trap
You have to use the right bait. by FrancisMacomber (04/30/12)
4.78 (11114)
46.A Little Bit of Death
Reaching your breaking point. by Slirpuff (11/08/11)
4.78 (6479)
47.The Lazy Lemon Sun Ch. 02
Learning of the betrayals. by Rehnquist (09/27/11)
4.78 (4376)
48.What You Wish For Pt. 03
Meeting my editor, who makes some major observations. by Rehnquist (01/11/11)
4.78 (4068)
49.What You Wish For Pt. 05
Trying to find love again. by Rehnquist (01/13/11)
4.78 (3848)
50.The Old Way
He builds life with two wives in Colorado mountains. by SW_MO_Hermit (07/30/13)
4.78 (3845)
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