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I appreciate the excellent job Fat_Dad has done editing this chapter of "The Morrisons" we have combined our story characters, but each story is separate from the other. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ...

The Morrisons Ch. 29 by RecHiker

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This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or...

Haunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 09 by rawlyrawls

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"The perfect orgasm" I said. I thought my sister Kelly was going to spit her drink out on the booth table. She sat and stared at me for a moment. "You're serious" she seemed awed. "Very...

The Perfect Orgasm by MountainDewMan

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1.The Morrisons Ch. 29
Dan off to Germany again, Ted starts clean up mess at work. by RecHiker (12/08/19)
4.85 (600)
2.Porn Star Family Pt. 13
The Seals of Onoskelis. by soul71 (12/26/19)
4.81 (172)
3.Haunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 09
The Victorian woman suffers a setback. A mother gives more. by rawlyrawls (12/18/19)
4.81 (310)
4.Home On The Range Ch. 03
I learned to love ranch life - oh it's so good! by RecHiker (01/02/20)
4.80 (628)
5.Harem Sisters Pt. 11
Just another day. by Darth_Aussie (12/08/19)
4.79 (442)
6.My Sweet Cousin Lauren
Two cousins are drawn to each other. by LongFreezingWinters (01/02/20)
4.79 (546)
7.The Perfect Orgasm
Miranda finds the perfect Orgasm. by MountainDewMan (12/20/19)
4.79 (474)
8.Alpha Eyes Ch. 03
Dilan meets his gorgeous, lying ex. His eyes do the rest... by JCBeleren (12/07/19)
4.77 (544)
9.The Walls Have Ears
Daughter eavesdrops through motel walls. by RainierWriterII (12/22/19)
4.77 (864)
10.Home On The Range Ch. 02
Life Changes for a "City Girl" to a "Cow Girl" rancher. by RecHiker (12/24/19)
4.76 (838)
11.Blowjob Lessons
Big sis teaches li'l sis some sexy new skills. by Xarth (12/14/19)
4.76 (603)
12.Studying Hard Ch. 01
Peter's aunt gives him some study tips. by HotAndFun21 (12/17/19)
4.76 (830)
13.Keep It in the Family Pt. 17
Susan fucks her droids. by Clivelive101 (12/19/19)
4.75 (106)
14.My Sister's Secret Desires Ch. 02
John and his sister continue their incestuous affair. by JohnLaw1950 (12/17/19)
4.74 (549)
15.Ghosts of Christmas Post
The postcards were the nip of the iceberg. And the lip. by jsmiam (12/07/19)
4.74 (354)
16.'Tis The Season
Ryan has an epic, life-changing Christmas with his mom. by True_Motherfucker (12/12/19)
4.74 (599)
17.No Memory, No Regret
Mom doesn't remember the first time, but retains no regrets! by WriterMatt (12/14/19)
4.73 (321)
18.A Sibling in Need
Brother in need of residence finds a willing sister. by PhineasN (12/11/19)
4.72 (1038)
19.My Sister's Secret Desires Ch. 03
Sarah gets modeling jobs as John succeeds as a photographer. by JohnLaw1950 (12/26/19)
4.72 (301)
20.Batteries Not Included
I hate it when the batteries die. by MountainDewMan (12/05/19)
4.72 (1217)
21.Glory Hole Ch. 05
Is Simon spending too much time at The Tavern? by chris99999 (12/17/19)
4.72 (412)
22.Texas Pt. 01
A Mother/Son love story. by TheGreatLakes (12/10/19)
4.71 (1098)
23.It Takes Two to Tango
Mother & son enter a tango competition. by TryAnything (12/24/19)
4.71 (713)
24.Donnie's Dilemma Pt. 03
Donnie and his Mom share a lustful moment. by JSipes (12/18/19)
4.71 (296)
25.Phones Ch. 04
Relations change between family members. by RCscrudato (12/07/19)
4.71 (261)
26.Phones Ch. 06
It's all out in the open now. by RCscrudato (12/09/19)
4.70 (307)
Cousins reunite and slowly succumb to long-held desires. by UncutPleasure (12/31/19)
4.70 (383)
The Rancher's Daughter. by cageysea9725 (12/06/19)
4.70 (992)
29.Hot Daughter
Obsessing about your hot daughter is almost always trouble. by macymadison (12/31/19)
4.69 (260)
30.Found Pt. 01
Falsely accused brother saves sister & 19 college friends. by BigMadStork (12/24/19)
4.69 (1162)
31.Loving Aurora Ch. 01
A summer's eve, too many drinks, and her brother's big cock. by VM218 (12/06/19)
4.68 (464)
32.Home On The Range Ch. 01
I just graduated now grandpa needs help on the ranch. by RecHiker (12/15/19)
4.68 (1192)
33.Found Pt. 05
The Break-up, Sara's Turn, Dancing, Sex, can't miss the fun! by BigMadStork (01/04/20)
4.68 (234)
34.Here's How You Act with Passion
Mum & Son need passion for their advert. A Lynx/Axe sidequel. by itscalledhazing (12/10/19)
4.68 (398)
35.Phones Ch. 05
Secrets come out. by RCscrudato (12/08/19)
4.67 (265)
36.Fucked Up Family Pt. 04
No more secrets. Plenty more sex. by Spector_Dugan (12/26/19)
4.66 (220)
37.Texas Pt. 02
Texas Heat. by TheGreatLakes (12/26/19)
4.66 (506)
38.Esther and Star Ch. 04
Sex lessons continue, but fate intervenes. by fsqueeze (12/10/19)
4.66 (242)
39.My Sister Made Me Ch. 10
Sam confronts Keith; Alex goes out again; Brothers hang out. by Mentalcase (01/01/20)
4.66 (50)
40.Just a Small House Party Ch. 03
The four continue to get even more intimate. by notyouraveragewriter (12/22/19)
4.66 (272)
41.The Librarian Ch. 02
Seth's life continues with Sydney. by daemonrunner (12/11/19)
4.65 (318)
42.A Boundary Crossed
I push my boundaries more than I ever thought possible. by Pussymad42 (12/10/19)
4.65 (207)
43.Jimmy and Anna
Brother moves in with older sister and gets to know her well. by lustydays (12/08/19)
4.65 (1610)
44.Sibling Desire: A Lifelong Affair
Siblings discover the challenges and joys of secret love. by RubberDickie (01/02/20)
4.65 (270)
45.The Farmer's Daughter Pt. 03
Conclusion of the story. by Estcher (12/13/19)
4.64 (109)
46.Mad Monday Ch. 05
Andrew allows his wife in his daughter's body to blow him. by PanWhoWrites (12/12/19)
4.64 (277)
47.Skiing Cousins
He joins his European cousin on an unforgettable ski trip. by YumiKata10 (12/26/19)
4.64 (581)
48.Found Pt. 04
The “Trial,” Punishment, Shopping, and Blackmail. by BigMadStork (01/02/20)
4.64 (376)
49.Pregnant and in Need
Pregnant mom gets out of the shower and her son... by MrIllusion (12/21/19)
4.63 (1635)
50.Found Pt. 03
I get used on a sex island & we go shopping. by BigMadStork (12/28/19)
4.63 (543)
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