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I wrote this story under the pen name of Mr. Here, and later submitted it to Literotica as JohnnyTaboo, all of whom are me: MrHereWriting. I am posting all of my old stories and a few new ones,...

Webcam Sis by MrHereWriting

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Another huge THANK YOU to Lovefreely1993 for helping me edit this and helping me figure out how to keep this chapter more in line with the others. Of course, all the characters in this story are...

Dented Ch. 03 by mycuriousnature

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I sat on the bench outside of the hospital for a long while. I don't know if I was feeling shock, exhaustion, or just complete emotional devastation. Maybe I hurt so badly inside that my body shut...

All I Need Pt. 05 by Anomic

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1.Webcam Sis
55,226 words -- Brother/Sister -- Enjoy. by MrHereWriting (09/26/19)
4.88 (2305)
2.Rag Doll Ch. 06 Pt. 02
Justice for Barbara at last, and her last goodbye to Nicky by beachbum1958 (05/12/14)
4.87 (1533)
3.Dented Ch. 03
Discovered, the twins must figure out what to do! by mycuriousnature (02/01/19)
4.87 (1322)
4.All I Need Pt. 05
Lost and Found, the conclusion to Adam and Amy's love story. by Anomic (08/02/16)
4.86 (2349)
5.An Unwitting Discovery Ch. 02
College couple struggle with relationship. by MindsMirror (10/18/18)
4.86 (814)
6.Keep It in the Family Pt. 10
Susan fucks her brother's wife, daughter and sons. by Clivelive101 (11/09/18)
4.86 (467)
7.Sapphic Serenity Ch. 08
Pretending to be strippers is kinda fun! by BiscuitHammer (02/26/18)
4.86 (346)
8.Colleen Ch. 03
Bobby and Colleen's love will never end. by Texas Refugee (08/31/07)
4.85 (9787)
Twenty four hours can change everything. by onehitwanda (04/01/15)
4.85 (5897)
10.Summer Sabbatical
Romance studies at Aunt Ava's beach retreat. by MindsMirror (08/23/18)
4.85 (2442)
11.A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 10
Marsh brings his mother and sister home. by Fat_Dad (04/26/17)
4.85 (1791)
12.My European Summer Vacation (With+)
An extended version of "My European Summer Vacation”. by 8letters (08/25/17)
4.85 (1491)
13.Heart's Fall
Man reconnects with his old flame, but she has secrets... by LateStageInfernalism (10/24/18)
4.85 (1464)
14.Women's Studies Ch. 02
The morning after, fake boobs, and dorm mates. by Son_of_Battles (06/10/16)
4.85 (1113)
15.Sapphic Serenity Ch. 04
Resolution and escalation, as only mom and I can. by BiscuitHammer (09/21/15)
4.85 (1100)
16.It's The Way You Look At Me Ch. 15
Happily ever after? by betweenthesheets (02/25/15)
4.85 (1066)
17.Alex & Alexa Ch. 17
Reunited with Alexa. You WISH you were me... by BiscuitHammer (12/24/17)
4.85 (1029)
18.Creeper Pass: A Cure for Depression
A sister makes a bold decision to try and save her brother. by QSQuinn (02/26/19)
4.85 (804)
19.The Dark Room Ch. 03
The conclusion to the school dark room adventure. by nikki_2021 (09/15/17)
4.85 (798)
20.Suzy and I Ch. 02
The continuing story of Suzy and Luke. by complexman (12/19/18)
4.85 (644)
21.The Morrisons Ch. 29
Dan off to Germany again, Ted starts clean up mess at work. by RecHiker (12/08/19)
4.85 (599)
22.Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 05
It has been three days since Lily disappeared. by Lost Boy (09/14/15)
4.85 (576)
23.Wanting Ch. 02
Andie is caught between feelings and lust for her cousin. by SilverMuse (12/12/16)
4.85 (573)
24.Was It The "Wrong" Number? Ch. 09
Jill and Angie find the truth. The family takes a trip... by nosebone (07/09/18)
4.85 (505)
25.Lost and Forgotten Ch. 03
The festival has started and Nightshade is flooded with fans. by Lost Boy (08/10/18)
4.85 (376)
26.The First Time I Noticed Ch. 07
Can Ian and Alexis' love survive its greatest challenge? by Jose_Rick (10/07/16)
4.85 (349)
27.Down at the Twist and Shout Ch. 04
The Cartel is closing in, and Johnny's Family Closes Ranks. by beachbum1958 (05/09/18)
4.85 (281)
28.Table for Two Ch. 11-12
Last chapter: Can the two sisters start a relationship? by JessicaS (11/23/17)
4.85 (281)
29.Mike & Savy Ch. 12
Together, from Savy. by JustAnotherMarylander (10/11/14)
4.85 (237)
30.A Very Wonderful Christmas Pt. 02
Jessi gets a lot of surprises. by drmac100 (12/27/18)
4.85 (229)
31.Fever Dream Pt. 03
Decisions are made, risks are taken, control is lost. by SpiritoftheStairwell (09/07/18)
4.85 (218)
32.Sera Ch. 31
Steven and Kitten cum together. by Ameaner (06/16/15)
4.85 (101)
33.One Who Understands
A young man finds love close to home. by BurntRedstone (09/25/15)
4.84 (12179)
34.The Anonymous & The Curious
Father submits to curious game for daughter's slumber party. by DiscreetNFun (01/23/17)
4.84 (8784)
35.Mom Will Do Anything! Ch. 02
Vicky reveals the porn shoot wasn't just about the money. by lovecraft68 (11/05/14)
4.84 (4699)
36.My European Summer Vacation
I discover love and so much more. by 8letters (08/23/16)
4.84 (4638)
An impulsive act brings twins together. by onehitwanda (09/12/16)
4.84 (3652)
38.Legend of Lexi
Gaming sister is just too enticing. by Xarth (05/10/19)
4.84 (3347)
39.Loving Mom
31,081 words -- Mother/Son -- Enjoy. by MrHereWriting (09/23/19)
4.84 (3213)
40.Just the Six of Us Ch. 29
Mike, hith thithters, and the voithe in hith noggin. by Mentalcase (11/18/14)
4.84 (2560)
41.Alex & Alexa Ch. 07
What am I going to do if she's taken from me? by BiscuitHammer (09/24/15)
4.84 (2506)
42.Quixotic Rapprochement
Ordinary life takes a turn. by MindsMirror (09/01/16)
4.84 (2266)
43.A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 04
Marshall Mitchel begins his new job by Fat_Dad (04/10/14)
4.84 (2191)
44.Rag Doll Ch. 04
Resolution for Nicky & Ashley, and justice for all... by beachbum1958 (06/05/13)
4.84 (2162)
45.The Morrisons Ch. 24
The changes continue but the plan finally comes together. by RecHiker (07/09/14)
4.84 (1947)
46.Beyond the Borderline Bk. 02
Mother and Son Find a Love Like No Other - Conclusion by CPBaudelaire (10/10/12)
4.84 (1918)
47.The Novelist Pt. 09
Titty-Titty-Bang-Bang. by Nicequip (10/29/13)
4.84 (1894)
48.Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch. 08
What does Mom know? by LexxRuthless (06/09/18)
4.84 (1853)
49.Mom's Home Movies Ch. 05
Tiffany and Ben get a little help. by Cockhole (04/22/18)
4.84 (1777)
50.A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 09
An unexpected phone call changes everything. by Fat_Dad (10/23/16)
4.84 (1756)
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