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This is a book-length work, so not every chapter will involve sex. If you're just looking for a quick wank, this probably isn't your story. Thanks for reading! ===== Being alone in the...

Out in the Black Ch. 03 by outstandingunderground

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Chapter Twenty-One - Hooked Heathcliff had to give it to Michael. The man had good advice, even if he was bad at following the same principles when he was personally involved. So, inviting him to...

Spark & Stone - Ch. 21 by laurasfox

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Hello my wonderful and faithful readers! The moment someone of you have been waiting on for years has finally come! The next installment of Field of Bloom's: Revelation. Now if you are new to the...

Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 05 by CE300

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1.Kiss the Darkness Ch. 06
Christian and Alexander return to Avimur. by Chancem77 (02/11/20)
4.91 (23)
2.Out in the Black Ch. 03
Rusty tries for even, but everything is still odd. by outstandingunderground (02/01/20)
4.89 (9)
3.Spark & Stone - Ch. 21
Heathcliff plans to get Aidan hooked on him. by laurasfox (01/28/20)
4.86 (64)
4.Try Ch. 02
Jarek and Jamie's explorations grow. (2nd chapter of Try) by HandsAcrossTheSea (02/09/20)
4.85 (48)
5.Kiss the Darkness Ch. 04
Christian and Alexander flee Avimur but the guards are close. by Chancem77 (01/26/20)
4.85 (33)
6.Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 05
Austin finds out the truth about Eric. by CE300 (02/04/20)
4.85 (13)
7.Fist to the Heart Ch. 19
Ruslan makes a choice. by laurasfox (02/11/20)
4.84 (49)
8.Fist to the Heart Ch. 18
Johnny proves himself and what he really feels for Ruslan. by laurasfox (01/21/20)
4.83 (48)
9.Frat Party Costume Sex
Helping out the frat president with a costume emergency. by SluttyBisexualGuy (02/08/20)
4.83 (306)
10.Fritz & Greg's Rooming House Ch. 05
The landlords and the boarders frolic in bed together. by drmweaver705 (02/02/20)
4.83 (29)
11.Chubby Chaser Ch. 03
Chaser makes a new chub the object of his desire. by drmweaver705 (02/04/20)
4.83 (29)
12.Kiss the Darkness Ch. 05
The monastery reveals old secrets, lovers unite. by Chancem77 (02/06/20)
4.82 (28)
13.Spark & Stone - Ch. 22
Heathcliff realizes a little secret :) by laurasfox (02/06/20)
4.82 (55)
14.Iron Rose Ch. 06
Miguel is back in action... by vanalas (01/23/20)
4.81 (16)
15.Spinning and I Can't Sit Still
Travis and Connor become more than friends. by HandsAcrossTheSea (02/01/20)
4.80 (114)
16.Kiss the Darkness Ch. 03
The King knows all. Is Alexander's life in danger? by Chancem77 (01/20/20)
4.79 (34)
17.Fawned - A PetPlay Romance Ch. 07
Gil surprises Barnaby at the coffeeshop. by WinterPior (02/07/20)
4.79 (14)
18.Tom Gets a Second Chance
Tom meets the mystery man from the bookstore. by THoward95th (01/27/20)
4.78 (69)
19.Spark & Stone - Ch. 23
Aidan gets Heath to promise something. by laurasfox (02/18/20)
4.77 (26)
20.Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 19
Four Marines, A Suburbanite, and the Naked Fisherman... by tallnhairy (02/16/20)
4.75 (8)
21.Family Connections Pt. 02
A guy gets to know his long lost uncle. by tomguy12345 (02/01/20)
4.74 (82)
22.Idolatria Ch. 07
"Do you want this? Answer yourself or call your safe word." by Asbel (01/23/20)
4.74 (31)
23.Brock's First Cock Pt. 02
Str8 boy gets best head of his life from virgin cocksucker. by kreme_filled (02/16/20)
4.74 (159)
24.Straight to the Bottom Pt. 02
I (Straight) run into Brian again and get some iced cream. by Megahomingberry (01/23/20)
4.74 (102)
25.Fawned - A PetPlay Romance Ch. 05
Reality starts sinking in. But Barnaby gives his first bj. by WinterPior (02/01/20)
4.73 (15)
26.Fire Down the Valley Ch. 02
The mountain path is a dangerous one. by KeithD (02/16/20)
4.73 (33)
An act of kindness explodes into an episode of passion. by drmweaver705 (01/23/20)
4.73 (113)
28.Ben Loves a Challenge Ch. 11
A fight, a realization, and intense make-up sex. by PDreadful (02/17/20)
4.72 (40)
29.The Unexpected Meeting
Adam comes to a startling revelation about Miles and himself. by CoburnAisling (01/30/20)
4.72 (54)
30.Trevor's First Cock Ch. 02
Trevor returns to Evan for another session. by militarybottom (01/24/20)
4.72 (138)
31.The Chase Ch. 08
Chase catches up. by thealphamale (02/04/20)
4.71 (35)
32.Fawned - A PetPlay Romance Ch. 04
Halloween Fluff. Silly, 'scary', and sexy. by WinterPior (01/30/20)
4.71 (14)
33.Gloryhole Memories
A man remembers the golden age of gloryholes. by drmweaver705 (01/20/20)
4.70 (149)
34.Soldier Boy Ch. 03
On the eve of shipping out, the relationship intensifies. by Belle_in_south (01/28/20)
4.69 (39)
35.Trevor's First Cock Ch. 01
Trevor experiences his first cock, and then some. by militarybottom (01/23/20)
4.69 (277)
36.Try Ch. 01
Jamie and Jarek help each other out. by HandsAcrossTheSea (02/08/20)
4.69 (67)
37.Build a Bear
Gay man builds his own sexy bear. by naughtygaywriter (02/04/20)
4.68 (57)
38.Me and Matt Pt. 02
Me and Matt go back to his house and continue our adventure. by Sk8erboi89 (02/07/20)
4.68 (104)
39.Jack's Bait-and-Switch
My first sexual experience is with much older dominant man. by glowofdusk (02/18/20)
4.68 (110)
40.A Southern Wedding
Best man is forced to please the father of the groom. by ApolloSunshine (02/10/20)
4.68 (301)
41.My First Time with Conor Pt. 01
I was nervous, but Conor showed me the joys of sucking dick. by JamieLeeRook (01/30/20)
4.67 (80)
42.Naked Scott Ch. 02
The second CMNM encounter between Jim and Scott begins. by tattoo_dragon (01/21/20)
4.67 (40)
43.USAF New Recruits Ch. 01
Basic Training was probably the hardest; hiding my desires. by bttm_daddy47 (01/22/20)
4.67 (125)
44.The Set-up
Wife brings home a teacher for bicurious hubby. by drmweaver705 (01/20/20)
4.66 (298)
45.Fritz & Greg's Rooming House Ch. 04
Fritz takes charge when a second boarder moves in. by drmweaver705 (02/01/20)
4.66 (38)
46.The Assistant
The cute young assistant gets more than coffee. by naughtygaywriter (02/03/20)
4.65 (158)
47.Idolatria Ch. 06
Why am I like this? What did you do to me? by Asbel (01/22/20)
4.64 (25)
48.Gym Fantasy
A trip to the gym turns into the unexpected. by Sk8erboi89 (02/16/20)
4.63 (125)
49.Mountain Men Ch. 02: Schooled
His first anal with a wild mountain man. by KenJames (02/01/20)
4.63 (99)
50.Touched & Fucked but Not Loved Ch. 02
Pedro makes sweet love & surprisingly lets me fuck him. by Xoxo_PA (01/31/20)
4.62 (8)
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