Cum Again
by Che

This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck . . . " she whispered, coming to her senses, Kyle holding her in his arms, rocking her quietly to soft jazz coming from overhead speakers. "What was that all about?" she asked in amazement. "Why have we waited so long to go there? Oh, my God! I've never been fucked up my ass before! If I'd known how good it felt, I would-a done it long before this! You're so big, and it made me cum so hard when it went all the way in I thought I'd die! Oh, Kyle, I think I'm falling in love with you! Oh, make me feel that way again!" she begged, kissing and lapping at his neck and face with warm wet tongue. "Fuck me up my ass like that again! Fill my ass up with cum! I want another fuck just like that!"

He just smiled and rocked her against his chest, whispering against her cheek. "I haven't done that for awhile. I hope you liked it. I didn't want to hurt you . . . you have a nice little pussy, but fucking ass lets me fuck with full-length strokes . . . long all the way in and out strokes! That's what feels good! Getting those full-length strokes! You have an amazing little asshole, Dawn. It felt like you were sucking me off, just like when you give me deep throat! Nothing feels better than getting my cock all the way in while I'm cuming. Some girls have a difficult time having vaginal sex with me because my cock is so long, but anal sex, that's different. I fucking love it!"

"I bet you fuck all your girlfriends up the ass!" she smirked, caressing his amazing sex.

"Well, I know it's not politically correct to talk about other girls, but I got lucky at the beach a couple of weeks ago and fucked a really cute little girl up her ass!"

"Oooooo, Kyle! Tell me about it! I wanta hear what you did . . . I like sex stories!"

"Well, I've been hoping she'd come by before this, but she hasn't. She's really tiny, but she's an absolute doll, Dawn! If you like eating beautiful girls, you'd love to play with this little girl! Talk about erotic! She's got a body designed for sex!"

"Call me if she does!" said Dawn, sucking up another large pearl of post-cum from the tip of his cock. "Your cock's so long I thought it was gunna cum outa my mouth when you stuck it up my ass! Oh, my God, she must have liked it, too, but you musta almost killed that tiny girl! Oh, my God! Like, my ass is so full of cum! It makes me wanta do real nasty things, like squeeze it out and lick it up! I'm so bad, aren't I Kyle? I mean, like, me wantin' to eat cum all the time? I can't help it, Kyle . . . ever since you made me swallow it! That was totally fun! I'd eat any pretty girl's ass if you just fucked it!"

"You would, you naughty deviant . . . but save some cum for a midnight snack!" he grinned, tweaking her long nipples. "You're a really beautiful young woman, Dawn. You aren't falling in love with me. You're just loving good sex!"

"Tell me! That sure was good sex," she blushed, sticking a finger up her ass when he pulled out to keep jism from gushing down her legs. "Becky said it was totally fun, but knowing her, I thought she liked it because it made her feel so submissive. I had no idea anal sex would feel better than intercourse. It was way more intense than regular sex. I've never had an orgasm that good! That was a lota cum, Kyle . . . even more than the first load . . . my panties are soaked!" Pulling her finger out of her ass, she examined the cum . . . then sucked the finger clean while mischievously looking up into his deep blue-gray eyes.

"Pull those panties up tight, you nasty little semen- addict," he grinned. "Play with that cute little pussy . . . make yourself cum in your panties!"

She did, and masturbated to another orgasm while sucking on his messy half-hard cock, fingers sliding with just the right friction over the deep semen saturated cleft in the crotch of skintight satin panties. "You know what I'm gunna do with these panties, don't you?" she giggled, licking pearly semen from fingers and oozing cock-head.

While he sprawled in the big chair for almost an hour, she sucked him while sitting on the floor between his wide spread legs, keeping him rigid but unable to coax another load from his balls. Cock in mouth, she couldn't stop masturbating and spasmed uncontrollably as orgasms kept her sucking for more semen. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," she sighed, licking a tear from the tip, "I wish I could-a made ya cum again . . . "

Pulling his cock from her lips like a cork from a wine bottle, Kyle finished his beer. "All right . . . lay on your back and open your mouth and stick out your tongue . . . I'm going to jack off in your mouth. I'll give you more cum."

"Oooooooooo, more cum? Oh, my God! Just thinkin' about it makes my pussy cum all over me . . . but now I don't know which I want most . . . a load in my mouth or . . . wait a second, I got a better idea! Stick it up my ass again . . . I wanta feel ya cumin' up my ass! I can always squeeze it all out an' swallow it later!"

Back on her knees on soft carpet, face to the floor, she spread the cheeks of her ass and let him work the long erection back in to the slippery more relaxed tube. Mastering the technique, she began flexing internal muscles with a rhythm that made it appear that her anus was obscenely sucking him off. He fucked her pink anal sheath with full length strokes, making her pee and orgasm at the same time. "Oooooooo, fuck me up my ass!" she squealed, "this makes mecum so good! Gimme a nice hot load, you nasty man . . . oh, my God, it's way too intense!

The sound of knocking at the entry doors made Kyle loose his erection. Pulling out of her cum-juicy ass, he quickly pulled his pants on and opened the dressing room door so he could see the front door.

"Who is it?" whispered Dawn, fingering ass and pussy, face flushed from non-stop powerful orgasms.

"Jesus . . . it's that girl I just told you about . . . the one I met at the beach."

"Like, oh, my God! Is she alone?"

"I think so . . . I can't see anyone else . . . "

"Ooooooooo, Kyle! I bet you'd love to fuck her up the ass again! Go get her, Kyle! Make me be real nasty! I'll do her after you fuck her ass if you want me to . . . I'll let you watch me eat your cum as it runs outa her ass! She can squat over my mouth!" She waited in the dressing room while he let the girl in, eves-dropping on their conversation.

"You came by at an interesting moment," chucked Kyle. "I want you to meet someone. Are you, you know . . . in the mood to play around? We've been having a fantastic time this evening."

Then the girl's voice. "There's another girl? I was hoping you'd be alone . . . I wanted to, you know . . . "

"Come in here," chuckled Kyle, opening the dressing room door and leading the girl inside, "I know what you want. This is Dawn . . . Dawn, this is Crystal . . . the girl I met at the beach."

Blushing, Dawn couldn't have been more pleased with the girl's stunning appearance, a diminutive curvaceous version of Mariah Carry. Kyle's description was right on! The little beauty couldn't have been more than four foot ten, but had the figure of a Victoria's Secret lingerie model, high perky breasts with obvious conical nipples stretching a white cropped sleeveless cotton T-shirt! "Hi," giggled Dawn, white nylon panties doing little to hide just fucked charms, "I guess ya know what we've been doing."

The girl blushed, too, glanced at Kyle, then looked at Dawn who was still down on hands and knees, blue eyes moving over Dawn's nubile body, then back to Kyle's grinning face. "Am I interrupting something? I should have called before coming over. It looks like you don't need me."

"Not so. Take that skirt off and join us," grinned Kyle, looking at the wild blonde tangled hair, at the girl's pretty legs and firm high upturned breasts. Reaching out, he teased both prominent nipples through thin cotton. "Don't play modest now . . . you'll have as much fun as you had down there on Black's." Without waiting for an answer, he unzipped her miniskirt and it fell around perfect tapered ankles.

With a cute little wiggle, she stepped out of it without being urged. "I guess I should be used to wearing nothing but panties around you," she giggled, fingertip to a full lower lip.

Dawn caught her breath when she saw the girl's little pink satin covered crotch. "Gawd, you're like, so pretty!" she gushed, up on knees, staring open-mouthed at the girl's stunning figure. "You're pretty as Mariah Carry!"

Crystal blushed even hotter but did nothing to hide her own charms. "Thank you," she blushed, lower lip between beautiful teeth, "you're pretty, too! Kyle's a lucky guy." He'd dropped his pants and was tossing them in a chair. Crystal eyed his half erect manhood. "Golly, Kyle . . . you have the largest one I've ever seen! He's really large, isn't he?" she blushed, looking for Dawn's affirmation.

"He's huge," giggled Dawn, eyeing the deep cleft in the tiny girl's tight panties, "but that sure makes me cum good! We've been partying since I got here at six . . . "

Crystal looked at her watch. "It's after eight. You guys are sex maniacs. I thought I was bad but you're bad as me!"

A giggling Dawn patted the carpet next to her. "Come down here an' play with us. Come on, Kyle . . . do me again . . . or let me watch while ya do Crystal!"

Kyle was already caressing the crotch of Crystal's tight panties. "Oh, yeah . . . your tight little panties are already sticky! They feel good! Get on your hands and knees like you did at the beach . . . let me do you again."

"You mean you wanta lick me? You're so bad!" giggled Crystal, blushing hotly but dropping to her knees, hips already flexing like she was getting fucked. "I liked what you did to me on the beach. I love getting it like that. That's so hot!"

"We both will," smiled Kyle, stroking a rehardened cock. "Dawn eats crotch as good as your girlfriend. Show her your ass . . . let her lick it! Pull her panties down, Dawn . . . check-out her ass! She has one of the prettiest asses I've ever seen!"

As she pealed pink skintight panties down around the darling girl's thighs, the scent of cum, cunt and ass made Dawn tremble. When Kyle spread the tiny girl's rock-firm cheeks, Dawn nearly pissed her panties when she saw Crystal's nude crotch! The girl's precious little cunt was smooth and hairless like her's! But what made her mouth water was an anus little more than a small pink dimple above parted pink pussy lips, lips pretty as pink glossed mouth, lips thickly coated with what looked like semen! Without waiting, she covered the entire smooth crotch with her mouth and drove her tongue up into the tasty warmth of a jism-slippery anus!

"Oooooooooooo!" squealed Crystal, jerking like a doll on strings. "You're so naughty! That feels so good! You're as good as my bi girlfriend, Dana! She loves sucking my ass out, even after I get it fucked!"

The taste of semen in the girl's warm ass made Dawn's cunt gush in a spasming orgasm. Making her tongue into a tube, she sucked that slippery smooth sheath until her mouth was full of slightly salty semen, then swallowed the first enormous mouthful. "Oh, my God! I know what you've just been doing," she giggled, then looked over at Kyle who was stroking his long uncircumcised erection, most likely wishing it was deep up her ass. "You won't be the first ta fuck her up the ass tonight! She's got an' ass-full-a cum!"

"Someone just fucked you?" he grinned, spreading Crystal's muscle-firm cheeks to examine a puckered little pink tube oozing what was obliviously a great deal of cum. "Jesus . . . look at all that cum! No wonder your panties were wet and sticky! How many guys fucked you?"

"Only my boyfriend," giggled Crystal, slim hips jerking urgently. "He made me in his car . . . I sat on his lap . . . he did me four times until he couldn't do it again. That's why I came here . . . it made me so hot I wanted more . . . "

"Spread her cheeks wide," said Kyle, grinning at Dawn, positioning the head of his long swollen cock at the oozing, slowly closing pink hole just above the glossed cleft of Crystal's partially open pink cunt. "She wants more. Let me give her more!"

"Ooooooooo, yeah," wiggled Crystal, helping Dawn spread the cheeks of her ass wider, "put it in me . . . it feels so good to get fucked up my ass! Put it all the way in me!" The head of his cock slipped in like it was buttered, the next ten inches obscenely stretching the tiny girl's anus like she was being fucked up the ass by a horse, a penetration opening the lips of her smooth cunt. "Oooooooooooooooo," she gasped, face against carpet, "that feels so good . . . I'm going to squirt!"

She did, a girl with a cunt that produced lubricant like Dawn's, a clear gelatinous discharge running down the insides of pretty thighs. Dawn, head between the girl's perfect legs, was trying to lick it all up before it got to the crotch of those already jism-saturated pink satin panties.

Kyle fucked the girl with long smooth strokes, every five or six making the tiny tart orgasm. Dawn sucked that open gushing cunt as he buggered the tiny beauty, the pair ravishing the girl for nearly an hour.

"Suck it," grinned Kyle, pulling cock out of her ass to fuck her adorably fuckable mouth, a glowing Crystal willingly sucking her boyfriend's cum off that long cock.

"Oh, yeah! Cum in my mouth!" begged Crystal, stroking the monster as Dawn sucked out a juicy asshole and cunt.

"Oh, my God! You have such an ass-full-a cum! Your boyfriend sure's got big loads!" giggled Dawn, spreading the pussy lips to see the pretty pink tube. "He didn't cum in your cunt . . . "

"Just in my ass and mouth!" giggled Crystal, pulling Kyle’s foreskin back so she could suck off the cheesy scuz.

"I hope ya let me suck him off sometime! I love gettin' loads like that right in my mouth! Cum up her ass, Kyle. Gimme more cum ta swallow!"

Pulling Crystal’s mouth away from the swollen crest, he got behind her, and spreading her cheeks until the anal sheath opened, plunged his cock all the way up her ass! Dawn watched the awesome buggering, watched the semen-coated sheath remain open each time he pulled out and nearly pissed her panties when she saw the enormous warm wads of cum spurt into the open mouth of Crystal's pink asshole.

Greedy to swallow cum, Dawn sucked it out of that slippery pink sheath from behind while Crystal sucked butt-scuz from Kyle's now half- hard uncircumcised cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, I love sucking cock after it's been up my ass . . . it makes me crazy to eat cum! Make me swallow your cum like you did at the beach," oozed Crystal, taking a breath before sucking again.

That remark got Dawn's attention. "Oooooo, you've sucked him off before? Kyle didn't tell me. Doesn't he taste good? I thought he only fucked your little ass. Go on . . . suck him off, Crystal." She watched the tiny girl fellate the enormous erection, pretty lips stretched like her asshole had been around the thick shaft. "Oh, my God, Kyle . . . that must feel so good! Right outa her ass and into her mouth! Oh, my God! I know how much you love getting head! Give her a nice big load right in her mouth!" She had to admit that she loved to see girls suck cock.

Masturbating over and over, she watched Crystal work the foreskin over the crest to create a thick white scuz, then suck it off while pulling foreskin away from the cock-head. The girl was a natural when it came to giving head, purring like a kitten while jacking him off, mewing and sucking-off the thick white lubricant.



This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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