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Barb Becomes a Sex Toy

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Married woman is seduced by a co-worker.
2.4k words

Part 1 of the 9 part series

Updated 11/05/2021
Created 09/29/2013
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This story is mostly true. I jazzed it up a little. Let me know if it is any good and I'll write more adventures. It is my first attempt at writing so be kind but constructive criticism is welcome.


Barb was 44 when she managed to get the job as a Secretary in a small Electrical Construction Company. At 5'10 with her short blond hair she was quite sexy looking now that she had lost quite a bit of the weight from her younger days and from having 3 children. She had worked hard to get her weight down and transform her body to it's now lithe figure. She felt much better about herself and wanted to get out into the world a bit more.

She didn't really need to work, her husband was part owner of an Auto Parts Store and had provided a comfortable life for their family. She had an average sex life with her husband, but as she lost weight he gained. This seemed to affect his drive and she tried hard, but he no longer was able to satisfy her.

She didn't plan it, but a young college student her husband hired to fix their computer had caught her at a weak moment and talked her into trying sex with him. He was young and enthusiastic, but not extremely experienced and she wondered how she had let it had happen. It didn't last long and she came away from her few trysts with him needing more, even though she wasn't even sure what she needed.

The Owner of the company where she now worked was away a lot on jobs and doing bids while she ran the office. At times it did get a bit slow leaving her alone and bored. There were 3 full time workers who she saw in the mornings and then they were gone off to their assignments. There was one part time worker who she did not even meet until several weeks after she started.

His name was Carl and he was stocky, with a full beard and bushy hair. At 5'9" he was an inch shorter than her. She normally was attracted to men taller then her, but his strong yet carefree demeanor charmed her. His handshake when they first met was very powerful, but when he pulled it away a gentle caress of her palm left her tingling a little.

The part timer was in and out more than the others. Doing smaller jobs and working in the shop below the offices. He made her laugh a lot and quite often made flirting suggestions which she laughed off. The banter and heavy innuendo continued for several months leaving her wondering if he was really just joking. He was married to a very beautiful wife and surely wasn't that interested in her.

One day he showed up in the morning only none of the other crew needed him that day. The boss was on his way out when he told Carl he could go home or stay and hope a call came in. He sat in front of her desk and began chatting with her.

It was a slow day. She had her work done and the phone was quiet. As usual he flirted as he chatted. He began asking her personal questions. Questions about her sex life. Things she did with her husband. If she ever thought about cheating. Normally she would never would have answered such questions but, for some reason, it was turning her on. She just kept answering his questions even though she knew they were quite inappropriate. He even got her to admit that she enjoyed oral sex giving and receiving. It was almost overwhelming her. She knew she shouldn't keep answering his questions but she couldn't stop herself. He got her to tell him she swallowed when giving oral sex. Why am I telling him this, she wondered to herself.

To settle down she jumped up and said "can you watch the phone a minute while I go to the bathroom". He agreed and Barb went in and tried to calm her nerves. She dabbed her face with a wet towel and realized how wet her panties were. Thank goodness I got up when I did. Who knows what might have happened, she thought.

When she returned he was sitting in her chair. "Come sit down," he told her.

"Are you going to get up?" She asked.

He didn't answer but just grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his lap. His lips were on hers. His arm around her holding her as his tongue invaded her mouth. Her mind told her to resist, but her body was responding to him. His kisses were powerful. He'd break his assault on her lips to kiss her face and lick, kiss and bite her neck gently. She almost couldn't believe how much he was turning her on. She could not remember any time her body had responded like this.

His hand roamed over her breasts and he kept her so distracted with his forceful kisses and nibbling on her neck that she didn't notice her blouse was unbuttoned until she felt his hand reaching into her bra. His other hand deftly unsnapped it in back and he pulled it up to her neck and opened her blouse baring her tits for himself.

His mouth was on them immediately and as licked and nibbled on her tits she was amazed at how quickly it all happened. In less than a minute he'd gotten her so hot she couldn't stop him from doing what he wanted. She let out a yelp when suddenly he bit hard on her nipple then gasped as the shocks of mixed pain/pleasure ran through her body. She loved it. He was hitting everything her that made her hot. He soon had her moaning as he continued to bite on both her nipples and his hand was rubbing between her legs right where her clit was.

Suddenly, the phone rang snapping her out her sexual haze. She jumped from his lap and answered it with her blouse still open and breasts exposed. Oh God, she thought as she realized it was her husband on the phone. She felt so guilty as he chatted about a few things with her.

She turned to face Carl and held her fingers to her lips. He grinned and reached for the button on her slacks. She tried to push him away but with only one hand free he just pushed her hand away and unsnapped and unzipped her pants. He pulled them down to her ankles taking the panties along too, leaving her pussy right in front of his eyes. He dropped to his knees and his face dipped down and she felt his tongue licking her pussy lips.

Barb tried desperately to concentrate on talking to her husband but Carl's tongue was dancing over her clit. She never thought she could get this aroused and her pussy was starting to drip juices. Carl alternated between licking up those juices and flicking his tongue quickly over her now engorged clit.

"I have another call," Barb lied to her husband so she could get off the phone. As soon as she hung up Carl pushed her back to her desk and laid her back on it and plunged his tongue into her pussy. Barb was lost in the sensation. This man had taken control of her body. She stifled her scream of pleasure as her climax peaked and she exploded in orgasm. Her hips bucking against Carl's face.

I've never had an orgasm so quickly before, she thought, as Carl's tongue gently lapped at her pussy again bringing her down slowly.

But, to her surprise Carl didn't stop. His tongue began slowly licking her clit and as he sensed her excitement rising he started nibbling. She felt her pussy starting to flow once more. He sucked her clit into his mouth and bit it gently bringing little yelps of pleasure from her. He held her clit between his teeth and flicked his tongue back and forth over the tiny bud. How does he know everything I love, she thought to herself as his talented tongue once again brought her to another orgasm. Her moans filling the room.

Barb was basking in the afterglow of her orgasm still amazed at how quickly he had seduced her. But, Carl was far from done with her. He pulled her up from her desk and kissed her once again. Letting her taste her own juices on his lips and tongue. He sat her back in her chair and leaned back against her desk. She watched as he unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans. His cock appeared before her eyes. It was not huge but bigger than her husband and hard as a rock.

She was almost mesmerized by the cock bobbing right in front of her face and hardly noticed his hand in her hair, pulling her forward till the tool brushed her lips. She didn't know why she resisted slightly, but he had none of that and pulled her by the hair again till his cock was sliding between her lips. Her husbands cock didn't always get fully hard, but this cock was like steel as it bumped the back of her throat. She swirled her tongue over it as he let go of her hair and ordered her to suck.

Barb shivered at his order. No one had ever done that. As she slid her lips up and down his tool she realized she had almost forgotten how much she loved sucking a mans cock. Loving the way the hard rod felt in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down, her tongue swirling as she did. His cock was throbbing in her mouth and she could taste his pre-cum. The rod was swelling even larger and just when she thought he was going cum in her mouth his hand was in her hair again and pulled her off his cock.

Still using her hair he pulled her up from her chair and bent her over her desk. He was not being gentle now and held her face to the desk as he lined his cock up to her pussy. He rubbed it briefly over her lips wetting the tip more with her juices and then rammed in deep. He pussy was so wet from her orgasms and his total control over her that he slid in balls deep with one powerful shove. He held his cock there, grinding it in her. Both hands now on her hips pulling her to him. She felt his balls brushing her pussy lips as he ground into her.

This man was not making love to her. He began fucking her. Flesh meeting flesh, his balls slapping her pussy lips. Hard powerful strokes in her then pulling out slowly and ramming back in again. He gradually sped up his thrusts and Barb was again climbing to orgasm in record time.

Carl was fucking her like she had never been fucked before. Just when she was about to explode he suddenly stopped. The head of his cock just inside her. she squirmed back trying to get it back in and he just laughed. His hand was back in her hair again, pulling her up to him.

He spoke for the first time since he pulled her into his lap. His cock still just in the entrance to her hot pussy. Teasing her. He hissed into her ear " do you want that cock"?

"Yes, please. Please give it to me," Barb begged.

He laughed again. "Not until you promise to be my sex slave." " You will be mine whenever I want," he hissed in her ear again.

" Yes, please, anything you want just please give me your cock" Barb begged again. She couldn't help herself. This man had her in his spell.

He shoved her back down on the desk and resumed his assault on her pussy. He kept talking as he rammed his cock into her. "You'll suck my cock and swallow my cum whenever I want"

"Yes whenever you want," she promised as her orgasm washed over her.

She laid limply across the desk now, but Carl still kept pounding her now tender pussy and very soon she felt another orgasm rising. Just as it hit she heard him roar and she felt his cock explode inside her. He held her tight as his cock pumped it's load deep inside her pussy. His cock kept jerking and shooting. Filling her with more cum then she had ever felt in her life.

Barb laid limply on her desk as Carl pulled out her now flooded pussy. He walked around in front of her, pulled her head up by her hair once more and rubbed his cock over her lips before sliding it in her mouth. "Clean that cock good fuck toy!" Barb shivered at his crude order, but using her lips and tongue she cleaned both their juices off his cock.

When he was satisfied he pulled out and left her laying on her desk. His cum dripping from her pussy and the taste of it still in her mouth. Her panties and slacks around her ankles. Her bra around her neck and blouse open. Nipples red and swollen from his biting. She was amazed at what had just happened. In 20 minutes he had made her orgasm more times then she had in the last year.

He helped her up and kissed her deeply. "We are going to have a lot of fun from now on." "You are my Sex Toy." "I'm going to use your body any way I please and you are going to love every second."

"But, what about my husband," she asked.

He laughed and said " he is not invited."

She had managed to pull her panties and pants up but her blouse and bra were still open. He reached in and took both her nipples in his fingers and squeezed. She moaned as he told her, "you are mine now" and then kissed her forcefully again.

She loved the way her kissed her and couldn't believe her body was responding to him again after he had just worn her out. Then he said " see you tomorrow" and left.

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oldtwitoldtwitover 1 year ago

Oh what wet dream for a lot of men and probably plenty of ladies as well , what a story

26thNC26thNCover 2 years ago

What a fabulous ending! How long take you to come.up with that? See you tomorrow, I'm

 Anonymousover 6 years ago

Love it

LibertinemanLibertinemanabout 8 years ago
Carl is a jerk.

While there are some punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors, and Carl is kind of an overbearing ass, the story is very stimulating. Will be looking for the continuation.

digdaddyrichdigdaddyrichabout 8 years ago
A bit rushed, but a good start

I'd like to read about what he does to her the next time they are together, and how she handles her husband while she is fucking her lover.

Thanks for the read

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