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From High Society to Whore Ch. 03

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She loses control of her situation.
2.4k words

Part 3 of the 4 part series

Updated 06/22/2021
Created 02/28/2008
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She strolled once again down the wide thoroughfare heading for town, once again her captors evaded, her friend, her rock, once again providing an escape from her Husband, and his family and their outdated Victorian ideas; her soft soled trainers padded near silently contrasting her trademark stilettos worn for newspapers and TV, her stockings and her freshly shaved and waxed bare pubes gave her a tingle of anticipation. The street lights twinkled and the clock struck eleven.

A week had passed since her last sex, sheer boredom, the Boys at school, her Husband working, his father carping at him and her, his mother devoted to him and this mothers ageing Mother quite convinced the sun set whenever he left the room, She was the outsider always, it was unfair.

Her people had arranged some press appearances, she had to maintain her profile, be seen in the right places with the right people, top restaurants with their preening chef owners on whom one was obliged to lavish praise for barely warm collections of vegetable and animal protein, rightly coloured three dimensional shapes of little nutritional value and even less taste, It tastes like they binned the ingredients and cooked the packaging, she often complained , she did a film premiere and the debut of an orchestral piece so bad she could not tell when the tuning up ended and performance commenced.

She started to have doubts but at the same time the anticipation made her pleasantly moist, could she really go through with it.

At the cafe she asked for her shopping and the guy behind the counter found it for her, she left, not heading for the Betting shop but east where modern facades hid a network of back alleys where whores and harlots could ply their trade unseen.

She opened a door, a further door swung in the breeze.

She entered a dimly lit labyrinth of heaters and fans and ducts and cables.

She stripped her fine clothes and placed then in the carried bag and dressed in thirty pounds worth of tat, it scratched but the bra gave her breasts a new perky uplift. She tottered on ill fitting high heels back into the glare of the street lights; she saw Celine in the distance with another girl, a man came round the corner.

She stumbled as he passed, he caught her in his strong arms was this was to be the pivotal moment of her entire life, she knew it; She smiled at him, he smiled back and shook his head. Her world collapsed, he had not wanted her, she staggered and rested against the wall. A voice,

"Who the fuck are you."

He was a six foot four athletic deep ebony Adonis.


"This is my patch, you work this, you work for me."

"I, I'm not working" she stammered.

"Don't lie bitch."

He slapped her, hard across her cheek.

"Why you let that punter get away."

"I'm not working."

He slapped her other cheek.

"You racist, you not take black cock, that's it ain't it, fucking stuck up white bitch ho."

"No, please."

He gathered up her hair and pushed her down his flies already undone,

"That's a Man's cock you show ole Leroy how much you love black cock"

He slackened his belt to allow the monster to emerge,

It was too big yet he forced her forward onto it, it filled her throat,

Her head swam.

She sucked as much for air as for any thought of giving pleasure.

Jets of sperm rushed down her throat, she tried to cough.

"Damn but you love to suck black cock, I guess I ought check you bitch ass out right now."

He dragged her back to the door where she had so recently changed; He threw her to the ground.

Her skirt rose up

"Fuck you wearing Pants, none my Hoes allowed Pants, get them off right now."

She shivered as she slowly slid the skimpy fabric down her legs.

"Too slow bitch."

He grabbed the waistband snapping it easily.

"Shaved, you learnin."

"Now Pussy or Ass you choose."

He grabbed her round the waist.

"Condom, please a Condom."

"My Hoes don't wear condoms bitch, they spoils the experience."

He lifted her bodily on to his massive manhood.

"Ohhh, It's so big."

"Good answer, you learn real quick, even the itty bitty widdliest little prick you tell the man that."

She felt an ominous throbbing,

"Please, don't."

"Don't what bitch."

"Come in me."

"Fuck, you don't mean that, you milking me like you want a baby, well ole Leroy is in baby making mode so here it come baby, you just open that womb gate and let ole Leroy's jism in."

"No Ohhh."

"That good Ho."

"That's the best, I mean you beast."

He pulled out and immediately thrust his softening prick at her mouth, she recoiled then as her forced her head forward she tasted the sweet juices and relaxed,

His strong fingers explored her cunt , he withdrew dripping with cum and wiped it around her arsehole then again her dipped into her sopping hole and again to her arse then he was working their natural lube inside her arse,

"You ass is filthy bitch, you need washing out" a hose pipe lay on the filthy floor his eyes followed it to a tap, he dragged her across and pushing his manhood firmly back inside her mouth he rammed the hose up her Arse.

She tried to scream, but his manhood stopped her, and as the freezing water hit she tried to scream again.

Her belly swelled with the water then he pulled the hose away, water and shit splashed the floor and their feet and legs, again he inserted the hose, and again withdrew then again till the water flower clear.

"You do this ever night fore you start work Ok bitch."

She felt so well, something, she could not work out how, she felt, she felt so clean actually, it was strange this man so strong, cleaning her when she should feel so dirty.

He pulled his manhood out of her mouth turned her and plunged into her rear, She was too tight, he could not stand the pressure, so he gave up and took her cunt again.

"Stop fucking milking me Ho, I want enjoy this."

She milked every drop as he came long before he intended and flopped back against the wall.

"Fuck. you is grade A ho material. we just need bust you ass some."

He led her from the doorway hitching up his trousers as her walked, his Black BMW waited he opened the back.

"Hoes travel third class"

She climbed in and lay down, over the spare wheel. spunk still trickled from her abused cunt.

A short ride, the lid opened and he grabbed her and pulled her out, a row of terraced houses, he dragged her inside.

A room full of people three guys and a black woman watching TV, he threw her over the arm of the couch.

"This Ho needs her ass busting."

Her head bobbed near the black woman's ample bosom. her shirt undone revealing her red brassiere,

"Hey I was just doing these Turkeys, they queuing up man."

"They ain't fuckin' they watchin' TV, this comes first, right?"

The red Brassier.,

She remembered a black Nanny they had when her sister was small, the breast, so inviting.

"I guess you want a suck the way you ogling me" and the Woman lifted her tit for her to suck on.

She could not remember doing anything so decadent as the first and smallest of the guys entered her arse, a sharp pain and ache then he entered, further easily, stretching then as he spent his seed it lubricated for the next and next and finally she found Leroy's mighty tool embedded firmly in her, she found herself coming again and again, the breast and the arse, she had completely lost control and she loved it, but it had to end, she needed to get home.

Recognition saved her.

"Say don't you work, that place, James's place, the whore house, over the bookies."

The small guy recognised her, but recognised her as Angie.

Reluctantly she stopped sucking to agree.

"Fuck, you never said, christ, so you are a brothel ho not no street girl."


"Fuck, you keep off my patch in future, OK."

"All right but I need a ride back, third class will do."

She found some bravado, the fear then the unexpected pleasure swam in her mind as she travelled back.

She dived back into the Labyrinth of corridors and grabbed the bag containing her own street clothes, and tottered into the street and on once again down the wide thoroughfare toward her home, dishevelled, dirty yet satisfied.

She threw away the high heels finding her soft soled comfortable trainers from her bag and padded on near silently, people shunned dirty dishevelled creature, those who would drive fifty miles to see her now crossed the road to avoid her.

She stopped, the broken railings beckoned and she squeezed into the Park, walking across the deserted grass between trees in the soft light, till she arrived at the lake where she again stripped to nakedness the perfect graceful form that nature or was it god had endowed upon her.

She chose carefully a stone path and stone bottom to the lake as she waded in up to her neck and swam a graceful slow breast stroke then floated on her back watching the sky. She swam to the side stepped from the water and dried herself with the cheap slut clothes leaving them on the grass, then donning her own clothes she returned to the wide thoroughfare her wet hair glistening in the golden glow of the streetlights,

The gates of home were open, He was returning with Horse features blatantly sitting in the back of the big grey saloon, like she belonged there instead of her proper place cowering on the floor or in the trunk or Boot as he insisted on calling it.

She sneaked in and sprinted to the house, he trusted allies sucking up to the cow as if she were his consort not just cheap piece of meat.

She climbed to her room her emergency route up fire escapes, and rushed to her bathroom spreading her clothes across the bed as she passed, she showered and washed her hair the wrapping her wet hair in a towel she donned a Bathrobe, a wedding gift, with their respective family monograms, and walked down the Corridor towards his room.

She heard noises from his room, his high pitched giggles and horse features booming baritone; she quietly turned the door knob and sneaked into his room,

"Oh you have company."

Horse features stood stock still, shocked at the intrusion, her cheeks reddening under the bridle she wore, with corset and boots and harness, sagging breasts and luxuriant pubic hair revealed by her near nakedness; The reins hung down and a tail, she cared not to think how the tail was attached, and to spoil what equine beauty she otherwise had she wore long thin strap on dildo; He, handcuffed ankles and wrists, fully dressed except for trousers and underpants lay over the end of the bed, lubricant round the eye of his arsehole testimony to the intended penetration.

"I waited up, I needed a fuck, so you really had no need to get a professional in this evening," she announced.

Horse features and he both stared in shocked silence.

"Fuck off and give us some privacy," She ordered.

"Hang around in the corridor, if you have not been paid but this runty piece of shit has duties to perform."

Horse features trotted from the room bells on the harness tinkling merrily, the door swiftly bolted behind her.

She approached her frightened husband, she picked up a candle stick as she passed and rolling him on to his back she gently and tenderly sucked his limp penis into hardness. then she manoeuvred herself over him and sank down, impaling herself on him.

"I like a runty little footman's cock up me, shooting his weak insipid sperm, while you," and she thrust the candle through his arsehole and deep into his bowels, "are a gay boy."

His prick hardened and swelled and exploded.

"Oh Candy," Her tears flowed,

"Wrong name again you Bastard" the turgid slime oozed lazily and congealed. she climbed off and allowed the spent ejaculate to ooze and leak and run over his satin bed sheets.

"So you expect me to make do with that once in a blue moon while she Rogers you every night."

"But my dear you did not like dressing as a horse."

She remembered the total humiliation of a servant fitting her up in the very harness Horse features wore only to find it had been made for his Grandmother. Why oh why had they never told him to look after her needs instead of encouraging his perversions, Sex for childbirth was to be her role, sex for fun his right. She found the hand cuff keys and with the aid of a glass of water she swallowed them then lay naked with her husband and slept till morning.

Morning saw panic, the door broken down, horse features filing into the room to retrieve her clothes, the fruitless search for handcuff keys. She pulled the Duvet round her and watched the activity; she needed the bathroom but chose to wet the bed;

The Valet and footman and locksmith all came but and the eventually had to resort to the use of a hacksaw as they tried to free him from the Handcuffs. His morning appointments missed, awkward apologies made, and a long smouldering need to be rid of her flared.

How he wished he had married Horse features, but the drugs, her anti nuclear marching and myriad lovers made it impossible, so he made do with one of the kindest and certainly most beautiful ladies of her generation, oh and rich and well connected, yet she was weak, he wanted someone like his Grandmother, a woman who wore the trousers so to speak, he was so disappointed, he longed for the day he could be with Horse features every day.

Finally with the manacles sawn off they all left his room and she left his soiled bed collected her bathrobe and returned to her own room, to sleep away the day before enjoying, once again, the night.

To be continued...

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