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High School Futa Ch. 01

Story Info
Emma realizes that not everything is as it seems.
2.8k words

Part 1 of the 13 part series

Updated 06/20/2021
Created 09/06/2019
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NOTE: Each of the characters in this story is 18 or older.


When Emma Heart woke up on the 13th day of February, she was fairly confident she understood the world around her. The president was a dick, the teachers at her school were mostly dicks, she had a dick, things like that were all classified as "fact". Right alongside these statements were the following:

"My boyfriend is awesome. My best friend is my favorite person in the world." And finally, "Lindsey Silver hates me."

When she first came out as futanari, (having both a pussy and a cock) she had expected the usual tragedy to follow. As she'd read in many stories from other futas online, Emma was certain that a gang of outraged men and women would arrive at her home bearing pitchforks and torches, crying out against the monster living in their street, and of course, that she'd be forced to fight them off with only the strength of her penis and vagina on her side. She would fall, and on her tombstone, she'd have written "still got a bigger dick tho", with a shrug emoji painted beside the message.

Instead, the student body of James Jackson High had two reactions. Either indifference, which was let's say, 90% of the pie chart, or curious lust, mainly from the men!

Emma wasn't surprised from a physical standpoint. She was an athletic girl who swam habitually and kept in incredible shape. Her long, cinnamon-reddish hair flowed down her toned shoulders and ended above a stunning six-pack, with the Skyrim style enchantment of "Solicits a reaction of 'whoa' from any who view these muscles". Although her breasts were quite small, being just nearly C cups although not quite, her hips were by far her best feature, she felt. If viewed from afar, she was sporting the kind of hourglass figure most men dreamed of.

No, what surprised her was that there were a few guys in the school who fit the bill of "yeah, I'll bang a chick with a stick. I'll just, uh, ignore the stick. Or maybe..."

She'd had sex about twice before she met Kyle, her current boyfriend, and had been asked out about six times. The first time, when she lost her virginity, it was with one of the football players, who simply propped her legs up and (God bless him) tried his best to ignore the eight-inch cock flopping on his stomach every time he thrust into her. She didn't get to cum though, as the boy let her go as soon as he was done in fear that she'd cum all over him with the wrong genitalia.

The second time, it was a sweet kid by the name of Tommy. He had been one of those nerds that everyone loved despite their geekiness. He asked her out one evening and somehow, they ended up back at Emma's house with the girl getting fucked on the couch. However, unlike the football player, he seemed to like the fact that she had a cock. She was nearly surprised into a heart attack when the boy bent down and started sucking her dick. In a shocking role reversal, she came immediately into his mouth, but he didn't get to cum that night as the strength of her first real orgasm put her to sleep then and there.

Still though, none of these engagements truly felt right to her. She enjoyed her orgasm on the second instance, but she never felt that movie-like, world stopping moment where you look up at your handsome partner and say "damn, I'm into you".

And truthfully, she didn't feel it with Kyle either.

He was one of the male cheerleaders. They'd met when the cheer squad casually walked into her class and performed a small routine in an advertisement for an upcoming basketball game. The entire time, Emma and Kyle had locked eyes, the latter smirking every time she glanced away and back to him.

Although Emma hadn't had that "Attraction Moment (TM)", she wanted to give it a shot. They were dating not even two days later. Her best friend, Gabriella, who was a tan-skinned cheerleader as well, was extremely happy for her, and the day she announced her new relationship, they went out to one of the fanciest restaurants in town in celebration.

Life could not be much better for Emma right now. She was getting good grades, frequent sex (albeit although it wasn't exactly "hot", no Attraction Moment (TM) yet), had the best person in the world as her friend in Gabriella, and was currently trying out for the team's Swim team. (The men's and the women's, as the International Futa Laws said that the futa is permitted to participate in the preferred gender of the sport she/he plays).

There was just one thing that confused her. Why did Lindsey Silver despise her so much?

Lindsey Silver was your regular rich girl who could get anywhere in life by virtue of who's womb they came out of. Except, where most rich brats are exactly that, bratty, she was probably the geekiest girl in the entire school.

She wore a black hoodie, skinny jeans and carried an oversized backpack that was covered in anime pins and random literature quotes. She was extremely shy, and even before she seemingly started hating Emma, just the occasional "hello" from the futa had her becoming a stuttering mess. None of this meshed well with the fact that Lindsey was undeniably beautiful. Unlike Emma, every part of her was as feminine and abundant as possible. Clocking in at a height of just below 5 feet as opposed to Emma's near 6 feet, she had two baloon-like D cup tits, a slim waist that did betray just the tiniest bit of fat (I mean, she had to get those tits somehow), thick thighs and the kind of ass that made every guy, and some of the girls, in the room break their necks when she stood to leave.

Why she was such an insecure mess was beyond Emma. Why she hated Emma was also beyond her.

Okay, maybe "hate" is too strong a word. But, it was just too perplexing how every time Emma walked by the girl, her peaceful expression was replaced with a scowl. Emma, being the badass she was, would immediately try to lock eyes with her, in a challenge. If she wanted to fight, Emma was more than willing to release some stress. Instead, Lindsey would quickly turn her head towards whatever she was reading at the time, as she usually was never too far away from a book. Emma would shake her head and keep walking, but not before wondering "what is wrong with her?"

All this brings us to today. The 13th of February, one day before Valentines where Emma had planned to ask Kyle to be her prom date. Yes, it wasn't exactly common for the girl to ask the guy, but to hell with the norm. She wasn't normal herself anyway, why should she conform to society's standards?

"Make sure you have water," her mother said from beside her seat, not taking her eyes off the road. "I don't want to come back to find my daughter died of dehydration because she didn't have me to remind her of the wonders of H2O."

"Mom, I'll be fine," Emma chuckled, "Gab is gonna spend most of the week sleeping over with me. She'll be my substitute mom till you get back. Just enjoy your trip!"

"Oh? Does Gabriella have years of motherhood experience that I am not aware of? Is my job over? Can I finally retire in the Bahamas?"

A text came in on Emma's phone. She saw:

Gab <3: Where are youuuu?

Me: Are you really so excited to see me? I didn't know you had the hots for me like this uwu

Gab <3: Emmmaaaaa don't be such a dyke, just get here already!

"Nah, you're still stuck with me. But seriously, enjoy your vacay."

"It's not a 'vacay' as you put it. It is a business meeting that happens to take place in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Not a 'vacay'." Emma shook her head with a smile as the car pulled up along the outside of James Jackson High.

"Have fun, mom." She leaned in and her mother continued her strange tradition of kissing Emma just a tad bit too close to her lips.

"Alright dear, don't wreck the house too much while I'm gone, please?"

"No promises." With that, Emma got out of the car and nearly skipped her way into school.

In the halls, she ran into both of her favorite humans. Gabriella was currently laughing very hard at something Kyle said, her eyes crinkling at the corners as Kyle smirked down at her. He was, in fact, very tall. A fact Emma was reminded of every time she saw him.

They both noticed her arrive, and Gabriella quickly jogged over to her, wrapping her thin arms around Emma and pressing her (to be scientifically accurate, amazing) tits against Emma's.

"Oof, calm down." Emma chuckled. "It's too early for this."

"Emma! What are you wearing?" At this, Emma raised an eyebrow.

"Are you okay? Do you not see the same uniform as yours right in front of you? How many fingers am I holding up?" Emma smirked.

"No, you idi-, I mean what are you wearing to the party tonight?" Gabriella spoke through a grin.

Ah yes, the party. Traditionally, before Valentines the school's most popular person, this year some kid from the basketball team, was forced to host a party where people could exercise their love in healthy, moderated ways. In other words, a party where lots of people fucked and drank and generally did things that would make boomers believe Millenials would be the end of the world. As if they didn't believe that already. Emma hadn't gone to one, as she wasn't dating anyone through 9th grade till now. However, today, this year, she was. Not only was she dating someone, that someone had promised to bang her brains out at that party.

"I think you should bring out that black dress you had on for the Christmas party." Kyle chimed in. "You were beautiful that day." He said with the most charming smile he could muster. Emma blushed and Gabriella looked at him with an expression Emma couldn't quite piece together.

"Thanks, I think I will wear that." Emma shyly muttered.

"Nice!" Gabriella spoke up. "Now come on, the Prayer Tree is about to be put up."

They walked through the halls next to the other students who were blatantly cutting class to get to the next James Jackson tradition. The Prayer Tree. Essentially, a tree with no leaves was put in the cafeteria and any students who were currently single were to write the name of their crush on a piece of paper and put it on the tree. The superstition is that the universe would choose whether to make their crush reciprocate or not.

A large line of students had formed. Among them, Emma was not surprised to find Lindsey standing there. Of course she was single if she the type of girl who'd scowl at people for no reason. On cue, she was casting Emma a mean look but turned away as soon as Emma spotted her. What a fucking coward.

"Emma, you okay?" Gabriella asked.

"Y-Yeah, sorry, just saw something weird."

In her hands, Lindsey held a piece of paper lined with a gold string. Why on Earth would you put a paper up that stood out? People could just wait till you left and take it to find out who you're crushing on. Which, coincidentally, happened to be Emma's plan.

Ah but reader, "invasion of privacy" you cry? Nope, in Emma's mind, this was self-defense. With time before graduation ticking down, there's no way Lindsey didn't have some way of ruining Emma's life up her sleeve, all Emma wanted was some dirt on the girl to prepare for what could be her personal Vietnam.

This was serious stuff.

"So, like, we were running through the routine right, and Jess's hand slipped. Christy fell on top of her, and guess what? Her ass landed right on Jess's face. They looked like a pair of dikes!"

Gabriella and Kyle both laughed. Ah, yes. The one bad part about her friends. For some reason, they took every chance they could to poke fun at potential gays and lesbians. Emma understood that it was mainly just edgy humor, but sometimes the jokes veered towards being a bit much.

Emma instinctively looked back at the Prayer Tree and found Lindsey at the front of the line. Her hands were clutched together in prayer, and she promptly placed the paper on the ceremonial tree.

"Who do you think she's got written on there?" Kyle asked.

"I bet she put an anime character or something on it." Gabriella said. "I don't get that chick, she's just so weird. Have you noticed how she looks at Emma?"

"WAIT you've seen it too?" Emma nearly yelled.

"Yeah, everyone has. It's fucking creepy." Gabriella flipped her black hair, raising one toned leg over the other.

"I don't get it." Emma lamented. "Did I do something to piss her off?"

"Emma honey," Gabriella leaned forwards and clutched Emma's hand, "don't sweat it. She's just psycho." She said with a sweet smile.

"Thanks for the comforting words, in fact..." Before Gabriella could pull her hand back, Emma leaned down and placed a kiss on the back of it.

"EW" Gabriella grimaced.

"What? You don't accept my love? I'm so wrecked." Emma howled, leaning into Kyle. "I guess I'll just have to settle for you then." She reached up and kissed him on the lips. He didn't kiss her back, but he did smile, even if it didn't reach his eyes.

Again, Gabriella made an expression she couldn't quite place.

The bell rang, and before she even knew it, lunch was over. Yes, in case you're wondering, she did arrive at lunchtime. Yes, her mother was aware. Yes, no one cared.

The small group started to move to their next classes, but something made Emma stop.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna check something out. I'll see you later?" Emma asked.

"Yeah! We'll see you at the party!" Gabriella waved goodbye. Kyle promptly turned on his heel and left. Weird. She was expecting a goodbye kiss and got nothing.

Still, something had taken her focus. She made a beeline for the girl that was staring holes into her eyes. Lindsey was standing next to her locker, glaring at Emma. As usual, she looked away, but Emma wasn't having it this time. She ran up to her, and nearly slammed her hand next to the girl's head.

No one was around as everyone had scattered, but if there were people, she'd have no doubt they were going to start chanting "fight".

"Hey, you." Emma started. "What's your problem?"

Lindsey was like a deer in headlights. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly.

"I, uh, I do-."

"No, you know what I'm talking about." Emma leaned in, trying to be as threatening as possible. "Do you have a problem with me? Huh? If you don't, keep your eyes to yourself then." She was about to turn around and leave, when she heard Lindsey speak.



"Yeah, I do have a problem with you! You're... Just so arrogant!"

Emma blinked.

"Is that-" Linsey interrupted her.

"And, and, you're cocky and brash." (Ah, yes, there's those rich girl adjectives. Emma wondered when they were gonna start coming out.) "And you're not proper."

"What the f...?"

"Always kissing that guy in public. People, people don't do that kind of thing! That kind of intimacy should be reserved for private places. Not a high school cafeteria! It's... It's lewd!"

... Was that it? Emma wondered. Did Lindsey's distaste for her literally come down to PDA? If so, Lindsey was about to have her world shattered. As Emma tried to think of the appropriate response, whether she should punch her, push her into the locker and leave. Shake her head and flip her off, etc. Only one response came to mind.

She leaned in, and kissed her. Not a deep kiss or anything, no tongue. She had no intention of cheating on Kyle after all, but she kept their lips pressed together long enough to make the hairs on her arms stand up. The intention had been to gross Lindsey out as much as possible.

She pulled away. Her eyes widened at what she saw. She had expected Lindsey's reaction to be a possible vomiting session that had her scrambling to the bathroom. She had expected her own reaction to be a deep disgust at having kissed another girl, and a quick exit so Lindsey could internalize how she just lost their little feud.

Instead, Lindsey was staring into Emma's eyes with a goldfish expression, and Emma's heart was beating fast. Too fast.

Finally, Lindsey squealed and ran away.

"... What the fuck just happened?"

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RodimusMikeRodimusMikeover 1 year ago

I think I know who's name Lindsey wrote on the note for the Prayer Tree it was "Emma" and Lindsey was secretly in love with Emma,that is so wonderful and Emma just gave Lindsey sweetest kiss to confirm her feelings for Emma.So I hope Lindsey will come out and admit her feelings for Emma at school and tell everybody she is in love with Emma so they can be a Futa Lesbian Couple.

As for Kyle and Gabriella,those two probably realize they will lose Emma as a possible love interest,thats why Kyle and Gab left Emma after lunch,but honestly Emma doesn't need those two when she can have a mindblowing relationship with Lindsey instead.I like this story a lot.Keep'um coming.

 Anonymousover 1 year ago
Wow! ,.. and just where did you come from?

This was wonderful, great and full of possibilities! You just have to LOVE it! More and some more please! Oh, and thank you for sharing, this is going to be so good! (!!!) I think that I really like this series already,... (!!!!)

ToSexorNotToSexToSexorNotToSexalmost 2 years agoAuthor
Quick Thanks and Responses

I'm going to be responding to my comments every couple of days! Thank you all for the kind words!

HiddenInTheOpenHiddenInTheOpenalmost 2 years ago
Excellent so far!

Excellent story so far, could be expanded on quite a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us!

billydole1billydole1almost 2 years ago
So far, so good

I look forward to reading more. Please continue!

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