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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

All In My Head: 7 Part Series
All In My Head Ch. 01 (3.83)This is a sequel to "He Fucked My Girl". Loving Wives 08/30/13
All In My Head Ch. 02 (3.92)What happened in the Hamptons? Loving Wives 09/07/13
All In My Head Ch. 03 (4.32)Jen and Mike go out with Scott. Loving Wives 09/13/13
All In My Head Ch. 04 (4.13)Scott fucks Jen & aftermath. Loving Wives 09/19/13
All In My Head Ch. 05 (4.12)Jen gets closer to Scott as Mike gets busy at work. Loving Wives 09/25/13
All In My Head Ch. 06 (4.42)Jen goes to Vegas with Scott as Mike tries to fix Sapphire Loving Wives 10/01/13
All In My Head Ch. 07 (4.18)Can Mike stay with Jen? Loving Wives 10/06/13
Aroused by Cheating: 4 Part Series
Aroused by Cheating Pt. 01 (4.20)Jen discovers how exciting it is to cheat on her boyfriend. Loving Wives 07/30/09
Aroused by Cheating Pt. 02 (4.33)Jen can't help herself cheating on her fiancee Michael Loving Wives 08/06/09
Aroused by Cheating Pt. 03 (3.98)Jen learns the consequences of cheating. Loving Wives 09/29/09
Aroused by Cheating Pt. 04 (3.67)Can Jen resist cheating on her honeymoon? Loving Wives 10/04/09
Cheating and Rivals: 42 Part Series
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 01 (4.18)This is the continuation of Life After We. Loving Wives 02/18/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 02 (4.20)Colin cheats on Jen, her father moves out. Loving Wives 03/01/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 03 (4.31)This chapter begins the "Wesley" flashback. Loving Wives 03/25/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 04 (4.32)Jen meets Wes. Loving Wives 04/08/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 05 (4.26)Wes seduces Jen while her boyfriend is away. Loving Wives 04/21/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 06 (4.35)Jen continues her affair with Wes. Loving Wives 04/24/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 07 (4.27)Last part of the Wesley flashback. Loving Wives 05/08/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 08 (4.33)This starts a few months after the end of Life After We. Loving Wives 05/13/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 09 (4.17)Jen hooks up with Josh, then confesses her cheating. Loving Wives 05/28/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 10 (3.88)The aftermath of Jen's confession of cheating. Loving Wives 06/13/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 11 (4.11)This is the last chapter of "Cheating". Loving Wives 06/24/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 12 (4.39)This chapter starts Book 2: Rivals. Loving Wives 07/15/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 13 (4.31)Jen reconnects with Frank, and gets hit on by Jim. Loving Wives 08/12/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 14 (4.06)Jim tries to convince Mike to share Jen. Loving Wives 08/26/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 15 (4.33)Jen hooks up with an unexpected new lover. Loving Wives 09/11/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 16 (4.08)Jen goes with Frank Tower to a fund raiser for Jasmine Loving Wives 10/11/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 17 (4.17)Aftermath and learning more about Frank Tower. Loving Wives 10/26/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 18 (4.32)They go to Frank's party in Jen's hometown. Loving Wives 11/02/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 19 (4.30)Frank fucks Jen. Loving Wives 11/18/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 20-21 (4.22)Jen lets Frank pierce her; she gets advice from Keri. Loving Wives 12/06/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 22-23 (4.29)Frank takes Jen and Mike to a masquerade ball. Loving Wives 12/08/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 24-25 (4.17)Aftermath of the "rape" - vacay in the Caribbean. Loving Wives 12/09/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 26-27 (4.36)More of the Caribbean vacay. Loving Wives 12/10/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 28-29 (4.09)The last part of the Caribbean vacay. Loving Wives 12/11/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 30-31 (4.37)Jen spends the weekend with Frank in their hometown. Loving Wives 12/14/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 32 (4.36)Frank pushes Jen's boundaries; will she give Mike a lover? Loving Wives 12/21/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 33 (4.46)Jen spends the weekend with Frank. Loving Wives 12/22/15
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 34 (4.11)Frank treats Jen like a slut; Jen realizes she IS a slut. Loving Wives 01/06/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 35 (4.22)Mike's weekend with Allie at the Hamptons. Loving Wives 01/19/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 36-37 (4.18)After the Hamptons. Loving Wives 02/06/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 38-39 (4.26)Jen thinks about Broadway; CATF moves against her husband. Loving Wives 02/10/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 40-43 (4.18)Jen's relationship with Frank continues. Loving Wives 04/19/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 44-47 (4.17)The story continues. Loving Wives 04/20/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 48-50 (4.28)The story moves towards Christmas. Loving Wives 04/21/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 51-52 (4.19)Frank wants to pierce Jen's clit; Mike with Allie. Loving Wives 12/04/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 53-55 (3.97)Aftermath; Ricky reenters the picture. Loving Wives 12/05/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 56-60 (4.20)Jen reconnects with Ricky. Loving Wives 12/06/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 61-65 (4.10)Jen tells Ricky she loves him. Loving Wives 12/07/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 66-72 (4.28)Jen gets closer to Ricky; Mike needs to know about LA. Loving Wives 12/08/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 73-76 (4.33)We learn about the Twins. Loving Wives 12/09/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 77-81 (4.35)Getting close to the end of this story. Loving Wives 12/10/16
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 82 (4.16)This is the last chapter and includes the epilogues. Loving Wives 12/11/16
Consequences: 26 Part Series
Consequences Pt. 01 (3.81)A husband deals with his wife impregnated by another man. Loving Wives 02/18/14
Consequences Pt. 02 (4.24)About 7 years ago at Penn State... Loving Wives 02/24/14
Consequences Pt. 03 (3.79)Pregnancy makes Jen feel insecure about her body and Mike. Loving Wives 03/02/14
Consequences Pt. 04 (4.10)Jen tries to feel sexy again. Loving Wives 03/10/14
Consequences Pt. 05 (4.03)Jen plays with Scott in Vegas. Loving Wives 03/17/14
Consequences Pt. 06 (3.98)Jen sees Colin at Penn State. Loving Wives 03/25/14
Consequences Pt. 07 (4.10)The aftermath of Colin. Loving Wives 03/31/14
Consequences Pt. 08 (4.02)After the accident Jen gives Mike 3 wishes Loving Wives 04/08/14
Consequences Pt. 09 (3.89)Jen explains her desires to Mike. Loving Wives 04/14/14
Consequences Pt. 10 (3.84)Mike deals with Jen deciding who and when. Loving Wives 04/24/14
Consequences Pt. 11 (3.97)Jen dates Alec and Jamie. Loving Wives 04/26/14
Consequences Pt. 12 (4.09)Mike watches as Jen spends time with Alec in Paris. Loving Wives 05/06/14
Consequences Pt. 13 (4.19)Jen begins Mike's second wish. Loving Wives 05/16/14
Consequences Pt. 14 (4.11)Week 2 of Jen with Drums Loving Wives 05/25/14
Consequences Pt. 15 (4.32)Jen plays with Drums while her brother-in-law visits. Incest/Taboo 06/01/14
Consequences Pt. 16 (4.15)Jen plays as Drums's girlfriend while Mike sees Jim & Stacy Loving Wives 06/13/14
Consequences Pt. 17 (4.03)Jen meets Nicole from JayCuck's “The One Less Traveled” Loving Wives 06/16/14
Consequences Pt. 18 (3.98)Jen and Mike "separate" and Jen moves in with Frankie. Loving Wives 06/23/14
Consequences Pt. 19 (4.01)Jen enjoys her last week with Drums as Sapphire launches. Loving Wives 07/05/14
Consequences Pt. 20 (3.67)It finally ends between Jen and Drums - or does it? Loving Wives 07/13/14
Consequences Pt. 21 (4.05)Will Jen let Scott fuck her bareback and risk pregnancy? Loving Wives 07/26/14
Consequences Pt. 22 (4.35)Jen takes care of her husband's brother. Incest/Taboo 08/06/14
Consequences Pt. 23 (4.40)Jen goes farther with her brother-in-law; is it mercy sex? Incest/Taboo 08/28/14
Consequences Pt. 24 (3.88)Mike is arrested, Jen tries to cope. Loving Wives 09/03/14
Consequences Pt. 25 (3.63)Jen tries to deal with being pregnant with Mike in jail. Loving Wives 09/21/14
Consequences Pt. 26: Final (3.69)The last chapter of this story. Loving Wives 09/26/14
Desiring Another Man's Wife: 10 Part Series
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 01 (4.18)Husband is captivated by another man's alluring wife. Loving Wives 02/21/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 02 (4.45)Victor offers his wife to Mike; must Mike give Jen to him? Loving Wives 02/23/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 03 (4.44)Mike lusts for Monique, but doesn't want to share Jen. Loving Wives 02/26/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 04 (4.49)Mike watches Victor with Jen. Interracial Love 03/07/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 05 (4.44)Jen reflects back on her first meeting with Victor. Interracial Love 03/13/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 06 (4.45)Jen reflects further about her first meetings with Victor. NonConsent/Reluctance 03/21/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 07 (4.48)Jen remembers the first time Victor fucked her. Loving Wives 03/22/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 08 (4.47)Mike regrets sharing his wife Jen with Victor. Loving Wives 04/17/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 09 (4.45)More angst for Mike as Victor's control of Jen increases. Interracial Love 05/21/09
Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 10 (4.22)Victor suggests a threesome with Jen and Michael. Loving Wives 06/25/09
Don't Fall In Love: 2 Part Series
Don't Fall In Love (3.93)A player meets a pretty 40-something. Loving Wives 02/18/13
Don't Fall In Love Ch. 02 (4.08)He sees her again. Loving Wives 02/23/13
Faithful Wife's Fall from Grace Ch. 01-03 (4.24)Jen is close with her brother-in-law Joey. Loving Wives 12/27/16
He Fucked My Girl: 10 Part Series
He Fucked My Girl (4.25)Things go farther than expected. Loving Wives 10/16/11
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 02 (4.36)Ricky fucks my girlfriend again. Loving Wives 04/20/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 03 (4.42)We graduate from college and move in together. Loving Wives 04/24/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 04 (4.35)I watch as Ricky fucks Jen on our wedding night. Loving Wives 05/01/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 05 (4.34)Our honeymoon. Loving Wives 05/07/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 06 (4.35)Jen goes on a date with Ricky. Loving Wives 05/21/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 07 (4.37)Jen gets more serious with Ricky. Loving Wives 05/25/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 08 (4.11)Mike has second thoughts about Jen's dating. Loving Wives 05/28/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 09 (4.03)Jen moves in with Ricky? Loving Wives 06/02/13
He Fucked My Girl Ch. 10 (3.77)Mike adjusts to life after losing Jen to Ricky. Loving Wives 06/13/13
His Fiancee with Another Guy (4.22)Mike watches another guy pleasure his fiancee Jen. Loving Wives 04/23/08
Husband Encourages Wife: 5 Part Series
Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 01 (4.40)Husband wants his wife to be like her divorced friend. Loving Wives 02/23/10
Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 02 (4.34)Jen goes clubbing with Tina, while Michael waits at home. Loving Wives 02/28/10
Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 03 (4.38)Michael buys Jen a gold anklet. Loving Wives 03/10/10
Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 04 (4.48)Michael wants Jen to go farther, and Tina helps. Loving Wives 04/22/10
Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 05 (4.52)Jen makes Michael's fantasy a reality.  Hot Loving Wives 05/07/10
Husband's Fantasy Backfires: 12 Part Series
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 01 (4.29)This is a re-write of my story "Husband Encourages Wife." Loving Wives 11/30/10
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 02 (4.19)Mike watches Darius gain more control over his wife. Loving Wives 05/05/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 03 (4.15)It gets more intense for Jen with the Stallions. Loving Wives 07/12/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 04 (4.16)Jen gets cocaine from Tyrone Loving Wives 07/18/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 05 (4.06)How far will Jen go to please Darius? Loving Wives 08/02/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 06 (4.22)Jen decides to get bigger breasts for Darius. Loving Wives 08/08/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 07 (4.38)Drugged up Jen is seduced by Christy. Lesbian Sex 09/28/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 08 (4.24)After Jen's date with Darius ... Loving Wives 10/04/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 09 (4.14)Jen's descent continues. Loving Wives 10/29/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 10 (4.20)Tyrone makes Jen fuck Bob and Jeffrey again. NonConsent/Reluctance 12/07/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 11 (4.28)Jen gets double Ds to be popular again. Loving Wives 12/27/12
Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 12 (4.12)Jen's brother-in-law desires her. Incest/Taboo 05/10/13
Life After We: 11 Part Series
Life After We Pt. 01 (4.15)This is the continuation of Consequences. Loving Wives 10/15/14
Life After We Pt. 02 (4.20)Mike dates Jasmine Kelly. Loving Wives 10/21/14
Life After We Pt. 03 (4.29)Jen figures out what to do with Frankie. Loving Wives 10/28/14
Life After We Pt. 04 (3.82)Jen and Mike meet Loving Wives 11/11/14
Life After We Pt. 05 (3.85)Mike and Jen try to find closure. Loving Wives 11/17/14
Life After We Pt. 06 (4.07)Still searching for closure. Loving Wives 11/25/14
Life After We Pt. 07 (4.10)They say goodbye to Joe. Loving Wives 12/02/14
Life After We Pt. 08 (4.14)Clint pushes Jen to divorce. Loving Wives 12/09/14
Life After We Pt. 09 (4.30)Trying to reconnect in Vegas. Loving Wives 12/18/14
Life After We Pt. 10 (4.21)Things get intense in Vegas. Loving Wives 12/31/14
Life After We Pt. 11 (4.02)The last chapter of this story. Loving Wives 01/30/15
Losing My Wife: 2 Part Series
Losing My Wife Ch. 01 (4.30)Will circumstances and his fantasies cost him his wife? Loving Wives 09/09/11
Losing My Wife Ch. 02 (3.98)Michael struggles with Jen's relationship with Tony. Loving Wives 09/14/11
Making It Work: 13 Part Series
Making It Work Ch. 01 (3.99)Mike and Jen work to get beyond the video. Loving Wives 10/11/13
Making It Work Ch. 02 (4.19)Jen hooks up with Darren Loving Wives 10/20/13
Making It Work Ch. 03 (4.26)Jen meets Keri O'Reilly. Loving Wives 10/28/13
Making It Work Ch. 04 (4.36)Keri learns more about Jen. Loving Wives 12/06/13
Making It Work Ch. 05 (4.04)Jen thinks about dating again. Loving Wives 12/14/13
Making It Work Ch. 06 (4.23)Jen dates Tom. Loving Wives 12/19/13
Making It Work Ch. 07 (4.07)Jen dates Tom and Mike watches. Loving Wives 12/24/13
Making It Work Ch. 08 (4.31)Interlude: The author responds to some feedback. Loving Wives 12/25/13
Making It Work Ch. 09 (3.89)Jen goes out with Tom and runs into neighbors. Loving Wives 01/04/14
Making It Work Ch. 10 (3.95)Jen and Mike try to reconnect, going on vacay. Loving Wives 01/17/14
Making It Work Ch. 11 (4.18)Things get heavy between Jen and Tom Loving Wives 01/23/14
Making It Work Ch. 12 (4.21)Tom wants Jen to leave Mike. Loving Wives 01/29/14
Making It Work Ch. 13 (4.02)Jen tells him. Loving Wives 02/02/14
My Brother-In-Law: 2 Part Series
My Brother-In-Law Ch. 02 (4.40)Jen's affair with her husband's younger brother continues. Incest/Taboo 10/03/11
My Husband, My Life: 5 Part Series
My Husband, My Life Pt. 01 (4.36)Discovery of what arouses her: high school & college years. Loving Wives 02/13/11
My Husband, My Life Pt. 02 (4.37)Jen's self exploration continues. Loving Wives 02/18/11
My Husband, My Life Pt. 03 (4.28)Jen begins life after college. Loving Wives 02/27/11
My Husband, My Life Pt. 04 (4.32)Jen's honeymoon. Loving Wives 03/10/11
My Husband, My Life Pt. 05 (4.19)Jen, newly married, dates her husband's client. Loving Wives 03/31/11
Pandora's Box: 4 Part Series
Pandora's Box (4.37)Mike wants to (but agonizes over) sharing his wife. Loving Wives 01/21/12
Pandora's Box Pt. 02 (4.35)Mike pushes his wife to fuck another man. Loving Wives 02/02/12
Pandora's Box Pt. 03 (4.49)How far will Mike push his wife into the arms of another man. Loving Wives 02/07/12
Pandora's Box Pt. 04 (4.30)The last part of this story. Loving Wives 02/13/12
Playing at Work is Dangerous: 17 Part Series
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 01 (4.05)He finds it's dangerous for his wife to flirt at work. Loving Wives 09/10/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 02 (4.13)Mike watches as his wife flirts with other guys at a bar. Loving Wives 09/11/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 03 (4.25)Randy shows an interest in Michael's wife. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/12/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 04 (4.20)Michael sets his wife up with a friend. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/13/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 05 (4.24)Michael fucks Jen's feet, and Randy schemes to get Jen. Fetish 09/14/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 06 (4.23)Dick asks Jen on a date; Jen teases to close a deal. Loving Wives 09/16/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 07 (4.28)To make hubby happy, Jen goes on a date with Dick. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/16/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 08 (4.29)Michael fantasizes about his wife in Randy's arms. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/25/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 09 (4.47)Jen reluctantly plays again, to lift her husband's spirits. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/26/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 10 (4.49)Jen reluctantly agrees to go to a wedding with Randy. Loving Wives 10/04/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 11 (4.28)Michael and Jen's feelings, after Jen had sex with Randy. Loving Wives 10/12/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 12 (4.50)Randy hits on Jen again.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 11/16/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 13 (4.48)Jen dates Randy, & their relationship begins to change. Loving Wives 11/22/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 14 (4.45)Michael watches as Randy fucks Jen. Loving Wives 12/04/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 15 (4.39)Michael doesn't want Jen to see Randy anymore. Loving Wives 12/14/08
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 16 (4.43)Michael watches strangers play with Jen. NonConsent/Reluctance 01/08/09
Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 17 (3.94)Will Jen divorce Michael to marry Randy? Loving Wives 02/02/09
Preying on Other Men's Wives Ch. 01 (4.36)Young handsome man likes to fuck married women. Loving Wives 12/11/10
Second Thoughts: 4 Part Series
Second Thoughts Pt. 01 (4.40)Husband encourages his wife to date her college friend. Loving Wives 04/05/08
Second Thoughts Pt. 02 (4.38)Michael continues to encourage Jen to date Gerard. Loving Wives 05/04/08
Second Thoughts Pt. 03 (4.32)Mike watches his wife Jen and her black lover Gerard. Loving Wives 05/17/08
Second Thoughts Pt. 04 (3.87)The torture and thrills of wife watching--Jen with Gerard. Loving Wives 07/24/08
The Wife Watching Game (4.48)Mike likes to watch his pretty wife flirt with other men. Loving Wives 03/12/08
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