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HeyAll  - 272 Stories, 0 Poems,  Illustrations
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A String of Flowers - A son brings home some flowers to his mother.sirajahmed10 (4.39) 12/03/09
Farming My Mother Bhavani - Son blackmails father and owns the mother for himself.mathu (4.20) 05/18/03
Breast Feeding - Breast feeding leads mother and son union.matharasi (4.36) 09/21/02
Mother & Son Ch. 01 - Indian mother & Son enjoy vacation together.Indain_Flame (4.03) 04/27/09
Mother Son Chance Happening - Coincidence leads to mother-son relationship.xyster (4.67) 01/08/11
Spring Break Wife - Gary joins his mom on spring break.MajorRewrite (4.64) 04/17/14
Forced into Incest - Mother and son are captured on an island and forced into sex.rgjohn (4.65) 06/10/09
Mom Helps Her Son Wake Up - Mom and son enjoy a special wake up time together.AZMotherLover (4.56) 04/17/14
Unconditional Love Ch. 01 - Son gets his mother to see the truth of unconditional love.Old_Blue (4.28) 06/10/09
Mother's Milk Ch. 05 - Mum becomes surrogate mother for her son.nz_marie (4.69) 04/17/07
Indian Mother's Incest - Mom's Incestuous relation with her son avoiding her husband.lover271 (4.17) 10/30/15
Mother & Son in India - Indian mother loves her son.Dreamdale (3.88) 03/14/01
I married my Mother Amutha - Son takes mother as his bride.Dreamdale (4.15) 03/14/01
My Son, My Hero - Son and mother join in love and passion.fozzy57 (4.08) 04/26/08
Interview with Mom and Son - Interview with a mother-son couple.willendorfer (4.31) 09/10/17
Forbidden Love - Mother and Son find forbidden love.rgjohn (4.77) 08/31/08
Welcome Home, My Love - A discovery between Mother and Son.mejau71 (4.65) 08/01/02
Between a Mother and Son - A story of a love between a mother and son.Jocasta68 (4.61) 08/06/18
Loving Mother and Innocent Son - A loving mother comforts a bullied and sexually innocent son.Cosmickinkiness (4.68) 11/14/17
Mother's Milk - Young mother is taught how to breast feed.Paul44 (4.31) 02/19/06
A Loving Mother - Son lets mother comfort him.HandWritten (4.44) 10/06/14
A Mother and Son in Love - Mother son affair turns into long term relationship.txmamasboy (4.38) 01/23/12
Sujata, My Mother, My Wife Pt. 01 - Son marries his beautiful widowed mother.neo1970 (4.49) 08/12/06
After Four Years - Indian mother and son satisfy each other.neo1970 (4.49) 09/06/06
Mother-Son Very Special Romance - Indian Mother-Son Sex Story.saagar_manthan (4.41) 12/27/08
I Love My Mom Sujata - Son helps his lactating mother.neo1970 (4.49) 11/28/06
My Mother Kamala Ch. 01 - My first time with my Mother.nepaliKatha (4.37) 09/12/13
A Mother and Her Son - Romance, love and sex between mother and son.rgjohn (4.74) 08/15/02
Prodigal Son - Son returns home.harrypotter_rod (4.05) 09/12/06
Married to My Son - She marrys her son after her husband's death.matharasi (4.30) 08/05/02
A Son's Love - Son's first job takes his mother from his father.matharasi (4.21) 08/05/02
"Mom-Son": A Love Story - A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son.silkstockingslover (4.69) 06/26/14
Saturday - Ravi comes home to mother.sirajahmed10 (4.48) 01/09/07
The Passion of Chandra - The lustful Indian mother.colorofmylife (3.76) 07/08/08
Mother's Milk - Somewhere in India, nothing is bad.xyzuvw123 (3.86) 09/14/02
Indian Son Rapes His Mother - He can't resist his buxom, sexy mother.Rohit Kapur (3.50) 08/27/01
My Son Raped Me - Indian mom is taken by her own son.handsomeman (3.22) 09/24/01
Love Temple - He plans to bed his widowed mother.matharasi (4.25) 08/05/02
Heavenly Mother - Indian mother and son cope with cold weather.xyster (4.49) 05/23/05
Mother Love - Mother's love helps heal son's broken heart.rbuchanan (4.67) 07/26/05
Fertility Temple, Impregnating Mom - Lactating mother gets impregnated by son’s cock.HeyAll (4.54) 10/15/17
Obsessed With My Son - Mom finds insatiable desires.mtnman2003 (4.57) 03/22/06
A Son Steals his Mother - When dad's away, someone needs to be man of the house.DPandAmigos (4.23) 07/24/16
Oedipus Conquest - College son majors in ousting Dad from Mom's heart and bed.Ernest Hemingsex (4.64) 03/23/14
Finding Our Way Ch. 01 Pt. 01 - A long story in bite sized submissions.onlyfiction (4.47) 12/14/13
Resurrection - A shattered son turns to his loving mother.Ahabscribe (4.66) 07/25/10
Indian - Housemaid Lakshmi - 18-year-old boy has his first ejaculation.Bandra (4.31) 08/19/06
Motherhood - A Tale of Love Ch. 01 - CFNM - Incest - Romance - Mother and son set in India!shotacon1 (4.49) 12/02/17
దైవ సంకల్పం - నలుబది యేళ్ళ తల్లి ఇరవై ఏళ్ళ పుత్రుడు తో శృంగారంxyshiva (4.29) 04/06/18
A Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 06 - Mother and son step across the line and become lovers.rgjohn (4.65) 06/09/07
Loving Son - Indian Mother-Son Sex Story.saagar_manthan (4.42) 12/27/08
My Mother Kamala Ch. 03 - Cheating mom and son.nepaliKatha (4.51) 12/14/13
Under Mom's Bed - Confession - Mom finds out that son hid under her bed.adifferentindianfamily (4.07) 07/17/20
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