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tagSci-Fi & FantasyWorlds Apart Pt. 02

Worlds Apart Pt. 02



Jamie ran, his sneakers pounding on the asphalt, his earbuds blaring music as he weaved through the throngs of pedestrians that clogged the street. A pizza box was clutched in his arm, the grease starting to soak the cardboard. The constant motion had probably reduced it to mush by now, but he didn't care. He passed beneath the rows of trees that were planted along the sidewalk, winter leaving them naked, their gnarled branches reaching up into the sky like skeletal fingers. On the road beyond the natural barrier that they created, cars zipped past, their nav systems coordinating the flow of traffic like shoals of fish.

It was late in the evening, and the sun was beginning to set, the vibrant reds and oranges reflecting off the glass facades of the kilometer-tall buildings that dominated the skyline. Above his head, their spires reached up beyond the clouds, the network of skyways that joined their upper floors creating a maze of streets above ground level. Winding mag-lev rails trailed between them, snaking between the structures.

He arrived at the foot of his residential building and stepped into the cavernous lobby, which took up almost the entire ground floor. Towering pillars of concrete extended into the air, a network of steel support beams hanging above his head, the abundance of glass letting natural light flood in. The core of the building was an open shaft that rose all the way to the roof some five hundred floors above, convection carrying a constant stream of fresh air up through its many levels. There were walkways bridging the gap, and every twenty stories or so was a commercial plaza where the residents could shop.

The ground floor served as a terminal as much as a lobby. There were dozens of glass elevator shafts that would ferry their occupants up through the center of the building. He made for the nearest one, keying in his floor number, watching the city fall away beyond the windows until he could scarcely even see the ground anymore.

It came to a stop, and he stepped out into a long hallway lined with numbered doors. He soon arrived at his apartment, pulling his phone out of his pocket and scanning it across a reader that was embedded in the frame. The panel slid into a recess automatically, letting him pass, Jamie wiping his brow with his forearm as he proceeded inside. He was drenched in sweat from his jog, the mesh shirt that he was wearing sticking to his skin.

The apartment was open plan, one wall dominated by a large window that looked out over the skyline beyond, the rays of the setting sun bleeding in between the high-rises to bathe the room in an orange glow. There was a living area, along with a kitchen that was separated from it by a low wall, the bedroom and bathroom sectioned off behind their own doors. The furniture was a strange blend of shapes and sizes. The couch that occupied much of the main living space was wide enough to seat half a dozen people, and the kitchen table was at about chest height to his six-foot frame, the chairs that surrounded it similarly scaled up. There were chairs better suited to his stature, too, and the counters were at a comfortable height. Even so, it often made him feel like he had been shrunk down to the size of a child. It was necessary to make such concessions when your roommate was a clear two feet taller than you.

The woman in question emerged from the bedroom, leaning against the doorframe, itself scaled up so that she could fit through it more easily. Even so, her eight-foot, five hundred pound frame filled it almost completely. She raised a furry hand to her mouth, opening it wide in a yawn, exposing a set of sharp teeth. Her round ears twitched as she scratched her cropped, blonde hair with her hooked claws, a pair of feline eyes the color of emerald peering back at him groggily.

"Hear me coming?" he chuckled, Liz nodding her head.

"I got tired of waiting for you, so I took a nap," she replied.

Her outfit, or lack thereof, caught Jamie's eye as the door slid shut behind him. She was wearing only a tight-fitting t-shirt in revealing white and a pair of black panties. As large as she was, it was mostly muscle, the high gravity of her home planet having imbued her with a physique that would have put an Olympic athlete to shame. She had never set foot in a gym, and she hadn't needed to. Just walking around on Borealis was a form of resistance training. He could see the outlines of her abs beneath the fabric, so firm that they could have been chiseled from marble, a pair of weighty breasts that befitted her exaggerated stature straining against her shirt just above them. She hadn't seen fit to wear a bra, that much was obvious.

His gaze wandered down to her thighs, skin the color of caramel dimpled by muscle, almost as thick around as his torso. Her legs were digitigrade, ending in feet that more resembled the paws of a lion, a coat of sandy fur rising to her knees. Her arms were much the same, her developed biceps smooth, while a covering of straw-colored fur began at the elbows.

She might be intimidating now, but Jamie remembered her as she once was. They had met at age six, when she had been little more than a fluffy kitten in a duck-patterned sundress. The two had quickly formed a close friendship, becoming inseparable, eventually attending high school and college together. As she had matured, she had lost the majority of her coat, and she had sprouted into a young woman. On the cusp of adulthood, they had declared their feelings for each other, but their relationship had been short-lived. Her parents had taken her back to their home planet, and several excruciating years had passed with no contact.

It was only a few months prior that she had returned to Earth, and they had made an attempt to pick up where they had left off. They had discovered that, as much as they had grown into different people, that fire was still smoldering. They liked who they had become, and ever since, they had been making up for lost time.

"Sorry," Jamie said, stowing his earbuds in the pocket of his shorts. "My shift ran late, and I decided to take the scenic route home."

Her pink nose twitched, and her eyes turned to the box that he was still clutching.

"I accept your offering of pizza as penance," she said, a smile curling her lips. She was always hungry, and greasy, salty foods were her vice.

"I'm afraid it may have been turned to paste by now," he replied, walking over to set the box down on a glass coffee table in front of the couch. "Now I know why they don't deliver pizzas on foot."

"It's pizza," she said, shrugging her broad shoulders. "It was pretty much paste when it came out of the oven."

"I'm gonna get a shower," he added, making his way over to the bathroom. "You want to watch a vidcast or something when I'm done?"

Liz intercepted him on the way there, hooking one of her black claws into the mesh of his shirt and tugging him to a stop. She leaned down to bury her face in the nape of his neck, taking in his scent, her feline nose cool against his damp skin.

"Why the hurry?" she mumbled, her lips brushing his ear. "You know how good you smell to me after a run."

Her sense of smell was many times more sensitive than his own, she could pick up the very pheromones in his sweat. He felt breasts larger than his head spill over his shoulders as she let their weight rest on him, knowing that it would entice him, flesh as soft as butter pressing against his back through the insubstantial barrier of her shirt.

"I get the feeling your pizza is going to go cold," he muttered, leaning into her as she gave him a gentle bite on the shoulder.

"We can heat it up later," she cooed, Jamie laughing at her seductive tone. "Hang on a sec," she added, tugging at his shirt again. "I'm actually...stuck..."

He reached over his shoulder, helping to free her claw from the mesh, Liz grinning down at him as he turned to face her. He gave her a playful push, and she retreated back towards the couch, biting her lip in anticipation as she lowered herself down onto the cushions. The frame creaked under her weight, her ample bosom wobbling beneath her shirt as she settled, her nipples already tenting the fabric. Jamie reached down to part her knees, opening her legs wide, taking the opportunity to run a hand up her inner thigh. Her dusky skin was as smooth as satin, a layer of husky fat yielding before his fingers, muscle like iron rising to greet them as she tensed at his touch.

"Earth's gravity is making you softer," he muttered, watching her arch her back as he took a generous handful of her thigh and squeezed. "I like it."

"Rude," she mumbled, her cheeks warming as his fingers neared her panties. He brushed her swollen lips through the material, finding it wet with her excitement, a beautiful tremor passing through her massive frame as he teased her. It made her toned midriff flex, the outlines of her muscles visible beneath her tight shirt.

"Do me first," she added, the need in her breathy voice making his member strain against his running shorts. "Do me, then I'll do you."

They had been together long enough now that he knew what she wanted, Liz leaning over to get a better look as he knelt between her legs. He brushed her thigh with his lips, leaving a sucking kiss, his oversized partner rolling her hips in frustration.

"Stop fucking with me," she gasped, her claws scratching the leather covering of the couch. A visitor might assume that they owned an especially unruly cat or perhaps a poorly-trained dog, but Liz could be careless with her talons, and the couch was one of their preferred places to fool around.

Jamie finally relented, hooking his fingers around her panties and pulling them aside to expose her. She was so ready for him that a strand of her juices linked the sodden fabric to her lips, her loins puffy and swollen with arousal, their blushing hue making his mouth water.

Liz didn't give him much time to admire the sight, delving a clawed hand into his long, blonde hair as she drew him closer. He brought his fingers to her labia, parting them, exposing a sliver of glistening pink. She wasn't configured any differently from a human, save for her size, the delicate folds of her vulva making his heart quicken.

"You know," he began, Liz cocking her head at him as she waited for him to proceed. "Usually, when I get home from work, you're supposed to ask me how my day has been."

She chuckled, both amused and frustrated by his antics. That was the thing about Borealans, they liked teasing, they enjoyed games. Making her just a little mad always got her engine revving.

"Your day is about to end with five hundred pounds of cat sitting on your face," she replied, giving his hair a tug that sent a pleasant shiver down his spine.

That was his cue, Jamie extending his tongue, dragging it between her lips. Liz threw her head back, letting slip a low, rumbling growl of pleasure that he could feel in his bones. Her grip on him tightened as he began to lap slowly, mouthing and kissing as he went, her thighs pressing against his red cheeks. She could have crushed his skull like a melon with those powerful muscles, but he trusted her to restrain herself, even as he doted on her.

"I need this today," she sighed, letting herself sink into the couch as he traced the folds of her loins with the tip of his tongue.

"You need this every day," he replied, Liz pushing him back down between her thighs.

"You were late, and you know how much trouble I have getting myself off with these claws. Besides, I don't see you complaining."

He replied with a teasing lick, making her massive frame shudder. He knew her like the back of his hand by now, how to push her buttons, his tongue roaming up to her swollen clitoris. She bared her sharp teeth as he drew it into his mouth, teasing her with quick flurries, pursing his lips around it.

"Yeah," she mumbled, her claws pricking his scalp as she held him close. "Get me there quick, I'm burning up tonight."

He pressed a finger against her twitching opening, her lubricating fluids letting him slide inside her up to the knuckle in one smooth motion. Despite her size, she was incredibly tight, her pelvic floor muscles just as toned as the rest of her body. He could feel them squeezing him beyond the wet silk of her undulating walls, wringing his digit in waves, as though trying to ease him deeper. He began to curl it against the roof of her passage, quickly finding her sweet spot, Liz taking a fistful of his hair as she arched her back involuntarily.

"Fuck," she hissed, starting to grind her hips against his mouth. "Use that smooth tongue of yours, keep going."

She bucked as he rubbed her from within, pressing his finger into her g-spot, massaging it in a slow circle. He kept his lips locked to hers all the while, painting her burning vulva with his tongue, as though pleasing her was his life's sole purpose. He glanced up at her over her smooth mound, Liz gazing back at him, her cheeks flushed a shade of red. She gave him a sly grin, then reached down with her free hand, lifting the hem of her shirt to expose her midriff to him. He watched those chiseled muscles flex beneath her tanned skin as she writhed, admiring their definition, the faded trio of scars that he was so familiar with trailing across her belly.

He wasn't the only one who had gotten a feel for their partner's desires over the last few months.

Jamie upped his pace, feeling her depths clenching around his finger as he pushed her closer to the edge, her breath coming in ragged bursts. Beads of sweat were welling on her caramel skin, glistening droplets following the contours of her washboard abs as they dripped down towards her navel.

"God, you're beautiful," he muttered as he paused his licking for a moment. "You know that?"

"Are you trying to embarrass me to death?" she chuckled, her face burning ever hotter. "Come on, big guy, I'm almost there."

He couldn't help but smirk at the nickname as he lowered his head back down between her burnished thighs, Liz loosing a sordid sigh as he slid his tongue between her puffy lips. It was an ironic pet name that she had chosen for him, an in-joke about how he had been a clear head taller than her when they were adolescents. That was no longer the case, obviously. To say that she had filled out would be an understatement.

"I'm gonna-"

Liz doubled over on the couch, her heavy breasts swinging above his head within the confines of her shirt, a rumbling growl of lust emanating from her. She gritted her teeth, her pained expression softening as the first pulse of her climax rocked her, her long tail flicking back and forth on the cushions beside her. Her thighs closed around his head, but not enough to apply much pressure, sinking his cheeks into their soft surface as he kept up his licking. Each wave of pleasure made her velvet insides tighten, the powerful muscles in her reaches milking his digit, her juices leaking down his hand as she tried in vain to fuck it. Her orgasm was sharp and fast, Jamie easing out a few stray aftershocks with his gentle lapping, relief making her sag back into the cushions with a drunken smile on her face.

She loosed a satisfied moan, opening her legs a little to set him free, Jamie rising to smile up at her. Liz reached down, wiping away the sagging rope of fluid that was hanging from his chin with her furry thumb, the sight seeming to send another tremor through her.

"Little monster," she grumbled. "Borealans aren't supposed to show weakness, but you've figured out all of mine. You're getting too dangerous to keep around, might have to eat you."

"You're welcome to try," he replied, more aware than ever of his aching erection as it tented his shorts. Liz's green eyes wandered down towards his bulge, her long, pink tongue emerging to wet her lips.

"Gimme a sec," she breathed, relaxing back into the cushions with a smile on her face. "I'll take care of you in a minute."

Jamie hopped up onto the oversized couch beside her, running a hand across her taut belly, the layer of sweat that coated her dusky skin making his fingers glide. It was always warm in their apartment, as Liz had become accustomed to the heat of her homeworld, and she tended to set the thermostat pretty high. Jamie didn't mind, not when it encouraged her to wear as little as possible.

Ever since they had moved in together, his life had taken on a dream-like quality. The alien had a healthy libido, and they were still enamored with each other, the honeymoon phase of their relationship seeming to drag on indefinitely. Their differences in stature and physiology hadn't created as many hurdles as he had anticipated. Instead, they had only resulted in more exploration, more experimentation. The carefree attitude that Liz had adopted on Borealis had made her so free, so permissive, modesty and restraint no longer factoring into her decision-making process. When they woke up in the morning, they made love. When one of them took a shower, the other often joined in. When they got back from work, when they went to bed, when the mood took them while they were just lounging on the couch, they held nothing back. As childhood friends who had left so much unspoken for so long, who had been separated for years, there was a lot to make up for. No more hesitation, as Liz liked to say.

"Alright," she said, starting to lift off her shirt. Her shifting made Jamie slide towards her, her immense weight creating a dent in the cushions that drew him in like a gravity well. "How do you want it, big guy?"

Her breasts spilled free of her shirt as she tugged it over her head, clapping against her torso as they fell, the impact making them bounce. Their volume was more comparable to that of beach balls than the human equivalent, large enough to comfortably fill his lap, their weight pulling them into a wonderful teardrop shape. They would have been absurd on a human woman, but they were far more appropriate on her exaggerated frame. She tossed the garment aside, grinning as she caught him staring. She used her upper arms to press them together, her biceps sinking into the yielding globes, Liz pushing her chest out in invitation.

"Guess I have my answer," she chuckled, letting them drop again. She reached out to place a furry hand on his chest, encouraging him to lie back, her ample chest swaying as she dropped to all fours and crawled atop him. Jamie felt her claws on his belly as she slid her fingers beneath his shirt, lifting it enough to expose his torso. Jamie had been on the track team in college, and he had kept up his running well after graduation, giving him a lean figure that Liz seemed to appreciate. She drew closer, extending her tongue, the organ near a foot long. He shivered as she dragged it across his belly, the rough barbs that lined its upper surface grazing him as she sampled his sweat, its tapered tip slipping into his navel on its way past.

"You're wearing these stupid shorts again," she grumbled, hooking her claws around his waistband.

"You love 'em," he replied, Liz flashing her teeth in a grin.

She pulled them down, his underwear along with them, freeing his erection. Her feline eyes played over it as she watched it bob in the air in time with the beating of his heart, the vertical slits of her pupils dilating into dark circles. She brought a finger to its tip, wetting the fleshy pad on the end of her digit with a bead of his pre, rubbing gently.

"Last one to come has to warm up the pizza," she said.

"But you already..."

His complaint trailed off as she brought her hand to her mouth, extending her tongue again, dragging it across her palm. She opened her fingers to show him the matted fur, soaked with her bubbling saliva, a mischievous grin spreading across her face. She enclosed him in her damp fist, the sensation of her warm, sodden coat sliding against his shaft making him buck into her hand. She began to pump slowly, gliding on a layer of drool, alternating the pressure of her squeezing to keep him on edge.

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