tagLoving WivesWife Strips Naked in Bar

Wife Strips Naked in Bar


I was just about to leave for the bar to have some drinks with my buddies when I wife Mindy interrupted me.

"Mark, hold on, I'm coming along," she called.

I turned to see my wife dashing toward me. She was awkwardly hopping on one foot as she pulled on her second high-heeled sandal. In that hunched over position, I could see right down the front of her light summer dress, and I admired her swinging breasts. It had been one of those hot July days and I could tell my wife was feeling a little randy. I think the heat makes people horny. When we had gone out that day, I noticed that all the women were showing off a lot of skin. They were all wearing short shorts, halter tops, and short low cut summer dresses like the one Mindy had on now.

"Uh, well, you know, this is just going to be me and the boys out for a couple of drinks," I said. I felt some trepidation about bringing my heat stimulated wife out to hang out with a bunch of my guy friends. "You would be the only woman there. You might not feel comfortable."

"Oh stop it," laughed my wife. "I get along just fine with a gang of men. You forget that I grew up with three brothers." My wife paused to scrutinize me for a moment, her hand on her chin. "What's the matter, you guys want to ogle the young women in peace without your ball and chain around?" She laughed and tousled my hair playfully. "Come on, I don't want to sit here by myself, let's go out and have some fun."

My wife strode through the door ahead of me and I admired her legs, exposed up the the mid thigh by her little flowy dress. She had a great body and the heat had definitely gotten her worked up. I knew there was going to be some sexual tension between her and my buddies tonight. Especially Hank, who was sort of the alpha male of our group. He and Mindy were always flirting with each other.

"Is Hank going to be there?" Mindy asked casually as we drove to the bar.

I gave my wife a suspicious look. "Yeah, about that," I said. My stomach was fluttering a bit as I hesitated to bring up the obvious. "Um, you seem a little, you know, fired up tonight with all the heat and all."

Mindy gave me a cute smile and laughed, her eyes flashing gayly. "You mean I seem horny? Of course I am. The heat makes me want to just get naked." She pulled her dress up and showed me her lace panties. "What do you think of these?"

I glanced away from the road to gaze at my wife's offered crotch and licked my lips. She was giving me a hard on, but I didn't like the context here. She was about to be giving my buddies some hardons pretty soon if she kept acting like this. Hank first and foremost.

"Oh, wait," she said, dropping the hem of he dress back into her lap. "Are you afraid I will flirt with Hank too much?" she giggled. "Maybe I should. That would teach you to take me for granted."

"Come on, I don't take you for granted," I squawked. My voice was cracking a little bit and my gut felt a little cold at the thought of Mindy and Hank's flirting getting out of hand. But my penis grew even stiffer at the thought, even as jealousy gripped me by the throat.

Mindy leaned over and purred into my ear, "Yes, you do, you don't fuck me enough." Mindy grabbed my crotch and gave a little squeak of surprise when she noticed how hard I was already. "Oooh, someone's getting excited. Maybe I should show Hank my panties tonight, what do you think? That would be fun, wouldn't it?"

I felt my airway seizing up at the thought of my wife exposing herself to my big confident pal, Hank. "Don't joke about that," I croaked.

"Ha, ha, your willy likes it. He's just getting harder and harder," chuckled my naughty wife as she gripped my stiff erection through my pants.

"No, I mean, of course not," I stammered guiltily. I didn't want to admit that the idea sickened yet aroused me. It was too embarrassing.

"Ok, well here we are," said Mindy brightly as we pulled into the parking lot of the biergarten where my buddies and I had agreed to meet. She jumped out of the car and ran ahead while I climbed out of the car, struggling to push down my boner which was pitching a conspicuous tent in my trousers. Once I got my johnson under control, I hurried after my horny wife with a feeling of dread in my belly.

The biergarten had a huge patio ringed with wooden booths with planters of jasmine bushes between them acting as screens to provide a bit of privacy. The middle space was filled with long communal tables where large boisterous groups clanked their beer mugs together merrily. The whole areas was lit by strings of white christmas lights. The place was packed with upper middle class professional men and women in their 30's and 40's enjoying the warm summer evening air outdoors. The sweet scent of blooming jasmine filled the air, and it was really quite a romantic scene if I do say so myself, and I rarely take note of such things.

Mindy had located my friends who had commandeered a booth in an excellent location, with a good view of the crowd but a bit set back so it wasn't too noisy. Hank was there of course along with my best friend Friedrich and my old college pal Sheldon, who wasn't very social but we dragged him along now and then to get him out of the house.

Hank jumped out of the booth excitedly when he saw my wife and he gave her a big hug which she returned warmly as I approached.

"I hope you boys don't mind that I tagged along," said Mindy as Hank crushed her to his chest in a bear hug.

"Oh, not at all, it's a pleasure," said Friedrich.

"Oh, yeah, a real pleasure," said Hank, still holding my wife in his arms. He caught my eye, gave me a wink, and then reached down to grab my wife's buttocks in his big palms.

Mindy squealed with delight and wriggled free from his embrace, holding him at arm's length, "Stop it, you naughty boy. My husband is coming any moment."

"I'm right here," I added with annoyance.

"What'd he do?" asked Friedrich with a curious grin.

"He touched my bum," said Mindy, addressing Hank. "The NERVE!" But she had a little smile on her face and I know she loved it.

"Aw, settle down, I'm just playing," he said. "Hey, look at you Mindy, you look terrific." He held my wife's hand up above her head and she did a little twirl for him so he could check out her body in her flowery little summer dress.

"Um, yes, you look very nice, Mindy," put in Sheldon. His face was turning a bit red as he shamelessly looked my wife's body up and down. He has a mild case of Asperger's though, so I didn't hold it against him.

"Well, you look nice and cool yourself," commented Mindy to Hank. Hank was wearing a wifebeater and a pair of cargo shorts which showed off his muscular physique. "Nice gams," she joked, slapping one of Hank's hairy thighs.

"You like that? Feel those calves," he said flexing one leg and offering the knotted muscle of his calf for her inspection. "Like rocks, baby. I never miss leg day."

"Hmm, yep, pretty hard," said my wife bending over to feel Hank's calf. This position put her face a bit too close to his crotch for my liking. She was bent over facing Friedrich and Sheldon, exposing her dangling cleavage to them, and I looked at them with displeasure as they gazed fixedly at my wife's knockers.

"Honey, you are giving Sheldon and Friedrich a show there," I warned.

"What? Oh!" exclaimed my wife. She glanced down at her own swinging orbs and stood upright again quickly, putting her hand to her chest modestly.

"Ha, ha, could they see your boobs? I want to see," joked Hank, craning his neck.

"Stop it," said my wife, slapping his chest. Then she looked at me and gave me a devilish grin. "Well, maybe later once I've had few drinks."

Everyone broke out laughing at at that and I grinned along weakly, though I strongly suspected that my wife wasn't kidding.

We sat down in the booth, Hank grabbed Mindy and pulled her down next to him and I took a seat opposite them, cramming in next to Friedrich and Sheldon. We poured out beer from the pitcher and started drinking.

The night actually settled down a bit from there as I loosened up and had a few drinks. Mindy and Hank did engage in a lot of innuendo though. For instance my wife commented about some problem at work "exploding in her face," Hank mumbled something about wanting to do that. Or when Hank was bragging about how "big and hard" he was getting in the gym, Mindy replied with some comment about how she'd like to get onto that. But as I got drunker, I didn't worry about it so much and just laughed along with the rest.

As it got later, the crowd started to change and more younger people showed up. It also grew more crowded and two couples came and stood by our booth, chatting while they had their drinks. They looked like two fraternity brothers on a date with two sorority sisters and the young women were really feeling the heat. They were wearing tiny short shorts, high heels, and bikini tops. All us guys at the table kept looking over at the sexy girls showing off so much skin and Mindy started to get a little jealous.

"Pish, look at these sluts, walking around half naked," she hissed, taking a big gulp of beer. She punched Hank on the shoulder as he was ogling one of the girl's' ass when she bent over to pick something up from the ground. "Look at you eyeballing that girl, she's young enough to be your daughter!" Mindy scolded Hank.

"Ha, ha, you're not my wife, tell your own husband, he's looking too," laughed Hank. He gestured at me, but I made a waving motion with my hands to ward off the attention.

"Omigod, all you dirty old men are drooling over these girls," gasped Mindy. She pointed drunkenly at each of us in turn. "Have you no shame?" she asked, screwing up her face cutely.

"Yeah, well, why don't you show us as much skin and we'll look at you," joked Hank. He looked pointedly at my wife's breasts.

"Well I was joking with Mark on the drive over that I should show you my panties," said Mindy slyly.

"Oh, reeeally," said Friedrich, joining in on the fun. "That's kinky."

"Come on you guys, cut the shit," I put in nervously. My pulse was quickening as my wife started escalating the flirtation.

"I'd rather see your tits, actually, if I get the choice," intoned Hank, giving me a lecherous grin. He was challenging me to intervene, so I tried to rise to the occasion.

"Now, now," I chided, but I felt like a clucking old hen and couldn't muster a really forceful response.

"Oh, relax, honey, like I said, I grew up in a house with three brothers. I'm used to be naked around a bunch of men," said my wife. She glanced around to make sure no one was looking as she grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled them off of her shoulders.

"Holy shit, she's really going to do it," gasped Friedrich with delight as my wife held the top of dress precariously, ready to drop at any moment.

"She wants the attention because we are looking at the younger women too much and making her feel neglected," said Sheldon. He had a knack for belaboring the obvious.

"Naw, she won't have the guts," said Hank with a wave of his hand. "Now if you excuse me, I'm going to checking out the hot chicks over here."

"Oh, well look at these," said my wife, and she dropped the top of her dress as threatened and shook her bare white breasts back and forth. Her pink nipples grew stiff in the night air and I nearly choked on my beer.

"Whoa baby," shouted Hank excitedly. He made to grab one of my wife's tits, but she slapped his hand away.

"You can look, but you can't touch," she chided with a mischievous grin.

"Amazing tits," said Friedrich with a judicious pout. "Outstanding."

"I'm feeling aroused," gasped Sheldon breathlessly, and even I had to laugh at how ridiculous he looked. Sweat was beading on his forehead and his glasses were getting steamed.

"Honey, put those things away, you are going to give Sheldon a heart attack," I complained, but my dick was getting hard at the sight of my wife's naked chest and the kink of her showing my pals her boobs.

The foursome near us noticed too and the frat boys were craning their necks to see my wife's.

"Dude, that lady got her tits hanging out, check it out," shouted one of the frat boys excitedly.

"She's a total milf, dude," replied his buddy, slapping him on the shoulder.

The two girls turned to look at one got a very haughty expression and put her nose in the air. "Hmph, she's drunk off her ass," said the offended young woman.

"Nice boobs though," said her girlfriend turning to check out my wife's rack.

"Hell, yeah, I'd tap that," shouted her boyfriend, pointing at my wife rudely and making Mindy blush.

"Johnny, shut UP," giggled his girlfriend kicking him in the shin with her high heeled shoe.

"Yeah, settle down there, Romeo," said Hank, threateningly.

"Hee, hee, my hero is going to protect me," cackled my topless wife,letting her breasts swing freely as she rubbed Hank's shoulder.

"I think I can protect my own wife, Hank," I stammered.

"Of course you can dear, of course you can," said my wife condescendingly. She was rubbing Hank's shoulder as he gazed down at my wife's boobs.

In fact, everyone in the vicinity was checking out my wife's jiggling tittage. Sheldon's mouth was hanging open. Friedrich kept glancing down to my wife's chest and then shooting me guilty looks. Hank gazed down unabashedly. The frat boys came a little closer to get a better look and the sorority girls were staring too. The haughty one had a look of disgust on her face but kept glancing over in spite of herself while her girlfriend just openly stared.

"Ugh, what an attention whore," grumbled the haughty girl.

"Dude, her tits are smokin' hot, why cover them?" said one of the frat boys.

"Ha, two can play that game," said the other non-haughty girl. And she giggled as she unzipped her tiny shorts and slipped them off, standing there in just a thong and bikini top, with her ass cheeks exposed.

All attention turned to the leggy young woman with her pert round butt exposed. The haughty girl broke out in a fit of nervous giggling and even Sheldon pulled his eyes from my wife's chest to check out the fresh display of flesh. Hank whistled in appreciation as he eyed the young woman's sweet ass.

"Now it's YOUR turn to settle down, Don Juan," called one of the frat boys jauntily.

The bare assed girl turned and wiggled her ass for Hank, winking at him over her shoulder and he gripped his crotch to control the wood he was sporting. Then the girl shot my wife a strangely smoldering look and said, "Your move, sweety."

"Oh, you are ON, little girl, you are ON," sputtered my wife indignantly. She practically pushed Hank off his seat as she rushed to get out of the booth.

Mindy stood there before us with her tits hanging out, her dress peeled down to her waist. Her eyes locked onto the bare assed girl in a intense gaze that seemed competitive, playful and aroused all at once.

"I'm not going to be upstaged by some skinny little waif that starves herself all day," my wife said putting a finger in the younger woman's face.

"Bring it, curvy mama," said the skinny girl looking down at my wife's swinging boobs and biting her lip as she held her palms up before her and flicked her finger back toward herself, urging my wife on.

"This is weird you guys," complained the haughty girl, crossing her arms.

"Shut up, Crissy, this is super hot," chided her boyfriend. "Fuckin' lesbo stripdown time, let's do this shit." He clapped his hands loudly, and a crowd started to gather, people laughing and shouting when they saw my half-naked wife facing off with the bare-assed sorority girl.

"For Chrissake, Mindy, what's gotten into you?" I was mortified at all the attention she was getting. Part of me wanted to shrink down in my seat and disappear, my face was burning with shame, but my penis was standing stiffly at attention at the same time.

"I'm a little drunk," admitted my wife as she slipped off her dress, dropping it to her ankles and revealing her lacy panties. The crowd gasped almost with one voice and then scattered catcalls broke out as more and more people tried to crowd around.

"Looks like I get to see the panties after all," joked Hank, running his gaze up and down my wife's body hungrily as she stood there in nothing but her panties and heels.

"Da-aamn," said the girl, nodding with appreciation at my wife's smooth skin and hourglass figure.

"Your move, slut," my wife told the younger woman, putting one hand on her hip breezily.

The younger woman glanced around at the crowd of bystanders and grinned impishly.

"Do it, do it, show us your tits!" chanted her boyfriend excitedly and pretty soon some of the younger guys in the crowd took up the chant. "Show us your tits, show us your tits."

The girl shrugged as though it was of no concern to her either way, and she pull off her bikini top revealing her rather small and unremarkable breasts.

Some of the guys shouted half-heartedly, but there was generally a sense of disappointment at her meager offering and the girl seemed a little deflated by the indifference of the crowd.

"That's ok, dear, they will get bigger once you put on some weight," said my wife kindly, touching girl's shoulder.

"Thanks, mama, we can't all have huge hooters like yours," said the girl, cupping my wife's big boobs in her hands and making the haughty girl cackle with embarrassed laughter.

The crowd reacted to this with a fresh burst of excited cat calls from the guys and shrieks of jittery laughter from the women watching.

"Why are you still wearing those panties?" put in Hank. "Don't you feel a little over dressed?"

The crowd broke out in a new gale of merriment as my wife turned to face him.

"Oh, you want to see more, huh?" she asked, toying with the hem of her underwear.

"Hell yeah!" shouted some guys in the crowd behind her.

For his part, Hank just licked his lips as he stared at my wife's crotch about eye height to him as sat there with her standing before him.

"Oooh, I don't know," teased Mindy, pulling her panties down halfway down one generous hip before sliding them back up again. "That would be really scandalous, wouldn't it?" she asked me.

"Well you have already exposed your breasts in public before a fairly large crowd, which is actually pretty scandalous already," reasoned Sheldon as he gripped the erection in his pants.

"Ha, ha, honey, your nerdy pal Sheldon wants to see my cooch," laughed my wife pointing at him playfully.

"Yes, yes I would. I would like that very much," he agreed, his face slick with sweat as he kneaded his boner shamelessly.

"Should I show Sheldon my pussy, honey?" my wife asked me.

"No you should put your damn dress back on and sit the fuck down," I whispered. "You are making a goddamn spectacle of yourself."

"Oh, shush, I'm just having fun," said my wife. She turned to scan the crowd behind her as she prepared to pull her panties off. "I doubt anyone I know is here. This crowd looks pretty young."

"What difference does THAT make?" I demanded, but it was too late. My drunken wife just pulled her panties right off, glorying in the attention as the crowd gasped again and the catcalls and laughter reached a fever pitch.

Sheldon gazed with fascination at my wife's dark bush, fully on display and he reached out unconsciously and stuck his finger right in between my wife's legs. Mindy slapped his hand away with a laugh. "Goodness, Sheldon, watch your manners. You should ask a lady before trying to finger her."

"Seriously, Sheldon, she's right, get a grip on yourself," said Hank reaching out to cup one of my wife's bare ass cheeks in his hand again.

"Ooh, another fresh one," cooed my wife as Hank felt up her ass, but she didn't slap HIS hand away. "It looks like Sheldon already has a grip on himself."

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