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When We Were Married Ch. 02D

Story info
Lew unleashed...or The other side now.
16.1k words

Part 5 of the 21 part series

Updated 05/17/2021
Created 05/17/2010
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Lew Unleashed...or The Other Side Now

(Author's note: I am still stunned by the response this story has gotten. And I apologize for the wait between installments but I'm grinding them out as fast as I can. I hope this chapter answers a lot of questions readers have had -or maybe sparks some more. If you're still interested, in some ways what I think is the best part of the story is still coming.


Thursday July 7, 2005

My name is William Maitland. I'm an Assistant State Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, the Chief Assistant in fact although there are two other Assistants under State Attorney Austin Edwards who are level with me on the organizational chart.

I thought I was happily married to the gorgeous, big breasted and long-legged Debbie Bascomb who was helping me raise our teenage daughter and son, when she made a four-word Freudian slip that wrecked our marriage. My suspicions roused, I used a spy program to go back and check on her emails for the past six months and learned that she was falling in love with a young stud assistant professor at UNF, where she was also employed as a Professor of Business.

She wound up falling into his bed, filing for divorce from me and tossing our lives together into the trash. Now I'm working longer and harder than I ever did, which was one of the main reasons she implied our marriage had gone on the rocks, exercising and working with a boxing coach friend to rehabilitate a flabby midsection and a prematurely middle-aged body. Why I don't know, because I can't even work up a respectable hard-on.

As I prepare for a particularly unpleasant court case, Debbie is driving me crazy with alimony (now sometimes they call it maintenance but it will always be alimony to me) demands and I have very nervously unleashed a pit-bull friend of mine named Lew Walters to wield the previously hidden e-mails in an attempt to blackmail her into giving me the kind of divorce I want.


Thursday July 7, 2005 -- 12:30 p.m.

The phone rang as she was getting ready to leave her office to go to her next class. She had tried calling Doug twice but he wasn't answering. Since he had caller ID, it was pretty obvious he didn't want to take her calls. How in the hell had she wound up getting the cold shoulder from the man who was the father of her children, whom she was divorcing, and the man who had swept her off her feet and given her the best sex she'd had in years?

If there was one thing in this world she would have said would NEVER happen, it would be to get the cold shoulder from the two most important men in her life. Or any man, for that matter. She glanced down and took in the bulge of her breasts in her blouse and shook her head. She had never had trouble finding or getting men.

Even in the years when she'd been happily married, she'd always known if she crooked her little finger at a guy he'd be at her feet panting like a puppy. Men were so damned simple in a way. No matter how old or professional or respectable they were, they were all just walking penises. Unbutton a few buttons, show a little titty, and they all turned to mush.

She'd flirted at parties, let a few of them pet or grab her ass, but it was never serious. Bill had been what she wanted then and she just flirted to remember what it was like to have that kind of power over men. Of course that was before he got so damned flabby and MIDDLE-AGED.

She got angry all over again. The sorry bastard had the nerve to be angry at her when he'd all but shoved her into another man's bed. He'd never know about all the parties, the campus events, where tall, slim men danced with her and rubbed their hard cocks all over her pussy, felt her breasts and left her so wet she had to retreat into bathrooms to finger herself to quick, messy climaxes.

It would have been so damned easy to slip out to cars, or into the shadows, lower her panties and let them pound her into unending orgasms. But she hadn't. She'd been the good wife. She'd never tell her loving husband about the men she'd let get her hot and wet and then denied sex to.

How could she? She could control herself, but she couldn't control how men reacted to her. If she had complained to Bill every time a man touched her inappropriately, grabbed her ass, tickled her titty to feel her nipple harden suddenly, they would have had to stop going out, have no social life, and Bill would probably be in jail after killing somebody.

And she couldn't tell Bill that men touched and petted her because, while she could tell Bill she had never let another man have her, it wasn't the kind of thing you could brag about.

Of course, some of her friends would have been scandalized, but they were the homely, flat-chested women that men weren't going to pursue with flattery and presents and charm and insinuations of how big their dicks were. They could afford to be virtuous, because nobody but their husbands wanted them. She was the kind of woman men had always wanted, and she couldn't help that. She was made that way.

She had caller ID too and when she saw who was on the other end of the line, she picked up and said, "Hi, Lew. Has your client come to his senses and decided to avoid a nasty court fight and give me what I'm asking."

"Hi, Debbie. We do need to talk. Something has come up about the case. I think we can get these matters straightened out and move the divorce along. Could you meet me at Linder's office today at 5?"

"I have a class that doesn't end until 4 p.m. and I don't think I can make it in to Joyce's office by 5 p.m."

"This is fairly important. Couldn't you cancel one afternoon class or get someone to cover for you."

"It's that important?"

"Yeah, Debbie, I think so."

"And it will-"

"I think it will make things much easier for both you and Bill."

At five minutes past five she was pulling into the parking lot at Linder and Howe PA in downtown Jacksonville about a half mile from the courthouse complex. There were bunches of legal offices clustered in this neighborhood, far enough away from the courthouse to allow privacy and better parking and close enough to be there in a couple of minutes.

As she slid out of her 2010 Nissan 370Z, she smoothed her skirt down and took a deep breath. Her breasts swelled and just the contact with the fabric caused her nipples to pop up. Men loved them. They stood out an inch high from the three-inch wide pebbly areola, thick as pencil erasers. Men couldn't' resist sucking on them. She wondered sometimes if every man in America had been weaned from the tit too early. She had left her bra discretely folded n her glove compartment.

As she walked in Joyce was waiting for her. Joyce was a slender brunette, five-eight with a nice ass and relatively small breasts. Of course, Debbie thought with a tiny twinge of conceit, almost every woman had relatively small breasts when measured up against hers. But she had been nice, and supportive.

Joyce took one look at her and smiled.

"And what is the effect we were going for here, girlfriend?"

Debbie took a depth breath, pushing her chest out and making the nipples pop up noticeably.

"Lew is a nice guy, and married, but it never hurts to dazzle them a little bit, whether it's an academic meeting or a divorce hearing."

Joyce smiled again.

"You planning on trying for that at the divorce hearing before the judge?"

"We do have a male judge, right?"

"I feel sorry for your ex."

Joyce led her into a small conference room and as Debbie was sitting down asked if she wanted coffee or a soft drink?

"Just a bottle of water, please. Too much coffee keeps me awake at night and every damned ounce of non-diet soft drink adds about a pound to my ass. I have to spend about an hour at the gym for every regular soft drink I consume."

Joyce looked her over in a comfortably non-sexual way and said, "Well, it's obviously paid off. I'll get you that water and Lew just called and said he was about five minutes away."

While Joyce was out Debbie checked her cell phone, but no messages from Doug. Shit, why did he have to complicate things. It was just simple, great sex. His damned dick...but she stopped herself. She could feel herself begin to moisten up and she didn't want to be hot and bothered when she was meeting with Lew.

No, not with Lew. Why the hell hadn't Bill hired somebody else. Lew was young, tall, good looking but it was more than that. He was funny and smart and conceited, and that made him even more attractive. And worse of all, dammit, her tits and her body had never gotten to him.

It was stupid and it was high school, but when Mona was around, dark haired, small breasted (but weren't they all), swivel hipped Mona, there was no other woman in the room for Lew. Debbie had worn low cut blouses a few times when Lew and Mona had visited, and guys always, always, ALWAYS looked down into the valley and if they could, got hard. Lew never even glanced that way.

It was so stupid because she hadn't decided to leave Bill at that time and she wasn't interested in Lew that way. It was just....dammit, guys were supposed to stare and get erections. She wasn't used to being ignored. It wasn't natural.

Lew was standing at the door, sandy haired and with a slight smile on his face, a briefcase in his hand. He was dressed for the heat, in a lightweight, pale gray business suit and he was still sweating.

She took a deep breath to expand her rib cage, stood so her breasts would sway and jiggle gently with the motion, and smiled at him. She knew her nipples were sticking out like some whore looking for action. So much the better.

"Hi, Lew. This is the first time we've gotten together, in the flesh, in how long? A year? You're looking good."

He did a quick survey of her with eyes and, satisfyingly, his eyes lingered for a moment longer than was necessary on her nipples. She drew in a quick breath that made them dance on her rib cage but he just completed his once-over and then grinned.

Shit, he didn't even need to add the words to know what he was thinking, but he put his thoughts into words for her.

"I am flattered, Debbie. You took your bra off just for me? I thought you'd save the heavy artillery for the judge."

She couldn't help grinning back at him. He was a likeable guy.

"What can I say. If you got 'em, flaunt 'em."

Joyce stepped in behind them with a bottled water she handed to Debbie and a mug of something steaming.

"You take yours black with sugar, right Lew. Black and sweet I think you say."

"That mind of yours is an iron trap, Joyce. You're going to make some man a fine partner some day."

"I know," she said looking down at the floor for a second as she added, "I have a lot of fine qualities, not all of which are immediately visible."

Then she blushed and sat down beside Debbie without giving Lew a chance to respond. She had a folder lying on the table in front of her.

She coughed nervously and then tried to recover, saying, "You said you had something you needed to discuss, Lew. I think things are pretty clear cut, at this point. Has your client decided to see reason and accept our requests?"

Lew sat down at the table and after giving Joyce a speculative glance, said, "No, and that's why I'm here. We're spinning our wheels because Bill has already made an exceptionally generous offer to settle this matter. He's given more than most men would in a divorce before we even begin arguing. It's Debbie that has to do some hard thinking about what she wants."

"I want what's due me, Lew. I was married to the man for nearly 20 years. I gave him two children. I raised those kids, if not by myself at least doing most of the hard work. I kept a good home for him while I was building my career."

"Come on, Debbie, you're an established professional. Your major earning years are ahead of you and while you're not earning what he is, you're in the same ballpark. You're not some little homemaker who is going to be destitute if you don't get maintenance every month."

"Not pertinent, Lew," Joyce said. "He does make considerably more than she does and your client's actions have damaged her future earning potential and her career. The law is on our side in this one and you're smart enough to know that. The only reason for your client to even make an issue of maintenance is to continue to try to punish her for seeking a divorce."

"That's not the way he sees it. We could fight this out, draw things out, let it get very ugly."

"And you'd still lose, Lew," Joyce said briskly. "I bow to no one in my admiration for your legal skills, but you have a dog of a case here. You'll lose and all your client will do is spend more of his money fighting the inevitable."

Lew looked down at the table for a minute as if thinking, then raised his gaze to Debbie.

"Debbie, can we talk privately for a minute?"

"Why?" Debbie and Joyce said simultaneously.

"I'd rather not go into that, Debbie. It's personal. No offense Joyce, but I'm not sure and I believe that Debbie is not going to want you around for this discussion."

"Debbie, I'd advise you against-"

Debbie waved her hand and said, "It's okay Joyce. I'm not going to sign anything or commit to anything before I get your input. I'm not stupid. I am curious about all this cloak and dagger. Bill's already warned me he had some heavy artillery of his own and I'm curious to see what he thinks he's got. Give us some time, okay?"

When Joyce had left, the two of them stared at each other. Debbie took a deep breath and let it out, her breasts jiggling with the motion. She watched his eyes. He noticed. She had to fight to avoid looking down to see if she could spot his lap. Was he getting hard?

"It's a waste of time, Debbie. Even if I got hard, I can think with an erection. Or are you , or have you become, so much of a fucking slut that you automatically work on guys' dicks without a second thought?"

She smiled at him and made her titties jiggle some more. Was he sweating a little more heavily?

"Why don't you be honest about your feelings, Lew? You're mad at me for divorcing your friend?"

"I'm mad at you for breaking his heart and cutting his balls off. He's a good guy and he doesn't deserve what you've done to him."

"He's a good guy? He's a good guy? Oh, he's a saint. Defender of the oppressed and downtrodden, bringer of justice to the violated? You want me to sing a hymn? How about his role as a husband and father? How about being away from home more than he's been home in years. How about putting everybody's life ahead of the people he says he cares about the most."

"I spend a lot of time away from home, and Bill's got obligations and duties like nothing I could imagine. People's lives depend on what he does and what he decides."

"When you are home, Lew, you ever slip it to Mona? You ever come up behind her, pull her panties down and fuck her until she screams? Care to guess how long it's been since Bill did that to me? When Mona is underneath you and you're pounding your dick inside her, does she feel the roll of fat around your stomach rubbing on her. That's a real turn-on, you know."

"He got fat and out of shape, Debbie. It's not a crime. You were able to make time to keep yourself in shape. You couldn't have pushed him, or lured him, into a gym? I got a feeling, you could probably deliver a blow job that would convince any guy to do anything you wanted."

"Would you like to find out?"

She stared at him and she wondered if he could tell if she was serious?

"Lock the door and unzip and I'll let you judge for yourself."

He shook his head, but he did seem to be sweating more.

"Why do you do that, Debbie? You think I didn't notice you showing your tits off to me when I'd come over with Mona? I never did think you were serious, but why? You're a gorgeous woman, a walking wet dream. Why do you have to prove to yourself that every guy wants to fuck you? To answer your question, if Bill wasn't my friend and I wasn't married, I'd be in your mouth right now. But he is and I am. So can we stop the game playing?"

"You know that Mona doesn't know how lucky she is?"

"I hope she does."

"In answer to your question, I tried, Lew. I tried for years. I asked him to go with me. I made appointments for him with personal trainers. Fuck, I tried to get him jealous by flirting with young hunks on the rare occasions when I could get him to go with me. But there was always something that needed doing downtown, some case that had to be attended to, something more important to him than me.

"Finally I accepted the fact that his job was more important than I was. A woman I could compete with. Any woman. But how do you fight a job?"

She looked down at the floor for a minute then up at Lew sitting in his immaculately tailored suit.

"Stand up, Lew."

"Um why?"

"Just stand up."

After a moment, he did.

"Turn around."


"Please, just do it."

He did and then turned back to face her.

She got up and walked around the table toward him. He looked like he was going to back up but he held his ground. Finally she was standing in front of him and she reached out with her left hand. He looked like he was going to flinch but he stood still. She laid her palm flat on his abdomen, then ran it down his stomach but stopped well above the swell that was developing between his legs.

She pushed with her hand and he took the unspoken command and turned. With his back to her, she reached down and grabbed his ass. He almost jumped but stood still again.

"Turn around, Lew."

When he was facing her again, she said, "You've got a flat stomach. Maybe a little bulge but not much. And your ass, God it's tight and firm. Bill's told me you're out and on the road and away from home more than he's away. I know you're younger than him, but how do you managed to keep your stomach and ass that way?"

He shrugged.

"There are gyms anywhere. And aerobic exercises you can do anywhere. And like you said, Bill's got 10 years on me."

"Why do you do it? Why stay in shape? It's not for other women, I don't think. Bill says you're a one-woman man and the fact you could ignore my tits convinces me he's telling the truth."

"I do it for Mona, I guess. For myself but I want to keep her hot."

She backed away from him, continuing to look up into his eyes. She took her hands cupped her breasts held them up to him and pinched the nipples between her fingers. She hefted them, then ran her hands down her legs and cupped her groin and ran her fingers under her skirt and between her legs.

When she brought her hand her there was an oily sheen on her fingers.

"Just this little bit of talking nasty has got me wet, and to be honest I was thinking about Doug's big dick before you got here. Look at me, Lew. I'm what the kids at UNF call a MILF, a mother you'd love to fuck, and I am what my generation would call a prime piece of ass.

"This is what Bill had in his bed every night for years. He could have fucked me, up the ass or any other way he wanted it. He could have been stuffing my mouth every night, or at least a lot. There are some nights when no woman is going to be in the mood, of course, but there were a hell of a lot of nights this was available and willing and horny as hell and he was nowhere to be found.

"There are guys that would climb naked over barbed wire just to sniff my panties and HE COULDN'T GET UP THE ENERGY TO GO TO THE FUCKING GYM AND STAY IN SHAPE!"

She hadn't realized she was screaming the last until she heard steps and Joyce stuck her head in the door with a worried expression.

"Everything okay."

Debbie backed away from Lew and said, "Yeah, I'm sorry. I kinda of lost it for a minute."

When the door shut she walked back to her seat and said, "It wasn't my responsibility to get him hot enough to get off his ass and stay in shape. He should have done it for me. For himself."

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