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tagFetishWet Panties Please!!

Wet Panties Please!!


This is my first story. I have plenty more experiences to relate if you want more!!

I can't really remember quite how I got interested in women's panties, but for as long as I can remember, I have always taken the opportunity to have a sly look through various dirty laundry baskets and hope amongst hope that somewhere inside would be my treasure trove - a sexy, slinky pair of panties with the unmistakeable aroma and tell tale signs that they had been worn pretty recently.

When I was in my late teens, my 'hobby' was restricted to the occasional foray into my aunts basket, hoping to find my cousin Sue's freshly worn panties. I was never interested in my aunts, nor that of any other 'older' women, come to think of it, but the sight of a 19 year old's tiny little panties with a soft gusset and that beautiful smell, would have me pumping into my hand in seconds.

My girlfriend loves me to lick her through her panties until she comes on my tongue, then she will take them off, sit astride me and slowly impale herself on my hard cock whilst teasing me by holding the gusset of her soaking wet panties just above my nose. Just before she cums, she will press them onto my nose and mouth so that I can taste and smell her as I unload violently inside her. She loves to masturbate in her panties and put them into my holdall when I go away on business,which is fairly regularly. There is nothing better than opening my bag at the hotel to find a still damp pair of panties in a little see-thru plastic bag, hidden in the inside pocket!!

I suppose I should let you know how I met Lisa (my girlfriend). A few years ago, when I was 19, I was living with my sister Vicki, who was 18 at the time. I had gotten into the habit of having a little poke around in Vicki's hamper when she was out at work or shopping or whatever, to see if I could find any decent panties for a spot of afternoon fun. Sometimes I was lucky, sometimes not.

As a seasoned pervert, I became very adept at recognising the signs that could lead to the possibility of still damp and warm panties. The obvious one was Vicki having a shower in the morning, before going to work. This invariably never failed to mean that the panties that she had worn overnight were draped over the edge of the hamper.

As soon as the front door had clicked shut and I heard her car pulling out of the drive, I would be in the bathroom and whisking the panties back to my bed while I knew they were still warm. Oh heaven!! Now, don't get me wrong, my sister is a beautiful girl and although I would take any opportunity to spy on her undressing, I never thought of doing anything else with her. Her panties however - well that's another story!!

Needs is as needs must, as Forrest Gump would say, Vicki's panties were just an easy way of getting what I needed at the time. Now, Vicki had an absolute stunner of a girlfriend called Lisa. I had seen her a couple of times and she was gorgeous. She appeared in my fantasy jerk-off sessions on many occasions. One day, Vicki said that Lisa would be 'stopping over' on a Friday night after they had been out to the night clubs.

My mind started going into overtime - if only I could get my hands on a pair of Lisa's panties, the object of my sex crazed desire! The Friday eventually came around, not too soon if you ask me, and I tried to behave as perfectly as possible, you know, making her coffee, general chatting and flirting, telling her she looked stunning when she appeared at the front door ready for the night out etc. She looked good, she smelled good and I was in lust!

I knew I had no chance of any panties until the next morning at the earliest and when Vicki said they would be going into town to do some shopping on Saturday morning, I had already hatched my plan.

I didn't hear them come in from the club, I was already asleep. I know you are going to say that I should have stayed up and seen if I could have taken advantage of Lisa while she was drunk, but to be honest, I didn't think I would stand a chance with her, so I was just counting on being able to get hold of a pair of her freshly worn panties.

In the morning, I heard them getting ready, including having a shower - you know where I'm going with this one, don't you! "Bye!!" I heard them shout from downstairs. "See you in a few hours!" As soon as I heard the front door close, I was straight out of bed and into the bathroom. SHOCK!! No panties anywhere. No, please don't do this to me, I've been thinking about nothing else for 16 hours.

Plan B springs into action - into Vicki's bedroom (where Lisa was also staying in the pull-out bed) and have a little hunt around. I looked on the floor by Vicki's bed, and picked up a pair of still damp white panties. I'd seen them before, so I knew they were Vicki's.

But no sign of Lisa's anywhere. I spied her small suitcase by the pull-out bed and I lifted the lid. Women always put their worn panties into the 'flap' inside the lid - don't ask me why, but it's something I've learned, and is an invaluable piece of information when you are searching for worn undies!! Anyway, I looked just inside and BINGO!! there they were - a tiny silky black pair.

I pulled them out and felt the gusset - soaking wet!! I instantly became rock hard. This was getting to surpass my wildest dreams. I then put them to my nose and inhaled, WOW!!, I almost exploded without even touching myself, the smell was the most beautiful sweet 'womanly' smell I had ever experienced.

I knew I had to make myself cum soon, so I laid on Vicki's bed and draped my cock with Vicki's panties. I closed my eyes and pressed Lisa's panties onto my nose and began to slowly rub my cock with Vicki's while sniffing and licking Lisa's. I was in heaven, trying to rub my cock as slowly as I could to delay the explosion that I knew wasn't far away.

"See!! I told you he was using my panties to wank with!!" said a familiar voice from the doorway. I looked towards the door and saw Vicki and Lisa standing there looking at me, naked on the bed and draped in wet panties. Why hadn't I made sure they had gone? I tried to cover myself up and mumble some apology, as well as going as red as a beetroot.

My world had caved in and worse still, there was Lisa, the object of my desire, staring at me with her panties on my nose. They both entered the room and Lisa had a really strange look on her face.

"Lets give him something to wank about then" she said, and started to walk towards me. My cock, which at this point had shrivelled, began to get hard as Lisa put her hands up her skirt and slowly pulled down her panties. "Here, you'll find these are just as wet" she said, and placed them over my nose and rubbed them over my lips. This was unbelievable, and I was in heaven. They were soaking wet and smelled divine - I almost came as soon as she put them to my nose, but I managed to control myself.

"Or, what about the real thing?" Lisa said, and with that, she straddled me on the bed and began to inch up my body towards my face. It felt like ages as she soooo slowly got closer and closer until she stopped about one inch from my lips.

"Please, Lisa!!" was all I could beg, as I could smell her excitement and see the moisture on her shaven pussy lips. She slowly moved forward and pushed her soaking pussy onto my lips and nose, my tongue immediately licked up her lips and flicked her clit. "Oh my God!!" she moaned, "That's so fucking horny!!

I continued to lick and suck her for a few minutes, bringing her almost to orgasm, when she said "I need you inside me!" and scooted backwards down my body and impaled herself on my cock. She found her panties again and pressed them to my nose. I knew I wasn't going to last long.

I'd forgotten all about Vicki and I happened to glance to my right to see where she was. She had laid back in the chair, with her legs apart and her hand down her panties, masturbating like crazy. I could see the gusset of her panties was soaking wet, and every now and then I got a glimpse of her shiny, slippery pussy. I looked her in the eye and she just gasped and said "Fuck her hard!"

I wasn't really the one doing the fucking - Lisa was forcing herself down onto my cock before pulling all the way up to the top, before pushing all the way down again. She was doing it so slowly, but with such force, it felt like I was being vacuum pumped. She leaned forward and kissed me through her panties which just served to push them further onto my nose. This was all too much for me and as she sat back up, I looked back over to Vicki who had now pulled her panties to one side and was blatantly fingering herself in front of me. I caught her eye and she just gasped "Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck!" and exploded around her fingers. I swear I could see her muscles contracting.

Lisa said "I'm gonna explode! Come inside me!!" and she just went into convulsions as I started to pump what seemed like gallons of hot cum deep inside her. She leaned forward again and lay on me, kissing me and saying that she had never, ever, cum like that in her life!!

My sister, just said "Now you won't need my panties anymore, looks like you've got a ready supply from now on!!" And she was right! I've had a constant supply from Lisa since that day, and we've been together for nearly four years. I still have the occasional forage in other dirty laundry hampers though!!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/13/20

Nice job

Provide more stories. I like how you set the scene and quickly get to the sex.

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by Anonymous05/27/20

Cute Story....

...but far too short! This story has potential for much more!

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