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A married man is led astray.
9.7k words

Part 6 of the 10 part series

Updated 06/23/2021
Created 05/21/2008
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Craig Evans glanced over his shoulder as his wife, Cally, entered the bathroom. He paused brushing his teeth as he watched her slip off her robe to reveal her naked body.

He smiled as she pretended not to notice his attention. After 3 years of marriage Cally was well used to his eyes wandering over her naked body. A keen cyclist who also did yoga twice a week, his wife turned heads wherever she went but only he got to see everything. He treasured that secret bond in his heart.

Her short dark bob framed her beautiful oval face and accentuated the gracefulness of her long neck. Further down...well ...he never tired of seeing her body. Her breasts may not have been the biggest pair in the world but they perfectly complimented her long limbs and lithe athletic frame.

Below her slender waist and the gentle curve of her hips was her neat little dark bush. His smile widened as she slipped into the shower and he remembered the night before, when he'd buried his head between her legs. He felt at home there and loved going down on his wife before getting to the actual love making.

Craig rubbed foam over his cheeks, and started to shave but was distracted by the reflection of his naked wife in the mirror. This time in the morning was his favourite time of the day, just the two of them in the still quiet and the little rhythms they shared.

He finished, wiped his face, turned and leant against the sink, watching as Cally soaped up her body, her hands travelling over her flawless tanned skin. Her back was towards him and he seized the opportunity to gaze at her adorable round ass.

He was pretty content with his life right now. Okay, working with his father-in-law was sometimes a pain but relationship-wise he knew he'd gotten lucky. He and Cally just worked together, she was his partner and best friend as well as his wife. It might sound corny but she completed him.

He could feel his heart beating in his chest as he thought of the tiny life growing in her belly. It had been beating that way since they'd done a pregnancy test together last month and watched it turn pink.

It made him incredibly happy, he'd known within a few weeks that Cally was the one for him and he wanted to start a family with her, but incredibly nervous as well. He wasn't sure if, at 28, he was quite ready for the things that were about to happen.

He shed his pyjama bottoms and stepped into the shower behind Cally, inhaling deeply the scent of floral shampoo as the warm mist enveloped him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pictured her belly growing, swelling with their child. Whatever else happened that was one part he was really looking forward to.

Cally turned in his arms, smiling at his embrace.

She gazed affectionately into her loving husband's deep green eyes as she slowly lathered some shower gel over his hairy pecs and his pink nipples, almost hidden by his chest hair. He gently held her as the water cascaded over his broad muscled shoulders, his lower body entwined with hers.

She could feel his cock hardening pressed close to her belly as she ran her fingers over the smoothness of his cheek and remembered how his weekend stubble had felt on her thighs last night. She really wished she didn't have to say what she was about to.

"Honey...I'd really like to," Boy, she really mean that. "Really. But I promised Mom I'd be there at 8.30." She whispered, sliding passed him and out of the shower. She hated the brief look of disappointment that flickered across his narrow, boyish face but was relieved to see it was quickly replaced with one of understanding.

"I'll take a rain check." He replied softly, as she wrapped herself in a towel. His mother-in-law was undergoing cancer treatment and he really wanted to be the supportive husband Cally needed him to be.

"Thank you." Cally breathed, her heart swelling with gratitude and love for the tall, strong man that cared for her so deeply. Not once had he complained when Cally fulfilled her daughterly responsibilities and he'd been there for her when times had been really bad, knowing exactly when she just needed to be held.

Some guys might have secretly resented sharing the person they loved but Craig really was the nicest, sweetest guy in the world and she knew he was going to be just as good a father as he was a husband.


Craig dried himself, dressed and put on his watch.

He was early for work but he decided to head to the studio anyway. He worked as a photographer with Phil, his father-in-law, having become a junior partner in the business when he'd wed the boss' daughter.

The old man was a bit of an ogre and hadn't been happy when he'd caught the young couple making out in the little loft above the studio. He'd eventually softened a bit when he'd realised how mad about each other they were and how happy Craig made his daughter.

Craig checked his diary and was pleased to see there wasn't much booked in for the day. He sent a text to George saying that he should be able to meet him at the gym on time before the dinner tonight. Phil was away at a wedding so he wouldn't have to know that Craig locked up early.

Ginny was Cally's best friend but Craig enjoyed spending time with the couple and was looking forward to spending time with them. His own best buddy, Max, was intending on coming too and introducing them all to his new girlfriend.

Anticipating a fun night and enjoying the bright early morning sunshine, Craig felt pretty at peace with the world. What he didn't know was that his life, and himself, were about to be changed forever.


Craig unlocked the door and was puzzled to see the lights were on in the studio.

No one was visible on the first floor so he headed upstairs, expecting to find Rich, the junior assistant, had crashed there after a session of partying. They'd warned him about it before so he fully anticipating having to tick the guy off once again.

What he hadn't expected to see was his father-in-law sprawled on the pull-out bed, being ridden by a much younger woman who wasn't his wife.

"Ahhhh ahhhh....yeahnnn....fuck me...." The woman moaned as she grinded on top of him. If she was troubled by someone walking in on them it didn't show. Instead a smile spread across her flushed face as she saw the younger man's jaw drop.

His eyes were wide with shock but he couldn't stop himself from gazing at the unfamiliar woman's naked body. His cheeks were burning with embarrassment as his gaze fell on her busty chest, those big tits bouncing wildly. He was ashamed to realise that, for split second, he wished that it was him in that bed with her.

Craig tore his look away, making eye contact with her, his stomach churning as she smirked at him, as if she could read his mind. "Want to join the party?" She offered, suggestively.

"Jesus...I..." Craig mumbled, shaking his head, stumbling backwards to the stairs. The sounds of the illicit fucking followed him down the steps. His head was spinning. He kept trying to focus on the fact that his father-in-law was fooling around behind his sick wife's back but his mind kept remembering her casual offer and that brief flicker of temptation he'd felt.


Craig glanced at his watch as 30 minutes later Phil came down stairs, accompanied by his lover. In his opinion they weren't showing nearly enough shame or guilt about being caught. He couldn't believe that they had actually carried on! Craig had no idea what he was going to say or do. This was a bomb that could explode disastrously and wreck everything.

The woman waved at him mischievously as she left and blew him a kiss, a gesture that made him blush and swallow hard.

"Jesus.. Phil...I don't know what to say..." Craig stammered, unable to look his father-in-law in the eye. "What about...Maryann?"

"A man has needs, Craig," Phil explained matter-of-factly. " and Maryann isn't up to meeting mine. I'm sure you understand."

Craig didn't understand. He and Cally had a great sex life but their relationship was built on more than that. He'd never even considered cheating on Cally or even let his eyes wonder. His marriage meant everything to him and couldn't believe Phil would jeopardise his so casually.

"You mustn't tell her, Craig. Can I count on your discretion?"

"I..." Craig murmured, before he collected his thoughts, anger welling up. "Your daughter is my wife!" He shouted, feeling indignation at being put in this position.

"I love Maryann, Craig but if she was to find out it would destroy her. I'm sure you don't want to be responsible for that."

Craig's hands formed fists and for second he thought he was going hit his boss and father-in-law. How dare he lay the blame on him? Fortunately Craig's reason soothed his sudden burst of temper. Violence wasn't going to make this situation better and getting fired when his own wife was expecting a baby wasn't exactly an option.

"Fine. I won't tell." Craig decided huffily but feeling awful about it. "But you have to end it with..." He trailed off, gesturing after the departed woman.

"Her name is I never thought I'd cheat on Maryann but that was.... before I met her. She does this... thing... with her tongue..." He broke off, lost in sexual reverie. "Anyway I'm glad you see things my way."

Craig's conscience rankled at this. He had no choice but still felt guilty about agreeing to cover for his father-in-law's dirty little affair. He'd never got on well with Phil but even he hadn't thought the older man could stoop this low. His jaw clenched as he realised he'd have to lie to Cally about what her father was up to. Usually they shared everything and the prospect of being dishonest made him feel sick.

At that moment the first family of the day came in wanting a group portrait and Craig was forced to push the whole matter to the back of his mind.


Zara gazed at Phil who lay naked on his marriage bed. His wife was at the hospital so the pair had seized the opportunity to fuck behind her back. It had only taken a few short weeks to corrupt him to the point he'd stopped caring about his wife at all.

The truth was that she was beginning to lose interest in him now that he was no longer trying to resist her advances. He wasn't in bad shape for an older man but the prospect of taking a younger lover was beginning to grow in appeal.

It had been a month since they'd been caught inflagrante by Craig and she couldn't stop thinking about the young man. He was handsome in a boyish way, his hair coppery and scruffy and he exuded a charming innocence that she longed to destroy.

She'd only seen him briefly but the image of his lean, muscled build had lingered in her mind. Zara picked up a framed photograph of Craig and Cally on their wedding day and felt her pussy get wet as she stared at the happy couple.

"I want him." She informed Phil, walking over to the bed and gently started to manipulate his soft cock.

"Shit, Zara. He's my daughter's husband! They're having a baby! He'll never...." Phil protested until Zara shushed him with a finger on his lips.

"You want to keep me happy, don't you?"

Phil nodded. He hated how weak he was but the fact was there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. He'd do anything rather than risk losing her. He felt a brief pang of conscience but it quickly faded. He'd gotten hooked on her pussy and nothing else mattered anymore.

"Will you help me seduce your own son-in-law?" Zara smiled evilly as she saw the battle waging in his mind, the conflict readable on his face. She shifted until her shaved pussy was hovering inches over his head, the sight tantalising him, showing him his reward for agreeing to her wicked plan.

"Yes..." Phil groaned before using his hands on her waist to pull her down to sit on his face.


"I don't know. It's just that he's been a bit distracted lately. I mean...everything's still good's like there's something on his mind." Cally explained to her best friend over coffee.

Ginny took hold of her friend's hand. If it had been anyone else she might have wondered if Craig was cheating but her friend's husband was the faithful type, a really decent guy. It was obvious that he doted on Cally.

"Maybe he's just feeling nervous about being a dad?" She suggested evenly.

Cally shook her head.

"I don't think so. He seems excited about it. He kisses my belly every night and says goodnight to the baby and he's reading all the books and everything."

"Maybe there's something at work that's bothering him. I'm sure it's nothing and it will all blow over." Ginny reassured her and was pleased to see her friend shake the unhappy thoughts from her mind. She had so much on her plate with her mom right now.

The two women had no idea that keeping his father-in-law's dirty little secret was eating Craig up inside. True to his word he hadn't said anything, hoping the affair would end but he knew it hadn't. He'd had to bit his tongue every time Phil told his family he had to go out of town for a job but the appointment book showed the truth.

Every time he looked at Cally he was reminded of what he was keeping from her and then his mind would involuntarily picture Zara and Phil together. The image of her big ripe tits would spring unbidden into his mind and the guilt would threaten to spill out.


Craig swallowed nervously as Zara lit a cigarette. The two were alone in the studio. She'd booked an evening appointment under an assumed name otherwise Craig would never have agreed to see her.

What did one say to your father-in-law's mistress?

"You seem uncomfortable," She said levelly as she stubbed out her cigarette.

Craig shrugged, trying to act nonchalant and desperately trying to keep his eyes from straying from her face. Her dress was clearly very expensive but it was very low cut and figure hugging, revealing a buxom, hour-glass body. He hated to admit it but he could definitely see her appeal. He wanted her to say what she had come to say, so he could get home before Cally.

Zara tossed her long, luxurious blonde hair and smiled at his nervousness, her hazel eyes twinkling. She wet her lips slowly with her tongue and enjoyed seeing Craig shift awkwardly. At 22 she was a few years younger than him but his boyish face and toned slender built made him seem younger than he was. He was cute but clearly wasn't used to dealing with such brazen and confident girls.

She'd been recruited to the Jezebels straight out of high school and they'd taught her all about seducing nice guys just like him. Sure, he might pretend not to notice but he wasn't immune to her allure. Her body had curves in all the right places; she knew it was so much better than Cally's.

"I want to give Phil something special for his birthday...something...a little bit naughty..." Zara breathed suggestively, running her fingertips over the swell of her cleavage.

"Glamour shots?" Craig croaked as he guessed her meaning. "We don't do...that."

"Oh...?" Zara sighed, pouting churlishly. "Why not?"

"I'm a married man." Craig replied firmly. "I don't think my wife would like me around lots of naked women." He let out a little nervous laugh.

"Come on, baby..." Zara coaxed, stepping closer and stroking his bare forearm. "It's $1000 for just a few pictures...she doesn't have to know..."

Craig ran his hand through his thick rusty hair, his face creasing into a frown. That was a lot of money but he didn't want to add another thing to the list of things he was hiding from his wife. He couldn't believe he was even considering it.

"It's not as if you haven't seen my tits before...I saw you looking...."

Zara smiled as he blushed and looked down, ashamed. She knew that brief glimpse of her hot body had been seared into his brain. She knew he wouldn't have been to stop thinking about her. He was trying to fight it but there was something dark behind his eyes; some part of him was tempted by the chance to get another look at her awesome body.

"I think...Phil...might...." He stammered and Zara knew she had won. His reluctance was gone; he just needed a little more convincing and he'd take his first step to cheating on his wife.

"That's why it had to be you,'re a married man with a baby on the way. I'm not asking you to do anything you don't want to do. I can trust you, can't I?" Zara said reasonably. She planned to gradually seduce him little by little using his own belief in the strength of his fidelity against him.

Craig nodded slowly. The way she called him baby did something to him he couldn't explain. He didn't realise it but he was falling under her spell just as Phil had. He couldn't think clearly but her words were beginning to make sense to him. It was just a naked human body and it wasn't as if he was going to do anything wrong. He was in a committed loving relationship but a few secret pictures in a discrete session couldn't do any harm.

"No," He said shaking his head, the whole idea was crazy. As a married man you had to stay away from situations like this. "I can't. I'm sorry."

"I'd hate to have to tell Phil..." Zara said coyly, battering her eyelashes at him like a schoolgirl. The whole pose was contrived but Craig was somewhat naive and innocent to feminine wiles.

"Tell him what?" He asked.

"That you were flirting with me, coming on to me...."

"What!?" Craig cried, his jaw dropping with shock and astonishment. "I never..." he protested, growing flustered.

"Things could get very awkward. I'm only asking for a few photos." She wheedled playfully, gazing at him with big doe eyes. "Just an hour or so of your time, you'll get paid, Phil will get the birthday present he wants and everybody's happy."

Craig couldn't believe she was blackmailing him like this. Was she blackmailing him? He was confused. Being alone with such was beautiful sexy young woman felt dangerous but some part of him found the idea exciting. Cally wouldn't be home for an hour or so, so he had the time and they could certainly use the money with the baby coming.

"Just let me phone home and leave a message to say I won't be back 'til later." Craig said hurriedly, committed to the course of action but still unsure of his decision. He told himself it was just a job, he had no choice and he had no intentions beyond that. He didn't feel good lying to her again but decided that he'd use the money to do something nice for Cally.


"Just relax..." Zara teased from the antique chaise longue as Craig awkwardly set up the lighting around her.

"I've never done anything like this before." He replied, giving her a cute nervous smile as he picked up the camera. His hands were trembling slightly as he gazed at his stunning model. She was gorgeous, with a flawless complexion with Hollywood starlet glamour and he knew the camera was going to love her.

"I'll do anything," she said breathlessly, "you want me to do..." and smiled as the words sunk into his brain. Even a nice guy like Craig wasn't immune when faced with a girl willing to do whatever he wanted.

She started to pose and Craig, feeling detached behind the lens, started to snap shots of her reclining on the sofa, admiring her slender shapely legs accentuated by the killer red heels. When she shifted her dress rode up revealing the soft milky expanse of her thighs above her suspender belt.

She was really showing off her graceful feminine curves and gradually Craig's hesitancy began to fade. Zara was incredibly sexy and he knew that it would translate into great photos.

"You want me to take this off?" Zara asked seductively, stroking her dress over her flat stomach and back up to her cleavage.

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