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tagFetishUnderwater Sex with Dana Ch. 01

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 01


Several years ago, I taught a willing girlfriend the basic techniques of lying on her back underwater in our (very large and deep) bathtub and letting the water fill her nose and sinuses. She was one of these people who could do anything physical and this was just one more challenge to her.

Dana wanted to do this because on one occasion when we were playing around in the tub, I had gone underwater to nibble at her pussy and ended up with my face under her beaver looking upward with my tongue fully extended into her slot. She was at first excited but then concerned that I would drown with her sitting (but just lightly sitting) on my submerged face.

When she pulled me up I just wanted to go down again and have more slippery wet oral sex with her. (This was not common and we did not have much oral sex -- at least me on her...) She did say she liked the bubbles from my nose tickling her up the crack of her ass as they rose to the surface.

I told her that you could get used to water in your nose if you let it stay in there awhile. I was an avid free diver and SCUBA diver so I had some experience underwater. I explained that if you got water in your nose while swimming and snorkeling it was OK as long as you didn't panic.

We "messed around" in the tub on regular occasions and even in a swimming pool that belonged to friends when they were away and we were watching the house. She was becoming quite an "aquaphile" but she seldom put her face in the water during sex for long. She thought you had to breathe all the time. She was a moaner as well so that may have explained it. She was also a 'talker' during sex. That part was exhausting.

One day we were in the bath tub facing each other and visiting after a long day. I hinted that with no soap in the water it was a good time for her to give me a little underwater blowjob. She said that she was willing to suck on it as long as it was simple and near the surface -- she didn't want to try to hold her breath for a long time since she was tired. She also kept her eyes tightly closed when her face was in the water.

We started and I got her sucking and then gradually lowered my torso down so she would follow my erect cock to the bottom. She went deep several times more or less against her will. She knew what I was doing but she played along and disappeared several times completely underwater with her mouth securely clamped on my penis. (And no, I didn't force her to stay under with my hands on top of her head. Remember that she had teeth and I had my cock in her mouth.)

We played around like this with both of us trading underwater oral sex for months. More than once I showed her my face up underwater cunnilingus trick. She got more used to it and I got bolder. I went into the tub and lay on my back on the surface. I would then get her to get up on her knees over me and I put my face into the vee of her crotch and lick her all over -- or more correctly -- all under. She would then lower me down underwater until my head rested on the bottom of the tub her open cunt was deep underwater and filled with my hungry tongue.

Dana liked doing this but she would never ask for it. She just waited until I brought it up. One day I started the face up cunnilingus routine and before she could sit on my face I scooted up while completely underwater but still looking at her crouching over me above the surface. She liked looking at me and I loved looking at her. I put my hands on her thighs and pulled her down closer and closer to me. She came forward and put her hands on either side of my chest and lowered her open legs onto my lower stomach. We did not fuck that time but just hugged and cuddled.

A few weeks later I filled the tub and went in before her. I told her that I was going to float on my back and it was her job to keep me from sinking. She sat at the side of the tub and I floated easily in the warm water. She touched my naked body and I floated in bliss. I told her that if I let a little bit of air out of my lungs I would sink to the bottom. I demonstrated and she watched me intently.

She still had her underwear on and through the water I could look up and see her hurriedly undressing. I held my breath but had to surface to breathe before she was naked. I sank down again and this time she had time to step into the tub and crouch down beside me.

I took her by the hands and pulled her underwater so that her face came down to me and our lips met. She kissed me and stayed underwater MUCH longer than she had in the past in our tub games. We both sat up and breathed quickly and I pulled her under again. We kissed and played a little feeling up games but we did not go any further that time either. (Is this getting you hard? (or wet?) I know the memory of it is getting me hard!)

We did this a few more time and got better and better at it together. As the winter grew drearier we started going to the large municipal pool almost every Tuesday and Friday nights. After the pool we would retire to my house and bathe in the giant bathtub late into the evening. On Friday we would stay in it half the night playing in the water watching the rain on the skylights and drinking Margaritas or Rum. Of course we would also hump.

Now we were doing our bathtub sports on a regular basis we lost more of our inhibitions and increased our underwater skills together. I could go underwater in the tub on my back and she could lie on top of me and kiss me (on the lips) if and when she wanted to put her whole head underwater.

She loved to do the face to face thing as long as she was on top. She also had a devilish side and she liked to try to keep me underwater even as I struggled to get up for air after too long of breath-holds.

The first time that she bathtub-fucked me while I was laying on my back -- she was sitting up riding me like a (sea) horse and I had to struggle to get up for a breath -- as usual. She laughed and teased me and put her hands under my bottom to pull me to her and try to make my head go back underwater.

After I finally got enough air I would submerge and continue humping her. She liked place her hands on my chest to hold me down and let her long hair dangle into the water in my face to tease me as I looked into her pretty blue eyes. Still Dana had to be charmed to get her to put her face in the water without hesitation.

I had sex with her underwater like this for some time and gradually she took to laying on me with her front and face underwater more often. She kind of did the face-float that we learn in swimming camp. Still she did not do this every time but she was getting better. Of course this made it harder for me to get up for air if she was laying on top of me but I could easily hold my breath for over a minute and a minute and a half was more common if I was getting enough air. Remember -- this was under physical activity as well as underwater.

I noticed that the days that we went swimming in the public (or private) pool almost guaranteed that she would put her head underwater and keep it there longer when we fucked in the bathtub that same night. I started keeping track and there was also a correlation to swimming and to dashing home in my little VW with our wet swimsuits still on wrapped in towels. It just seemed vaguely naughty.

Dana was quite tall and thin so I could put my hands on her bottom and reach around into her crotch from behind and touch her rectum and work forward to where my cylinder of a cock was sliding into her receptacle of a cunt. Magnificent!

She being as tall as I, I could take her head by the back of her neck and put it next to my neck and push her face deeper underwater by my ear if I was on my back. She liked this and bubbled contently and sometimes nibbled my submerged earlobes.

She seemed to like everything that and we were doing and we gradually worked up to the next big step. One day I got her to lie in the tub on our sides and we joined genitals and started having sex. We still had our heads above water but the water was very deep and comforting. By kissing her and gradually coaxing her we started submerging our heads. We tried it with our faces at 90 degrees to the surface so that water did not get in her nose -- just yet. I made it a little easier by letting her turn her face down on me as we kissed. This kept the most but not all of the water out of her pretty little button nose.

Never the less, before long we were fucking underwater on our sides on a regular basis. She tolerated the water in her nose a little bit but did not welcome it. Frequently in the heat of passion she rolled me on my back to finish up as the water filled my nose and sinuses. As usual I struggled to get sporadic breaths of air. She commented on more than one occasion that she wanted to be able to fuck on her back like god intended for women to but she didn't know how to start with the water challenges. She really did not want to have that drowning sensation.

She brought it up again one day at the pool when we were frolicking in the deep end playing some grab-ass game. She said that she didn't even think about getting pool water in her nose because it usually happened when there was a lot of activity and splashing around. She confided that she was anxious about the discomfort in her sinuses when the water got in. I told her that I would give her an "underwater class" with just her alone in the bathtub and she would see how easy it was.

The next week we spend a Saturday swimming in the neighbors' pool. We were alone and in there all afternoon. We splashed and dove to the bottom and dunked each other repeatedly. I knew that some water would have gotten into her nose but she would have not noticed it with all the horseplay. I could even tell by her husky voice that there was water in her sinuses.

We left the pool in our wet swimsuits (we HAD to wear them because their backyard was not all that private) and walked to my house virtually next door. It was getting dark when we left and we decided to have a bath together to wash off the chlorine. While she was standing there in her little 1980s twenty year old girl bikini I started filling the tub.

To be continued ...

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