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Truck Stop Waitress Jenny

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Waitress needs a ride.
5.3k words
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I was just finishing my third cup of coffee and flirting a waitress named Trish when Jenny came by with a coffee pot in her hand.

"How 'bout a refill Hon?"

"Oh no I'll never get to sleep tonight if I have any more," I joked. It was already after 10 pm. Truck drivers drink so much coffee and soda that it doesn't really affect our sleep. We are used to being awake and sleeping at odd hours and our drinking and eating habits reflect that.

I was at my favorite truck stop on I-80. I had been stopping here since I started driving nearly 10 years ago. Back then I was a company driver. I've owned my truck the last 6 years. I'm Jake 32, 6-3, 210 pounds with a kind of lived in but pleasant face.

Trish was 50 something and had been working here I first time I ever came in. We flirted and gave each other a hard time whenever I came in. Jenny on the other hand was kinda new.

She was little thing maybe 5-2 about 110. Bleached blond hair and blue eyes. Maybe about 26-28 years old. I didn't know much about her. I figured same old story, divorced, a couple of kids that stayed with her mom on the nights she worked, deadbeat ex that didn't pay child support. Trying to save up enough money to go to Community College.

Jenny stayed and talked for a minute the continued on her refill chores. I watched her walk away thinking that was one of the nicest things I'd seen for a while.

Trish put her hand on my arm and said, "Now that's the girl for you Jake. You ought to chat her up, get to know her, I think you two would hit it off."

"Well she's cute and all but I don't need the baggage."

She frowned and asked "What kind of baggage do you think she's carrying?"

"I don't really know," I said "But I bet it doesn't fit in one suitcase."

Trish shook her head and still frowning said, "Look, she gets off in less than an hour. Stick around and talk to her. I think you will be surprised."

"Oh hell she isn't going to want to sit around talking to a driver. She sees 50 guys a day like me."

"No not like you Jake. I've known you for 10 years. You're a good man. Better than most."

I snorted and she went right on, "I've seen you push cars out of snowbanks, help other drivers repair their rigs, I saw you give a homeless man the jacket you were wearing. And don't think I don't know who puts a hundred bucks in the Toys for Kids bucket every year. You're a good guy that deserves a good gal like Jenny."

Trish wandered away but soon came back and filled my coffee cup. She gave me the evil eye that said you just sit there bub and walked away. I was sitting there staring off into space when someone laid a hand on my arm. It was Jenny and she said, "I'm sorry, Trish said you wanted to talk to me but I have to get home right away, family emergency. It really would be nice to talk a minute but I really have to go." With that she was gone. I just shook my head, paid my bill, and walked out to my truck to catch some sleep.

The next morning I left early and had made my way out to the east coast and dropped my load. I picked up another close by and delivered it in Chicago and then picked up a load going to LA. I stopped in at the truck stop. It had been eight days since I was here and I had thought about Jenny every day.

I walked in the restaurant and was just sitting down when Trish took my arm and said "Go sit over in the next row. That's Jenny's section today."

She came up from behind me and distractedly said, "What can I do you for?" I looked up and grinned at her. "Oh my gosh, hi Jake! Good to see you. Sorry for the greeting, got a lot on my mind right now. What can I get you?" By the time she got all that out she was smiling. She seemed genuinely happy to see me. I realized I was happy to see her also. I gave her my order and she said, "Be back in a jiff with your coffee."

Trish stopped at the table and said, "That's the first time I've seen her smile in the last 3 days. You been thinking about her? She's been pumping me about you. I told her a bunch of lies. She would never believe the truth about what a good guy you are."

I laughed and said, "With friends like you I don't need enemies."

Jenny came by with my coffee and casually asked, "So you headed out tonight or in the morning?"

"In the morning. Not enough hours left to get far tonight."

"Oh that's great. Um, maybe we can have that cup of coffee tonight?"

"Sure, that would be great."

"Where is this load going?"

"LA," I said, "Actually the Port of Long Beach."

"Really? That's interesting, very very interesting." She looked at my face for a minute then shook her head slightly and hurried away.

One of the other waitresses brought my meal and I finished without seeing Jenny again. It was only 8 pm so I went to my truck to get a nap before I went back in at 11 when Jenny got off.

I had only been in my bunk for a few minutes when someone was knocking on the side of my sleeper right below the open window. "Jake you in there? We need to talk," came Trish's voice.

I yelled out the window "Let me get my pants on. Climb in, the driver door is unlocked." Whatever this was I didn't think I was going to like it. I got my pants on and the curtain open at the same time Trish got settled into the drivers seat.

"Something has been bothering Jenny ever since the last time you were here. At first I thought you had upset her somehow. I found out that it wasn't you, it was her roommate. She had been picked on a DUI that night. That was the family emergency she had. Now her roomie is in jail with no money for bail. They are already 2 months behind on the rent and Jenny can't make it on her own. She's going to get kicked out at the end of the week."

"So what does all of that have to do with me?" I asked.

"Well here's the thing," she answered, "Jenny got in contact with an old friend and explained her mess. The friend told her to come outright away. She could live with her and she could even guarantee Jenny a job the day she got there."

"Great, so problem solved. I'm still wondering where I fit in this thing."

"This is where you come in. Jenny doesn't have a car or enough money to get her to where her friend lives. So tonight Jenny asked you where your load was going and you said LA. Well her friend lives in Barstow."

"And she needs a free ride out there right?"

"Jake honey, it's right on the way."

"Yeah Trish, I know where Barstow is. So what's the deal? She's afraid I'll sell her into slavery? Use and abuse her all the way? What?"

Trish was trying hard not to laugh, "No you big dope. She really likes you and thinks if she goes out there she will never see you again. That's what she's worried about."

"How can she like me, she just barely knows me."

"She was thinking about you ever since the last time she saw you. She thought you would be mad about waiting around for her to get off work and then her running off like she did. But when you saw her today you had a big smile and seemed glad, really glad, to see her. It made a big impression."

"So what am I supposed to do? Does she want to go or not? Does she want me to take her?" I asked Trish.

"I'm not really sure if she even knows what she wants. Just talk to her tonight."

"That brings us to the next problem. This load has to be at the port Friday at 8 am to be loaded on a ship. That means I have to be out of here early tomorrow morning. Actually that probably solves the problem. There's no way she could take care of everything and leave in the morning. I guess that's good in a way. I'll still talk to her."

"Good," Trish said, "don't let on that you talked to me, all this was supposed to be just between us girls."

"So why did you tell me?"

"Because I have never seen you look at a woman like you look at her, not in all the time I've known you," was her reply. With that she opened the door and climbed down. I laid back down and stared at the ceiling until my alarm went off.

I got myself together and went in and took a seat. Jenny came over and nervously slid into the booth across from me.

She opened with "Thanks for agreeing to talk to me. I know it's kind of late and you don't know me. So thanks."

I smiled and said "Why would I not want to talk to a beautiful young woman?"

She snorted and said, "Yeah right, the gorgeous and glamorous truck stop hash slinger. Sounds like every man's dream."

"Well, you never know what turns a person on," I quipped "I personally think the aroma of maple syrup and french fry grease is an aphrodisiac."

She looked me like I was crazy and then started giggling. It was good to hear. The smile looked good on her face also.

Time to get serious, "Why did you look at me so intently when I said my load was going to LA?"

"I'm going to kill Trish. She told you everything right?"

"Not everything but a little yeah."

"So what kind of questions do you have? Wait, I'll give you the rundown on my life. Probably save some time. OK first, no kids that I know of. No exes that I was married to. Parents are both dead, car wreck four years ago. One brother out east that doesn't know where I am or where he is half the time. Graduated high school and have an AA degree in the most boring profession in the world, accounting. Had/have a female roommate and we did OK when she was sober. She's in jail for the foreseeable future so I need a ride to Barstow to start over. Oh yeah 5-2, 110, 26, Virgo, don't smoke or do drugs, social drinker. The hair is not out of a bottle"

Wow talk about bursting the bubble on what I assumed her life was. All that info was nice to know but not very helpful in trying to figure out if she wanted something else. As for me the more she talked the more I liked her.

"As far as me taking you to Barstow, I think it would be great to have your company. No strings and you would be safe with me. My truck has bunk beds and a privacy curtain between the seats and the bunk area and the upper bunk has it's own curtain. I was a company driver trainer so I know how to live in a small space with another person. Small spaces also means not a lot of room for baggage. It will also only be 3 days and two nights. I will have to drop you in Barstow on Thursday night," I stopped to get her reaction to all this.

She sat there digesting all this then said, "Wait a sec, you mean you have to leave tomorrow, tomorrow in the morning?"

"I figured a smart accountant type like you could do the math. It's nearly 2000 miles at 700 miles per day. So it looks like this isn't going to work but it would have been a great three days. I don't get many riders. Can you delay leaving for 8-10 days? I could drop this load, get one back this way, then get another load going back west."

"No, not really," she said softly "I am getting kicked out on Saturday so that would mean living under a bridge for a week or so. I can't stay with Trish, her youngest and her 3 kids just moved into her one bedroom apartment."

That seemed to end the serious part of the evening. The next 2 hours of getting to know each other sped by in a heartbeat.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed, "you have to be on the road in like 6 hours you need to get to bed. I'm sorry the time just slipped away."

She got out of the booth, leaned over and gave me a sweet gentle kiss. "God I hope I see you again some time."

"Make sure Trish knows how to get in touch with you." She nodded, turned and walked away.

I sat for a minute then shook myself, got up and went out to try to get some sleep.

The sleep I got was full of odd short dreams. Some good, some bizarre, but all involved Jenny. When the alarm went off it took a minute to decide what that horrible noise was and why it was so loud. I got dressed and slid into the drivers seat. I got the engine fired up, booted the computer and started my logbook.

I opened the door and almost stepped on Jenny. She was sitting on a suitcase and had a large sports bag next to her. She was looking up at me with very wide blue eyes that looked ready to cry at any second. I slowly climbed down as she slowly stood up.

She started first, "I heard you don't like a girl with too much baggage so this is all I have." She just looked at me anxiously waiting my reply.

"What about the rest of your stuff?

"Trish is going to sell it and send me the money."

I just stood there looking at her for hours, actually it was about 30 seconds. Then I turned, opened the side box and reached in and popped the latch for the bunk side door. I grabbed her sports bag and suitcase and threw them in and slammed the door before either of us could change our minds.

"I have to go in and do my morning stuff and get my coffee," I said, "you can wait in the truck or come in with me."

"I need to do the same thing. I have been sitting out here a long time, I didn't want to miss you."

We went in, took care of business, and got in the truck. I asked if she had ever been in a semi before and she admitted she had not. She got buckled up and I showed her where the air controls were to adjust the seat. Then it was out onto the highway. I got the rig up to speed and the cruise set and kicked back for 11 hours of driving.

Jenny seemed excited and kept looking around outside and in the cab. She started asking me about all the knobs, switches, and dials on the dash. After an hour or so she got quiet and I looked over and she was nodding off.

I reached over and touched her arm. She woke with a start, "I can't believe I fell asleep sitting up."

I laughed and said, "It is very hard not to go to sleep sitting over there. The seat is comfortable, the noise of the engine is steady, the gentle movements of the cab, plus the fact that you could not have had much sleep last night all combine to put you out. Why don't you climb in the back and lie down for a while. You probably will not be able to get your bunk unfolded so just crash in mine."

She looked at me and said, "You sure you don't mind if I sleep in your bed?"

I smiled and came back with, "Normally I don't like having beautiful women in my bed but I will make an exception this time."

She shook her head, stood up and then bent down and gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I told her to find the light switch and turn it on. When she had done that I reached back and closed the zipper on the heavy vinyl curtains.

"Hey," she cried, "it's really dark in here."

"Well yeah, we sleep during the day a lot and like it dark," was my reply.

"It's kind of romantic, like being in a dark cave, very cozy."

That was the last I heard from her for 4 hours. I heard and felt her moving around a bit and then she opened the curtain and came up to sit down. She had changed out of her sweat pants and hoodie and had on a very colorful sun dress that ended just above the knees. The transformation was amazing.

After she got settled in she caught me looking and worriedly said, "What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

I quickly said, "No, not at all. I have never seen your legs before. I mean I have never seen you in a dress. I've only ever seen you in those ugly work baggy pants and shirts. You actually have a figure."

She laughed and said, "You mean I actually look like a female?"

"Oh no," I said, "just female does not do you justice, a gorgeous woman comes a lot closer to the mark."

We rode along not talking about anything serious until it was time for a pit stop. I got my logbook to show I was on my mandatory half hour break and we went in, visited the rest room and had a quick meal.

We walked back to the truck and I went to her side and unlocked her door. She got to the top step when a gust of wind blew her skirt up. I found I was looking up at a very bare, very smooth shaven pussy. She quickly got her dress down and plopped in her seat. I closed the door and went around and got in my side. I glanced at her and her she was looking straight ahead and her checks were still red. I kept my mouth shut for once and just got back on the interstate.

After a few minutes she said, "I didn't do that on purpose you know. In the rest room I got thinking about you looking at my legs and for some reason I took my panties off and put them in my purse."

Without thinking I asked, "Were they wet?"

"Um yes, yes they were. I got excited sleeping in your bed. I mean your scent on the sheets turned me on. Then when you said you liked my legs and that I was gorgeous I got even wetter. To be honest I really didn't have to pee. I ah, um, really needed to masturbate."

"So when you came what were you thinking about?" I asked, "You did come right?"

She looked embarrassed but said, "Oh yeah I came, I came twice in fact. The first time I thought about your fingers playing with me the second time about having you inside me."

"You weren't in there 5 minutes and you got off twice?" was my astonished reply.

"Yeah, when I'm turned on I can orgasm really quickly and boy, was I turned on."

"I'm surprised no one heard you."

She giggled and said, "My lip hurts from biting it so hard. I still made enough noise that the lady in the next stall asked if I was OK. It was all I could do to give her a coherent answer."

"So you think you would like my fat fingers in you huh?"

She moaned and said, "Just look at how big and long your fingers are. I think 2 of them would feel great and three of them would stretch me so nicely." I looked over and she had one hand between her legs and the other clutching the seat belt like it was going to save her from drowning.

"Stand up," I said, "stand between the seats." She looked at me with a little fear in her eyes but soon enough was standing beside me.

"Reach up and take a hold of the shelf above the cabinet," I told her. She reached up and got a grip then looked down at me. "Put your feet apart now."

I touched the inside of her leg just below the hem of her dress and slowly ran my hand up past her knee and up her thigh. I was still 4 inches from I pussy when my fingers encountered the juices running down her leg. She let out a soft moaning knowing I knew how wet she was and how much she wanted this. I moved my hand forward until my thumb was leading the way. As soon as it touched her wet lips she moaned and clenched her thighs trapping my hand between them. All I could do was flick my thumb up and down her lips. It was enough and she let out a groan and my hand was so wet her juice was dripping off my wrist.

Suddenly her thighs relaxed and my thumb disappeared all the way inside her warm pussy. My forefinger was against her clit and I started rubbing her. She quickly built up to another orgasm squeezing my thumb with her pussy muscles and my hand with her thighs.

"Come for me and make it loud," I demanded.

That was all it took to make her wail and start gushing a huge stream. The fluid sprayed my hand, the inside of her dress and down her legs. I sneaked a quick glance and there was a puddle spreading on the rubber floor mat. She was bucking and yelling and writhing her hips. The only thing that kept her up was the death drip she had on the shelf above her.

The aftershocks and twitches gradually slowed and stopped. She still didn't have full control of her legs. She tried talking but all that came out was, "Good...nice...fuck...cum, came, juice...fuck...wild...good...tired."

I gently rubbed her back as she recovered. When she was nearly back to normal I said, "Take three steps back and fall in bed, rest a bit."

Without saying a word she disappeared into the back. I zipped her in and slowly went over everything that had happened then I chuckled. I had just had some of the best sex in my life and I still had my clothes on.

Five hours later I pulled into a truck stop and got backed into a spot. Jenny came out just as I shut the engine down. She was back in her sweats and still looking worn out. We went in and had a quiet supper and went back to the truck.


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