tagIncest/TabooThere's a Gloryhole in my Closet!

There's a Gloryhole in my Closet!


I stared in shock at the back wall of my closet, unable to fully understand what I was seeing. There was a hole neatly drilled through the wall, behind where an ugly, never-worn sweater once hung. It couldn't have been seen from my side, but if the sweater were to be pushed aside from the other side of the wall, it would offer a clear view into my bedroom. A clear view, from my step-brother Kyle's bedroom. The hole itself was more than large enough to offer him a view and accommodate his finger to hold the sweater, and I wondered how much he had seen that way.

I had no way of knowing if it had been there when I left for college just a few short months ago, but something told me that it definitely had been. And I had a pretty good idea of why it was there in the first place. I thought about all of the times I had changed in my bedroom; about the times that I fingered myself, legs spread and quivering when I came; about the time that Glen Foster snuck into my room when everyone else was asleep, and I sucked him off until he came on my face and tits. All the intimate moments of my life, visible through that damned hole.

The gears in my head started turning. I could tell our parents- his dad would kill him for putting a hole in the wall; he might care about the privacy issue, too, but the damage to the wall was a sure thing. But I wanted something more- I wanted revenge. And I knew exactly how to go about it, because I knew him. He didn't know that I was back, and he'd be out with his girlfriend until long after Mom and Dad were asleep. Assuming she still wasn't putting out (with thin walls, there are no secrets), he'd come home and watch porn on his laptop until about midnight, masturbate, and then go to sleep.

But not tonight.

Tonight, I would interrupt him. I'd wait for the tell-tale sounds that he was close, then yell at him through the hole before he could finish. It wasn't anything that I hadn't heard before, and I certainly wouldn't have to look. It really seemed almost poetic, in a way, to use the same hole that he had drilled out to spy on me to get revenge on him. I knew that guys hated being interrupted before they could finish, and hoped that his balls would turn the brightest shade of blue.

The hours stretched on, until I finally heard Kyle's car pull into the driveway. I was nearly giddy thinking about my revenge, and imagining the look on his face when he realized that he had been caught- that I knew about the hole in the wall. I hid in my old closet, holding my breath as he made his way through the house and to his own room. Now I would see if I was right; if his girlfriend was still the sweet, innocent little thing that I remembered her to be.

The moans and grunts, barely audible through his speakers, told me that she was. No wonder he was perving on me, if he still hadn't gotten anywhere with her.

I suppressed an evil cackle as I heard him begin. It started with the soft rustle of clothing hitting the floor, followed by the familiar sound of flesh against flesh. I could hear his balls slapping against his skin; as far as he knew, he had no reason to even try to be careful with our parent's bedroom on the other side of the house. He started stoking himself faster, and I knew he would be finishing any moment. I pressed my lips against the hole, and took a deep breath, ready to interrupt his private moment in the same way he intruded on mine.

"Oh, fuck, Ally," he moaned softly.

What the fuck? I thought to myself. My name. I couldn't be sure if I had really heard what I thought I heard. Did he really just moan my name as he was about to cum? We had always been close- we thought of each other as brother and sister, rather than step-siblings. But this was something different entirely.

"God, Ally," he said again, as though answering my question.

I could hear the urgency in his voice, and his strokes had gotten rapid and shallow. He was very close now, and he was thinking of me. Curiosity had always been my downfall, and I gave into it then. I had to look. I moved slowly, afraid that he would somehow hear me; it went from a simple prank to full-blown voyeurism the moment I pressed my eye to the hole. There, in the pale light of his laptop screen, I could see him furiously stroking his shaft. His eyes were closed, and his head was leaned back. He was big; I'd had bigger, but he was still impressive. His balls were full and heavy, and they danced against his thighs as his fist moved over his thick shaft, from his base to the swollen tip. I knew that I should have looked away then, but I just couldn't. I watched, fascinated- and, more than I would care to admit, a little bit aroused.

And then, he came. His cock erupted in a geyser of cum, which sailed into the air in a high arc before landing on his chest and stomach. I couldn't tell if it had just been a while or if he always came buckets, but the sheer volume was incredible. And he was thinking of me when he did it. My mind was swimming, and I barely remembered making my way to the bed. There was no way I was going to sleep any time soon; what I had just seen was playing over and over again in my mind. I couldn't help myself; I slid my fingers over my sopping-wet pussy, and pressed against my clit in tight circles. I came quickly, as though the orgasm had just been waiting for permission, and it took every bit of self-control to hold the moan when I came. Only when I was satisfied did I fall asleep.

The moment I fell asleep, I was thrust into raw, sexual dreams. There was no plot to them; it was more a series of short scenes and erotic images. I saw Kyle, pressing his thick cock against my lips, which I dutifully opened to take him in. I saw my tits shaking as he fucked me from behind, my ass high in the air and my body weight supported by my hands and knees. And I saw his cum, coating my body with thick, warm splatters of cream. I woke up with start, wet from both sweat and arousal. Once again, it didn't take me very long to cum, and I quickly showered before making my way downstairs.

Kyle was the only one at the table, and he seemed surprised to see me. I couldn't look him in the eyes, and hoped he didn't notice that I was blushing. "Hey, Ally!" he greeted me as he jumped out of his chair. He was on me in seconds, and he pulled me into a tight hug. I was very aware of every inch of his body as he pressed it against mine, and my thoughts once again flashed to what I had seen the night before. I couldn't help but think about his cock, and I was very aware of the fact that it was very, very close to me needy hole. When he pulled away, I nearly fell forward, just barely catching myself before I did. "I thought you weren't coming in until tonight?"

He sat at the table, and I took the chair opposite him. "I got in a little early- last night. I heard you come in, but I was already in bed," I lied.

A brief moment of panic flashed through his eyes, and he turned a shade whiter as the implication hit him. But I kept my face impassive, and he quickly relaxed. We talked about my classes and his job, quickly catching up on each other's lives. Soon it was as though I had never left. We spent the day together, and with some effort I was able to keep the sexual thoughts about him from my mind. But of course the day had to end, and it was soon time for us to part ways for the night. And most nights, that would have been the end of it. But tonight I had a plan. Although he didn't know it, he had given me a gift the night before. The least I could do was return the favor. After all, he was obviously interested.

I moved quickly once I heard his bedroom door close. I didn't want him to start without me and miss the show! The hole was covered on his side this time, probably hoping that I wouldn't notice that it had been there the whole time. But I knew that whatever was blocking the hold could be moved; there was no way he would close it up permanently if he could help it.

I made sure my light was on, but dim- bright enough to see into my room, but dark enough that he would think he wouldn't be seen peeking. I admired my body in the tall mirror as I stripped down; I looked sexy, and in that moment, I felt it more than ever. My firm breasts hung delicately on my thin frame, and my pussy was smooth, with glimpses of delicious pink when I moved just right. I'd never really liked my ass very much, but even I had to admit that that, too, looked sexy as hell. And I was very certain that Kyle would agree.

I positioned myself on the bed so that my pussy could be clearly seen from his 'hidden' vantage point. I spread my legs wide and felt my lips part. I propped myself up on several thick pillows so that he could also enjoy my tits; I was nothing if not considerate. And let the show begin! I thought to myself wryly. I could hear music playing softly through the wall, and moaned loud enough for him to hear. I hadn't yet touched myself, but this was to get his attention. The music stopped; he had heard me. I was already soaking wet, with my sweet pussy juices leaking from my smooth slit and a single bead of nectar tracing the curve of my ass. I ran my finger along my lips, then parted them slightly with two fingers before sliding a third inside.

There was movement in the closet, barely perceptible and subtle. But I knew then that Kyle was there watching. And I was very certain that he was going to be stroking that beautiful cock of his once again, and was determined to give him a show like he had never seen from me before. It was easy enough to do; something about showing off for him was exciting, especially since he didn't know that I knew he was watching me.

With one hand, I began massaging my tits, teasing my nipples until they became erect. I loved having my nipples played with during sex, and I allowed myself to give into the fantasy that Kyle was the one doing it instead of me. I started sliding one finger in and out of my pussy, then added another to make sure that my hole was spread even wider. I was surprised at my own body's reaction, and that I could already feel the warm stirrings of climax building deep inside my pussy. Deep where my fingers couldn't reach, where I needed a cock to be truly satisfied. My moans were only slightly exaggerated to make sure he could hear them; the pleasure that they signaled was very real.

"Kyle..." I moaned, driving my fingers deeper into my pussy. "Oh, God, fuck me Kyle." My voice was tight and breathy, and I knew he could hear it. I started to give into my impending orgasm, hoping against lustful hope that he would be doing the same thing at the same time. I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth start to spread from my pussy to my hips, then to my belly and slowly creep up towards my chest. My moans became more frantic, and my fingers pushed deeper and deeper into my desperate hole. The fact that he was watching me approach the edge of climax made it so much better than ever before. I began bucking my hips against my hand, drawing closer and closer to orgasm.

But then I opened my eyes. And there it was. Proud and thick, so engorged that it could barely fit through the hole, was Kyle's cock. I really didn't expect that, and I had no idea what to do in that moment. He was no longer quietly masturbating in his bedroom... he was offering me his dick. And I wanted it. More than anything, I wanted it. I was maddeningly close to orgasm, with lust and desire clouding out reason. I didn't even remember pulling my fingers out of my pussy and getting off of the bed. And I had no memory at all of walking towards the closet. The next thing I knew, I was in the closet- very naked and very close to the throbbing cock that seemed mounted to the wall like some sort of trophy.

I dropped to my knees in front of it. I didn't even think about it, I just did it. My fingers still had my pussy juices on them, and they glistened onto Kyle's cock when I touched it. I as completely lost in the moment, and wrapped my hand around his shaft. I could hear him moan when I began to slowly stroke it, just like I had seen him do what seemed like a lifetime ago. I thought about the warm cum brewing in his heavy balls, and wondered if there would be as much then as there was the night before. I watched, fascinated, as I slid my hand from the base up to the tip, feeling each inch of his most sensitive flesh. I began to explore his body, lightly caressing the underside of his shaft and teasing the head, watching his body react to my touch. Perhaps it was the taboo nature of what I was doing, but I had never before been so fascinated with a cock.

A small amount of precum leaked from the tip; it was another thing that I didn't have to think about. I wanted to taste it, and I did. I ran my tongue over his engorged, pink head and tasted the sweet liquid in my mouth. If the taste was divine, his moan was heavenly, and I swallowed him as deep as I could. I loved the feeling of Kyle's cock in my mouth; I loved the weight of it on my tongue and the smooth skin as it slid past my lips. I explored every inch of it as I pressed my head closer to the wall. I had long-since overcome my gag reflex, and I slowly took him deeper. I could feel him gasp when the tip of his cock started to slide down my throat. A moment of panic, when I couldn't breathe, but I relaxed and started breathing through my nose, relaxing my throat to take him in deeper still. I pressed forward, enjoying the sensation of his thick member sliding further into my mouth, and was surprised when I felt my forehead press against the cool wall. I had done it; I had taken him in completely.

But I wasn't done yet. There was still much to do with the wonderful, delicious dick that filled my mouth and pressed down my throat. I pulled my head back, feeling his cock withdraw from my throat and catch my lips before I swallowed him again. I loved the feeling of having him in my mouth, and savored every inch and every moment of it. I bobbed my head faster and faster, running my tongue over the shaft as I fucked him with my mouth. I could hear his groans of pleasure as he grew closer and closer to release, and I looked forward to the huge load that he was sure to feed me.

But then I remembered. I still needed to even the score. Not for long, of course- I still wanted him just as badly as he wanted me. But a moment of discomfort would be more than enough to make my point. I couldn't exactly remember what my point was, by that point, but I was a firm believer in the importance of teasing. I continued sucking, moving my head back and forth faster and faster until I could feel his cock swell in my mouth. I knew, from ample experience, that he was very close to orgasm, which was why I stopped. I pulled him out of my mouth, and left him sticking through the hole. My timing was perfect; he had been right on the edge. I could hear him groan through the wall, and his cock throbbed and twitched in desperation- merely touching it would have been enough to send him into ecstasy. A single pearl of cum escaped, falling onto my leg and rolling down the inside of my thigh.

"Ally!" he groaned. I could hear the raw need in his voice. He needed me; he wanted me. "Please," he panted. "I'm so fucking close. Just let me cum in your mouth, please," he begged. I liked hearing him beg. I always enjoyed being in control.

"Count to ten... slowly," I ordered. I knew he would do it- a man kept on the brink of orgasm would do anything to cum. Of course, I wouldn't have admitted to him that my wet pussy was just as eager as his cock. Having him count to ten would give him the time to compose himself; I wasn't ready for him to cum, not yet.

Just as I had expected, Kyle didn't argue. He just started counting. As he approached the final number, I could see the throbbing slow slightly, and I knew he was ready to continue. "Ten!" he said finally. "Oh, God, ten!" he repeated, as though I hadn't heard. At that point, I would have been surprised if Mom and Dad hadn't heard, he was so excited. But I wasn't going to be taking him into my mouth again- not right then, at least. I wanted something more from him, and I suspected that he wanted it just as badly. I stood and turned away from him, then leaned forward to my ass was very close to his cock. I'd never fucked standing up before, so I was a little bit clumsy as I reached behind me to grasp his cock by the base and guide it towards my wet pussy. "Oh, fuck... is that...?" he moaned. But he made no effort to pull away or to stop me. If anything, he pushed himself further into the hole in a vain effort to penetrate me.

I stopped, leaving his tip barely brushing against my smooth, warm lips. "My pussy? Yes, Kyle, it is." I rubbed his cock along my slit; I could barely contain myself, and it took every ounce of self-control to not fall backwards and bury him deep inside my hole. "Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to feel your sister's pussy envelop your big, thick cock?" I allowed his cock to barely part my lips, but go no further. I could feel my pussy close around him; I wondered if it felt as good to him as it did to me.

"Oh, dammit, yes!" he was starting to sound frantic. Good.

"Can you feel how wet I am, Kyle? See how wet I got sucking on your cock?"

"Mmhmm," he mumbled. He said something after that, but I couldn't quite understand it. Poor thing, he had waited long enough. And so had I. I slowly pressed backwards, balancing against the wall for control and support as I allowed his thick cock to sink into me. I could feel the tip press deeper inside, followed by his smooth, long shaft. He was feeding the hunger that had been building deep inside me, and the sense of relief was matched only by the pleasure that I was receiving. In that moment, the world felt right. It was as though his cock was meant only for me, and he fit so perfectly inside. I let him inside slowly; I imagined that I could feel the contours of his head as he sunk inside me, and each vein of his shaft as he slid past my lips. I was so lost in the sensation, that I was surprised when my ass pressed against the cool closet wall. He was inside me completely.

"Oh, God, Kyle. You feel so good!" I contracted my muscles, squeezing my pussy around him for emphasis. He didn't reply, other than a passionate groan. I pulled away from the wall, slowly drawing his cock out of my body until he was nearly completely out. Only the head remained inside me, lightly held by my pussy lips. I pushed backwards again, filling my pussy until I reached the wall. I fucked him with the same eagerness that I had sucked his cock earlier. I pulled away, then pushed back against him hard and harder, faster and faster. I couldn't have held my moans inside then, even if I wanted to. The feeling was incredible and I gave over to it completely as he reached deeper and deeper. My moans melded with his grunts, and the sounds and sensations combined into something magical. I could feel the beautiful beginnings of an orgasm, like tiny bolts of electricity shooting through my body.

"Oh, God, Ally! I'm gonna cum!" Kyle moaned. That sound was exactly what I needed to push me over the edge. I loved the feeling of a man cumming inside me; I loved just knowing that he was shooting his cum deep into my pussy. Thank God for birth control, which allowed me to enjoy the feeling as often as I wanted. I could feel Kyle's cock swell inside me, and I pushed hard against him to receive his load. He moaned, and his cock erupted. I could feel it happen, and I knew there was as much cum being emptied inside me as there was on his chest and stomach the night before. I could feel his thick, warm ropes fill my quivering pussy, and that's when my world exploded. I lost all sense as my own orgasm took over entirely, and started pushing back and forth against him in order to prolong the sensation for as long as possible. I was in heaven, and Kyle had taken me there.

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