tagLoving WivesThe XXXorcist Just TRY Not To Cum Ch. 01

The XXXorcist Just TRY Not To Cum Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This portrays adults in sexual situations. If you are under 18, you are breaking the law by reading it. You don't want to be a lawbreaker. Go read Dilbert.

Copyright Disclaimer: The story is my work, but inspired by a letter to a magazine.


When my wife was nursing our firstborn, I thought it was great. They both seemed so happy, and why not? I was pretty happy, too - a new baby, a good marriage with a beautiful wife, and when the baby didn't finish, I was called in to finish relieving my dear "Cara," of the pressure in her breasts. As anyone who's had a baby knows, sometimes they'll finish one breast and go to sleep, leaving poor mom with one relaxed and one fully engorged breast.

I'd always loved her great big bountiful breasts, they were soft and lovely, with sensitive areolae. To my perpetual amazement, I could sometimes get her to climax with just manual nipple stimulation. With my mouth sucking tenderly on her peaks, she would almost always cum. And putting my mouth on her big, stiff nipple while cradling her great, cushiony breast with both hands was a heavenly experience. She was a DD cup when we met, and sometimes in bed I would lean back and look at her, and think how her body was so perfect I could hardly stand it.

"Cara" was womanly - plush. Healthy enough to go hiking with me, and soft enough to provide "warmth in the winter and shade in the summer."

But with her breastfeeding, her DD bras had to be put aside. She grew right past E cups and had to stuff her whoppers into F's! After our child was weaned, she did shrink back to an E cup, but the old DD bras had to be given away.

"Cara" had always been a very sensual woman, and a woman in the know will tell you that nursing, caring for a baby generally, is a very physical, sensual experience. And I'm pleased to report that this spilled over into our marriage - when a few months had passed and we could make love again, "Cara" took to it with a gusto I remembered from our first years together. As a bonus, she would "let down" when she was excited, and positively need for me to nurse her. It hurt her to be so engorged. I had no complaints! I loved suckling her milk, it was terrific, and downright hot! I'd suck on her spouting nipples, and she'd get turned on even more, milk would be streaming into my mouth. With one nipple pouring into my mouth, I might watch the other drip, drip, drip - for some reason the sight of that second bounty, her cornucopia of milk - it made me stiffer than stiff. Sometimes our lovemaking would lead to our sharing her milk, and sometimes my helping her with her milk would lead to lovemaking. It was a pretty good deal. I loved to unveil her tremendous, wobbling breasts. When she was not engorged with milk, they were firm enough, but when she was filling up, her breasts would grow taut, and looking at her bulging chest made my shorts plenty taut, too. Sometimes she'd be just bursting with milk, and her tremendous ta-tas seemed to beg for my tenderest attentions. Boy, was that good. She told me it not only gave her awesome sexual feelings, but made her feel very close to me. I love that woman, and I was happy to share.

I guess it was two or three years after the weaning that "Cara" surprised me by saying that she missed breastfeeding, or more precisely, that she missed the sensations, the lusty side of our breastfeeding nights. Well, I readily offered to help her recapture that experience in any way we could, and so she got right to researching re-lactation. We got her some herbs, a hormonal supplement, and I took charge of nursing at her nipples as often as humanly possible. Still, I was surprised how soon she got drops of milk to come. Much later, I found out she had sucked on her own nipples when I was at work.

Soon, it was just like the old days - she loved giving milk, and gave it to me as often as she could. We made love like teenagers, and when she would cum, (which was all the damn time,) she would spray milk! The F bras came out of the drawers again, but soon overflowed - her beautiful, milky breasts grew so much we had to special-order them in G. Soon those too had her breasts bubbling over their seams, and we had to invest in size GG! Maybe it was the "exercise" they got, but her bosoms were as shapely as before, when she was a "mere" DD! I loved to bury my face in her warm, pillowy flesh. When she would take me to my limit and I shot my sperm into her, I would cum buckets from all the stimulation! My doctor even asked me what I was doing to get in shape. What I was doing was making love to my wife and drinking her plentiful milk, daily! (Okay, the lovemaking averaged 5.5 times a week. Happy?) Making love to her was quite literally a sensual feast. I'd start leaking pre-cum just from having my mouth around her wonderful boobs, even before she touched me. At night I would dream about how her breasts grew and grew.

"Cara" has great hands, and I always loved how she touched me. And she knew how much I loved nursing her. We even developed a little game.

I'd lie stretched out perpendicular to her, while she sat up in bed. Her huge, bulging breasts took up most of her torso that way. I'd lock on to nurse her breast, while she masturbated me. If I could hold on and not cum before one breast was completely drained, I'd win. She won every time. She stroked me so well, and her massive breast in my face was such a turn-on, I couldn't bear it. I would burst, spraying semen all around. Also, her breasts held a LOT of milk. They were tremendous! And I would bet that in the time it took me to drain a quart, they could make a pint more. I admit it, I didn't really mind losing.

Once, just once I almost won. I do have a competitive side, and that day I saw that I could win, for a change. She stroked me slowly and lovingly. (she knew how proud I was of my schlong, and would indulge my ego, comparing it favorably to the Empire State Building. Looking for a statement of my size in inches? Well, it's big. Erections, by definition, are big - use your imagination.) I stroked her areola, her big cog-shaped nipple with my tongue.

About the time I got fully stiff was about the time her milk really began to flow. She stroked, and I sucked. And she stroked, and I sucked. And she stroked, and . . . Her way with masturbating me was really, really good. Her fingers have soft pads, and when she would slide her hand up and down my length, she'd stop just under the crown with a little twisting motion. I'd guided her over the years as to what made me feel best, and by now she could play me like a violin. She'd cram my length into her lotioned fist and roll her hands over my begging hardness, vary her strokes, frig and rub and . . . well, basically have her way with me. That day, she realized after a while that I was not even near to cumming, but that her breast, huge as it was, wasn't inexhaustible. She started rubbing me more determinedly, and squashing her breast against my face. Well, that gained a point for her. I got even stiffer whenever she did that, as she knew. But that day I smelled victory, and I was determined to have it. My pole pulsed larger and larger under her ministrations, she was like hot butter on my prong. She knew just what I liked, and was pulling out all her little tricks. She reached around, under my scrotum, and pressed hard on the base of my penis inside my body, making the whole thing stiffer yet. She rubbed down there, too, adding even more stimulation. I just sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed on that huge breast, holding it with both hands, squeezing her goodness into my mouth as fast as I could. Each of her breasts was so gigantic that my face and two hands could be fully pressed against one and not touch each other - not even be close to each other.

She began to understand that this would be close, that her usually easy win was not going to come easy today. Her hand never stopped rubbing over my sensitive, reaching pole. She was inexorably inching me closer to orgasm, but I was steadily working my way towards emptying her. Already, her wonderful milk was thicker - I was getting hind-milk! That's the last milk in the breast, you know. I felt the hot lava gathering inside me, and I felt her straining to have it from me. She was willing it to explode, I knew. I pushed it down, held it in as best I could while she was coaxing, coaxing it to burst out.

She pulled out all the stops. Stroking my stiff-standing penis maniacally, fanatically, she then used her left hand to pull down the skin on the base of my thick prong (she can almost reach all the way around it.) This makes the skin all over the penis very taut, and veeerrry sensitive. I felt the semen like a hot sea inside me, roiling and now pounding against the dam. Her masturbating hand pumped up and down, raining sensations into my core. I clamped down even harder on her ever-spraying nipple, to drain her of every last drop before she could drain me. She moaned with an on-coming orgasm. Usually she would shudder quietly, but a big one was welling up in her. Besides, she knew it could only make me shoot off sooner if she let herself cum loudly. I felt her shake against me, jiggling those gigantic breasts against me and bucking in her place. She was more out of control than usual, but my stoneware erection didn't get one moment's rest - she rubbed me all the more as she came and came.

Pre-cum was flowing from me freely now, not even dripping, but oozing in a regular rivulet. I held on for control, knowing that her ceaseless, gripping hand would positively have my cum sooner or later, knowing only it would be as "later" as I could humanly make it. My penis quaked, my balls fairly hummed with the effort. I was trying my best to hang on, to keep my cum inside me. It felt like a huge wedge of semen was growing and growing inside me, and I felt it pounding.

I was almost done on her left breast. It was soft, baby soft now, and I mashed myself against it desperately. She tried her one tactic that never failed, she leaned forward to let her full, hot right breast rest on my stomach. This always set me off in paroxysms of cum-spitting orgasm. But today I was like a beast. I held on savagely. Her enormous right breast weighing on my stomach was positively hard from being so full of unexpressed milk. Her ploy was so stimulating it had me pumping my hips against the bed, even though it meant driving harder against her hand. But I was desperately holding back. I was milking her the best I could, driving her to her own orgasm.

The semen in me felt like a kegful. A pressurized keg, full of foamy stuff to shoot. It wanted out so badly. I held it, sucking as if for dear life, and trying hard to keep it in despite the maddenly wonderful breasts pressed against me, despite her never-stopping stimulation of my stiffer-than-stiff staff. She was doing her level best to get it to explode. But I knew I had only a minute to go before her breast would be drained, empty. The lava inside me inched forward, forcing its way to the surface. I fought it like I'd never fought anything. She only pumped and pumped my now huger-than-ever staff. I saw on her face that she was wondering how I'd resisted her so long. I glanced down there and my cock was a frightening sight, purple in the head and hard, rock-hard. It looked like a flagpole.

Then she did something that she'd never done before.

There was more semen than I had ever felt bottled up in me, and she kept frigging, rubbing and tickling my huge hard-on to get it out. Then she laid her left hand across her right breast, the still-full one, and pressed down on the whole wide bulk of that huge mammary. Hot milk rocketed out of that nipple, spraying all over me. It was too much. When I felt the torrents of white hit me, all the cum inside me shot out at once. There wasn't even any pumping inside me, just a single stream that shot and shot and shot. She stopped stroking in wonderment at the huge geyser my wooden-hard flagpole was. I came so hard I let go of her red nipple, and shot, and spurted and spat white cum until there was suddenly no more in my semen-pipes to spurt. I was cumming and cumming, but no more stuff was coming out of me. Then, as my orgasm moved from gushing to pumping, the supplies caught up to the demand and more white semen welled up in me and shot out, catching "Cara" by surprise. She'd been bending in for a closer look when I'd stopped shooting, and the first bolt flew across both her cheeks. She laughed and grabbed me again, holding my body to hers as I spurt and spurt until I couldn't raise another shot. Then, I weakly put my head back to her nipple - there was still one more half-mouthful of milk in her.


As the weeks went by I had to ask myself, why is "Cara" producing so much milk? Why are her breasts growing and growing?

-End of Part 1-

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