tagFetishThe Train (A Futa Story)

The Train (A Futa Story)


I had been wanting to move to the country all my life. Growing up in the city had left me tired of the hustle and bustle of life among the buildings. People were jerks and the cars were jerkier. It had taken me about a year, but I had finally managed to save up enough money to travel out to Kansas. Why Kansas? Was it my love of tornados? My love of The Wizard of Oz? Both? Yes and no. I had always had a deep fascination with Kansas, but I mostly just saw it as a complete departure from New Jersey. Everything about where I was from seemed opposite in Kansas, and that was a huge plus for me.

I proudly showed the train conductor my ticket. This would be my first experience out of the state. I was horribly sheltered, I know. As I stepped aboard, the wonderful sound of the engine churning and horns blowing greeted me like a Disney song. Being a young male, I had a new quest in front of me. I wanted to journey to the country side, meet the woman of my dreams, start a family on a farm, and live out my life with mother Earth. The only major issue here was that I wasn't exactly built for farmwork. I was tiny, at around 5'2", and barely cleared a hundred pounds. Maybe I could start as a farm hand and move up? Is that how farms worked? No clue, but I had enough money to search and rest easy for a while.

I was never the kind of guy that likes sitting in the front or middle, be it in class, on a bus, or on this train. I made my way to the back seat and put my feet up. I figured this would be a pretty empty train ride, seeing as Kansas wasn't exactly "bumping" so I didn't feel bad about relaxing in this way. I pulled out my phone and fiddled around with it, when I felt a presence next to me. I looked up and to my right to see a monstrous woman before me. I couldn't see her face, just a huge pair of breasts blocking my view.

I scrambled up in a normal sitting position and was able to get a better view. She was a massive blonde girl wearing right blue jeans a tanktop that did nothing to conceal her large breasts. Each one was much larger than my head. I was afraid I was spending too much time looking over this girl. She didn't even smile at me, she just stared at me. I got the hint and moved over so she could sit with me. See sat down and slid in, squashing me against the side of the train. In this whole train, she had to pick my seat? What's the big idea?

As she sat down and got settled in, she stretched like a dude on a date in a movie theater and wrapped one of her arms around my shoulder. When she had secured her arm around me, she shoved me in forcefully, mashing my face against the side of her breast. She had excess side boob poking out of her tank top, so much so that I didn't even touch fabric. Well, I guess it could be worse. Looks like I had a pillow for my ride to Kansas. She pulled me in even closer, and guided my hand to her chest. I started rubbing her huge breasts. Her chest was so large that I couldn't even wrap my arms around her whole upper body. She was even kind of cute when I looked up at her. She seemed to enjoy forcing her cast bosom on me; her hand met mine on her breast, and she squeezed it, giving my hand fistfuls of breast flesh. I kissed her side boob softly as she held me. What happened next I was completely unprepared for. She took the hand that was holding her breast and lowered it to her pants.

I will now state that I'm not exactly a ladies man, but I do know the traditional female anatomy. I'm not a complete stranger to the finer sex, so I have certain expectations regarding body. So it was much to my shock that when my guided hand was finally placed upon her tight pants leg, a huge snake seemed to be waiting for me. It has to be a snake she was hiding in there. Where her crotch was supposed to be, there was a hard, foot long lump, like a small log, lining her pants. My eyes bulged as I looked down. My senses were not deceiving me. My hands stroked it back and forth, more out of curiosity than anything else. If this was what I thought it was, it was enormous. It was so thick, I wasn't even sure my hand could reach all the way around it.

Her left hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head down towards it. She rubbed my face along the shaft. That was definitely a penis. She held me in place just so that my mouth rest upon it, and I kissed it. At this point, I had to do what this woman... beast... wanted. If I didn't, I was afraid of what she would do to me, with or without this... thing... in here. Much to my dismay, she unzipped her pants and reached in. After some digging, she pulled out the biggest cock I had even seen. I wasn't an expert on the subject or anything, but good Lord was it huge and veiny. Holding it in one hand, standing tan and tall, I was placed right in front of the head, looking like a small apple. I kissed it a few times, and when I looked up at her, she looked down at me with a smile. She nodded her approval, and I kissed it some more. She guided my mouth to the tip. "Well," I thought, "I knew it was heading this way, so here goes..."

I opened as wide as I could, and the giant cock rammed into my throat. I gagged a bit, but I got a hold of myself. The head was big enough to take a good chunk of my mouth. I bobbed up and down, trying my best to emulate what I had seen before in... ahem... educational videos. Her huge hand continued to hold me in place. Precum rushed into my mouth and down my throat. She squirmed, and I could tell she going to cum soon. She held down hard, and her head shoved past my throat, straining to get as far as it could. She had a good seven inches of thick steel in my mouth, which she wiggled in my open fuck hole. With one last motion, she jammed on the back of my head, and cum shot I took me. There was no way I could handle that large of a cum blast, and it knocked my head off of her cock. Cum drizzled out of my mouth, and I rested on her huge thigh as she laid back in her seat.

After a few minutes, she lifted my face up to hers and gave me a huge kiss, cum and all. She plopped me back between her breasts. I could tell this was going to be one strange train ride.

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