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The Three Sides of a Triangle


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I made incoherent sounds that I cannot describe as I felt a massive orgasm build inside of me.

I completely lost it. Then it started; the biggest, most intense and longest orgasm of my life. I bucked my hips wildly, holding the sides and back of Koushik's head in place as he sucked my clit, pressing myself forward to push his fingers as deeply inside me as they could reach.

I was lifting my ass inches off the bed to force his fingers deeper inside me. I was a wanton little slut at that moment. I would have done anything, and allowed him anything at that moment to prolong this sensation that had overtaken me. Koushik's sucking became more intense, almost violent; his fingers aggressively attacking the front wall of my vagina.

He began to spread his fingers apart, stretching me, as he pulled them out and plunged them forward violently, prying my pussy open. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked across my body, my abdomen was convulsing. I was making completely incoherent sounds, almost talking in tongues so to speak.

My brother in law was giving me multiple orgasm of my life, and he continued to stimulate me, not allowing me to come down from my peak. Koushik kept forcing me to climax until my belly hurt and I truly needed to stop; but could not stop from Cumming until he released his hold on me.

The massive convulsions of my multiple orgasms were literally exhausting. My sides and abdomen hurt. But I could not stop Cumming. I continued to endure convulsion after convulsion as he sucked my clit and assaulted my womb with his fingers.

"Koushik please, let me stop. I need to rest." I was pleading.

But before I could pry his mouth from my pussy, I felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure crash across my belly, sending spasms of pleasure through my core. Again the screams of pleasure were indecipherable as they escaped my throat.

After the latest series of waves subsided, I was determined to break free. I had to stop or I was going to pass out. I mustered all my strength and pushed his head back, breaking the suction his lips and tongue had on my clit and panted, "Please Koushik, please. You need to let me stop. You need to let me down."

I lay there panting; sweat forming on my breasts, a little river of sweat running between them. My breasts continued to heave up and down as I struggle to catch my breath. I was dizzy and slightly disoriented.

Koushik looked at me and actually beamed with pride, smile broadly. He was very pleased that his efforts had produced such a profound result. Very slowly, he removed his fingers from my uterine walls. I felt my vagina spasm at the sudden emptiness. My vagina throbbed and pulsed. It seemed to be trying to find something to grasp, to fill the sudden void inside of my womb.

Koushik smiled. He was still erect, and in need of some relief. As I lay naked in front of my brother in law, my chest heaving as I panted to recover my breath, I was very happy, sated fully, but still yearned for more.

Koushik's erection looked absolutely painful it was so firm, rigid and hard. It stood straight up, straining towards the ceiling. I took Koushik's rigid cock on my left hand and stroked it a couple of times to make sure it was fully erect. It felt so large, thick and heavy in my tiny fingers. I leaned forward and kissed the large, purplish head once. I did not take it into my mouth, merely kissed the head affectionately. I felt his penis pulse up and grow.

He murmured, "Geeta, you are so beautiful."

I liked how Koushik's boner throbbed repeatedly in my hand as I prepared it to enter me. The pulsing heightened my already aroused state. I could feel my juice slowly leaking out of me, coating my upper thighs and buttocks. I had never been this turned on before.

Koushik climbed between my thighs and positioned himself at my wet opening. I could see his rigid erection bobbing up and down as he positioned himself to enter my tight pussy.

"Koushik, you are very large. Be careful and go slow. Don't hurt me," I cautioned.

Koushik nodded, indicating that he understood. I felt the large, bulbous head pressing against my vulva, stretching me open as he entered me about an inch or two. I panted as I lay there with Koushik's erection just inside my opening. "Slow, go slow... God, I feel so full. Oh, god, you are so huge." I could feel every pulse and throb of his large cock as it stretched me wider with a combination of pain and pleasure.

He pulled out slightly and slid back in, a little deeper this time. I grunted and panted as he slowly filled my tight vagina. This time he entered me two or three inches deep. My vagina was adjusting to this massive intrusion into my inner core. It was really, really happening. I wanted to take all of him. I wanted to do this for him. I wanted to be loved again. I wanted my brother in law to fuck me good.

I moaned as Koushik pulled out yet again and slowly slid in a little further. I could feel him deeper inside me. My brother in law was actually fucking me. He was actually inside me and I liked it. I was his now. Koushik was deep inside me. He was all the way inside me now. I could feel his balls pressing against my bum. Yes, he was buried inside me all the way! I was no longer just a sex starved widow; I was a wanton woman, with her brother in law's large penis inside her.

Now Koushik began stroking in and out of me, a little harder each time. He would pull out and plunge back in slapping his balls against my ass. He started pounding my tight little pussy with increased force. It almost seemed like he was punishing my tight little pussy with each violent thrust.

I could feel the pleasure building inside of me. The head of Koushik's cock was striking up against the front wall of my uterus, deep in my womb. Each thrust sent a wave of excitement and pleasure through me. I could feel another orgasm beginning to build inside me.

Koushik took my legs and wrapped them around his torso, raising my bottom off the bed and allowing him to plunge deeper inside of me. I could feel the head of his cock deeper inside my vagina, deep inside my womb.

The feeling was indescribable. "Oh, Koushik, fuck me...god, you feel good inside me."

I started arching my hips up to meet each punishing thrust. I was positioning myself to force his cock's head firmly against the front wall of my womb. I was lifting my ass off the bed to allow him to fuck me hard and deep. I wanted him to cum inside me, but even more, I wanted to climax with his erection inside my pussy.

I knew I was going to climax and I started urging him on, encouraging him to fuck me hard, to pound me violently.

"Koushik, you are going to make me climax ... oh, don't stop... fuck me... harder... don't stop... oh, my God... oh fuck..." I babbled incoherently as I felt my orgasm rock through my core. My entire body quaked as the waves of pleasure crashed across me.

My climax triggered Koushik's orgasm, and I felt him stiffen as he thrust inside me. As I convulsed from the orgasmic spasms that quaked across me, I felt Koushik's erection swell and pulse deep inside me. My brother in law was ejaculating inside me, pumping his semen inside his sister-in-law.

As we both convulsed together, I hissed, "Oh, Koushik, I love you... please, kiss me... kiss me now..."

And Koushik leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I opened my mouth to accept his tongue as I felt his cock continue to throb inside me. With each pulse, it felt that he was stretching me deeper and wider.

He collapsed on top of me, panting as we caressed each other, while remaining coupled together. I did not want this moment to ever end. I never wanted my brother-in-law's penis to leave my vagina. I was happy, satisfied content and loved at that moment.

As we lay there coupled together, I noticed that Koushik's cock remained hard. I contracted my vagina to give him a playful hug or squeeze. His cock pulsed back in response. We played this little game several times, me contracting my vagina to 'hug' him, and his penis throbbing in response.

After a couple of minutes of me squeezing Koushik's cock with my vagina, Koushik started moving in and out of me again. He was going to fuck his sister-in-law yet again. I liked that. I liked having my brother-in-law fuck me.

It took Koushik considerably longer to achieve his climax this time, and I did have two more orgasm this time. I enjoyed feeling him deep inside me. After he came, we drifted off to sleep in each others' arms, his penis still inside of me.

This time Ratna woke us up with tea. It was nearly 5:30 AM. Both Koushik and I were still fully naked but did not feel any shame in front of Ratna. We sipped our tea.

Ratna asked, "So Geeta how was your honey moon with Koushik?"

I replied, "Fabulous, dear Ratna, it was really very pleasurable and I am fully sated and sore."

Ratna laughed and looking at Koushik asked, "So Koushik, are you happy to fuck two willing girls? I hope we have been able to really pleasure you and satisfy your needs."

Koushik blushed and replied, "Ratna, both you and Geeta are lovely. I hope I have been able to fulfil all your dreams."

I replied, "Yes Koushik, You have definitely satisfied me and yesterday Ratna admitted that you were superb with her. You really are a superb lover."

By then we had finished our tea and got up from the bed to face another day.

Ratna's Narration


It was so beautiful to see Geeta lying naked besides Koushik. Happiness was painted over her face. Geeta was cuddled into Koushik's broad chest, her tits pressed into his body, one of her legs over Koushik's thighs, sleeping blissfully. I had brought tea for all of us. I just didn't have the heart to wake them, but we had to get ready to face a new day.

I woke them reluctantly. We joked while sipping tea and then both Geeta and Koushik cleaned themselves and dressed. Both I and Geeta started our daily routine. But today the routine was not that monotonous as it had been previously.

It was a Saturday, I had no school, but it was a full working day for Koushik. Koushik left for his office as usual. Before he left, Geeta pulled me and Koushik inside the kitchen and both of us kissed Koushik one by one. Geeta said, "Koushik, before you go to work, you will kiss us everyday like this."

After lunch, we settled mother on her bed, where she started to read some books, Geeta took me upstairs and described how she was fucked by Koushik.

Then she asked me, "Are you comfortable that both of us are sharing Koushik?"

I looked at her and sincerely said, "Geeta, We agreed we will share the same lover. I have no regrets in sharing Koushik with you."

Geeta said, "I was momentarily jealous when I first found you and Koushik had sex. But then I was also very happy. I frankly don't mind sharing Koushik with you. I wish to see you also happy with him."

I hugged Geeta and kissed her lovingly. Geeta said, "Ratna, I love you not only as a sister-in-law, but also as my lover, and now I also love Koushik as a lover. I have no idea what to do with my feelings. I want to be with both of you. Please do not be angry or jealous with me."

I was overwhelmed by Geeta's sincere statement. I was also in the same position. I said, "Geeta, I also love you and Koushik equally. You were the first person to show me the pleasures of a woman loving another woman. Koushik was the first male to show me the pleasures of a man loving a woman. I also do not wish to be away from both of you."

Geeta nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, I understand your feelings. My feelings are also the same. But how does Koushik feel about us? How long is he going to stay with us? What will happen when he gets married?"

I replied, "Geeta, let us not think about the future now. Let us just enjoy this sinful life as of now. In time, we will think of something. As it is, we have faced many difficulties in our lives. Whatever happens, I will always be with you."

We agreed and again hugged each other.

In the evening Koushik sent a message that he would be late in returning as he was required in a remote village. He also said that he would have his dinner at the village itself and we were not to wait for him. Accordingly we had dinner with mother at 9 PM and tucked her to bed by 10 PM.

Koushik returned at about 10:30 PM. He informed that he had to go to a village some 30km away to attend to some emergency. He enquired whether we had finished our dinner and then went upstairs.

Geeta smiled at me and said, "He is tired, look after him properly," and entered mother's room. I went upstairs.

Koushik was wrapped in a towel. He was getting ready for a bath. On seeing me he said, "I am feeling like taking a bath. Would you like to join me?"

He threw away the towel and now he was naked.

I was momentarily taken aback by Koushik's question. He was standing naked in front of me. I was aroused just looking at him. Truly speaking I was aroused throughout the day.

Koushik stood naked in front of me. His penis was pulsing to life, growing hard in front of me. I stood a few feet away from him and watched as my cousin brother started to grow erect. Koushik's penis began growing longer and thicker. At first it simply hung down about 5 or 6 inches long. But it seemed alive as it throbbed thicker, longer and more firm as I watched.

Then it began to raise its gorgeous mushroom shaped head. It seemed to be calling to me, communicating with me. With each pulse upwards, this beautiful deep pink, almost purple head sent a pulse towards my awakening vagina. This massive tool began to poke out from his abdomen, gradually sticking out horizontally, and slowly moving vertically.

This was a marvellous thing for this young girl to witness. It was one of the most beautiful and sensuous things I have ever seen in my life. I watched in amazement.

His beautiful cock seemed to pulse every 10 seconds or so, and with each pulse, he grew longer, thicker and his cock rose further upward, defying gravity. In about a minute or two, his erection was straining towards the ceiling.

God, he looked sexy. And this erection was a tribute to me! His cock was responding to me, without either Koushik or me touching it; my mere presence caused him to grow fully erect.

Koushik's cock was 7 or 8 inches long and at least 2 inches thick. His cock had a distinct purplish hue to it. It was darker than the skin colour on his tight abdomen. There was a large vein that ran down the under side, which gave the erection a sinister and dangerous appearance that appealed to me. The large head seemed almost separate and distinct from the shaft.

I was very flattered to have this effect on Koushik. I felt sexy, beautiful and desirable. I was also aroused. And while my arousal might not have been completely obvious to Koushik, there was no hiding his arousal. I loved that I could make my cousin brother so hard, so aroused, just by my presence.

"Well Koushik, it seems that your penis wants to continue our relationship." I said in a flirtatious and teasing manner. "In answer to your question, yes, I do. I very much want to join you in your bath. I want to be yours. I want you to take me whenever you need to, whenever you want me."

Koushik nodded in agreement.

Looking at the intoxicating erection in front of me, I slowly began to undress. I un-wrapped my sari and allowed them to drop to the floor. Then I opened my blouse and dropped it also. I slowly removed my petticoat and let it drop to my ankles. I then stepped out of them and then picked them up. Looking over my shoulder at my brother, I neatly folded the sari, petticoat and blouse, teasing him, standing in my panties and bra.

I removed my bra. I stood there wearing only my pale blue cotton panties. I looked in my cousin brother's eyes as I slowly hooked my thumbs into the waist band and very slowly I began to lower them. I lowered them a couple of inches exposing just a trace of my clean shaven pussy, but stopped just before I exposed my vagina. I looked into Koushik's eyes and I coyly asked, "Is it OK if I take these off?"

"Oh fuck, Ratna, you are killing me here. Please take off your panties." Koushik pleaded, his erection bobbing up and down as he spoke.

I turned my back to him and removed my panties in as seductive a manner as I could; exposing round bottom before turning back towards him and exposing my vagina, which was clean shaven and bald. I ran my hands over my body. I had to admit, I had developed into a nice shape. My breasts, while small stood nicely atop a flat tummy. My bottom was firm and round atop my long legs. I was pleased with the results.

Momentarily, I looked at Koushik. He was tall and muscular. His chest and shoulders and his muscular abdomen seemed to all force my eyes down towards his large erection which pulsed invitingly in front of him. His large rigid cock still looked too large to comfortably fit inside my tight little pussy; however, I knew from day before yesterday night that with a little work and effort, I could stretch to accommodate him.

Yes, together we made a very attractive couple. The man to whom I was giving myself, who happened to be my cousin brother, was a very attractive man.

I hoped I was as attractive to Koushik as he was to me at that moment. From the way his boner throbbed up and down, it appeared that Koushik did find me quite attractive.

"May I join you in the shower?" I asked coyly.

"Oh yes. Please do." He said as he took my hand and entered the bath room.

The shower was running. My nipples were erect as the water struck my chest. I turned my back to Koushik and let the spray massage my front. Koushik placed his hands on my shoulders, gently massaging my shoulders and upper arms. Then, ever so slowly, Koushik turned me to face him, placing my back to the stream of water.

We stared into each others eyes with an affection that is difficult to describe. Koushik's penis stood rigid and erect between us. Then he placed his fingers under my chin, and raised my head to kiss me. As his mouth approached mine, he stopped momentarily to say, "Ratna, I love both of you so much. Thank you for being mine. Thank you for giving yourself to me."

I met Koushik's kiss with open lips, inviting his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue as we necked, pressing our naked bodies together under the warm spray of the shower. I knew I was loved; and I knew I was his.

Koushik took my hand and placed it on his erection. I broke off our kiss to look at him.

Hesitantly, as I gazed into his eyes, I wrapped my fingers around his firm penis. I was still amazed at the thickness of this rigid pole; my fingers barely encircled the circumference.

This was only the second time I had touched his erect penis, and it continued to thrill me beyond belief. Once again, I was impressed not only by the length and girth, but by how heavy and rigid his cock felt with my fingers wrapped around it.

I stroked down, moving my fist to the base of his shaft, pulling the taut skin of his cock even tighter as I studied how Koushik's penis responded to my touch. I noticed that as I pulled my fist down to the base, the tiny hole at the head of his cock opened up for me. This intrigued me.

I then stoked up the shaft slowly, and repeating the downward motion again. Again the hole at the tip opened. I was mesmerized by my new toy. I wanted to explore and experiment with it, and learn all about it. In fact, rather than a new toy, it was like I had a new pet to play with and get to know. I was like a little girl with a new puppy. We needed to get to know each other better. All I knew for certain is I really liked Koushik's penis.

Koushik was arching his hips to the movement of my fist, humping forwards and back to accentuate the stimulation by my fist. Gradually, the pace began to quicken and Koushik's movements became more animated. I loved how aroused he was becoming. I loved knowing I was the cause of it.


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