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The Power of Pamela's Predator Ch. 01

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A strange women who "sucks" the life from her victims.
2.7k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 06/23/2021
Created 02/15/2014
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Pamela had been born with a curious talent, one that for most people would have been considered a curse. Some it would have driven mad. With Pamela however, she embraced it.

She was the mother of a wonderful daughter and for various reasons, quite well off. Every day she went to work and every once in a while she took an out of town 'business -trip" to another part of the country. Little did her daughter know about the dark desires of the woman she called mother.

This was one of those weekends. She took her good byes, and took her flight out of town She ended up in a small city the next state over, a college town where she could hunt her prey without risking meeting any old friends.

She had a horrible desire, one so cruel and sticky that it gave her a thrill just fantasizing about it. She was a killer, and her preys were young, horny men. Her method of murder however was truly horrifying.

She loved to be licked down in her "wet slit." She always had. But she also enjoyed power over people, and at the age of 22, she had discovered just what power her pussy had. After one furious and intense night of facesitting a young horny teenager, she found the Teen came back for more, and more. After a while he said he thought he was 'addicted' to licking her pussy.

After a few 'experiments' with the teen, she realized that her pussy fluids where a powerful aphrodisiac, more than that, they calmed males, making them compliant and open to suggestion, open to anything she desired.

The second thing she discovered was that with proper control, her pussy could expand and dilate to immense sizes, completely cover someone's face, and once that happened, she could suck the life right out of someone, smothering them like a Living vacuum, a horrific and hunger pussy mouth.

That first night she had discovered her powers, she had at first been horrified with what she could do, begging her first victim to get away from her. She watched as the young college student had just sat under her, his body drugged on her fluids and any thought of fleeing lost to him. She had felt helpless that first night as her body took over and she began to drain the life from his form, sucking his youth, his energy and his lusts directly up and into her cunt. Once she had consumed her first prey however she was hooked. It had awakened a hunger in her she could never fully satisfy.

To feed her every growing appetite, she had become a well-trained face sitter and Smother Mistress, learning the best ways to lure young males to their doom beneath her slimy, hungry, hairy, pussy mouth.

Now she had mastered her powers of Predatory seduction to an art form. Her body while it looked to be in it's early 40's was in fact much much older, a side effect of her 'feeding' methods. She was tall and well built, at almost 6ft, she towered over most younger males, her Imposing form making her dominating work all the more easy. She was an apex predator, and she demanded fresh prey.

The bar was full of people, most of them college students from the local university. Then she saw a likely candidate. He could not be more than 19 years old. When he saw her, she gave him the vampiest babe-look he had ever seen. He began to make his way over to her at once.

"Ah, Hello miss, are you here all alone?" he asked rather shyly. Pamela gave him yet another seductive smile as she examined him. His body radiated youth and energy, muscles seemed to gleam on his body, and she bet he was part of a sports team, a perfect candidate.

"I am, for now, but don't expect my company for long, I am here just for the sex, and a bite to eat" she moaned into her drink

The young jock could hardly believe his luck and felt his body heat up. This woman was just ready for him, and she looked to be experienced as well, to the student she seemed to radiate an aura of sexuality he had only dreamed of. He thought she looked about 35 or so, but there was no way he could realize her true age.

It took only about twenty minutes of flirting and a few drinks before the kid was aroused and loosened up to agree to go with Pam. They went to a small motel outside of town, the young college kid could not help wondering why she wanted to go to this hidden dump, but what the hell. He was going to get lucky and that was all his young testosterone laden brain could care about. They went inside her room and immediately she started to kiss and touch him all over, as if hungry to feel his body. She ripped his clothes off, while slowly removing her own. When she was almost naked, she whispered in his ear, with her sweetest voice:

"You like older women don't you? Older, dominant women?"

"You have no idea!" he said quickly as Pamela grinned. Being around the kid, she could read him like a book, his fantasies, his lusts, she smirked.

"Should I be your Mommy? Mistress? Or both?" she said as she slid a hand up along his overly expanded boxers.

"B-Both please, mommy mistress" he said, and with that Pamela knew she had him.

"Mommy is a dirty lady you know. I have a fantasy; I want to tie you to the bed and fuck you silly. Can mommy do that?" she said, her voice dripping honey and innocence.

"Oh yes mommy, tie me down baby. What ever you say!" he stuttered, so hard now he couldn't think straight, which was exactly what Pam wanted.

She started to tie his hands on his back with some rope she "suddenly" had by the bed. When his hands were tightly fastened together, she pushed him on his back on the bed, and ripped his underwear of. His cock stood there as hard as it could get. Then she started to tie his shoulders and feet down to the bed. She put a pillow under his head, and kissed him deeply.

"Wait here my little slave, while I put on something sexy for you," she smiled.

"Oh mother mistress, hurry back, before I explode," he almost cried out

She went in to the bathroom and, with some ceremony, gently took a deep black suite from a bag. She had harvested many fetishes over the years, but they had slowly been distilled into this one empowering piece of clothing she had specially crafted...

A black, long-sleeved, fishnet body stocking with a discrete crotch opening she had specially fashioned. She slowly put it on, and moaned to her self as she felt the wonderful fabric tight against her skin. The crotch opening fitted perfectly to let her thick dripping black bush through, and from deep inside her immense fleshy pussy lips drooled. The huge sex lips already twitched and throbbed, able to sense its next meal.

She crouched down on the floor with her sexy legs far apart, so the tight suit slid deep in to her ass crack. She loved it that way, invading every crevice, causing her body to become more heated and dripping sweat. She stood up, and put on the long, black, tight Lycra gloves before pausing to look at her self in the mirror. She put on some black lipstick, and eye shadow. And there, in the mirror, was the dangerous woman she had learned to love; the dark women, the predator, the Pussy Queen.

As she left the bedroom the boy could hardly believe the transformation that had taken place. She went up to the bed, and just stood there beside him, looking at him with an expression of what could only be described as pure hunger. Looking down the Lycra and mesh net wrapped body suite, the student saw for the first time her now bare and naked hairy pussy. Between those slim thighs was a wet mouth dripping with water-like slime unlike anything he'd ever seen before. The boy had seen pictures of wet pussies, but he had never seen a set of vaginal lips that were so large or that oozed so much gel like fluid, almost like it was drooling. He seemed hypnotized by it before her words broke his attention.

"I said, have you ever licked a woman's pussy, boy?" she asked with the sexiest voice imaginable as she approached him

Before he could say anything, she stepped in to the bed, and placed one leg on each side of his pillow-elevated head. Her slime was dripping down in his face now, and once more he thought it looked like drool. Fore the first time he started to wonder if he had got himself into something he shouldn't. He started to struggle a bit and then, then the drops oozed onto his lips and the boy was forced to swallow it.

Instantly it aroused him and made him even hornier than he had ever imagined. He felt anxiety and fear melt away as it was replaced by a feeling of pleasure euphoria. Pamela grinned as she looked down upon her helpless victim and saw the changes take place. She slowly crouched down lower and lower over his face, as her wet pussy seemed to 'grin' at him greedily.

She stopped when the slimy opening was a couple of inches above his face; the thick musky odor of it invaded his senses and filled his lungs. She just sat like that for a while, looking at him between her nice breasts pocking at the nylon in the vamp-like suit. Then, deciding her prey had been teased enough, she relaxed her leg muscles and slowly settled her steaming hairy pussy gently on his face.

"Lick my pussy now, slave! Lick it for Mommy, Lick it for your Mistress!" she ordered as she felt herself settle down his warm face.

He started to lick her the best he could. Her juices were pouring down on his face, and he had to swallow a lot of it just to keep from drowning down there. Pam was content to let the college kid lick only for just a few minutes before her more aggressive needs took over. She grabbed his hair and yanked upwards hard, mashing him forcefully into her steaming smelly pussy. She ground down hard, mashing her pussy against his mouth and moaning deep primal sounds.

As she mashed and ground again and again, feeling the pleasure surge into her, she reminded herself that this was only the start, only the tip of what was to come. She shivered at the knowledge of just how much more powerful, and primal the pleasure would become.

Underneath her grinding hairy pussy, the college kid was struggling to breathe as fluids poured over him. He felt her vaginal-muscles tensing with a strength he didn't know was possible. They seemed to grab his tongue and hold it in those slimy folds, sucking with the strength of a mouth, that thought made him shudder, it DID feeling like a mouth was sucking his face.

"Lick it, slave, oh yes eat my pussy now! Eat it before it eats you! I want to feel you Squirm, moan, beg for it boy! Eat my slimy sex! That's it, let it drown you in my juices!" Pam said, letting wave after wave of pleasure hit her as the youth squirmed from lack of air. As good as it felt though, she never was able to reach orgasm. Only one thing would allow her to do that, and she felt the time had finally come for that.

She moved up a bit so that her folds slowly slid up further, and as her pussy lips covered his mouth and nose she pressed down hard. She looked down, drinking in the look of fear and panic as she cut off the boys air supply. Her slimy vaginal mouth fitted over his mouth and nose as tightly as the oxygen mask of a paramedic kit. The slurping pussy sealed off his lungs completely, and at last she started to work the "Special" muscles deep inside her womb.

Slowly her pussy started to suck it self on to his face, almost swallowing him.

The Pussy Queen was ready to make her kill, to smother the life from his young body, and then devour it. Already her now massive cunt throbbed and pulsed in a grotesque rhythmic fashion as it was sucking the life force out of her victim with her lethal vacuum-pussy. Once more she looked down at what little of his face was still exposed, drinking in the sight of growing panic in his eyes.

"Sorry boy, but now I'm going to consume you! Oh my pussy will suck you dry, oh the pleasure I am feeling! Your life force tastes so delicious! Yes, Yes, YES, YES, YES, Ohhh!" Pam screamed as orgasm at last erupted through her body as it did so and her pussy mouth contracted and ripped more of the youth's energy from his muscled body. The pleasure of it rocketed inside and caused yet another mind shattering orgasm.

The boy tried to twist away from her for a gasp of air as his lungs began to hurt and ache. But Pam's Pussy Mouth was sucked on to him so tight that there was no escape. Orgasm after orgasm she smothered him, as he got weaker and weaker, pulling out his energy and essence. His body started to feel numb as her pussy sucked him dry draining him of his life.

After close to five solid minutes of feeding and orgasm, he started twitching desperately, and the motion just added to the pleasure of the face sitting Predator. By now, the bed below was a juicy, drenched mass saturated with what seemed like buckets of her pussy slime. Each forceful grind and thrust made a series of lewd squishing juicy sounds.

Pamela was utterly lost in the near continuous orgasm of her feeding, she could feel the life of the boy starting to fade as he vaginal mouth sucked harder and harder. Her pussy was so deep on his face now, that his eyes could only see her veins. As her orgasms grew more intense, his head was slowly pulled up inside her slimy Vagina as the cunt chewed on his face like a grotesque drooling toothless maw. The smother pussy drained his life force until finally he passed out.

Pam gasped for breath as she struggled to ride out the mind shattering waves of pleasure. Her once perfect body was now drenched in musky sweat as she sat in a lake of pussy slime. As she felt the boy pass out under her, she knew her feeding would soon be at an end.

She just sat there on top of his now limp body, moaning over and over as her hungry pussy slowly finished him off, his body was starting to visibly change now. Muscles seemed to shrink and his body began to wither to just skin and bones. The flow of life force was now just a thin wispy trickle as her feeding was almost complete. With his body nearly consumed, she began to drain his mind, taking not just the last of his essence but all his experiences and memories, taking away his very Life.

As always she kept what was useful and discarded the rest, then with a horrifically slimy "SMUSH" her Pussy crunched down hard and claimed his Soul.

With the soul sucked from the young boy, his body simply crumbled to dust leaving no evidence.

She smiled, basking in the warm afterglow of a fresh meal. After a few moments to catch her breath, her now satisfied vagina let go of its vacuum hold and she got of his face. All that was left of the College kid now, was a massive puddle of pussy slime and some dust that was already drifting away.

Gathering her things up, she made her way back home.

Next Chapter

The Family Business

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 Anonymousover 5 years ago

Need more stories like this!!!!

JohnnyRottencrotchJohnnyRottencrotchalmost 6 years ago

Now this is a woman who could drain my life any time she likes! LOVED IT!!!

DamJrDamJralmost 7 years ago

I understand the point of TamLin01, but I think in this case the story became perfect. Many readers on Literotica starting reading but soon give up if do not see what they want. It's frustating when you spend a lot of time reading and don't get it what you would like. (Actually, it happened to me with your story Truck Stop Smother, because it's very different from this and the AMAZING A Trucker's Hunger.)

In this case the author give us this safety, and I loved it till the end.

I beg the author to publish more stores like this and about Sasha, from A Trucker's Hunger. I will love see Pamela's Daughter inherit her mother powers and both team hunting togheter.

 Anonymousover 7 years ago
Can't wait to read the next chapter

Good story can't wait till the next one

 Anonymousover 7 years ago
can't wait for more.

As the title says, can't wait for the next chapter.

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