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The Morrisons Ch. 19


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Patty took Joanna's hand in hers and said, "Joanna, we haven't known each other that long but I want you to know, you aren't the first one to have those feelings. Barbie, Beth and I have had long discussions while we're working. It's different for a girl, to accept being naked and having sex with other guys because we don't want to get the title of slut or floozy. It was a major adjustment for all of us when we came here to work as part of the permanent staff. However, in this house, we can enjoy as much sex as we want and no one calls us any names. Also we've all signed confidentiality statements so anything we do here, can't be discussed with anyone outside the family and close friends."

"Yes, I understand but what I'm saying is, I'm a police officer and I've done some things that are way out of line for an officer of the law. I'm supposed to be held to a different standard." Joanna said in a soft voice.

"You are a woman first and a police officer second. You're not on duty twenty four/seven. You need this time to allow yourself the freedoms to explore your interests and find out if you like what you try. There's no harm in being a woman with desires." Patty replied.

Tony and his sisters walked through the sliding door into the kitchen and Tony asked, "Hey beautiful woman, are you ready to go for a ride with the big bad wolf?"

Patty and Tony's sisters started laughing and Barbie spoke up and said, "There ain't nothing big or bad about him so don't worry Joanna."

Patty said, "Wait a minute, I want to go on record by saying Tony's cock is nice and big when he's ready to make love."

"Thanks honey." Tony said.

Joanna stood up and said, "Wow, I'm nervous all over again. Let's go before I change my mind."

Tony held out his hand and Joanna put her hand in his. Then Tony held out his other hand and stood looking at Joanna. Joanna looked at his open hand then up into Tony's face before she asked, "What?"

Tony said, "Give me what you brought. If I remember right, when we didn't have anything to cover up with, you were very excited. So I'll take what you are going to take with you and hold it. Maybe I'll give it to you and maybe I won't."

"Oh My God! Are you serious? You would keep my clothes?" Joanna gasped.

"It's only fair I tell you now, before we leave, so you can choose to go with me, not knowing if you'll get something to cover your body or not." Tony replied.

"Here take my clothes and put them somewhere. I want to do this. I'm so wet right now just thinking about being exposed." Joanna said excitedly.

Tony walked over to the cupboard in the kitchen and took out two of the small towels so he could put them on the seat of his truck. Then he picked up his shorts and kissed Patty and his sisters good-bye. On the way out to the truck Tony told Joanna he had selected the small towels because if she tried to use it cover up with, they won't cover a lot.

Tony being a gentleman opened Joanna's door and placed the towel on the seat then helped her get up into the truck. He closed the door and walked around to his side and tucked the clothes behind the seat then spread his towel out before he climbed in. They pulled down the driveway and Joanna said, "Oh fuck, here we go. Where are you going to take me?"

Tony said, "Right now, until you calm down we'll take a few back roads I know, then we'll go for a ride to someplace away from here."

"Joanna, I hope you don't mind me saying this but while we're riding, I want you to spread your legs and slouch down in your seat so your pussy is on display." Tony said as he glanced at Joanna and smiled.

Joanna thought about it for a second then slouched down a little and spread her legs. Tony changed the subject to get Joanna's mind off her being naked in a truck on a public highway. They laughed over some of the things said during their conversation. Suddenly Joanna realized they were headed up on the interstate. She looked at Tony and said, "Oh God!"

Tony smiled and said we are going to get off in two exits so we have about 15 miles to ride. I took the back roads south so now we have to go back north. We should have a nice little ride. When Tony pulled out to pass a large truck, Joanna realized the trucker was going to be able to see her so she closed her legs. Tony cleared his throat and Joanna opened her legs again. As they were coming up to the trailer Tony said, "Reach down and recline your seat and you can pretend to be asleep. Just keep your eyes cracked open a little and you'll be able to see if the truck driver notices you."

Joanna followed Tony's instructions and reclined the seat all the way back just as Tony pulled up beside the back of the truck. Slowly, Tony moved forward until Joanna could see the truck driver. Through the small slits of her eye lids, Joanna watched him for about ten seconds and then it happened. He looked right down into Tony's truck and saw Joanna's naked body. Joanna knew he'd seen her because his head looked back at the road then snapped back sideways and looked at her. He smiled broadly and his attention was split between looking at the road and looking at Joanna's spread legs. Tony pressed down on the gas and slowly pulled ahead of the truck.

Joanna didn't realize it but she had been holding her breath the whole time the truck driver was looking at her. When she tried to talk, she had to exhale first because her breath caught in her throat. Finally Joanna said, "Holy Shit! What a fucking rush! He looked right at my pussy! OH MY GOD! What have I become?"

Tony said, "Relax, here he comes up again for another look."

Joanna closed her eyes most of the way and watched as the front of the truck edged into her view. The seconds seemed like minutes and then suddenly there he was again, smiling and looking down at her outstretched naked body. Tony allowed him almost two minutes to view Joanna's body before he once again pressed down on the gas and started to pull away. When Tony looked at Joanna she was trembling. He asked, "Joanna, are you ok?"

In a weak voice she replied, "I just had an orgasm and no one touched me! Does that mean I'm a slut or something worse?"

"No sweetheart, that just means that you must have a bit of exhibitionist in you and you secretly get excited knowing someone is seeing something they aren't really supposed to. Don't be alarmed because there's nothing wrong with you at all. There's a safe way of being an exhibitionist and then there's the blatant way which gets a person arrested for indecent exposure." Tony said with enough confidence in his voice to make Joanna listen carefully to what he was saying.

Tony continued by saying, "Females can get away with a lot more than males can. You can wear skirts without panties and flash your pussy in an innocent flash or you can wear a button up the front blouse without a bra and let someone see your lovely breasts by leaning forward. If you want to learn more about doing some of that stuff, talk to Patty, she loves to show off that way."

Tony pulled back into the right lane and prepared to pull off the interstate. At the end of the ramp he turned right and headed for another back road he knew. Once he turned left on that road he pulled to the side of the road and looked at Joanna's naked body still reclined in his passenger seat. Joanna asked, "Where are we? Are we back at the Morrisons?"

Tony replied, "No I wanted to make sure you enjoyed your first time out without any clothes. Also, I want to know if you want to do anything else before we go back home."

Joanna sat up and pulled the handle to make her seat pop back up. She looked at Tony with a strange look in her eyes. She didn't say anything for a few moments as she looked around. Finally her eyes met Tony's eyes as she said, "Take me home, I so fucking horny right now, I just want to fuck your brains out."

Tony smiled and said, "Yes ma'am, your wish is my command."

As Tony drove back to the Morrison residence, Joanna looked around and enjoyed the scenery. When Tony pulled up to the gate she said, "I'm excited to have gone with you on this trip and ride completely naked but I'm also mildly disappointed that only one male saw my naked body."

Tony reached over and took Joanna's hand as he drove up the driveway and said, "Two males saw your naked body. I enjoyed every moment of you stretched out on my seat with your legs spread. Any time you want to do something, let me know and I'll go with you. I had a great time tonight, also."

They got out of the truck and Tony pulled the couple of articles of clothing out from under his seat and walked around in front of the truck. Joanna was there waiting for him and she stepped up to him they hugged and kissed. Joanna leaned back and said, "Thank you for taking me out and showing me off."

They held hands as they walked up on the deck. The music was playing and they could see three heads above the hot tub rim. They walked over and Tony asked, "Is there room in there for two more?"

Patty sat up and said, "Sure, come on in, we brought a couple of extra glasses out and they're over there. Pour yourselves some wine and relax."

Joanna sat down next to Patty while Tony poured both of them some wine. He gave Joanna her wine and then Tony sat down on the other side of his wife. Joanna was already talking excitedly about what happened while they were gone. Everyone listened and when Joanna was finished, Beth spoke up saying, "Girl, if you had an orgasm without being touched while displaying your body, then we have to take you shopping with us. We'll show you how to innocently show certain body parts and the guy or guys who see you, will love it."

Everyone soaked in the hot tub for about a half hour before Joanna said, "I think all of us are relaxed now, let's go inside, I think we have something to do."

Tony stood up first and his semi-hard cock bounced in front of him. Patty reached up and stroked his cock a couple of times and said, "That's what I like, a man who's ready for anything."

Tony said, "I'm outnumbered so I can't promise anything but I will do my best to make everyone happy."

They got out of the hot tub and put the cover over it then Beth passed out towels to everyone. Joanna was the last one to go into the house. She turned and locked the sliding glass doors and then closed the vertical blinds. Barbie, Beth and Patty said they would go up and take a quick shower and then they bounded up the stairs.

Tony followed Joanna as she walked through the house to make sure it was secure and then into the office to check the monitors and turn on the alarm. They stood side by side with Tony's arm around Joanna as they watched the monitors switch to the various cameras.

Finally Joanna said, "Everything looks perfect, let's go up and take a quick shower."

Tony put his arm back around Joanna after she closed the office door. Together they walked up the stairs and down the hall to Kim's and my bedroom. On the way by, Joanna reached up and turned the monitor on and paused to look at it a couple of seconds before she walked over to the night stand and placed her radio in the charger and her pistol belt beside it.

She glanced back up at the monitor on her way into the bathroom. Patty, Beth and Barbie were finishing their shower so Tony stepped under the spray and watched Joanna sit down on the toilet and pee then sit on the bidet and douche her pussy. When she finished she joined Tony in the shower.

Tony told Joanna to turn around and he'd wash her hair. Joanna turned and Tony went to work and when he finished washing, he worked conditioner into her hair. The whole time Tony was washing her hair Joanna was moaning and telling Patty she had a good man. Patty laughed and said, "I know, that's why I'm keeping him."

Joanna and Tony took turns washing then drying each other's body. Joanna stepped over to the sink and brushed her hair then used the blow dryer to dry her hair enough so it wasn't dripping water. By the time they walked into the bedroom they saw Beth was lying flat on her back with her sister Barbie riding her face and Patty was between Beth's legs enjoying her pussy.

When Joanna and Tony crawled up on the bed Patty immediately embraced Joanna and kissed her passionately even though she had Beth's pussy juices covering the area around her mouth. They allowed their hands to roam over each other's body, tweaking nipples, massaging breasts, hugging each other. Tony reclined on the bed and watched both of his sisters as they moved into the sixty-nine position.

From the side view he watched Beth run her tongue up through the center of Barbie's smooth pussy lips. Then he saw Beth attack Barbie's clit and when Beth did that, Barbie screeched and pressed her pussy down on Beth's face.

The additional movement on the bed was Patty and Joanna moving into their sixty-nine position. He was amused by all the various noises the four females were making as they made love to each other. He slowly stroked his rock hard cock as he beheld the sight of the two couples.

With Patty on top, Tony moved down to the end of the bed and watched Joanna pleasure his wife with her tongue before he asked, "Joanna, may I push my cock in there while you lick Patty's clit?"

Joanna rolled her eyes up and looked at Tony saying, "Bring that big cock up here, and fuck this woman. I want an up close view of your cock as it slides into her delicious pussy. Hurry up!"

Tony moved up between his wife's spread legs and tilted his cock down and tapped it on Joanna's forehead. Then he moved it up and lined his cock up with Patty's opening. With a firm but gentle push, Tony sunk the entire length of his cock inside Patty's overflowing sheath. Patty pushed back against him and purred as she continued to feast on Joanna's pussy.

Tony fell into a regular rhythm so all three of them were in sync with each other. They continued for a long time even though both Patty and Joanna had experienced a couple of orgasms each. Barbie asked, "Tony, have you cum in Patty yet? If not, will you please fuck me? Beth had Brian with her last night and I need something hard and willing to satisfy."

Tony pulled his cock out of Patty and moved over behind his sister. He was just as firm sliding into Barbie as he had been with Patty and he immediately started pumping into her at a good steady pace. A few minutes later both Beth and Barbie experienced another orgasm each. Beth said, "Let me up, I want to go join Patty and Joanna."

Tony pulled his cock out of his sister and waited until Beth had moved then Barbie laid down on her back and opened her legs and said, "Tony, please, I want you to fuck me hard and fast this time. I want you to slam that cock into my pussy."

Tony sat on his heels for a few seconds and looked down at his sister spread wide for him to ravish her body. He looked at her puffy pussy lips all red from being licked and fucked. He looked up her sweat coated body. Finally he moved forward and asked, "Are you sure you want me to fuck you hard?"

"I want you to slam that cock into me like you've never done before. I want you ..... OH GOD .... Tony I really want you!" Barbie moaned.

Tony reached down and lifted his sister's legs up and pinned her knees against her chest so her pussy and asshole were turned upwards. Tony said, "Barbie, aim my cock at your hole, your wish is my command."

Barbie reached down and moved her brother's cock until it was in the opening to her vagina and then simply said, "NOW! FUCK ME!"

Without any hesitation Tony forcefully jerked his hips forwards and jammed his cock deep inside his sister. Barbie squealed and sharply inhaled when Tony didn't stop. He was like a jackhammer beating a hole in the lower end of her body. Patty, Joanna and Beth stopped what they were doing and watched Tony slam his cock home with each stroke and heard Barbie's constant screams.

Barbie's body went rigid a few times but Tony continued to relentlessly slam his cock deep inside her body. After many minutes, Tony screamed as his orgasm snuck up on him and he only had time to yell, "HOLY FUCK! HERE IT CUMS!"

He continued to fuck Barbie for a few more minutes but slowed his pace gradually. Finally he stopped and the sweat was pouring off his face and he looked down at Barbie as he let her legs fall back down beside him. Barbie had a hard time catching her breath but when she did, she smiled up at her brother and squealed, "I had six fucking orgasms in one fucking session. Thank you, my dear bother."

"That was pretty intense if I don't say so myself." Patty said.

Tony finally pulled his cock out of Barbie and fell on the bed beside her. He put his arm over her chest and said, "That's it for me, I am fuckin' done. I'll watch the rest of you until I go to sleep."

Barbie said, "I'm finished for the night too. My poor pussy is too tender for any more activity tonight."

Tony leaned in and kissed his sister saying, "I didn't mean to hurt you sis. I'm sorry."

Barbie smiled at Tony saying, "Oh no brother dear, I'm not hurt by any means. I just had the best fucking of my life and now I'm just going to lay here and enjoy the view."

The three women switched places and partners for the next hour without including Tony or Barbie in any of the activities. After a particularly long session between Patty and Joanna they collapsed after each of them experienced a screaming orgasm. It took a while for them to catch their breath and once they did, Patty said, "I've wanted to enjoy Joanna's body since the first time I saw her."

Tony said, "Honey, Joanna, I'm glad that all of you are enjoying each other. I had fun with Joanna earlier so now it's time for all of you to have fun."

Tony said, "Do you mind if Barbie and I go find a bed to sleep in and the three of you can stay here and play."

Joanna looked at Patty and waited for her answer. Patty looked at Joanna and then at Beth before she said, "Of course dear, go ahead and take one of the rooms. Joanna, do you still have any energy left?"

Joanna smiled and said, "I'm ready to play. Both of you are welcome to stay as long as you want."

Tony roused his sister Barbie who was already half asleep by saying, "Come on honey, we'll go find a bed and go to sleep."

They maneuvered off the bed and headed out the door before Joanna asked, "Now where were we?"

Beth said, "Joanna, I want to get some more of that delicious looking pussy of yours."

Without any further ado Beth slipped down the bed and between Joanna's spread legs. Beth took a few moments to enjoy the view of Joanna's bald slit before she leaned forward and kissed her way up and down it. Finally she extended the tip of her tongue and when she pried it between Joanna's pussy lips, Joanna whimpered. Within minutes Joanna began humping Beth's face while Beth relentlessly pleasured her.

Patty moved swiftly behind Beth and lay down on her back so her face was directly below Beth's pussy. She reached up and pulled Beth's hips down until she could lick Beth's clit. Beth moaned softly into Joanna's pussy while she pressed her own pussy down on Patty's face.

The three women made love to each other until the wee hours of the morning. When they had finally worn each other down completely, they snuggled together in the center of the bed. All three of them were almost asleep when Patty said, "I've got to pee."

That simple statement made all three of them start to giggle and within seconds all three of them had to pee. Patty was the first one out of bed since she was on one side with Joanna in the middle. Beth and Joanna followed Patty into the bathroom. Patty sat down on the toilet with her legs spread and peed a lot before she started to just dribble. Beth reached out and pulled some toilet paper off the roll and squatted in front of Patty and wiped her pussy.

Joanna watched as Patty stood up and Beth took her place on the toilet. Beth also spread her legs and both Joanna and Patty could hear the hiss of Beth peeing and they could see the stream. Joanna reached down and pulled some paper off the roll and when Beth finished, Joanna wiped her pussy saying, "Wow, another first for me."

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