tagLoving WivesThe Hotwife Games Ch. 01

The Hotwife Games Ch. 01


What follows is a story that involves all the stuff you think a story with this title would involve. If those things - hotwives, game shows, endless hot, sweaty, kinky sex involving infidelity, group sex, cuckolding, and lots of fucking, or the word "the" - are not your cup of tea... that's okay! Just don't read it.

If you are into that stuff, strap in.

This is a work of pure fantasy, designed for the dirty-minded to get their cocks and clits off.



Rakesh Vaibhav sipped the cold bottle of San Pellegrino the pretty assistant had handed him.

The couch was comfortable — everything in this nicely appointed green room was — but his knee couldn't stop bouncing up and down in his seat. Rakesh was nervous.

Twenty minutes ago his wife, Diana, had gone backstage to get made up and into her "outfit".

They were seconds away from starting.

The pretty blonde assistant came back, clutching her clipboard. "Rakesh?" she said with a smile, "We're ready for you."

He took a last swig of sparkling water, wishing it had been a tequila shot. He got up and followed her.

"I'm Chloe, by the way," she said, turning and shaking his hand with a smile.

"Nice to meet you," he said, realizing it came out as a croak. He was nervous, but he couldn't help but admire the beautiful woman in front of him, in a tight green dress that ended where her thighs began. Her tousled blonde hair was pinned back by a headset-microphone.

"It's so fucking rad that you're doing this," she said, continuing to walk. "Your wife is very lucky."

His eyes moved down to Chloe's shapely ass as she walked ahead of him. Its thick apple shape was evident through the thin material of her short dress. She was clearly wearing a G-string or a thong, one of Rakesh's favorite pieces of underwear to see Diana in. Was he going to see his wife in a thong tonight, he wondered? And he wondered other things...

Somehow his nerves must have rattled down to his crotch, because he realized that despite his heart beating eighty miles a minute, he was fully hard inside his jeans.

As they rounded the corner to the flats behind the stage, he could see the bright stage lights piercing through. Worse, he could hear the murmur of a full audience.

He joined two other men, waiting there, who he thought looked just as nervous.

One was a skinny white dude, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, with neatly combed hair and a Wall Street haircut. His button-down shirt was tucked into his slacks.

The other was a shorter, stocky man with a large paunch, somewhere around forty. He was in a t-shirt and jeans, with shaggy hair and a close-cropped beard.

Rakesh nodded hello. They nodded back.

He didn't want to look down to check, but he wondered if they were just as excited as he was.

Chloe touched his arm and smiled at him.

"Don't be nervous," she said. "You're gonna have fun..." She bit her lip. "I hope."

She noticed his bulging crotch.

"At least, I'm sure he's gonna have fun," she said with a wink.

Music boomed. A rumble of bass and a sexy, driving drumline shook the whole room. Applause broke out as the lights dimmed. And then came the thundering sound of the announcer over the speakers.

"Welcome to the dirtiest, most popular adult show streaming everywhere..."

Spotlights circled and crossed outside over the stage. Rakesh craned over to get a view through the stage wings.

The audience cheered, some of them shouting along with the announcement. The show clearly had rabid fans. So many people were going to watch this live, Rakesh thought. And even more at home.

"Featuring the naughtiest women from around the world, living out their hottest fantasies..."

Rakesh involuntarily mouthed along himself. After all, he'd watched this show a hundred times, privately, masturbating to it on countless nights when his wife was fast asleep.

"With their husbands right by their side..."

Only tonight, Rakesh was going to be a part of the show... and so was his wife Diana.

"It's The Hotwife Game Show!"

Music blasted as the two hosts came out to thunderous applause. The lights came up to a full wash.

"Who's feeling naughty tonight?" Jessica, the hostess of the show, asked. She had fair skin, an incredibly curvy figure, and long brownish-blonde hair. "I said, who's feeling naughty tonight?!"

The audience cheered massively. The three large screens around the studio captured her hourglass figure as she strutted to centerstage. Jessica's taut, flat midriff was visible below a tight white crop-top that clung to her large breasts, and her gorgeous legs stuck out below the tiniest of black leather skirts. Her feet were strapped in black heels. Hanging around her neck towards her cleavage was a small silver key on a thin chain. She smiled as she posed, drawing large applause.

"Well, then, you're in for a goddamn treat," Chris chimed in. Her co-host was a handsome man in his thirties, in a tight black suit. He strode over and put him arm around Jessica's waist. "Because at The Hotwife Game Show, we get positively fuckin' filthy! Isn't that right, sweetie?"

He turned to Jessica. She smiled and then kissed him full on the lips. The audience cheered as their mouths opened and their tongues explored each other, as Jessica rubbed her curvy body over Chris's form. Chris cupped and squeeze her thick ass through her tight skirt.

When they pulled away from each other to loud applause, Jessica held up her left hand, turning it and wiggling her fingers towards the audience. The diamond on her ring finger sparkled in the studio lights. "Now that's how you kiss your husband, ladies and gentlemen!" she said.

Chris laughed. "If you're one of the sexiest hot-wives in the world, that is!" he replied, smacking her sexy ass.

"So, hubby," Jessica said, "Let's tell these horny folks how the show works."

Rakesh listened from behind the stage, but his mind was only half-processing what they were saying.

He knew how the show worked already, of course: three sexy wives from around the world would compete in a series of increasingly intense challenges while their husbands watched or, if necessary, participated. If either the wives or husbands wanted to quit at any point, they could, and that would be the end of their run on the show.

Every show, they changed the challenges — seeming to becoming more and more risqué with each new episode — so as to keep the games fresh.

And of course, the wives that stayed would compete in The Sluts Ball, a no-holds barred challenge that, when Rakesh watched the show in the private darkness of his bedroom, would sometimes make him cum just from hearing Jessica describe what was going to happen...

And now, tonight, his own wife, Diana, was going to be doing these challenges. His mind was racing as he wondered what she was thinking, right that moment. What was he going to feel when she walked out on stage in the revealing outfit they'd picked for her? Would they even make it to The Sluts Ball? Would she want to quit right on the first challenge? Or would they win the grand prize, the big motivation that - at least from what Diana said - had gotten them there in the first place?

"... And the husband and wife that win the incredible Sluts Ball will win our incredible grand prize of $800,000!" Chris said, drawing applause.

The shaggy-haired man near Rakesh whistled softly. They'd increased the prize money.

"But for the first time tonight... there's a twist."

An oooooh went up from the audience and Rakesh frowned. Twist? This was new to the show.

"In order to secure their prize, the final hotwife and her husband must finish a surprise challenge... with some very special secret guests."

"But more on that later!" laughed Jessica, drawing an anticipatory groan from the audience. "Who's ready to meet our sexy hotwives?"

The audience applauded and Rakesh's heart beat faster. He nervously cast a look at the two other men beside him. The clean-cut young man smiled back at him weakly, obviously just as nervous. The bearded man looked a little less shaken, as he craned his neck in anticipation of his wife's arrival.

"Then please welcome, all the way from Seattle, Washington... she's a teaching assistant in Feminist Studies at Washington State University, Daisy Monet!"

From his side view, Rakesh could see the entrance at the other side of the stage slide open. Somewhere back there was his wife, Diana, who would soon step out to the views of the cameras and the world, as a "hotwife"...

A young, small-built white woman in her mid-to-late twenties, stepped out of the doors, waving with some nervous excitement at the cheering crowd. She was pretty, with short black hair and nice legs that emerged from high-waisted, short denim shorts. Her tight black tank-top clung to her small breasts and ended above her belly-button, showing off a flat stomach. A few hoots and hollers went up from the audience as she spun around for them, showing off a gorgeous curvaceous ass in her short-shorts.

She went over and hugged Chris and Jessica.

"And welcome her husband," Jessica said, prompting the clean-cut young man near Rakesh to step forward towards the slats. He was visibly shaking with nerves and excitement. "Kevin Monet!"

Kevin stepped out and waved at the audience as they applauded, went over and joined Daisy. She kissed him on the lips, and they stood with their arms around each other.

"Excited, Daisy?" Jessica asked.

"Oh! So excited," Daisy said. She had an affected way of speaking, that sounded bubbly, and to Rakesh, a little annoying. "Hotwifing is my away of rebelling against the patriarchy, and I can't wait to win the grand prize for my babe."

"Ah! So that's what it's about for you. And Kevin, how are you feeling? Ready to see your darling wife be a hotwife in front of all these people?"

"Ah, yeah," Kevin said, less committed to the idea. "Very excited."

"Well, we're very excited to see this little lady get her slut on," Jessica purred, putting a hand on the small of Daisy's back. Daisy blushed. "Are you into kissing women, Daisy?"

"Um, yeah, I've dated quite a few."

"Interesting... Well how about I have a sample?" Jessica said, arching an eyebrow.

Daisy grinned and nodded. Jessica leaned forward, Daisy pulled away from Kevin, and the two met each other's bodies, kissing on the lips.

It was the first extramarital act of the night, and brought up a huge roar of applause. Jessica squeezed Daisy's teardrop-shaped ass, then gave it a smack.

"Let's bring out our next sexy hotwife!" Chris laughed, as the two broke the kiss, Daisy giggling and going back to Kevin. Kevin put his arm around her protectively.

"From right here in sunny Los Angeles, California, she's an actress you might recognize... well, from a small role or two... welcome Patti Greenham!"

This must be the wife of the slovenly guy on his right, thought Rakesh. He was about to wonder what she looked like, when she stepped out of the wing on the opposite side of the room. Rakesh's jaw dropped.

"Damn, she looks fine," said Patti's husband near Rakesh. He practically licked his lips. Rakesh had to agree.

Patti was a tall brunette with a stunning face, and the figure of a Playboy model. She had massive breasts that were held tight in a white lace corset, her cleavage pushed obscenely together. Her lush hair flowed behind her as she sauntered across the stage, loving the spotlight. She smiled a sultry smile, batting long eyelashes at the audience. Her smoky eyes smoldered over high cheekbones.

All she had on besides the corset was a pair of sexy white lace panties that showed off her curvaceous ass, and tall heels that capped off her mile-long, toned legs.

Hanging back on her head was a bridal veil. They were been newly married, perhaps, thought Rakesh, and now the bearded guy's knockout wife was dressed as an extremely slutty bride.

Chris was eagerly walking over to greet Patti when she surprised the hosts by turning for the audience, going right for the front row.

With her throbbing intro music still blasting, Patti began to gyrate her body as she locked eyes with a young man sitting in front. The boyish-faced lad couldn't have been older than a college sophomore, and his eyes went wide as saucers at this stunning specimen of sex moving towards him.

Patti started to dance for him. She writhed erotically, keeping her eyes glued to his, then leaned forward with a wry smirk and shook her big breasts in his face. He looked gleeful, then Patti turned and shook her shapely ass. She bent forward, rubbing her ass over his chest, down to the college boy's obviously rock-hard crotch.

"Well, well... looks like sexy Mrs. Greenham's starting off the contest early!" laughed Chris.

"She's a hot fucking bitch, huh?" her husband breathily whispered to Rakesh.

Rakesh had no answer. He was taken aback by the rude way this man described his wife, but he certainly concurred with the "hot" part. The gorgeous woman gyrated her ass on the college boy's dick, as he grinned ear-to-ear.

"Trust me, she is like no other slut you've ever met," her husband said. He was so uncouth he started to rub his crotch right there through his pants, ogling his wife out under the stage lights.

One thing was clear to Rakesh: If he and Diana wanted to win this contest, Patti was going to be some stiff competition. No pun intended. But then, he wondered, maybe Diana had already changed her mind, after watching this wanton display. Maybe his innocent wife wanted no more part of the proceedings.

"And let's welcome her husband," Jessica said, as Patti flicked her hair back and made her way back to the stage. The young kid in the audience had a dazed grin on his face, and the front of his basketball shorts sported a massive tent. "Karl Greenham!"

The pot-bellied bearded man excitedly barreled through the wings towards the stage, and Rakesh could feel some of the audience's confusion as he went towards his wife. This was the sexpot's husband?

Rakesh, meanwhile, realized Diana was up next. He could hear the sound of his heart.

"How do you feel about being a hotwife tonight, Patti?" asked Jessica.

"So excited," she purred. Even her voice was sexy. "I get to have all the fun I want, and make my new husband happy too. It's real hot being married to Karl... he really lets me explore."

"Is that right?" asked Chris. "You feel good about this, Karl?"

"Oh yeah," Karl said, gruffly, putting his arm around Patti to palm her shapely ass. He was almost a foot shorter than her, perhaps more with her heels. "Patti's a hot fucking slut, and I like to see her get all the cock she needs."

"And I need a lot of cock," Patti laughed. Someone in the audience whistled.

"Maybe even yours, sexy," Patti said, looking out and giving the unseen audience member a wink.

"Well you sure sound ready," Jessica said. "And damn, you look hot in that slutty lingerie." Jessica shared a flirtatious grin with her.

"But now it's time for our final hotwife," said Chris. Rakesh breathed in deep.

"She's a financial consultant in from London, England... please welcome Diana Vaibhav!"

Rakesh's lungs refused to exhale. A rich R&B tune played and his wife stepped onto the stage.

Diana looked stunning.

She had on the tightest and tiniest black dress he'd ever seen her wear. It clung to Diana's shapely body like liquid. Her plump C-cup breasts were exposed almost three-quarters of the way, the dress magically appearing to start right above her nipples. It clutched the sides of her waist and ended just inches over the lower curve of her ass, which was ever-so-slightly visible en route to her exposed legs. Her hair was styled, cascading around her face like it had on their wedding day. Diana's body was short and curvy, and she had an angelic, heart-shaped face that, at the moment, wore an incredibly naughty grin.

As Diana walked over to centerstage, she gave a sexy spin for the audience, giggling, showing off the long slit along one side of the dress, through which you could see the tan skin of her thighs and waist, and the thin black strap of a thong.

Rakesh was rock-hard.

The audience was cheering for his wife, who swayed enticingly on her black wedges towards Jessica and Chris. She gave Jessica a hug, then Chris.

Chris seemed to take his time holding her, blocking her from Rakesh's view.

Suddenly, Rakesh heard an "oooh" go up from the audience, and a cheer. Frustrated he couldn't tell what was happening, Rakesh craned his neck this way and that.

Their hug seemed to end, and Rakesh's wife walked over with a wicked grin to her spot near the other two couples.

"That's one way to welcome someone, hubby," Jessica said, playfully reaching over and grabbing on Chris's manhood. Rakesh noted he was erect in his suit pants, and grinning ear-to-ear.

"Well, what can I say? Those boobs looked real inviting. And I guess, so did Lil' Chris!"

The audience laughed. What had just happened? wondered Rakesh. Chris must have felt up Diana's breasts, and... did she grab his cock?

"Maybe I ought to give her husband just as nice a welcome..." Jessica laughed. "Please welcome Rakesh Vaibhav!"

Rakesh gulped air. He gathered his nerves. He stepped out into the light, trying to ignore the audience, and made a beeline for his wife.

When Rakesh got there, Diana wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He felt her hot, curvy body pressed against him, and ran his hands over the small of her back. A cheer went up from the audience, with some applause.

Diana made a real show of the kiss, rubbing her body against Rakesh's, letting her hands wander over his back and down to his ass. She made sure to smack it.

Rakesh himself couldn't resist his sexy wife as her tongue pushed into his mouth and dueled his. He grabbed the fleshy globes of her ass and squeezed them through the dress. His dick pushed against her belly, fully hard.

"Damn, now that's a welcome!" Jessica said. "Sorry, hubby, you may have got the gold treatment, but looks like Rakesh is the only one getting the platinum!"

Diana pulled away from her husband, grinning up at him with her full lips. He was lost in her beautiful brown eyes, seeming to twinkle with naughtiness. He was short of breath, could feel nothing but the blood engorging his penis.

"Damn straight, hon," said Chris, "No lie, I loved getting to feel those gorgeous boobs, but I wish I could get some of that. At any rate, let's —"

Diana's eyes flicked over at Chris, and then back at Rakesh. She flashed her husband one of the trademark I'm-up-to-no-good grins he'd seen on her lately, and then was out of his arms.

" — get this competition started. We have —"

But before the host could finish, Diana was in his arms, with her own arms moving around his body. The host of The Hotwife Games was taken aback when the brazen woman sluttily pressed her mouth against his.

Rakesh couldn't believe his eyes. A second ago his beautiful wife was wrapped around him, with her tongue in his mouth, and now she was a few feet away making out with the host of the show. He watched her French-kiss the suited host, and jealously observed Chris's hands stealing down to Diana's hot ass. He watched as Chris cupped and palmed Diana's ass-cheeks through her dress.

The audience was losing it. Rakesh understood the fervor: he'd watched dozens of episodes of the show (often while the woman he thought was his innocent wife was fast-asleep nearby), and never had it escalated so quickly into activity. Usually the wives seemed demure at the start, and only really got going once the games started. But so far, both Patti and Diana had taken their introductions to the next level...

But then Diana's hands moved behind her and held Chris's hands still. She gently pried them off of her ass.

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