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"So tell me about him.'

Anna leaned in as we sat in the cafeteria.

'Well, first off, he had the highest points I've ever seen. He must be close to the leader board or something.'

'God, for him to sleep with that many women he must have been gorgeous. You lucky girl!'

'Mmm, he was, and his cock! Oh god, I can still feel it when I close my eyes.'

Anna giggled, only to suddenly stop and tap my arm.

'Quickly, see that woman.'

She pointed to a pregnant woman who worked on one of the other floors from me.

'Yeah, what about her?'

'So, my announcement that I told you about. I found a new hidden secret in the game. Well, she was the one who told me about it, but anyway. You can get even more points from sex.'

The dreams of going for the leader board suddenly flashed in my eyes.


'Yeah, there another bonus in the game!'

'What is it?'

'A pregnant multiplier.'


'It's true. She told me all about it so I went off the pill and let a guy knock me up.'

My jaw dropped.

'Oh my god, you're pregnant?!'

She grinned back at me proudly.

'Yep. It's a three times multiplier. I've been getting three thousand points every time I get creampied.'

'Wow! I mean, congratulations, but... wow. Three thousand?'

'Mhmm. So what are you thinking? Are you going to go off the pill too?'


I couldn't give Anna a proper answer then and there. There was too much swirling in my mind. On the one hand, this was a big step. On the other, I had already come so far. I would never make it onto the leader board if other people had such a huge advantage.

I got back to my apartment and began changing for another night out. I was torn over this. I mean, a child was a huge undertaking. But, at the same time, if I had a kid now, they'd be the same age as Anna's kid and could grow up together.

No, that would be a silly reason, but it was still a saner reason than the feeling in my gut. Deep down, I wanted to go for this. Not for any long term plan, but to keep in the game. I was having so much fun fucking every night and watching my points rise, hoping one day to see my name on the leader board. I couldn't quit now, and what would happen when word spread about the pregnant bonus. Would men stop sleeping with me in favour of a pregnant woman?

My mind felt like it was hazy with lust. The thought of all those cocks and cum dripping between my legs. I didn't want it to stop yet. I loved it. I couldn't stop.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had bought a new dress, shorter than any of the others I owned. It hugged my figure nicely, showing off my long slender legs. Struck with an idea, I pulled my g-string down, kicking it aside. My pussy tingled at the thought of how close to being exposed it was in this short dress. I turned around and bent over ever so slightly. The hem of the dress clung tight to my ass. I pulled it up a bit until it barely covered the bottom of my ass and I could see a peak of my pussy bending over.

Perfect, I thought.

As I headed to the bathroom to do my makeup, I grabbed my birth control pills and threw them into the trash.


I gave Terry's office door a knock and opened it.

'Hi Emily, what can I do for you?'

I could see his eyes falling over my body as I stood there. I couldn't blame him. I wore a white, low cut blouse made from the thinnest material I could find. With no bra on underneath, my areolas were clearly visible in the tight fitting fabric. Beneath that I wore the shortest skirt I could get away with, and of course, no panties.

I had pushed the limits of what was acceptable to wear to work over the past few months, but my boss never seemed to care. As far as anyone seemed to comment, I could probably get away with wearing a bikini to work if I so desired.

I leant up against the door frame to his office, giving him a good view of the profile of my pregnant belly. I had really begun to show this last month, and as word spread about the pregnant multiplier, I had found no shortage of men wanting to fuck me. Though, by now, half the women in the office were pregnant.

'How's your score in sexville going?'

He leaned back in his chair, a grin affixed on his face.

'Not as well as I would like.'

'Do you have a sex break coming up?'

A year ago perhaps I would have had the lucidity to question a 'sex break' being implemented, but by the time it was, I was too thrilled at the prospect of having more time to work on my ranking.

'I can bump it forward a bit. Where do you want to do this?'

He stood up from his chair and loosened his tie. I unbuttoned my blouse, letting my breasts spill free from their tight constraint.

'Do you have a preference?'

'Right here would be best. Marnie will be bringing a report for me soon and she won't be happy if I'm not here to take it.'

I stepped around to his side of the desk as he pulled his pants down. His cock sprang free, pointing straight at me. Large veins coating its rigid length.

Before I even had a chance to stroke it, his firm hands grabbed my shoulders and bent me over the desk. I could feel my skirt ride up my ass as I bent forward, presenting my wanting pussy to him. The head of his cock nudged at my nether lips, running up and down their length. I shuddered as he teased my clit before plunging into me.

I was so wet. I always seemed to be wet. It was as if the non-stop fucking had changed me to the point where my body couldn't go without it. I had become such a slut. A cock hungry slut. And I loved every minute of it. This was what I had always wanted. I would never go another day again without feeling a man's cock deep within me; his cum leaking between my slutty little legs. The thrill of letting myself fall pregnant. Anna had already decided what she would do after she gave birth. She had no intention of going back on the pill or stopping. I found myself sharing her sentiment. The thought of being impregnated by one of the scores of men who fucked me was too exciting to give up.

I rocked forward on his desk as Terry thrust in and out of me. His hand caressed my belly, perhaps wishing he were the one to have done the deed. I had heard that men received a unique bonus if they were the ones to impregnate a girl. Perhaps an offset to give them a reason to fuck non-pregnant women.

His thrusting became more rapid and I felt myself nearing an orgasm. My breath coming out in gasps. My toes curling and my legs buckling. I bit my lip as the wondrous sensation swept over me. My fingers dug into the desk as he continued to work his cock into me. Every thrust sent shivers up me as my pussy came down from its high. With one last thrust I felt him shoot into me. Those long thick ropes that I loved to feel splash against my insides oh so much.

Finally, he pulled out from me. He reached across the desk and grabbed a tissue before holding it to my gaping pussy.

'Here, the cleaner's will be furious at me if I get any more cum in the carpet.'

I took the tissue from him and held it to my pussy, feeling it grow wet as his cum leaked from me. I sat on the edge of his desk and pulled my phone out. He watched it as he pulled his pants back up.

'How are you going in the app?'

As the leader board flashed up on my screen I held it up to him. In the number eight spot sat my username.

'Wow, nice! How close are you to the others?'

'I don't know, it's hard to tell. But I haven't overtaken them yet, and I've been really trying.'

'I'm sure you'll get to number one in no time. Our own home grown hero.'

He sat back in his chair while I stood up.

'I should let you get back to work.' I readjusted my skirt and headed to the door. 'I'll see you later.'

Without bothering to button my blouse back up, I exited his office. It didn't seem necessary. The blouse was hardly covering to begin with. Besides, I wasn't finished yet.

I looked over the app. Not much had changed with it over the last few months. Though I did now notice a little government seal beside the sexville logo. I couldn't remember when that popped up, or perhaps it had been there all along and I never picked up on it. I suppose that was a good thing. I would hate to see them run out of money and have to shut the app down. An addicting little game like this was too fun to let go of. With government funding they would be able to keep it running forever. And my name would be at the top of the leader board forever.

I stopped by the next office door and knocked.

'Come in.'

I was just a few points off my next upgrade, and surely I was about to overtake number seven. I would have to keep busy if I wanted a shot at number one.

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