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The Heiress Ch. 06

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Dancing naked to entertain the gods.
3.4k words

Part 6 of the 15 part series

Updated 04/01/2021
Created 12/22/2019
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The year is 1927. Penelope is a very wealthy heiress who came out of mourning after her guardian died, and decided to embark on a period of sexual adventure. Her friend, and old private school crush, N'Dula visited, and educated her in the finer arts of bondage. Penelope is a willing submissive and exhibitionist, and decided to travel to Natawe, N'Dula's home country, for two months to further her libidinous journey. Slavery still exists in Natawe, an archipelago off the west coast of Africa, and Penelope eagerly consented to be bonded to N'Dula for the two months of her stay.

On a trip to America, Penelope came under the influence of a new domme, Daisy Buchanan. Daisy has now taken them both back to Natawe so that she can enjoy Penelope's slavery and submission to the full.


Penelope was energetically teasing N'Bunu's cunny with her tongue.

"Lick harder, slutty white girl, or I whip tits!" barked the beautiful black servant girl.

N'Bunu was crude and heavy-handed with the whip. She had been hired as a taskmistress by Penelope's owner, Daisy, specifically to correct and manage the submissive white heiress.

Being a free citizen did not necessarily denote class, thought Penelope as she followed her superior's instructions. The perpetually naked white girl had had to endure a good number of degradations, as well as N'Bunu's potty mouth.

Penelope was in heat, as N'Bunu had lathered the aphrodisiac balm around her cunny just an hour before. Her nipples were raised, and she was covertly rubbing her clitoris while the taskmistress enjoyed her. If she was honest, any sexual release was worth the walloping that the black servant girl applied. The submission and punishment, as well as the humiliation and forced exhibitionism, kept her close to cumming. Since returning to Natawe, the aphrodisiac once again dulled her senses and controlled her libido. She was constantly flustered, and loved to be used by her owner Daisy, or by the servant girls who worked in the villa, whenever they chose.

The taskmistress tightened her legs around Penelope's head and her thighs shuddered. She closed her eyes as she came.

"All done, Miss Bare Fanny," said the dark-skinned beauty. "Stand up, back straight, titties out!"

Penelope stood up, showing off her nude form, leaving N'Bunu laying back on the bed with a smile on her face. The white slave felt cheated as she hadn't achieved release yet. Perhaps there would be another opportunity later?

"We buy filthy slave something to wear today," she said as she got up and grabbed the crop that was left on the end of the bed. "Take you for fitting!"

Penelope yelped as the taskmistress applied the riding crop to her backside. Being dominated like this aroused the slave girl, even though it stung as it made contact with her pale white bottom.

N'Bunu could see that the white girl was flustered, and put her fingers to the slave's sex. She began to finger, and watched Penelope's eyes start to close in ecstasy. Abruptly, she stopped before Penelope arrived at her destination. This was so cruel.

"Go get chain for walk to town," bellowed the black girl. The bare white slave hurried off to find it, holding onto her backside as the welt started to raise across her buttocks. It was going to be another march through the market square with both her charms and her bruises on show.

She recalled the first meeting with her harsh taskmistress.


"Get your ass out here, slave girl," called Daisy from the courtyard.

Her American owner had rented a villa from N'Dula for a few weeks while she found her feet in Natawe. Penelope had spent the last few days running around in the bare, cleaning and scrubbing. The servant girls who worked in the villa had no idea that the naked slave was actually a wealthy heiress, as they ogled her nude white form and barked orders at her.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Penelope, hurrying as fast as she could. When she got outside, she saw Daisy speaking with a beautiful young black girl, who was holding a riding crop.

"This is N'Bunu," said the American. "Apparently, having a taskmistress to manage your slaves is the way that things are done here. Get on the floor and show respect."

Penelope lay down on her stomach with her arms spread. Her bare white bottom had not yet properly darkened, and stood out against the rest of her tanned skin. N'Bunu applied a harsh stroke with the crop to her backside, eliciting a yelp from the poor white girl.

"You do as N'Bunu say, or get plenty wallop!"

"Now we all know where we stand," laughed Daisy. "I'm sure you two will get on like a house on fire!"


N'Bunu made the slave girl march in front, so that she could easily apply the crop to Penelope's bottom whenever she felt it was needed. She held the chain, and so Penelope felt like a pet being taken for a walk.

"White slave's bum wobble nice," said the taskmistress. "Give everybody nice treat!"

N'Bunu's crudeness, and the clothed citizens walking around the market square, reminded Penelope of her position. The exhibitionism and control were once again making her hot and flustered.

"Look at slave girl's nipples!" said a passer-by. "They stand up like nails!"

There were several humiliating aspects of being marched nude into town. Penelope's arousal was clearly visible, as also were the marks across her buttocks from any punishments that she received. The riding crop left bruises and welts across her dimpled bottom for all to see.

The town was dusty, as it had not rained for several days and the heat was intense. It was like wandering around an old bazaar. Although there was great wealth, there were no modern machines, and the clothing seemed to be from previous centuries.

"We get slave dressed for festival," said N'Bunu. "Choose fancy garments for dirty girl."

This was the annual religious festival that was held, celebrating whatever gods that the libidinous locals followed. There was a carnival that involved slaves dancing through the streets. Whatever form it took, Penelope was glad that she would be given something to wear, as otherwise she didn't know how she would cope with all of those eyes on her bare form.

It was to take place within two days. She would be taught how to dance by N'Bunu tomorrow, and then spend the following day dancing from one end of the city to the other.

Penelope felt like she was the only one naked for most of the walk, as all of the other citizens and slaves wore clothing. As they turned a corner, however she saw a beautiful black girl, completely nude and leashed, being led by her owner. The girl looked confident and alive, showing off her charms as she trotted along. This was the effect of the aphrodisiac after a few weeks of application - slaves were turned into submissive exhibitionists who did whatever they were ordered, and they relished any sexual encounter.

"This is place," said N'Bunu, and they entered a shop.


N'Bunu had a good deal of experience of training slaves for the annual religious festival that was coming up. Slave girls were used for entertainment during the procession that went from the market square to the temple. This shop would provide everything that was needed to augment the slave for the dancing.

She led the white girl through the shop by the chain. The silly slave girl looked apprehensive. Didn't she have any idea how slaves were dressed for the holy day?

The room was bedecked with chains, collars and other accessories which would adorn the participants of the carnival, but certainly not provide anything to cover their modesty.

N'Bunu browsed the different accessories. There were many beautiful toys, and she looked further until she found what she wanted.

The slave girl's eyes bulged as she looked around the room. N'Bunu realised she had obviously not been dressed for carnival before, and probably found some of the items a little shocking. This was extremely amusing, and the fitting was clearly going to be fun!

She went over to the shopkeeper with three tiny bells, which made a sharp jangling sound as they shook.

"Take these for white girl," said the taskmistress. "You put them on her?"

"Of course," said the shopkeeper. "Has she been decorated before? We can always restrain her if necessary."

N'Bunu nodded, and the nude white girl was marched over to a wooden bench with wrist restraints at each corner. She was commanded to lay down on her back as the restraints were locked around her wrists and ankles. A rag was put into her mouth to bite on.

The toys were cleaned with alcohol, and then fitted. The slave's eyes opened wide as she realised that her nipple was to be pierced. She breathed quickly and tried to stay still as the sharp point pushed into her nipple. She bit down on the rag hard.

The shopkeeper was incredibly skilled and quick. The nipple was pierced, and the bell fitted. Soon, the second one was in place. N'Bunu held up the last bell, which was smaller, and she giggled as she noticed the slave girl seemed confused. Surely she knew where this one was going to be placed?

N'Bunu smiled broadly as she saw the realisation and panic move across the naked girl's face. The white slave bit down again as it was fitted to the hood of her clitoris, and in a second it was all over. The restraints were removed, and the white girl stood up, jingling as she moved.


Penelope walked along in front of N'Bunu, more flustered than ever now she realised she was not going to be allowed clothing for the festival. Several things now contributed to her increased arousal.

The aphrodisiac tapped into her submissive nature, and so her forced exhibitionism in the middle of the market square left her flustered. The metal chain attached to her collar leashed her to her taskmistress, so combined with her nudity, it conveyed to her that she was entirely owned.

The occasional stroke applied with the riding crop if she dithered stung sharply as it was applied, but the after effect was that she felt controlled. Finally, every move she made was accompanied by a jingling sound from the tiny bells attached to her nipples and her sex.

When N'Bunu stopped to look at market stalls, Penelope couldn't help but rub her legs together with excitement. She blushed bright red from embarrassment while her body seemed to lose all control. She wanted it all to stop, but at the same time wished it would never end. How would she cope during the carnival?

N'Bunu reached forward and grabbed Penelope's breast.

"Open wide," she commanded, and the slave girl opened her mouth. "Hold this!"

She placed the riding crop into Penelope's mouth, and the slave gripped it with her teeth. N'Bunu still held the slave girl's breast and began to fondle it, stroking the nipple until it stood up firm. Penelope's eyes rolled as she realised she was becoming het up again.

The slave moved her fingers towards her sex, but N'Bunu saw and walloped her backside with her free hand. Penelope yelped.

"No fiddle in middle of market square, filthy white girl!" barked the taskmistress. "You show control, or bum will be black and blue."


Daisy Buchanan was enjoying the afternoon in bed with her slave. The heat in Natawe was sometimes unbearable, which made her rampant and usually led to her ravishing the young British heiress in ever more imaginative ways.

"I guess you're looking forward to this naughty erotic festival that's coming up?" she asked Penelope.

"I'm about to burst, and I don't know how I'm going to be able to control myself," replied Penelope, on all fours on the bed. "To be frank, I'm not sure if I can go through with this."

Daisy wore the strap on phallus, and pushed it gently against the opening to Penelope's sex. Another nudge and it slid in.

"It really isn't down to you, is it, my little slave girl?" laughed Daisy. "But I agree you have a choice. Why don't you discuss it with your taskmistress? From the look of the bruises all over your ass, I'm guessing she'll be amenable to your point of view?"

The white slave girl realised that this was the signal to shut up and fuck.

Daisy grabbed the slave's hair tightly as she began to thrust. The tiny bells jingled with each movement, which caused her owner to laugh.

"My dear, you're blushing again," said the American, as she slapped the collared white girl's backside.

Penelope was forcefully being made aware that she was owned, and was in for the most humiliating experience imaginable. The sound from the tiny bells attached to her most intimate places underlined her place as a slave. As these thoughts occurred to her, she came deeply, moaning and shaking.


N'Bunu knew she had to be strict with the silly white girl. She had a leather strap at the ready, which would provide any necessary encouragement.

She described the moves clearly and abruptly to the slave girl.

"Legs wide, shake cunt at audience."

The silly girl blushed, but started to carry out her orders. N'Bunu walloped her bottom with the strap.

"Faster, shake cunt lips more!"

"Shake titties!"

Every shake and gyration resulted in a symphony being played by the tiny bells attached to the slave girl's nipples and to her sex. Perspiration ran down her nude body from the heat and the exertion.

"Put hands through hair!" ordered N'Bunu, and so Penelope raised her arms.

The Mistress of the house sat on a chair, watching.

N'Bunu ordered her to dance in front of her owner.

"Delightful!" said Mistress Daisy, as the slave began to improve.

As the slave gyrated her hips, her owner held up a polished wooden phallus between the nude white girl's legs.

"Now put yourself onto this in front of me."

The slave girl bent her knees and lowered herself onto the phallus. A couple of nudges and it went in. She blushed again.

"Up and down you go, my girl!"


It was the day of the festival. N'Bunu had led Penelope to the beginning of the procession route by the metal chain attached to her collar. The taskmistress removed the leash.

"You free as bird now!" she giggled.

Although the other slave girls in the procession wore very little, they were still decent. Their breasts and sex were covered. Penelope appeared to be the only one nude.

N'Bunu ordered her to lean against a nearby wall and stick her bottom out. The taskmistress took an extra dollop of the aphrodisiac from a flask she kept at her hip, and applied it to the nude slave girl's sex. She rubbed it between the white heiress's legs and into her pussy. Penelope's hips started to gyrate, and the tiny bells attached to her genitalia began to ring.

"One more thing to make titties show nice," said N'Bunu. "Put hands behind head."

The nude slave girl complied, raising her arms and touching the back of her head. N'Bunu pulled some chained bracelets from her pocket. In a second, Penelope's wrists were attached to the back of her collar. She couldn't move her arms now. It had the effect of lifting her breasts, so her engorged nipples stood up more. She had no possible way to cover her nudity. The tiny bells were clearly visible.

"Titties bounce nice when dancing now," said N'Bunu. "You give good show or get wallop!"

She put the riding crop against Penelope's sex, gently rubbing the bare white girl's clitoris, to get her aroused for the dancing.

Penelope could hear the sound of drums beginning their performance. The beat would go on for the duration of the procession and into the evening. She started to rub her pussy against the riding crop, moving her hips to the drumbeat. The aphrodisiac was already starting to take her over, and she closed her eyes as she came closer to release.

"That enough for now - you stay hot for dancing. N'bunu watch, and if you come before finale, you get fifty stripes on white bum!"

Once again, Penelope was cheated out of release. The festival was going to be a test of endurance.


The dancing slave girls started to move down the thoroughfare. They bucked their hips and shook their chests at the crowd. The naked Penelope gyrated and rang her tiny bells as she pranced. The local Nataweans enjoyed the exotic, bound, nude white girl showing off her charms in the most shameless cavorting.

N'Bunu walked near to the bare heiress, holding her riding crop at the ready in case she dithered or did not give the best performance.

Penelope was lost in an erotic exhibitionist trance, the tingle in her cunny amplifying the breeze she felt across her breasts and her sex. She felt elated, humiliated, controlled and owned. She was continually close to orgasm.

There was another nude slave, the black girl that Penelope noticed the other day. She danced and shook her most personal parts at the crowd, proud of her beautiful backside and firm breasts. Each time she came near to the white girl, she stroked one of Penelope's intimate places. At one point she flicked the white girl's nipple, causing the tiny bell to ring. Another time she would slap Penelope's backside loudly to the beat of the drums. With her wrists secured behind her head, Penelope could do nothing to protect herself.

Penelope was acutely aware that her entire person now existed for the pleasure of the crowd and the nude black girl. Her nipples were stiff, and her cunny was wet.


The crowd had moved through the city at a pace, with cheers from the locals as Penelope showed off the most intimate parts of herself. She was dizzy with excitement and had a huge smile on her face.

There was some redness to her backside. The black girl had slapped it many times, and N'Bunu had applied a few strokes of the riding crop whenever she had tarried.

They were approaching the main temple, which was as far as they would go. The slave girls continued to dance as they entered the open courtyard, with the drumbeat still throbbing loudly.

The resident priest wandered around the slaves, looking for the most promising ones for the finale. He grabbed Penelope and the nude black slave girl by the hair.

"Here is the entertainment for our gods!" announced the priest.

The girls were ushered onto a large plinth, so that they could be viewed by everyone. The black girl was familiar with the ceremony, and grabbed Penelope's hair, pulling her head back and putting her mouth to the white girl's breasts. The nude, bound heiress nearly fainted.

"White girl get to cum now!" the black girl whispered into her ear, putting her finger to Penelope's sex. She urgently flicked the white slave's cunny until she could see her nearing orgasm. The crowd cheered as Penelope started to rub her sex against the finger.

This carried on for nearly a minute, until Penelope moaned and her hips shook.

Suddenly, the rain started, and the crowd cheered again. Penelope realised that the ceremony was a rain dance, entertaining the gods so that Natawe's crops would be watered.

The priest produced a double ended wooden phallus and gave it to the black girl, who then pushed Penelope onto her back, and held her legs apart. She repositioned herself, cunny to cunny, so that the dildo could be inserted into both pussies. Penelope moaned, and the black girl closed her eyes in ecstasy as they started to push their hips against each other. The rain ran down their naked bodies, soaking them from their their breasts down to their pussies.

In no time at all they both came, laying on the floor quaking and perspiring. The crowd cheered again. The rain continued to soak them.


"So, how did you enjoy the fertility dance?" asked Daisy. "You worked your magic and brought the rains!"

They were both back at the villa now, and Penelope was untied. The bells were still firmly attached to her person, and she wore a slave collar, but otherwise she was nude.

"The most erotic experience of my life," replied the nude heiress. "I flaunted the most sensitive parts of my body in front of the crowd, and then gave the most sensual show for everybody," replied Penelope, grinning from ear to ear.


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