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The Harem

byevil evil man©

The Sultan Ahmed ruled a large and prosperous kingdom in the 12th century. Young, wealthy, and powerful; the Sultan had everything a man could dream of and more. This included a large harem of concubines to serve him. Every night the Sultan would have beautiful women wait on him and willing to share a bed with him if he desired.

The Sultan's harem is quite large, as is befitting a man of his stature. The dozens of women who live within it have only one job, to look beautiful and be ready to serve the Sultan at a moment's notice. Each girl has a wide variety of skills to call upon in their service. These range from massage to washing another person in the baths to pleasuring a man.

Anisah is one of the most experienced of the concubines. She's one of the oldest of the Sultan's concubines although many who meet her believe she's one of the youngest. The other women jealously whisper that she's been blessed with eternal youth. Anisah has lived in the harem for as long as she can remember. She has been servicing the Sultan for years and it's widely known that she was one of his favorites to bring to his bed.

Her dark Arabic skin, large breasts, and gentle grace made her one of the Sultan's favorite concubines or Kadin. At least once a month she would be summoned to the ruler's bedchambers for the night. Anisah has not been afraid to use her influence to her advantage. Aside from her own private apartment, more than one person in the palace has been expelled or worse on her word. Such was one of the privileges associated with being one of the Sultan's Kadins.

While the other women would be jealous of her, they would also be careful not to make her aware of their avarice. Not unless they wanted to share the fate of Nadrah, who the Sultan had arrested on Anisah's word after the two of them had a falling out. After a brutal night of being mounted repeatedly by the palace guards in their barracks; her bruised, half-naked body was dragged up to the courtyard at dawn and she was beheaded in front of the other concubines. Since then none have dared to cross the Sultan's Kadin.

One day Anisah was in the harem with the other concubines. They were chatting, washing each other, and preparing for the Queen Mother to select the Sultan's companion(s) for that evening. Anisah enjoys this time, as she can admire the beautiful women around her as they bathe, dress, and groom each other. It also lets her check out the other girls to see if any may threaten to supplant her. The group was hearing the girl bedded by the Sultan the previous night describe how vigorous he was with her when suddenly, the door opened.

A pair of guards escorted half a dozen new concubines into the harem. The women began to swarm around the new girls, who were obviously nervous and frightened. As well they should be, most of the women welcoming the new arrivals were merely scoping out their competition. Anisah knows better than most that the harem can be a cutthroat place, literally.

Then her gaze fell upon one of the new girls. Anisah couldn't explain what it was about her blue eyes that mesmerized her. Next thing she knew she had walked over to her, the crowd parting as is befit for her status in the harem, took the young woman by the hand, and led her over to a private corner in the harem. The girl wore travelling robes that were modest and hid her figure. This was in stark contrast to the clothes of the harem girls, whose midriffs were exposed and wore brightly colored, light silks that showed their figures. The veils of the harems consisted of one layer of light silk that enabled one to make out the girls face still. The new girl's veil was heavy, so Anisah could only make out her eyes.

Anisah reached up and began to slowly remove the veil as the girl's piercing blue eyes stared at her. Slowly the garment came away, revealing a face whose beauty was beyond Anisah's comprehension. She wasn't the only one amazed, as several women behind her stopped to also admire the beauty she revealed under the veil. Her face revealed no expression as Anisah and the other women openly admired her. For a moment, Anisah considered having this girl disposed of as soon as possible, since her beauty makes her an automatic rival to Anisah for the Sultan's attention. But something about this girl fascinated Anisah and she realized that she couldn't just destroy such beauty.

The odalisques then entered the room and began searching for the concubine whom they were to help prepare for the selection. Anisah's odalisque came up with her garments to wear when the queen mother selected the Sultan's bed companion for that evening. The guards marched out and the doors were sealed as the concubines began stripping out of their silks to don the decorative outfits they were to wear for the selection. All but the new girls, that is. They were awkwardly sitting around as this occurred. Anisah stood up and removed her silks, standing naked before the girl.

The girl's gaze turned to the older woman as she shed her garments. The new girl was openly admiring Anisah's naked body. Anisah pretended not to notice as the odalisque began assisting her with dressing in her new outfit. Once finished, Anisah turned back to the new girl and ordered her to stand. The girl complied. Anisah and her odalisque removed her travelling robes and then her shoddy clothing to reveal her naked form.

Anisah had to stop herself from gasping as the odalisque carried the garments away. The beauty of her body matched that of her face. Her breasts were large but not overly so, her hips were wide, and the rest of her body was well toned. Since their culture doesn't celebrate birthdays, Anisah didn't think to try to guess her age. But she could tell that this girl only recently sprouted into a full woman. She reached between the girl's legs and was able to instantly tell that she was still a virgin. The girl gasped in pleasure as Anisah rubbed between her legs. The Sultan will enjoy bedding this one.

Anisah reached out and placed her hands over each of the girl's breasts. They were firm to the touch. Anisah gently but discreetly began rubbing them. Fortunately, the other women were still busy getting ready and they were in an out of the way corner so no one took note of this odd behavior. The young girl's mouth opened slightly and a small gasp of pleasure escaped her lips as Anisah massaged her chest. She could feel the girl's nipples growing hard under her palms. At the same time, Anisah felt a certain wetness appear between her legs. This surprised her, as that wetness only came on nights when the Sultan made her his prize. She looked down and saw a streak of wetness travelling down the girl's inner thigh as well.

The girl's blue eyes met the gaze of Anisah's hazel eyes. Obviously she was hoping to hear approval from the older woman. Although they just met, Anisah couldn't help but feel fondness for her. She stepped closer to this girl, so that the girl's tits lightly pressed against hers through the clothes she was wearing. Anisah then began rubbing her hands up and down the girl's sides. She could feel the wetness between her legs growing and wanted to bring this girl back to her apartments to explore this feeling more. Meanwhile, this girl began moving her hands up and down Anisah's sides as well. Their lips were so close they could feel each other's breath. Their breasts were touching lightly. A strong urge came over Anisah to pull this girl into her embrace and kiss her.

Suddenly, she spotted the odalisque returning with clothes for this girl past one of the columns lining the room. Just before they broke their embrace, the girl whispered, "My name is Faten."

The two stepped back from each other as the odalisque came up to them and started dressing the girl. Anisah and Faten simply stared into each other's eyes until the odalisque was done. For the rest of the hour the two women groomed each other along with the other concubines. Faten told Anisah how she was sold into slavery by her impoverished parents as a child, how she was sold time and time again to do house work, and how she had managed to avoid being deflowered by any of her previous masters. Anisah, in turn, told her what to expect in life as the Sultan's concubine, how she was the property of the Sultan to do with as he pleased, and, finally, Anisah loudly promised to show her how to entertain in the bedchamber. This would give Anisah an excuse to have Faten in her apartments all the time. Nevertheless, several concubines turned to them in amazement as she said this. Anisah was well known for keeping her secrets on pleasuring their master close.

Suddenly the door opened and the Queen Mother entered. All the concubines quickly lined up for her. Anisah didn't expect to be selected since the Sultan had bedded her just the other day. However, she was surprised when the Queen Mother approached Faten, gave her a look as though she offended the Queen Mother, and then walked on. Normally, the Queen Mother wouldn't even acknowledge new concubines for several months, let alone consider them for selection to serve the Sultan. Faten looked scared but Anisah put an arm around her, pulled her close, and whispered that it was alright. Two concubines were selected and told to go to the Sultan's bedchamber and await him. Another six were ordered to don their finest silk garments and go to the dining chamber to serve the Sultan and his guests. Anisah knew from experience that those six would likely wind up sharing the beds of the Sultan's guests.

"Come child," Anisah said, "I am Anisah and a Kadin of the Sultan. I shall be your tutor on what you must do to please our Master."

As the Queen Mother led the selected concubines from the chamber, Anisah took the girl in her arms and gently led her out another door to her own bedchamber. The girl looked scared as Anisah stripped her clothes off. This quickly turned to something else began to rub her breasts again. Anisah began kissing her passionately. The two women fell onto the bed together and Faten's very detailed tutelage began.


A week later Anisah was in her apartments, lounging on some pillows. On her bed was one of her odalisque servant girls. The odalisque was lying on her stomach naked. Faten was on top of her, straddling the girl across the waist. She was topless and wearing a very light set of silk pants that you could see through. The past week has been very intense for her, as all concubines are expected to be educated. Anisah has been guiding Faten through these lessons, including the current one on giving a massage.

The moonlight came through the window, shining on the two women in Anisah's bed. Faten has taken to her tutoring well. It appears that she has already mastered the massage techniques. Her hands moved up and down the servant girl's body as though she had been doing massages for years. Anisah's focus fell on the girl's exposed breasts. As she watched them jiggle around with the girl's movements, Anisah remembered how good her nipples tasted that morning. Anisah could feel herself grow wet while watching the younger girl and remembering their last tryst that morning. But she was patient and knew the value of delaying gratification. She'd get what she needed from Faten before they went to sleep.

Anisah stood up and sent the servant away. Faten kneeled on the bed and watched as Anisah stripped before her and stood naked in the moonlight. Anisah slowly got on the bed, crawling around the kneeling Faten and letting her admire Anisah's beautiful form. She finally lies on the bed face down. Faten gets on top of her, straddling the woman so that Anisah's ass would rub against her cunt when she moved.

Faten began to use the massage techniques that Anisah had shown her. Faten was discreetly moving her hips up and down the woman's rear as she massaged her. She could feel the wetness between her legs grow as she subtly rubbed her cunt against the woman's skin. She was wondering if Anisah could feel her juices flowing onto her skin and, if so, would she be angry? Suddenly the woman pushed against her, indicating that Faten was to rise. She rose to her knees and could feel some of her wetness dripping onto her thin silk garments.

Anisah rolled onto her back between Faten's legs. Her breasts jiggled around on her chest as she settled in and raised her arms to grip the head of the bed. Faten lowered herself back down so that her hips were between Anisah's legs. Now Anisah's pussy was pushing into Faten. She reached down and began massaging Anisah's breasts, rubbing them around and squeezing them. Anisah's back arched slightly and her mouth opened to give a silent groan. Faten could feel her wetness growing and started moving her hips to rub her cunt over Anisah's pussy hair.

Faten began to slowly lean down, unsure if Anisah would allow a kiss. She was halfway down and Anisah suddenly grabbed her shoulders in a firm grip. She roughly shoved her to the side, rolling with her. Now Faten was on her back, with Anisah straddling her. She immediately forced Faten's legs open and brought herself down on her as though she were a man mounting the girl. Faten instinctively raised her legs in the air as Anisah's hips thrusted into hers. Anisah grabbed Faten's long, dark hair and kissed her hard, letting all of her pent up passion loose.

Faten began to instinctively push her hips up against Anisah, as though she were meeting a man's thrusts. Anisah had one arm under the girl's shoulders, holding her close as their bodies rubbed against each other. She brought her other hand up to the girl's face and Faten began sucking on two of her fingers. Anisah was rubbing her body up and down against Faten's, making the motions of a man fucking her. She could feel her breasts rubbing against the younger girl. Anisah lifted one of her legs over the Faten's thigh and began rubbing her pussy against the girl's leg. She took her fingers out of her mouth and reached down between her legs. Faten's mouth hung open as her new lover began to rub her. Faten let out a moan of pain and pleasure as Anisah quickly brought her to the first true climax of her young life.

The sight of the young girl cumming onto her hand increased Anisah's desire. She continued rubbing the girl as she came down from the first climax and started working towards a second. Anisah was still rubbing herself against the girl's leg, building to her own climax. Faten was soon writhing under Anisah, arching her back, and instinctively thrusting her hips into Anisah's hand. Anisah got up and leaned back. She moved her hips down the girl's thigh so that their cunts were touching. Faten, having accepted her role as the submissive, meekly positioned herself so that Anisah can start rubbing her pussy against Faten's.

The two women soon found their rhythm and began to passionately fuck each other. Anisah could see the girl's tits bouncing around with each of their thrusts. She could feel her own climax building. Anisah looked into Faten's eyes as both women started thrusting more urgently. Anisah could feel herself starting to cum and entire body started shuddering. They tried to remain silent so as not to alert any of the women in the adjoining chamber. Even so, both women had started giving off muffled moans as they built to a climax together. Anisah closed her eyes and could feel Faten's thrusting become more rapid against her. A moment later the young girl was moaning loudly and Anisah could feel her body convulse. Anisah was slightly more restrained in her panting.

The two of them laid there for several minutes, enjoying the sensation of cumming on the other. Anisah opened her eyes to see Faten looking at her and panting. The two sat up to kiss each other. They feel to their sides on the bed, still kissing, and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. Anisah was enjoying her new pupil and wondered what "lesson" she would give tomorrow as she drifted off to sleep. As she drifted off, she wondered if anyone had heard them and realized what they were doing. The thought that the other women in the harem knew she was fucking one of the new girls was a big turn on, to her surprise.


Six months have now passed since Faten's arrival. She's now a completely different woman compared to the frightened girl who arrived in the Harem. She now carries herself with confidence, embracing her natural beauty rather then shy away from it. Day after day she attends her studies with Anisah and at nights they share a bed, where they either pleasure each other or Anisah teaches her how to please a man. The two had grown very close and Anisah had found herself caring for this girl in a way that was foreign to her.

The only nights the two are apart are when Anisah is called to share the Sultan's bed. Faten would stare at her in awe when she returned in the morning. The younger girl is always impressed with women who are carrying his royal seed. Faten always wants to hear what the Sultan did with her. Anisah will usually wait until they're in bed the next evening before giving her a very detailed renenactment of her previous night. She would play the Sultan and act out what the two of them did. Faten loved being the "Sultan's" bitch those nights. She would lay there as the "Sultan" fucked her and would wonder with a mixture of excitement and fear about what the real thing would be like.

The girl has not been called to share the Sultan's bed yet, although Anisah is certain that it will happen any day now. Faten had quickly become one of the most beautiful of the concubines these past six months. So Anisah wasn't surprised when the Queen Mother called Faten to the bedchamber one day. What she wasn't prepared for was to be called there as well. This was concerning as Anisah was certain the Sultan wouldn't approve of two of his girls fucking each other nightly. In fact, she was certain that one or both of them would be beheaded if he ever found out. They were there to serve only him after all. As the two women left the harem Faten looked excited at seeing a new part of the Palace. Anisah, however, was very nervous for she wondered if the Sultan was aware of what they were doing and disapproved. She looked back at the harem wondering if this was the last time she'd see it.

They were escorted to and left in the bedchamber to await the one who will defile them. Both women were dressed in very light silk cloth. Anisah led the younger girl to the main bed and showed her how to lie there so that the Sultan would be pleased. Each woman lay on one side of the bed on their side, leaving space between them for their master. Anisah was careful to make sure that the Master would easily notice their bodies and breasts when he walked in. For an hour they laid there, awaiting him. Anisah could sense the younger girl's nervousness at the prospect of being mounted by a man for the first time. Anisah knew the feeling of having the Sultan's cock inside her and was far calmer. She passed the time by telling Faten of the night the Sultan had deflowered her. She could tell that the younger girl was turned on by the image of her lover's body shaking on that very bed as a man defiled her.

Finally, the doors opened and the Sultan walked in. His presence was electrifying and both women couldn't help but get a little wet at the sight of his muscular arms and torso. With a gesture, he commanded the women to attend him. Anisah immediately rose from the bed with Faten following her lead. His gaze fell on the new girl, as Anisah anticipated. Faten seemed to wilt under the gaze of the man who obviously wishes to mate with her.

The two women stripped him down and dressed him in a light silk robe. The Sultan stretched out on some sitting cushions in the middle of the room and openly admired his two beauties. Anisah curled up on the floor at his feet as Faten served him with drink. For the next hour Anisah read to her master chapters from his favorite book as he gave Faten lewd looks. The young girl was nervous, as she has never been with a man before. Faten knew that he intended to fuck her before the night was through. She knew that he was her master and therefore she had no choice but, even so, she preferred to be bedded by Anisah. For months, Faten had looked forward to being taken by this man but now that the moment was almost upon her, she felt nervous and a little afraid.

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