tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Futa Queen Ch. 01

The Futa Queen Ch. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Author's Note: This is my first story I've written, so let me know what you liked/disliked. This part is heavy on sex and light on plot and features lots of futa action, fantasy sizes, and is in no way realistic. If this isn't what you want, you've been warned!


"Sonya!" called a young female voice I didn't recognize as I was walking out towards my car, the school day finally over. Annoyed that I was going to be delayed, I turned around to see who was calling me.

"Sonya, ummm, my ride home kind of bailed on me," said one of my classmates, Sam, I think her name was, as she finally caught up to me. "Uhhh, do you think you could give me a 'ride'?" She put emphasis on the word ride.

I smirked, realizing my afternoon was about to get a lot more fun. I gave her the once over. She was short, petite, and a plain Jane type of face. Not the usual bombshell babe I went for. Her tits were hidden under a very baggy hoodie, she might have had some big ones, but I doubted it. Most of the bustiest sluts in town I was intimately acquainted with. Oh well, I didn't have anyone else lined up for this afternoon, so some new pussy was better than nothing. This slut wasn't the first to ask me for a "ride" home, but it always ended in the same way. With my massive cock stretching out their wet pussy or hot asshole.

"Sure," I replied. "Sam, right?"

"Sage," she corrects.

"Oh right, sorry. C'mon, here's my car." It didn't take long after we got in the car before she blurted out.

"Do you really have a footlong cock?" she blurted out.

I chuckled. Too easy.

"Mmm, maybe. How about we make a quick stop at my place and I'll give you that 'ride' you wanted."


- 45 minutes later -

"Get on your knees slut!" I grunted attempting to step back and withdraw my massive cock from the horny slut bent over the table in front of me.

"Nooooo! Please, keep fucking me! I love your giant cock!" yelled Sage as she backed up, trying to keep my my fat 14 incher as deep in her vice like cunt as she could. I slapped both hands down hard on her bubbly asscheeks creating an almighty cracking sound as I braced myself to begin the withdrawal process. Her tight pussy stretched to the limit as she resists my efforts.

"AAAAeeee," Sage screamed, my hard slaps causing her to orgasm as she spews girlcum all over our legs. I took a giant step backwards wrenching my iron cock from her hot pussy. I felt the massive orgasm building in my baseball sized baby makers. By the time Sage knelt down in her lake of girlcum from the past hour of getting her pussy drilled by the biggest cock she'd ever dreamed of, nothing could stop my monster cock from its eminent release of steaming hot cream.

"Fuck," I yelled as the first mighty blast launched from my cum gun. The blast continued for a solid two seconds, coating the majority of her face with the first blast alone.

I furiously stroked my monster cock with both hands, trying to give my bloated nuts some much needed relief. They hadn't been drained since before I left for school this morning when I'd bent my 38 year old mother over the same table I'd just fucked Sage on and unloaded two loads into her pussy.

My next few shots completed the cum face mask, leaving none of her skin visible. I didn't stop my barrage, I kept spraying more and more cum, adding to the thick layer covering her face.

She was totally unrecognizable, cum dripping off her face in thick rivulets down onto her tits and the floor. I tried to bend my cock down a little to aim at her cartoonishly massive 32G boobs, but I was hard as iron, my cock not budging. I had really misjudged her melons when we left school. I thought I was quite the tit connoisseur, but clearly I had room for improvement. I bent forward at the waist, my big tits hanging low, as I continued uncontrollably shooting cum onto her tits.

"Ughhh, open your mouth slut, it's dinner time," I commanded continuing the double fisted assault on my cock, both hands combined barely able to encircle its meaty girth. Sage slowly opened her mouth, her jaw having to exert a fair bit of force to overpower the thick coating of my sticky cum gluing her mouth shut.

Once I saw a hole beginning to form in the sea of pearl white cum, i roughly shoved my colossal cockhead in and blast another monstrous load. She gulped as fast as possible while I repeatedly fired jets of cum into her mouth but couldn't gulp down hot sperm at the pace I injected it.

"Fuck, your mouth feels so good," I exclaimed as I put my hands on the back of her head, forcing more of my prodigious cockmeat into her overstuffed mouth. My next blast was too much for her, and with no gap between her stretched lips and my girthy cock, cum spewed out her nose.

"Shit, so fucking hot." I loved watching her struggle, suffocating on my cock and cum. I didn't care if she did, not the way my balls were finally getting the long overdue relief they deserve.

Two more shots straight out her nose all over her giant cum coated tits and my orgasm began to subside. In my post orgasmic bliss, I relaxed my grip on her head. Sage quickly punched at my legs and freed her mouth from my cock, coughing uncontrollably and blowing cum out her nose all over the hardwood floor.

Sage brought her hands up to her face, trying to shovel cum out of her eyes, nose, and mouth area. She got two handfuls and having nothing unsaturated to wipe them on, flung it onto the floor. Her stomach bulging slightly after swallowing a gallon of my jizz. She finally managed to unglue her eyes and somewhat clear her nasal passages.

"God. So much cum. I'm completely drenched," she babbled. "How? How is there so much?" she queried as cum dripped off her face and tits like waterfalls. Now that my balls have been drained and she's in no state to continue being used as my personal cumdump, I'd rather she clean up the mess so the dining room will be ready for dinner, instead of being awestruck by the fucking of a lifetime she just received.

"I'm not some little boy with a puny dick who just pumps you for 30 seconds and dribbles a little bit of cum before falling asleep. That's a real girl's cock," I cockily explained, wagging my deflating dick in front of her face. I nudged her mouth with cockhead, and she took the hint. Opening wide, she began to clean off the many bits of cum that remained on my cock.

"MMmm. Good girl. You did a decent job, I might just let you get some more time with my massive pussy pleaser," beneath the layer of cum her face momentarily brightened with the prospect of getting to spend more time skewered on my giant pleasure stick, "even though you can't handle a cumshot worth a damn." She looked crushed, like her puppy had died, my words stinging her.

"NO! Please! Let me have another chance, I can do better! I promise!" she begged as she pulled her lips from my cock, now free of cum and shiny with her spit.

"We'll see. Clean up this mess then let yourself out," I motioned towards the numerous rivers and lakes of cum covering the floor. The kitchen looked like the aftermath of a 50 man bukakke. "If it's not spotless by the time my mom comes home, you can forget ever seeing my girlcock again."

Her face lit up as she hurriedly grabbed a roll of paper towels and got to work sopping up the large globs of cum without bothering to get dressed. I could tell this is going to take her a while, so walked upstairs to clean up.

I turned on the hot water in the shower and admired myself in the bathroom mirror. I'm very tall for a girl, standing at 6 '0". Combined with my athletic build, I was a natural volleyball player, one of the best in the state. Topping my tall frame was a long mane of perfectly straight jet black hair flowing down to the top of my large, toned ass.

My face is a flawless work of beauty thanks to the excellent genes which run in my family. Ever since I entered high school, I was always the prettiest girl in the class. Now as a senior in high school, I constantly get stares from both guys and girls, all of them envying my face and body.

Another feature which draws lusty stares is undoubtedly my giant G cup tits. They sit high and perky on my chest, any plastic surgeon would give their left arm to be able to sculpt a woman's chest into a copy of mine, but I didn't require surgery. Impressively large boobs also run in my family, all my relatives are very well equipped in the chest department. Sheer boob size was the one area of physical perfection that some family members, like my oldest sister Kiana and Aunt Carol, bested me in, though my boobs are never shy of praise.

My abs are toned, a hint of a six pack visible from all the physical activity I do, the majority of which is fucking big titted sluts. Once I've set my sights on you, you best bend over and spread your holes. Beneath my abs is my most prized possession, my extremely large, thick cock. Hanging down 9 inches while totally flaccid, it's crisscrossed with menacing veins, capped off by a rosy red, plum sized head.

I had discovered I had a great deal of control over the size while flaccid by letting blood fill my cock up. 9 inches was the largest I could remain soft, any bigger and my pussy pounder would get hard. I liked to keep her as big as I could most of the time, but shrinking it down was helpful on the rare occasion I didn't want everyone ogling my impossible to miss bulge.

Beneath my cock, sticking out far on both sides of it were my giant nuts, each the size of a baseball but heavier. These babies might as well have been my brain, as they drove my constant desire for pussy. They were capable of spewing out countless gallons of white hot, sticky cum in a day. My nuts never ran out of potent cream, always ready to impregnate an entire cheerleader team if need be.

Right behind them was my tight, steaming hot pussy. Rarely did I allow anyone entrance to my warm velvety inner sanctum, preferring to be in control and doing the fucking myself. It did serve as a convenient hiding spot for my massive balls when I needed to go incognito.

Finished with my bodily inspection, I stepped into the shower and lathered up. I hadn't been in the shower for ten minutes when I was rudely interrupted by mom bellowing from downstairs.

"Sonya!" she yelled, "get down here this instant! What are earth is going on in here?"

"That slut better have cleaned up the mess from earlier," I muttered to myself as I rinsed the soap from my mountainous boobs, giving each nipple a playful pinch as I do. Once I'd dried off, I wrapped the towel around me and walked downstairs where I found my mother and a still naked Sage standing in the kitchen.

"Sonya, why is there a naked girl in here licking cum from the floor like some kind of dog?" mom angrily asked me. "Is this any way to treat your friend?"

I took a closer look at Sage, who appeared to have guzzled the majority of the cum I deposited onto her countenance. I'm relieved the lake of girlcum that was on the floor 20 minutes ago has vanished, the floor sparkly clean now.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Smith," Sage apologizes. "I ran out of paper towels, and I just had to finish cleaning up all this yummy cum. I didn't want to disappoint Sonya and figured slurping it off the floor would be the fastest way," she blushed, clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

"Sonya, what do you have to say for yourself? Apologize to your friend here!"

"Apologize?" I scoffed, "she's the whole reason there's such a huge mess in the first place! First, she tries to keep fucking me when I warn her I'm about to cum. Next, she takes forever to get my giant cockhead into her whore mouth, so it splatters all over her face! Then, she hardly swallows any of my sticky cum. She lets it spray out her nose everywhere and make this giant mess! She's the one who should be apologizing!" I whined like a spoiled brat.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Mrs. Smith. I didn't realize how much cum Sonya was going to spray, please don't get mad!" pleaded Sage.

"Oh honey, you have nothing to be sorry about, it wasn't your fault. You go on and get dressed and go on home. Do you need a ride?"

"Oh no, I just live down the street," Sage explained as she hastily put on her clothes, eager to flee and end her embarrassment.

"As for you young lady," mom started as the front door slammed shut after Sage scurried out of the house. Mom turned back to me, sure that we are now alone. Her hazel eyes staring me down. Her curly, dark red, shoulder length hair all dolled up. She was wearing a light brown blouse, cut low to show off her heavy tits. Her 36H boobs are slightly larger than my 36Gs though not near as perky as mine. She was clearly dressed to impress, and I could feel my libido rapidly recharging as I leered at her generous curves.

"What the fuck was that about!" I cut her off, showing her absolutely no respect as I began my tantrum. "You interrupt my shower to humiliate me in front of some cumslut licking my tasty load off the floor? Second to the pounding I gave her pussy, that was probably the highlight of her week."

"Sonya Smith! I am your mother, and you will treat me as such!" mom exclaimed as she puffed out her prodigious chest, trying to act tough and in charge of the situation.

"Oh please, you're nothing but another big titted slut who thinks of nothing but getting drilled in the pussy and ass by my colossal cock. Why are you even home so early? You got hungry for another delicious load of my cum?" I cupped one of my large nuts with my right hand, toying with it, teasing her. A worried look briefly crosses her face.

"Now listen here young lady!" she continued, clearly busted. I can tell what little control of the situation she had is almost gone.

"No! You listen you big titted cocksleave," I started, whipping off my towel, exposing my giant flaccid cock. She once told me even flaccid it was the largest shes ever seen. I knew my mother was powerless to resist me when I swung my massive slut tamer in her face. At the rapid rate blood was pumping into my cock, engorging it, I knew I would be rock hard before I could finish my ultimatum. "If you ever embarrass me in front of one of my cumwhores again, I won't fuck you for a month!"

"What! Sonya, please! I didn't mean to..." mom pleaded, not sure if I was serious with my threat of withholding my glorious cock from her. Any pretense of her being in charge was gone.

"Get on your knees bitch!" I interrupted her. "I'm going to punish you for talking to me like that in front of my slut," I commanded as I grabbed my rock hard cock with both hands, veins bulging as blood surged into my cock, turning diamond hard.

"Sonya, there's no need to be so angry, if you want a blowjob, you know I'll be more than happy to suck..." she started before recoiling from a mighty THWACK as I lower my baseball bat violently on her face, smacking her on the cheek, eye, and forehead with one mighty swing of my girlcock.


Another THWACK

"Uhhh," she whorishly moans, her surprise turning to enjoyment as she relished getting cockslapped by my monster.

THWACK, THWACK, THWACK I continued my assault on her gorgeous face, beating her with my cockbat as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck honey!"


"Slap me with your wonderful cock!"


"You were right, I'm nothing but..."


"Another mindless whore for your gigantic cock!"

I brutalized her beautiful face for another minute, not concerned with whether I gave her a black eye like last time she begged me to use her face for batting practice.

"Now... time for your punishment slut. What will you do to earn my forgiveness?" I asked, mulling over options as I idly stroked my rock hard cock with one hand, my fingers unable to meet around the hefty girth.

"Oh honey, I'll do anything! You want to fuck my ass? I'll let you pound it all night," she offered.

Hardly a punishment I mused, she'd enjoy that even more than I would. I've been stretching her asshole for so long now, it's one of the loosest ones I've fucked.

"No, not good enough."

"I'll call up Aunt Carol right now! I'll get her and her super sized tits over here and we'll give you a double titfuck! We'll fuck you with our massive boobs until you spew your cum all over our glorious tits. We'll lick your immense load off each other. You can film it and show your friends how slutty your mom and her sister are for your glorious girlcock," she offered. This certainly sounded like fun, but a double titfuck typically took place during visits from Aunt Carol, and wasn't going to cut it.

"No, I don't want Aunt Carol. I can fuck her any time I want, she lives to worship my giant cock with her mammoth tits. No, I want to humiliate you like you humiliated me. I want you to bring me a new slut I haven't fucked before. I want her waiting for me naked in my bed when I get home from school."

"What!? How am I supposed to convince a woman to come fuck you?"

"I don't care how you convince her, bribe her for all I care. Tell her the truth, I have a 14 inch cock and will give her more pleasure than she's ever dreamed of. I'm sure you'll think of something. At least you will if you want me to give you some of this for the next month," I said, waving my dick in her face to emphasis what she craved. Her eyes never once blinked or left my cock while I spoke.

"I don't think one whore is sufficient either. I want a brand new slut every day this week. Each day as soon as I get home from school, I want a brand new big titted bimbo on all fours on my bed, begging to get the fucking of her lifetime. Today is Tuesday, so that's three sluts for this week. I think it goes without saying that she had better meet my expectations," I cautioned her.

The color steadily drains from mom's face as I rattle off my demands.

"If you don't have a new slut on my bed ready to worship my colossal cock each day or one of them doesn't meet my standards, I swear I won't fuck you for the next month," I threatened, my face dead serious.

Her face turned ghost white, not the normal bronze tone she maintained through constant tanning.

"Yes, yes, I'll do it. I'll do whatever you say. I can't go a month without getting fucked by your monster." I knew very well mom couldn't go a month. Last time she really pissed me off I withheld shoving my dick into any of her holes for a mere five days before she went through serious withdrawal.

After day five, mom was such a sexually frustrated mess she barely ate or slept. Masturbation and toys weren't cutting it for her. She called her sister Carol over and tried to take her unfulfilled sexual needs out on her. I fell asleep that night to Aunt Carol screaming "shove your fat fucking 8 inch cock into my tight cunt and pound me as hard as you fucking can!"

When I woke up the next morning, I peeked into her bedroom and spied mom attempting to permanently stretch out Aunt Carol's asshole. Aunt Carol was passed out and not moving, making small moans whenever mom brutally shoved her entire cock into her ass. I forgot to ask Aunt Carol how long after that marathon fucking before she could comfortably sit down again.

The 12 hour brutal fucking of her sister barely sated mom's lust. She really gets off by being fucked hard, and has to regularly be fucked to maintain her sanity. Dipping her cock into a wet pussy will keep her sane for two or three days max.

What she really craves is to be treated like a whore, nothing but a cumrag for a dominant futa such as myself. When I got home from school that afternoon I finally decided mom had had enough. I was going to treat her like a worthless cum dump. She was so on edge, just the prospect of getting pounding in her pussy made her came pints of milky cum. I didn't even have to touch her for that first cum, she was so pent up.

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