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tagIncest/TabooThe First Time My Sister Blew Me

The First Time My Sister Blew Me


This is the true story about the very first time my sister sucked me off. 'The first time', obviously implying that she's done it many multiple times since and as well with her pussy and ass and all that good stuff, because as it happens, as the universe imbued upon me because I was Ghandi in a past life I guess, my sister is the type of girl who loves to get stuffed full in every hole, and simultaneously howsoever that is a possibility. And she's not very shy around girls either, but that's usually a tequila-effect kind of situation and she doesn't do it without a dick involved (to my knowledge anyway). Man, you wouldn't believe it—it's unbelievably sexy and like living with a secret porn star and my sex life is awesome. BUT the very first time we started our fuck buddy relationship is a great story because my sister is also one of the dumb fuck craziest people on the planet and basically uncontrollable. She does what she wants, when she wants and she never gets told no because she is as all-American cute as cherry pie and her ass looks like two fluffy bowling balls mashed together. She calls herself (mainly when fluids are being privately transferred and whatnot) Tinkerballs, cause she looks and acts a lot like Tinkerbell and she says she tinkers but moreso with balls.

So it started on a regular February night about five years ago. A school night for my sister. She was going to school at a state college in the next town over and she had class the next day. She might have even had some big assignment to finish. I'm not sure, she barely talks about that stuff. But she does well enough so my parents leave her to be the manic pixie she is. I was 22 and back from college over a year, gloriously wasting my life away as an assistant baseball coach at a local high school with nothing to do til March, and I was hanging out on my room smoking weed and listening to zep while constructing a 1000 piece puzzle. Cause that's how cool I was (and totally still am). I don't remember what the puzzle was. But she always seemed to know when I was getting baked in my room and she always wanted to join in. We were always really close, closer to each other (even in age) than to our older brother and younger sister. Of course I had given thought to how it would feel slamming it into her from behind before, everyone in the neighborhood had, but something about the utter impossibility of my sister letting me fuck her put me off it for some reason. My inner pragmatic pervert I suppose.

Anyway that night, while often before I had begrudgingly packed her a bowl because she's the fairy princess and she gets what she wants, that night I resolutely refused her request. It was a tough week financially, some side jobs weren't working out and I was watching my checking account plummet. So I told her to bring in some of hers and we could smoke together.

"I don't have any," she said. "I'm out and broke too." And she gave me the adorable pouty no man can resist me puppy dog face.

But I had played this game before and I had become desensitized to her sickeningly adorable charms. Mostly they were kind of insulting to me by that point, like at some point I'd come around and fall for it again like one of her chump boyfriends. "Sorry Jac," her name is Jacqueline, "this has to last me. It's tough times for old Joe." That's my name. I'm Joe. "And I gotta smoke this batch slow cause it's gotta last awhile I think."

"Come on." With her gorgeous deadpan look. "Dude...c'mon. Dude...c'mon. Dude..." If I recall, at that time she was still made up from the day. Sexy winter time Barbie. Jacqui takes a lot of pride in her look and for good reason, it got her lots of free shit and stellar treatment.

"You come on Jac." I told her, "you can just get Mike" her main sex pet man, semi-boyfriend guy, "or some dude to get it for you. I gotta work a little bit harder for mine." I grabbed the bag and said something like "these are my remaining assets." I was in a bad way. And also I was pretty high for this experience, which I'd imagine is becoming obvious. So was Jacqui. This story is basically what Jacqui and I have cobbled together reminiscing since then.

Anyway, she offered to pay me later and I still declined til she sat back and started to look moody. She starts to enter whirlwind territory if that gets out of hand so I tried to reel her back in with a dash of hope.

"Retribution." I told her leaning back on the couth with her. Our heads were touching.

"What?" she said.

"Supply and demand woman," I said. "I need to be offered suitable retribution for my high value commodity. What are you prepared to offer?"

"A foot rub, " she said.

"Nope." I replied.

"Uh, I'll clean up after you for the next week."

"No you won't." She wouldn't.

"No I won't." She knew it.

"Fine then, how about I give you a blowjob?" she said.

And in that moment, I truly thought that I'd had just suffered a stroke.

"Joseph. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Am I smiling?" I turned and asked my beautiful unaffected sister.

She laughed, "No." I smiled. "Yes now. Why?"

"I didn't just stroke out?" I asked.

She laughed again, "No, you heard right. I'll blow you real good Joey if you pack me a bowl. I'll swallow and everything...c'mon."

To this day, it's still heard to believe that it happened like that, right out of the clear blue. And even that it happened to me! I mean, I knew she blew lots of dudes, she is a hottie and kind of a slut and I love her, but I once asked her if she ever thought about starting up anything with Andy, our older brother, and she told me she no because she wasn't attracted to him. Or to dad or our uncles. Only to me. And to two of our cousins, but that was different and later.

Sensing my stalwart barrier beginning to break down, she cleverly leapt to her opportunity and pulled me back on couch as she sat up. "Hey buddy," one of her many names for me. She was pursing her pink lips and batting her exotic, bedazzled blue green eyes at me, "I want what you've got and you want what I've got. I know you do. It's ok, I work hard at this," waving her hand in front of her face and lovely little boobs, "And I know I'm good at it. And I know that I'm good at a lot of things Joey." There was a pause, for effect, whereupon Jacqui shot me a sweetly hopeful look...before switching back to nonplussed, "And I really want to get stoned tonight." She's like that.

"I...I'm...this isn't real." I sputtered, still refusing to accept this as actually happening.

"Oh I'll show you what's real Joe-Joe." And with that, she slid down to get between my legs as she masterly unbuckled my belt and pulled my fly apart and down in record time and fished out my quickly swelling cock.

And I just sat back and silently watched and let it happen. When a ten out of ten pulls your dick out of your pants with the intent to mouthify it for a long period of time, everything in the world that was ever important goes away and your brain just focuses on hitting the record button on your memory recaller and freeing up as much space on the hard drive as possible. Believe me, no matter how chaste you are, you would not have blamed me a tiny bit for letting my gorgeous little sister pull down my boxer briefs and pull out of my confused but very excited chubby. I watched, unable to move or think or even breathe as she opened her mouth and slid her sexy glossy pink lips down the length of my shaft and back up again, never once breaking eye contact.

"Well, that happened." She said. "You want me to stop?"

I was in complete shock. I either shook my head slightly or she just took my silence as a no because she laughed to herself and flipped her hair over her shoulder, grasping my hard dick in her right hand, and lowered her tongue and lips over my swollen cockhead again. That time though she stayed down and slowly worked her head up and down while her hand worked my shaft. I guess I should tell you I have a decent sized dick. It's big, not humongous, but I've never had any complaints. 7" and girthy. It looks awfully good in my sister's mouth though, I think. And other places.

Jacqui was a pro even from a young age. She knew instinctively to play with my balls with her free hand, and she ventured down there with her mouth and tongue for several glorious minutes, which I certainly didn't suspect. Girls don't always go for the balls, which makes me (and them) sad. But Jacqui's all about the balls. She loves to suck both my balls into her mouth at once, likes she's proving that she can almost. I feel like that's what her face is telling me when she does. But she also knows that I love it when she drags her tongue along the edge between them from bottom to top so she does that a lot to. She is seriously one generous cocksucker, especially for the way she looks. That's just love of the game right there.

But that night she was just doing her thing on me, what she knew was good at the time, though with the same fantastic results. She dragged her tongue up and down my shaft and made it glistening wet with her spit and saliva. And she ran her lips down the sides of my shaft on all sides, giving it kisses and sucking on it, especially when she was near the head. But she always came back to stroking the top with her sexy pursed lips and pink tongue while yanking me with the twist with her hand. She knew the twist, guys. Ahead of her time.

Eventually, I readjusted my understanding of reality and Jacqui must have seen that in my face cause she started talking to me again in between popping my dick in and out of her mouth, "You gonna smoke me out buddy? Are we gonna get high as a fucking kite tonight?" And flashed that adorable smile at me and then slapped my cock on it.

I smiled back at her. "Not if I don't nut kiddo."

She laughed, "Challenge accepted." Then she went to work double time. Faster and deeper she started swallowing my rock hard thick manmeat, getting it in deeper than I ever expected and barely gagging on it. She had most of it in her mouth for such long periods of time, I had never seen any other girl swallow my cock like that and I was super impressed (and greatful) and I still am to this day. The slurping and gasping for breath were actually pretty loud I thought. And my whole family was home that night. Thankfully I lived in the attic at the time and my room was kind of removed from everyone else, but if anyone had opened the door at the bottom of the landing, they would have gotten an earful of some very unexplainable noises. But that shit really turns me on so it was definitely working in her favor.

I was right on the brink of exploding when she started moaning and saying my name, "Oh Joey...Oh god Joey...your cock is so so good good in my wet hungry mouth..." and at that moment I completely lost all of my moral faculties and became an absolute sex slave to all of my sister's crazy wanton desires as I shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum into her mouth, down her throat and dribbling out of the corners of her lips back down my shaft.

She swallowed, smiled at me and laughed, and then licked up the rest of the mess and swallowed that. "Good load Joe-Joe!" She said like an SAT tutor complementing a good math section. "I wasn't sure you had it in you."

"Thanks." I replied, laughing off the insult. "And hey now it's in you!" Sibling rivalry shit.

"It sure is." She said as she plopped back on the couch with me. "Smoke me now please!" She asked, lips red and swollen, still cute as a button.

"A deal's a deal." I said pulling up my pants.

And then we got super stoned and listened to classic rock all night and she helped me with my puzzle.

And we didn't talk about that night for three weeks afterwards. My sister is so fucking out of her mind, I'm not kidding you.

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