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The End of the Affair: Coming Soon

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What happens when the affair ends? (A new Invitational Author Challenge!)
348 words
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Coming Wednesday, March 17th from the minds of Hanging by a Thread and Legend's Day: an exciting new story event:

The End of the Affair

Here's more from organizer blackrandl1958:

* * * *

Those wicked and erotic affairs. The nature of "affairs," is that they burn white-hot, but soon burn out. What happens when the affair ends?

Do the lovers part by mutual agreement, one or the other decides to end it or the passion just dies? If there are significant others, is the affair successfully hidden, do they confess or are they discovered? Is the affair a fondly hidden secret memory, or do the flames devour them?

We have gathered together stories from wonderful writers who will write those stories, decide what happens at the end of the affair.

Thanks to all the writers, editors and readers who make these fun and enjoyable. Special thanks to Laurel who works to create the pages and place the stories. Thanks to Literotica for hosting our stories. I hope you enjoy the stories of these writers:















Just Plain Bob











* * * *

This event is an Invitational, which means it is not open to submissions. If you're interested in participating in an open author challenge - or want to find out more about them - please see .

And a special thank-you to blackrandl1958 for the above text - for arranging this Author Challenge Event. Also, a HUGE thank-you to all participating authors!

Mark Wednesday, March 17th on your calendar for The End of the Affair!

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DFWBeastDFWBeast3 months ago

Looking forward to some great stories from some very talented authors!

LiteroticaLiterotica3 months agoAuthor

This event is an Invitational organized by a Lit author. There are also many Author Challenges in progress which are open to any and all participants:


If you don't see anything you're interested in, create your own! Anyone can organize an Author Challenge. Full details are here:


You can make the Challenge Open to anyone, or organize it as an Invitational - whichever you feel works for the theme of the Challenge.

If you aren't interested in reading this Author Challenge, aren't interested in participating in the many Open Author Challenges, and do not wish to organize a Challenge of your own, then we suggest you find other works on Literotica that you enjoy - and allow those who do participate the freedom to enjoy these Challenges. There's something for everyone! Thank you all for reading and/or writing at Lit!

ChagrinedChagrined3 months ago

OK this is a so-so idea. I would like to see an invitational for the younger, pressure, newer authors to offer their best efforts. The list you’ve submitted is certainly long and well-established. But that’s just Debt Yep, we hear from these guys all the time. Perhaps it’s time for some younger folks to get a littleRecognition.

Just putting it out there. Set out the flag see if anybody salutes it. :-)



 Anonymous3 months ago
What a great concept, and mostly missed opportunity.

Sure, many of the LW stories include what happens after the affair is discovered and dealt with, but I suspect this writing project is geared more toward auto-ending affairs? Affairs that end pretty much without external force and acts of revenge. Maybe like how a cancer progresses that is not surgically removed or irradiated, but just festers and simmers, maybe going into remission, maybe causing inoperable death. So many options, emotions, drama, suspense, explorations of human nature, guilt, remorse, arrogance, regret, and, why not, reconciliation.

Great potential. I look forward to all the offerings, the unpalatable as well as the delicious, the aromatic as well as the stinkers.

Thank You for all the efforts.

 Anonymous3 months ago
Missing authors

No Todd172 or Bebop3? Please get them to participate.

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