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The Dare

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A Hot Cop Enjoys Rescuing a Beautiful, Naked Blonde.
27k words
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This one is for the Nude Day Contest and always, your votes and comments are much appreciated.

This is a bit of a slow burn romance, and I hope you enjoy it.


I could feel my eyes pop as I looked up at the mansion my friend Angie referred to as her little summer place.

While she was busy punching in the code for the security gate on her phone, I blinked and said, "Wow! You call this a cottage? This place is way nicer than my house!"

It really was. The place was huge, like a modern day palace. Right on the water, sitting on a big beautiful lake, only an hour's drive from the city. I knew Angie's family had money, but they had to have mega-bucks to call a mansion like this their summer place.

My father was a judge, and our family couldn't afford anything even nearly as nice as this.

I eyed her as she carefully drove onto the well-manicured grounds. Could be the rumors going around were true, and Angie's family actually were connected to the mob. That would also explain how at only 24 she was driving a top of line Mercedes SUV, especially since we all knew she'd never worked a day in her life. While I was happy to make do with my mom's hand-me-down ten year old Toyota, at least I had a way to get around, and also get to my summer job dishing up soft serves at the Dairy Queen.

After we'd all stopped a moment to admire the mirror image of the cottage reflecting off the still, moon-dappled lake, the moment we stepped inside what turned out to be an actual stone and glass palace, it was all just so beautiful I was a little afraid of messing it up. Looking around at the other five girls I noticed they looked just as blown away as I felt.

Except of course for our host Angie, who was nonchalantly pointing out the six roomy bedrooms, like the place was no big deal, and telling us where we'd be sleeping as she walked over to a circular glass bar and started pulling out bottles of booze.

"Okay, girls," she said, plunking the bottles down on the long, glass bar top. "It's party time! So, let's get our drink on!"

"Holy crap, that didn't take long," I murmured to my bestie, tiny, curly-haired Melissa who was still clutching her purse on her shoulder and looking around with her mouth hanging open and her eyes as big as saucers.

Melissa nodded. "I know we're supposed to be here to celebrate graduation, but I'm not sure if I even want to sit down in here, it just looks so fancy."

"I know, right?" I agreed, still unabashedly gawking right along with her.

Since everyone else was grabbing a drink, I decided we'd better join in. Taking a hold of Melissa by the elbow, I steered her over to the bar. After handing her a glass, I accepted a shot of whatever it was Angie was pouring; a deceptively small shot that was quite sweet but really packed a punch. All it took was a sip, and I was clutching the glass in my hand, with my eyes watering as I felt it scorching a path all the way down my throat to my stomach, like liquid fire.

Everyone laughed as Melissa nearly coughed her head off after only the tiniest little taste.

"You girls are such lightweights," Angie muttered as she tossed back her second glass without so much as flinching.

After we'd put our things in the bedrooms and came out again, we noticed pretty dark-haired Angie, was busy making out some kind of chart on a white board, with another round of drinks lined up on the bar.

She looked at us and smiled -- a very devious little smile. "I thought it would be fun if we played some games while we're here, especially since today is International Nude Day. Might as well let loose and enjoy ourselves, after all the studying we've done to get through law school and get our degrees."

As the games progressed we noticed she was keeping score on the white board of how many drinks we'd had, I guess to make sure none of us passed out.

No surprise, every game involved doing something a little crazy, like making a few of us kiss, if we got a trivia question wrong that Angie dreamed up. Like what was the second President's mother's maiden name? Who the hell knew that? Except for probably the lady herself, and obviously she wasn't around to tell us.

I'd never been into chicks, so when tall, slender Georgia, who had got the question wrong, grabbed hold of me and enthusiastically slipped her tongue between my lips, and started squeezing my ass, it did nothing to change my mind. Though, I've got to admit, it did feel kind of kinky to kiss a girl for a change.

After we finished laughing over that game, we moved on to playing, Most Likely To. It was a fun game and pretty easy, even though we were all half in the bag, and starting to blink a lot while we tried to follow along.

Angie read a question from a card, and all we had to do was point at who was most likely to do something, like robbing a bank or getting married first. And the person with the most fingers pointing at them had to take that many sips of their drink.

When Angie asked who was most likely to have a one night stand, no hesitation, all of us laughed and pointed at tall, busty, raven-haired Nadine, whose sexploits were legendary. Same went for the most likely to drop to her knees and give a guy a blow job on a first date, and also most likely to have an affair after she was married. No surprise, Nadine who'd had to toss back the most drinks of all of us, was more than a little shaky on her feet by the time that game was over.

Getting a little wilder, the next game was daring each other to take off a piece our clothing for every sip we couldn't handle. Till finally, none of us were feeling any pain, and all of us were naked, laughing our asses off.

The games soon forgotten, with Bruno Mar's Uptown Funk belting out from the sound system, we stagger-danced our way behind our hostess down to the water's edge, giggling and shimmying our butts as we went. After watching fearless Angie take a swan dive buck-ass naked into the lake, she dared us to see who could perform the best dive.

Since none of us could seem to resist a dare, and we'd all had enough of those little shots to not really care if we were naked or not, one after the other, we put our hands over our heads and tried to mimic Angie, without drowning, or smacking into each. Once we'd all managed to execute some sort of wonky swan dive, everyone was in the water laughing like crazy, and floating around treading water.

"Wow, you've got quite a nice pair of girls," Georgia remarked, pointing at my boobs, bobbing up and down in the water, illuminated by the full moon looking like a pair of big, pink flotation devices.

Everyone kept giggling as we checked each other out, playfully splashing at each other, too tipsy to even be embarrassed.

Unfortunately, the fun we were having, and the way we were squealing and carrying on drew the attention of a bunch of young guys from next door.

Before we realized what was happening, they'd made their way through the bush between the two properties and were now diving naked into the water, with their cocks flying in the air. And what a sight that was. Holy flying dicks!

Looking up, we all shrieked, shocked that they'd have the nerve to dive in uninvited and join us. None of us liked how pushy they were; grabbing at us, and trying to cop feels, as we struggled to get away from them and get out of the water.

Furious that they had the gall to trespass onto her property and intrude on our fun, Angie managed to get out first. Stomping back up to the house, she got her cell phone and called the police.

While we were all in the lake doing our best to fight off the creeps while also struggling to keep our heads above water. With everyone being more than half in the bag, it got a little scary as they laughed and kept trying to dunk us.

We actually breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the lights of the cop cars as they drove onto the property -- which naturally sent the idiots from next door scrambling back to where they came from.

Squinting at them from the water, we were glad to see them running back naked through the thicket, especially hearing them curse as they scratched themselves up, since they could barely see in the dark where they were going.

The cops quickly made their way onto the dock, shone flashlights on us in the water, and told us to get out.

Feeling no pain, I was surprised at what a struggle it was to get my drunk ass up the ladder and back onto dry land, like my legs were made of lead. Then just to embarrass myself a little more, like exposing myself to a bunch of hunky, young policemen wasn't enough, I tripped and slid along the edge of the rough stone breakwater, and did a real number on my knees.

I was so out of it, I barely felt the sting, or noticed that I was bleeding. Down on all fours, looking up, all I could think of was how insanely hot the cop was, who was stooping down to pick me up off the ground.

Forgetting I was naked, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and happily smiled into his big brown eyes. And instantly began to babble like a fool, with no filter for what was coming out of my mouth, because apparently that's what happens when you're drunk, and your tongue has a mind of its own.

Deciding he was the hunkiest guy ever, I touched a finger to his dimpled chin and murmured, "Gosh you're cute. Anybody ever tell you that before?"

Hot stuff just shook his head, looking like he was trying not to laugh as he stopped and narrowed his eyes to try and see into the bush. I guess to see where the creeps had disappeared to.

I managed to get his attention again when I poked him in the chest. "Hey. You know I think I should know your name if you're going to be carrying me around naked, don't you?" I muttered, thinking I was lowering my voice to a whisper, when I was probably nearly shouting in his ear.

When all he did was give me an eye roll, and didn't respond, though I could feel him chuckling against me, if he wasn't going to tell me who he was, I decided I'd have to figure out my own name for him.

Staring at his handsome face, I wrinkled my nose, considering several options. "Hmm, I think I'll call you -- Officer Hot Stuff, or maybe Officer Sexy Pants, for obvious reasons." Trailing a fingernail along his strong, lightly bristled jaw, I was thrilled to have him carrying me around.

God, the lips on the guy, he just looked so kissable, I was tempted to do just that, pull his head down and really plant one on him. Though, in the back of my mind, a little voice kept asking what the hell I was saying, since I was normally kind of shy around the opposite sex and never overly flirty. I figured it had to be all those little shots I'd had, making me feel like some kind of a naked sex goddess, with a hidden talent for seducing men.

Once he stopped staring into the bushes and started walking us across the property toward the cottage again, I shifted a bit when it occurred to me what was happening down below, and thought I'd better mention it. "Oh, and your thumb's kind of pushing into my pussy, in case you hadn't noticed."

His eyes popped and he stopped dead in his tracks, looking shocked. Shifting his hand, I thought his deep, gravelly voice sounded so sexy as he apologized. "Sorry, I didn't know."

I just grinned at the adorable look on face, imagining he was probably blushing, though it was a little hard to tell in the dark. I let him off the hook and said, "Well, seeing as I'm not wearing any clothes, I guess you have to hold onto me somehow, right?" I looked down at the twins. "But, wowzers! Check out my girls. You really got my nipples hard, just from that bit of action with my puss."

He dropped his gaze, took a quick look, swallowed hard and muttered, "How much have you had to drink?" Narrowing his eyes to pin points on mine, as he waited.

Biting into my lip, I tried to think, but my brain was a little too foggy to come up with even an educated guess, probably because I'd had way more than I'd ever had before. "Umm. I'm not sure." I held my thumb and index finger close together to try to explain. "They were just tiny little glasses. But those suckers really packed a punch. And I'm not really much of a drinker." I leaned in and whispered-shouted against his ear again, "And my tongue gets pretty loose whenever I've had a few, which is probably why I'm babbling."

His dark eyes lit up with amusement, he muttered, "Really? I hadn't noticed."

Smirking, I poked him in the chest, took off his hat, and set it on my head, making him roll his eyes again. "So, big guy, is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

He actually threw back his head and laughed at that, and suggested, "I think we need to get you inside and get you covered up. And just so you know, that thing poking you in the hip is probably just my night stick."

"Wow! Is that what you call it, your night stick? Probably 'cause you mostly whip it out in the dark, am I right?"

Though I could tell he was trying hard not to laugh at the crazy crap coming out of my mouth, as it belatedly occurred to me what he said about covering up, I nodded and agreed. "Yeah, probably a good idea if I put some clothes on. My girls are feeling a little cold, and by the looks of them, I think you've got my nipples hard enough to cut glass." I gave him a wink. "And just so you know, I've never been handcuffed before. So if you're into that, once we get to my bedroom, I'd be willing to give it a try."

He shot another look at my girls and just shook his head, quietly chuckling.

As he walked us toward the cottage, I kept eyeing his perfectly shaped mouth. "God, you've got beautiful lips," I remarked, as I reached up and traced them with my finger, like I had every right in the world to be handling this guy like he was my own personal cop. "Hmm, you just look so kissable, you great big hunk of man."

He stumbled and nearly tripped when I said that, so I wrapped myself around him a little tighter, and buried my nose in his neck and nearly lost his hat as I took a good, long whiff of him. Holy smokes, did he ever smell yummy. Yummy enough to really get my pussy tingling and make my nipples grow even harder. And also make me feel crazy enough to give his earlobe a lick, along with a tiny little suckle, which nearly made him trip again and almost drop me.

Looking a little flustered, he made his way up the wide, stone staircase and across the covered porch, with me wrapped in his arms, and his hat sitting on my head, slightly askew.

I noticed another young cop standing holding the door open, grinning at us as Officer Hot Stuff shook his head for some reason, looking a little exasperated as he walked me inside.

"Does anyone know which bedroom is hers?" he asked the other girls, as he glanced around wide-eyed at the opulence of Angie's cottage. Everyone was gathered around inside with towels and blankets wrapped around them, giving statements to the police, probably explaining what happened when the creeps crashed our party.

Before anyone could answer, I pointed down the hallway, and told him, "It's thataway, Officer. And feel free to lose the uniform once we get in there, so you can break out the cuffs."

Shaking his head at me he finally broke down and laughed, but I also noticed he was looking at me a little more closely now that we could see each other with all the lights on. And good gravy, the guy was even hotter than I thought; had kind of a dark and swarthy thing going on with sun-bronzed skin, a nicely chiseled jaw, thick head of dark hair, and the most kissable lips I'd ever seen, that of course, I could hardly wait to taste.

Once he got me in my bedroom, every inch of me now tingling with anticipation, he set me down on the edge of the bed. Then he crouched down and disappointed me, when all he did was take a look at my knees.

But I noticed he was also doing his best not to look between my legs, though I was too drunk to think to close them. So I knew he was getting a close up look at my little muff, by the way his mouth fell open, and his hands started to get a little shaky as he checked over my knees.

Clearing his throat, he diverted his gaze, got to his feet and muttered, "I'll go see if I can find some antiseptic and band aids to cover those cuts."

Attempting to nod, I lost my balance and fell back on the bed, laughing away to myself. My head felt so spinny, I just closed my eyes and felt like I was about to drift off on the most heavenly cloud I'd ever seen, as I imagined what kind of naughty fun I could get up to with a stud muffin like him.

It didn't take long and Officer Hot Stuff was striding back in, looking hot as sin in his dark blue uniform, and big, heavy black boots. Mmm, nothing like a good looking man in uniform to get my lady bits humming.

For the longest time he just looked me over and smiled, shaking his head, like he still couldn't believe I was naked, I guess. Till he finally stooped down, and said, "Let's see about those knees."

"Ow! That shit really stings!" I yelped the moment he touched me with the antiseptic, and actually gave him a swat on the arm.

Ignoring my outburst, he just chuckled and kept dabbing at my bloody knees.

"Sorry. But I've got to clean you up, or you could get an infection." He stopped and tipped his head. "Unless you want us to take you to the hospital, because obviously none of you are in any condition to drive."

I nodded. "I know. That stuff we drank was like liquid fire. No wonder we're all so piss faced."

Although at first he laughed, his expression grew serious as he eyed me while carefully peeling and applying the bandages. "You're not feeling sick are you?"

I thought about it for a minute, then waggled my eyebrows at him and told him the truth, "No, mostly just horny."

Shaking his head, he barked out a laugh as he helped me sit up. Then he lifted me back into his arms, so he could pull the blankets out from under me and tuck me.

But as foggy as my head felt, happy to be wrapped around him again, I realized that once he had me settled in bed, he'd probably take his friends and go. Then I'd never get a chance to kiss those luscious lips.

Before he knew what was happening, once he had me on my back, I threw my arms around his neck, and pulled him down till I had him spread on top of me with my legs circled tight around his waist, and my heels digging into his backside, to make sure he stayed put. Since I had him right where I wanted him, I thoroughly enjoyed nearly kissing his face off.

For a second he just froze, and then I felt his big, strong hands gripping my waist, and his thumbs just barely stroking up and down the sides of my breasts. From what I could tell, he was sort of kissing me back. No tonsil hockey or anything. But I could feel he was getting into it, with the way he was notched between my thighs and subtly sliding his lips over mine, and letting my tongue tease his with no sign of resistance. The way he was groaning, deep in his chest as he gradually forced himself to pull away, let me know that I wasn't the only one turned on.

Finally, he took hold of my arms from around his neck, and he pulled back and got to his feet. For a moment our eyes locked, and we just stared at each other, and I swore I felt a connection.

I also noticed he was breathing kind of funny and so was I, with a little shiver running through me as I gazed into the warmth of his big, brown eyes that seemed to grow even darker as they slowly raked me over. Licking my lips, I could feel my nipples growing rock hard and my hot little pussy really starting to tingle, just imagining how amazing it would feel if he were to peel out of his uniform, and show me what he could do with what he was packing.

Nodding my head at the bed, I smirked and pointed out, "You know there's plenty of room in here for two."


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