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The Brownstone: Untold Stories Ch. 03

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It's all about Renny.
12.5k words

Part 17 of the 19 part series

Updated 08/30/2017
Created 11/25/2013
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Renny, life after college - 1979

Ronald woke up every morning grateful that he had taken the direction in his life he had chosen, not the one his family had wished for him. He had a best friend in Trevor and even though he never admitted it, he liked having Trevor's girlfriend around...even with their no-holds-barred sexual exploits. Beyond them he had an outside circle of friends, all athletes, who constantly pushed him into the center of campus activities. Like most college students he lived on overdrive; studying, partying and for the most part living his life burning the candle on both ends.

He didn't even mind that his sex life was quiet, bordering on monk-like, throughout his junior year having taken a dramatic pause after Drax. It wasn't that he was wounded by their one-night stand - it was that he never thought anyone could ever come close to making him feel the things Drax did. He still sucked the occasional cock, that would never change, but he never felt the urge to take it any further.

He started his senior year both excited and apprehensive, a state that most of the student population felt. Everyone was happy to be finishing school but scared at the prospect of what was yet to come. Luckily, a distraction came his way a month after classes started in the form of a new sophomore athlete that came to Ronald for a full body shave. The nineteen year old gymnast was one of those compact little pretty boys, with perfectly white teeth, a dazzling smile and the double jointed ability to get into positions normal people couldn't. Unlike Ronald who didn't conceal, but didn't wear his sexual preference out in public, Robbie was openly gay not caring what people thought or said about him.

Robbie was good looking enough with his clothes on but when he uninhibitedly shed his clothes Ronald's cock got hard with lust for the first time in close to a year. The muscular toned man might have been compact but his hard body, perfectly round ass and thick cock had Ronald drooling. Ronald took his time spreading a thick coat of shaving cream around his cock and across his balls. Normally Ronald was chatty-Cathy when he was shaving someone but today he remained quiet on his knees, his hands roaming freely over Robbie's private parts and his eyes locked on the thick cock in front of him that was seeping a thick bead of precum. More than anything he wanted to hear Robbie utter the words for him to suck it. Instead Robbie stood quiet and reserved, observing Ronald's every movement.

The instant Ronald took the barber's straight edged razor and dragged it lightly over his skin, Robbie sucked in a deep breath, squeezed his eyes shut and gasped a pleasure filled hushed 'oh fuck'. Robbie's hand immediately went to his cock but before he could even step away he had shot a thick load of cum across Ronald's face. A shocked Ronald looked up at Robbie and smiled, cum splattered across his cheek, nose and lips. Taking the obvious accident in stride Ronald in a sarcastic, 'you-need-to-clean-this-mess-up' tone demanded that Robbie clean up the mess he made. The eager gymnast obeyed without hesitation.

Within minutes they were rolling around on the floor licking and kissing each other with Robbie repeatedly begging him to fuck him. Ronald didn't bother to tell him he had never done that before, he simply donned a condom and let nature take its course. Ronald quickly learned he enjoyed giving as much as receiving. It didn't even matter to him that the two of them had nothing in common except the great sex they shared. For months the two insatiable men fucked and sucked morning noon and night in every nook and cranny of the college campus.

It wasn't until early May, two weeks before graduation, that Ronald realized their time together was about to expire. Ronald was only slightly surprised the only regret he felt about leaving Robbie was that he was going to miss having sex on a regular basis. He knew that Robbie wouldn't give Ronald's lack of presence a second thought, he would simply move on to another lover. Robbie was a man that loved to have a cock in his ass and if Ronald was no longer available to him there were plenty of men waiting for a chance to have a go at the double jointed gymnast.

Ronald and Trevor lived frugally during their last two years of college practically hoarding the money they made from their lucrative side business. Between them they amassed a sizeable nest egg to start their life after college.

Ronald spent the summer after graduation in Syracuse debating whether he wanted to continue his education and get his masters in social work. When he couldn't come up with a plausible reason to do it he finally came to the conclusion that he would never be totally happy doing that type of work.

His real passion in life had become his love of barbering, pampering and caring for men. The only problem was that he didn't want to be like every other barber, working in a shop adorned by the typical red, white and blue barber pole outside. He wanted to offer men a more personalized service, more than just a haircut or shave. He wanted them to have an experience, like being pampered at a spa.

Three months after graduation Trevor took the majority of his windfall and bought a house in suburban Connecticut and three months after that, with Ronald at his side as his best man, he married his girlfriend who was pregnant with their first child. Leaving Syracuse behind Ronald moved into the basement of Trevor's house. He spent weeks cloistered there, designing the perfect vision of his shop, making lists of tools and supplies he would need and last but not least designing a perfect barber chair to accommodate every service he would provide the men. The only time he left the basement was to attend cosmetology school classes on proper skin care and to learn the newest techniques of hair removal, becoming an expert at waxing and mastering the use of depilatories.

Six months later he made his way to Manhattan where he rented a basement mixed used space in a brownstone off Fifth Avenue. The thousand square foot space was everything he had envisioned and over the next three months he transformed it in the shop of his dreams.

He divided the shell of the space into two distinct areas. In the main room where he would barber he painted three of the four walls a light mushroom color. The ideal color was relaxing without it being too dark due to the lack of windows in the space also ideal for affording his clientele total privacy. He mirrored the entire fourth wall which not only let the client watch what he was doing but made the space appear larger. He opted not to have any artwork on the walls wanting nothing to distract from the relaxing experience. The lighting was subtle, casting enough light to let Ronald to do his job efficiently but not too much allowing the client to be comfortable

In the center of the space, enclosed on two sides by custom made cabinetry that held a sink, the tools of his trade and his supplies he installed his specially designed barber chair. Ronald took the best attributes of a high end barbering chair, comfortable with solid back support and hydraulics to raise and lower the chair as he desired. To that he added the best features of a examining table giving the chair the ability to recline to a flat surface and from underneath leg stirrups that electrically rose from the side. This allowed Ronald to give his clients full body shaves without them having to stand. It cost him over five thousand dollars to have the chair custom made but he would have spent twice that amount to get the design he craved. The elaborate masculine looking chair dominated the room.

The 'back room', where Renny lived, was through the bathroom. Like the front room, he designed the space to get the optimum amount of use out of it. The luxurious bathroom that both he and prospective clients used took up almost half the space. The room was everything Ronald had ever dreamed of, complete with an oversized jetted tub big enough to accommodate two people and a large multi-head steam shower. Through a second door at the back of the bathroom was Ronald's efficiency apartment, that had a small kitchen, living area and sleeping alcove.


Eighteen months after graduating college Ronald was officially known to the majority of his clients as Renaldo, complete with Italian accent and outlandish behavior. He had been in business six months when one his college friends, now a client, dared him to put on his 'Renaldo' persona to a client he referred to him. 'Renaldo' was one of many characters Ronald created during his college days. The straight laced business executive loved the service but appreciated the 'mad-gay-Italian' more and tipped him heavily. Two days later he referred two other men to him. Two became four, four became eight and so-on. Before he knew it Ronald had more business than he ever expected he'd have. Ronald quickly found out that straight men felt more secure with a flaming, openly gay man than with a serious questionable man.

Ronald was the happiest he had ever been in his life. He was making more money than he knew what to do with and enjoyed the variety of men and services he performed for them. The only thing he lacked was a sex life. Unlike his college days, in his shop he never touched any of the men sexually, even if they asked. The state of New York was reputed for undercover stings to expose sexual improprieties. This was his business and with his license at stake he wasn't willing to compromise.

That was until the day that Sergei walked into his little shop.

Sergei was a new client referred to him by one of his more established clients. From their brief phone conversation he was able to gather that he was a high ranking official attached to the Russian Consulate. Sergei spoke a broken form of English but got his message across that he wanted a total body shave. Renaldo, or as his friends were now calling him - Renny, only booked one full body shave a day at the end of the day since he never knew exactly how much time it would take.

The moment Sergei walked into the shop Renny was left speechless. The man was a giant, six foot nine to be exact, and everything about him was large. He wasn't fat, in fact his body was rock solid but his chest was wide, his legs were long, too long, and his hands were huge. On top of everything else he was ruggedly handsome, with piercing blue eyes that made Renny melt.

"You speak English?" He asked in his own heavily accented Russian voice. Renny was so taken back the only thing he could do was shake his head. "Good...my Italian is rusty...To do my job I must to know too many languages." He laughed a hearty deep laugh most likely from too many years of smoking, although Renny suspected a reformed smoker as he didn't have that residual stale smell about him.

Renny decided to subdue the full blown Renaldo act and a more collected Renny showed Sergei to the changing room to remove his clothes. When he emerged a few minutes later Renny knew he was going to have his work cut out for him, from his neck down to his ankles Sergei was covered with a soft layer of dark fine hair.

"I'm like Sasquatch, no?" Sergei laughed again and for the first time Renny could see his nervousness.

"You are hairy but not so bad that I can't handle it." Renny said using a lighter version of his Italian accent.

"I always want to know...um...maybe just once know what it be like not to have so much hair. I want to feel smooth chest...and...um...you know private parts..."

"It's no problem." Renny said. I will take care of you." Renny walked a small circle around Sergei assessing the job ahead of him. He felt dwarfed standing next to him even though he stood over six feet tall.

"I need to look at all of you." He whispered in a low voice. Sergei didn't hesitate to drop the towel that he had wrapped around his waist and wasn't surprised when Renny's mouth dropped open in shocked surprise. Like every other part of his body Sergei, even soft, had a big cock and the largest ball sack Renny had ever seen.

"Nice, yes?" Sergei stated not waiting for an answer. "You like men, I can see that. I too like men...but I prefer certain type of man." Renny let his eyes drift upwards to Sergei's letting them speak for him. "I...I like my men to be small. Like the Asian men. Petite. I like to be giant over them." All Renny could think that it wouldn't matter how big or small a man was Sergei would always be a giant over them. He had a giant personality to match his giant size.

"You have a man?" Sergei asked in open bluntness.

"No...I am trying to build my business right now."

"It is important for every man to have a healthy sex life. It makes...um...stress less." He was stumbling over his words but the meaning came across.

"Come...let's make you beautiful..." Renny said leading him over to the chair.

It was just after seven o'clock when Renny was ready to take the last step in removing the hair from Sergei's magnum size body. Because of his unique size he had opted to do his back, chest, arms and legs with him standing. When Renny designed his chair he thought he had covered all of his bases to fit every type of man. He never took into consideration that one day he would have this leggy gentle giant in his chair.

When they finally moved to the chair he cut his hair, gave him a deep pore cleansing facial and his first real barber close shave, all that was left was his proverbial 'man bits'. The moment he pressed the last lever to lay him back he could see Sergei's legs more than hanging off the table. He wanted to apologize but instead he instantly moved to make him as comfortable as he could by resting the calves of his legs on the padded stirrups. Sergei wasn't the least bit bothered. He had fought the issue of his overgrown height his entire life and appreciated Renny going out of his way to make him at ease and secure as he could.

"I will work something out for the next time you visit." Renny said standing between Sergei's legs as he was getting ready to finish up.

"You are very kind. I am liking lying like this. It's...um...very...sexy to have my legs high in the air and spread wide. Men must trust you very much to allow this."

"I have never had any complaints. Renny moved to reposition Sergei's legs one last time and in doing so his hand brushed over the top of Sergei's left foot.

"Mmmm..." Sergei moaned a second later. Surprised Renny looked over to him and saw for the first time since he had arrived Sergei's cock was making a motion to getting hard. "I love when someone touches my foot...it is my...how you say...um...sex zone."

"Erogenous." Renny said softly running his hand over his foot again watching the cock that had been dormant all afternoon slowly growing hard...and long...and thick. Renny had never seen anyone turned on by just touching a foot.

Fascinated by this odd occurrence he stopped what he was doing and took Sergei's foot in his hands and gently started massaging it. He had noticed earlier, after Sergei had rinsed off in the shower, that his feet were well manicured. Most men ignored their feet but as Renny held the foot in his hand he couldn't help but feel how soft, supple and calluses free the skin was.

Starting at the heel and with his thumbs Renny applied firm pressure to the sole as the rest of his hand massaged the top of his foot. Sergei was grabbing the sides of the chair to keep himself from coming out of the chair completely.

"Oh yeah...that is so good..." he moaned loudly. His cock was rock hard and had started dripping precum. "Please...no stop...You make want so badly to cum..." he moaned not caring about anything but the pleasure he was feeling from Renny simply massaging his foot.

Renny wasn't as naïve as he led onto be. He knew that most people enjoyed some type of fetish. Drax loved to exert his control over his lovers while Robbie, his gymnast lover got turned on from being shaved. He found out early on that Robbie was quite OCD about having hair anyplace on his body but his head. It didn't even matter that he barely had any hair on his body. It was the feel of the slick shaving cream and the straight edge razor drawing long strokes across his skin that had him panting and his cock hard.

Renny stroked and massaged Sergei's foot and wondered if he had a hidden fetish. He loved everything about sex. He loved giving and receiving but there wasn't anything that so absolutely turned him on that he would cum without touching himself - just like he suspected Sergei was going to do soon.

Sergei moans filled the room, making Renny want to please him even more. Gently he laid his left foot down and moved to the right foot and stroked his hand over the top. Sergei's ass came off the table/chair and his hips undulated from the total pleasure being afforded him. Nothing else matter in his world except what Renny was doing to him.

He didn't know what made him do it...maybe it was curiosity, maybe Sergei's moans incited him to want to find further ways to please him but a moment later he drew his tongue over the top of his foot where his hand had just been. Sergei's ass shot straight up as he groaned the loudest moan Renny had ever heard come from a man. He licked his tongue out again, this time over Sergei's perfectly manicured toes. One by one he sucked on each toe as made his way to the big toe. Sergei's cock was so hard the thick head had turned shiny and his muscular thighs were taut and shaking in anticipation. Silence had replaced the moans and it felt like he was moving in slow motion as he opened his mouth and licked then sucked his big toe into his mouth.

"Arghhhhh..." Sergei let out a strangled cry at the moment his cock exploded shooting a thick stream of cum straight across his chest. Renny barred his teeth and gently bit down on the toe inciting another strangled cry and another thick stream of cum and it wasn't until that moment that Renny realized he was rubbing his own crotch working his own hard on wanting to feel the same joy of release he had just given Sergei. He released his toes and licked his tongue down the ball of his foot and over the heel as Sergei sagged down on the table/chair.

There was awkwardness between them for a few seconds. Renny had never crossed the line with any customer like that before, not in his shop. Renny felt he should apologize but Sergei jumped in before he could say anything thanking him. Wordless he stood looking at Sergei's cum soaked chest wanting more than anything to lick every drop of the puddle of cum he had shot. Sergei looked at him and nodded silently letting Renny us his tongue to clean him up before he sat on his stool and finished the job he was being paid to do. When he was done Sergei stood and looked in the mirror admiring his new look. He was awed by the sight of his now hairless body, loving the smooth feeling as he ran his hands over his chest, down to his still hard cock and balls and even down his legs.

"I like...I like very much..." Sergei turned to Renny who smiled. He was reticent about saying anything, still embarrassed about what had happened earlier.

"If you want to maintain this look we should do this again in about a month. The more we do it the finer the hair will grow in."

"Yes...of course I want to stay like this." Sergei grabbed Renny and hugged him tightly to him. "You work miracles and for that I will always be your friend...and you must not worry about what happened...I enjoyed myself greatly and hope that you will want to make me cum like that again." Sergei continued to hold Renny to him.

"One day you will feel my cock in your sweet bottom...and I will take great pleasure in making you cum as you make me cum...soon...just not now." He said cryptically. He kissed Renny lightly on the top of his head and walked to the changing room.

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