tagHow ToThe Art Of Tittyfucking

The Art Of Tittyfucking


Having had over forty years of experience I'm offering some does and don'ts that I think you'll find extremely helpful in this art and it is one that takes a good deal of practice. Once you've found a willing partner and while I've been told no at first I've not had one woman who has refused me. There is something that they find likable about it. Perhaps it is the attention that you pay to their titties. Perhaps it is seeing themselves with cum all over them. I think in a couple of cases for me especially early on in my career it was I don't want to get pregnant. Yes two girls in particular I can remember that they weren't on the pill. I've had some tell me that they have a climax, they get that excited. With the exception of one woman none of them had ever tried it before. The woman that did went into great detail of exactly what happed which made the tittie fucking even better. Never try it on a first date. You can and should suggest that this is something you'd like to try sometime that the thought of spraying their titties with cum is a turn on. Beyond that say nothing. You've planted the seed and got them to thinking. I've had women on the second date suggest to me that they would like to try it reinforcing what I said.

1. Foreplay is a big key to the success of this. I spend a lot of attention to her breasts giving them a nice kneading, licking, sucking, cupping, and biting. A minimum of ten minutes. While I'm doing this I'm talking to her telling her how special her breasts are, how much they turn me on, what a special treat this is for me. While I'm doing this I'm either rubbing my cock against her pussy or I've already have put it inside her. My goal if possible is to make her climax while I hold back and wait. You're going to get some sort of response from her such as is there something wrong? To which you can respond with using her finger in her cleavage, or just whispering into her ear that you'd like to fuck them and cum all over them, that is why I'm holding back. She likely will not object. Once you move up and sit or straddle her stomach you can have oil ready to go on the night stand. Don't use too much! You can lovingly massage enough on her tits to make them more desirable or just squirt a small amount in her cleavage which is all you're really going to need. I've used scented lotion, olive oil, and baby oil. All of them work equally well. If you do use too much they'll be erotic looking but so slippery that your cock won't stay in her cleavage which gives you only one option; a hand job stroking your cock against the nipples and titty flesh until you explode.

2. Smaller breasts are a bit more of a challenge and let's face it most women are in this category but it is still relatively easy to do. Some women with smaller breasts are a bit sensitive of the fact especially if they know you've been with a woman who has bigger titties than she does. Rather than using your entire cock show her how to squeeze them together and wrap her hands around them. You'll be concentrating on massaging the cock head only. You're up and down movement will still allow the head to pop out which is a turn on for many women. They like to see this especially as it becomes harder and more sensitive. At this point comments are in order such as I love fucking your titties, I could never get enough of this; do you like what I'm doing to your titties? Encourage her to talk dirty to you. Remember that she has already had her climax and is somewhat relaxed so she'll be more receptive to the talk. I know that for me when she says I want you to come all over my tits it turns me on even more. You can comment afterwards that you're not too small at all. Just look at all of the cum you generated.

3. While you're sliding up and down your cock is very close to her mouth and you can ask her to suck on it while it is close to her lips, an additional turn on. As this is going on you can ask her if you should cum in her mouth or spray it all over her tits or give her a pearl necklace. I like to spray or hose them as it gives me the opportunity to spread the cum around with my cock especially concentrating on the nipples. This is also the time to say how nice they look with my cum all over them. Women like it when you pay attention to their bodies which will make it much easier for them the next time around. I've also if they agree, giving them a little bit in their mouth, just a taste and then finish cumming on their titties.

4. Another technique that I've used successfully is while the heavy necking and petting is going on play them one of your favorite titty fucking video clips. Since I've enjoyed Christy Canyon over the years I usually put on one of her compilation films as she did it so many times with so many different people. There are a couple where she gets sprayed by two different guys one on each of her titties. This is something that you need to exercise a bit of caution with. Some women are just not into porn at all and showing a movie might completely turn them off. I've had women who will let you titty fuck them but no movie at all. Others who want to see the movie as it turns them on even more. An early titty fucking experience involved the use of a movie projector. We watched lying on the floor and then duplicated the titty fucking experience that we saw on the film. This was long before VHS had hit the market. I believe that the star of the film was Rene Bond.

5. After you've finished be sure to tell her how sexy she looks with your cum all over her and offer to take a shower with her. This will give you the opportunity to soap and fondle her breasts once more. Again compliment her on her titties and how much you appreciated being able to fuck them. This will all go a long way when it comes to your next encounter. Believe me when I say this works.

6. Something that I find quite erotic, a turn on and tasty is the use of what I call breast toppings. I casually mentioned it to one partner and to my surprise the following week she showed up with a tub of cool whip and a bottle of cherries. I've used chocolate, nuts, strawberries, and raspberries to name just a few. I've completely covered the breasts with whip cream and then took my time licking off most of it before I fucked the titties. Over the years I've got a modest collection of dessert toppings photography I've made on titties. Most women don't seem to mind this as much as there face is not photographed and you can't really see much except of course in your mind.

7. I've played strip poker with the prize being a titty fuck. The poker is like a foreplay technique and I've had some partners take each piece off slowly to heighten the experience. Taking her bra off was really something special as she would slowly bring it down all the time talking. These are what you really want. Are you going to fuck them for me? Do you think my titties are the best ones you've licked, suck, and cum on?

8. There are many different positions that you can try. She can sit on the edge of the bed, sitting on her, from the side, and her on top. I've also done it in the shower using body wash as a lubricant.

9. It is important that you make sure that she is satisfied. Don't be afraid to ask her what you can do. If she wants to be fucked, licked, fondled, or massaged do whatever you can. I had one partner who never wanted me to come inside her so there were occasions that I was so horny that the tittie fuck consisted of one stroke the climax being a pearl necklace.

10. Photography is something that you have to proceed very slowly with because many women are just not comfortable with that. Their afraid of course that someone might see the picture or in later years it somehow pops up on the internet and that of course can prove to be an embarrassment to them. I would never think of doing that but if you think that there is a chance that you might do it then don't. This is a type of hassle that none of us need in our life. Like the toppings pictures you can certainly not photograph the face but just the titties and the aftermath of cum all over them.

11. She might be someone who is going to let you do it to her but she really doesn't want to and that being the case you'll be much better off if you decline and just have regular sex. Down the road this will be a plus for you because the next time she might feel slightly guilty and will willingly offer. Sometimes that okay is that it is new in the relationship and she doesn't want to lose you over it. If there is any doubt then just pass.

12. Sometimes a hand job from her can be just as satisfying as a tittie fuck. Her hand especially if it is being rubbed on the flesh can be just as erotic. She is in control of the situation and many women prefer it that way. She is also going to make sure that she does it right and that you cum or it could be an embarrassment to her. The goal is for both of you to be satisfied and if you've done your part she is going to make sure that she does hers.

Hope some of these suggestions and ideas will help you in your goal of a good tittie fuck. Good luck.

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Thanks. A very honest read. Being female I liked reading how men think and learn how to deal with women sexually. Made me laugh. Especially the part about “if she feels guilty” for not letting youmore...

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