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Taken in the Bathroom

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Sorority girl is taken in a campus bathroom.
2.1k words
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This is purely a work of Fiction. This fantasy involves only people who are over the age of 18.


She walked along the narrow path to the Humanities building. She was moving at a slow pace with a phone attached to her ear. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out in the early morning and the grass was shimmering from the sun rays. Students were all around, slowly walking to their first morning class after Winter break.

It was the way in which she walked that caught my eye. Her strut gave the impression that she was a proud sorority girl. Her butt-cheek high pink shorts had the 3 Greek letters that told me she thought that I wasn't good enough for her. She had to be around five foot four, her tight practically see-through tank top wrapped nicely around her C cup breasts. Her long, brunette hair dangled around her shoulders. It was cold out, I knew that her nipples would be hard from the cold. The sun hadn't even been up long enough to melt away the night's frost. Her short shorts, sleeveless tank, and wet head were sexy but stupid this early in the morning. She didn't care, she had to keep up image standards for her sorority.

Normally I don't spend too much time staring at girls, but I've been especially horny since my girlfriend told me that she wanted to "try new things" in our sex life. She came up with some pretty crazy ideas but I never realized how freaky she really was. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her in weeks because of school break.

Watching this girl strut down the side walk made me realize that her long brown hair was wet, I could just picture it, she must have been in the shower just a few minutes before. As I walked several paces behind her watching her barely clothed ass move up and down I caught myself imagining her in the shower with the hot water cascading down her naked body. This daydream was more than just thought, I started imagining how she lathered up the soap in her hands and smoothed it around her bare skin. How hard she massaged her breasts when she soaped them up, did she wander her hands to her pussy lips and lightly begin to rub? I began wondering what her nipples would feel like in between my fingers, how her ass would feel in my hand, what she would taste like, what the shampoo would smell like in her hair. Was it a quick shower? Did she only have time for a fast cleaning or was it a long, relaxing shower with minutes wasted on feeling the warm water rinse out stress or perhaps a long exciting night. Did she clean and shave. If so, what did she shave? Her sexy legs? Her pussy? This thought really got me going. Was her pussy hair short or trimmed? Did she completely shave her crotch or did she leave a landing strip? Oh, how I wanted to know the answers to my questions. I needed to know. I had to know. My day dream was halted when she stopped and entered a classroom.

I took a seat a row behind her and few seats to her right, this way I could watch her throughout the class. The hour went by slowly. I tried to concentrate on the lecture but I couldn't take my eyes off her, with her wet hair and shorts so short that her crossed legs made her ass look like they were falling out. I could see through the little hole in the chair that she was wearing a black g-string. This made me so hard that I knew I had to skip my next class to follow her a little longer.

Thankfully she didn't linger in class when it ended, she got up and headed out the door. I quickly followed to see where she would lead me. You would think that an hour of a boring lecture would calm me down, but I had keep watching her, her shorts had ridden up a little farther. With about an inch of her ass hanging out of both sides of her shorts I knew that I would be tormented if I didn't have her. So I had to follow her, and deep down I knew that I had to have her, and have her soon.

I followed this sorority tease around campus for a while, patiently keeping my distance. She stopped and chatted with some other girls who were wearing the same Greek letters on ass high short shorts, they were all giggling, probably about the previous nights events. When she left her friends I followed her at a distance, being careful to keep my distance. She followed a nearby walkway towards another building, and finally she entered her destination. I was instantly excited because I knew that I could no longer follow her. She had gone into the women's bathroom. I knew that this was my chance.

I sat on a nearby bench for a moment and planned my attack. I scribbled a note saying "Closed Due To Flooding" and attached it on the door. When I entered, I scanned the stalls and saw only one pair legs. I knew that she was the only one there. I picked up the metal trash can and wedged it against the bathroom door being extra cautious to avoid making any unneeded sound. Now we had our privacy.

I patiently waited in a stall a few doors next to her. I stared out the crack in the stall door. Then I finally heard a flush and a door open. I waited another second until I heard her turn the sink on.

I flew at her before she could turn and see me. By pulling back on her long wet hair it forced her chin up and her eyes away from the mirror, she couldn't see me. I forced her into the large handicapped stall. Thinking, the more room the better. Still gripping her hair with my right hand, I used my left to fondle her breasts. My hand moved all around her perky rack and slowly started to go lower. Across her tight stomach I moved my hand under her shirt. I wanted to go lower, but I decided to wait.

I pushed her left lacey bra cup down so I could feel her bare tit. It was as firm as I had imagined. Her nipple pointed out towards the white tiled wall, she was excited. I was trying to enjoy the feel of her naked body, but her bra was limiting my access. As I removed my hand from under her shirt she let out a small sigh of relief, saying "Please don't be rough." I pointed her body towards a corner of the stall, pushed her head down and let go of her hair. My fingertips curled around the hem of her tank top, with one quick motion her top was over her head and on the ground. The clasp of her bra snapped when I pulled it by the straps, she shifted her shoulders so it fell to the ground. "You asshole, that was one my favorite bras." She tried to cover herself but it was no use. All that was left were those tiny shorts that barely covered her ass. As I snapped the elastic band against her skin, she gave a whimper, but knew that there was no way to fight me.

She kept her head hung low and stood there, facing the corner. From behind and with both hands I attacked her tits. I was finally able to get the full access I had spent most of the morning dreaming about. I kept one hand fondling her tits while the other reached for my camera phone. Thank God for technology, I was able to get some delicious pictures of her half naked body as a trophy of my attack.

As I put the camera away, I moved closer to her body. My right arm reached around and massaged her breasts and pulled her nipples while my left hand swept around and began rubbing her crotch. I gently kissed the back of her neck while I kneaded her pussy and worked her nipples. She moaned softly.

I pushed my hand under her waist line. Her pussy was bare. As I feverishly rubbed circles around her vagina she began to get moist. I whispered, "Oh so you're enjoying this?" She whispered back with lust in her voice, "Fuck You." Not until I'm finished I thought. As my right hand kneaded and my left hand rubbed, I started to grind my clothed cock into her ass. My kisses to her neck held longer, my massaging of her tits got more violent; my rubbing of her pussy was getting quicker and more aggressive. After several minutes of this intense groove, I slipped a finger into her wet vagina and used it to fuck her tight sorority pussy. I made her taste herself and she squirmed and asked me to stop. She pleaded, she begged. She knew what was coming.

I told her it was time.

I pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees and bent her over. She knew what was coming and closed her legs as tightly as she could as I pulled my cock out of my pants. I tried to spread her legs, she resisted. I reached up and grasped a handful of hair and starting pulling. She quickly released her legs and I let go of her hair. I guided my cock to the entrance of her wet vagina. Her pleas got louder. With one good thrust, the tip of my penis was in. She squealed. I started to rock her back and forth, in and out. As my cock was coated with her unwilling juices it started to move with ease. As I settled into a nice rhythm of fucking her she suddenly tried to elbow my ribs, and turn towards the stall's door. But she couldn't even get a full step in before she tripped; her shorts were still around her ankles. I easily caught her by the hair again.

She started to bitch and complain but my hand was over her mouth before she could finish the second word. She started to squirm and squeal but I pulled on her nipple so hard she must have thought I was going to pull it off. Then I forced her back against the wall. Guided my cock back into her pussy and as I started to fuck her hard, I used my other hand to feel those young firm tits again. Her pussy was tight, tighter than I would have imagined any sorority girl to be. It was even tighter because she was clinching her muscles to force my dick. I fucked her hard. I fucked her without any sense of trying to get her to climax. As I broke into a sweat from the constant rhythm, I felt my balls tighten then finally release. My seed exploded into her hot pussy with force of a volcano. I didn't have any sense of what to do next, it just felt too good. I had never cum so hard in my life. I relaxed, and let go of her.

Standing over my conquest, I was not yet satisfied. I grabbed her hair and told her to suck me. I forced my cock into her mouth, she was too drained to suck. I thought she might bite it, but she had no defenses left. After I humped her mouth for several minutes, my cock was getting a good cleaning, I started to get hard again, I shifted her body onto her back, climbed between her knees, and entered her again. There was nothing she could do.

She laid there helpless. I started to fuck her for the second time. I was so fresh from cumming that I lasted a long time. She didn't try to resist, she didn't try to scream, she didn't even try to stop me. She just laid rubbing her clit while I went to work. When I really started to lay into her, her tits were bouncing up and down. I started smacking them, each slap she groaned. With my thighs smacking against her thighs making the usual sex noises, it was a whole different experience. As I came close to cumming for the second time, I bent down and used her tits as handles as I pumped as hard as I could, as deep as I could, in and out. My second explosion erupted moments later.

I slowly got up, corrected my clothing, grabbed my bag. I reached for my phone and took a few more pictures.

I whispered, "Thank you. . ."

My girlfriend laid there and looked up at me with a look of satisfaction, "I told you it would be fun. . .next time, don't rip my clothes."

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 Anonymousalmost 9 years ago

Hard to find many good stories from the "attacker's" perspective.

 Anonymousabout 11 years ago

Freakin awesome keep up the GREAT college Non/Consent stuff!

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