It's been a couple of years now, but, I remember it like it was yesterday. My step-sister, Tracy, had just turned twenty-one when her husband of only a year had decided it would be best to find someone else. I thought he was crazy! Tracy was about 5'2", with blonde hair that flowed to the middle of her back, the bluest eyes I've ever seen, a new set of D-cup breasts (thanks to the ex), a washboard stomach, firm legs, and an ass that would make you hard just thinking about it. On top of all of this, she had a personality you had to love. I'm just about your average guy. I'm 5'10", about 180 pounds, dark hair that I keep pretty short, pretty tan (I worked a lot of outside jobs), and kinda built from so many labor jobs. The one thing not average about me was my dick size. I know you've all heard guys brag about the size of their junk. Well think what you want, but, I'm about 8" long and around 3" thick when hard.

When Tracy's husband left, I was going through my own relationship problems. My girlfriend of two years just wasn't working out. I had bought a house, and really didn't want anything to do with it when everything between us went bad. So, I left it to her and moved into my dad's. Tracy had decided to move in there, too. Now, me and Tracy had not grown up together. By the time her mom and my dad got married she was 19 and I was 21. Tracy had already been living with her, at that point, fiancee. I had been living in my house with my girlfriend. Needless to say, we weren't very close.

The first couple of weeks were mostly quiet between the two of us. I stayed constantly busy with my friends, while she was always out with different guys. That soon changed.

One night, while our parents were away, Tracy came downstairs and said she needed to use the computer for a minute. I told her it was no problem, and continued watching the tv program I had been halfway through. A few minutes later, I heard her ask, "Why aren't you out with the boys tonight?". I told her that they had all gone out on a hunting trip. Tracy then asked why I hadn't gone. "I'm not much of a hunter, I guess." was my only response. She almost seemed shocked by me saying that.

"This is big, tough Brock. He does all of that manly stuff." she said, sarcastically.

"Not as much as you'd think. By the way. Why aren't you out with your boys?" I said with a grin on my face.

"You make me sound like a slut! I've only been hanging out with a couple of guys, and, I haven't done anything with them because my ex knows them, and may find out. It would cause more shit than I'm ready for in court."

I had thought I really made her mad. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like an asshole. I just figured you'd be with one of them."

"not tonight. I just needed a break from all of the partying. It's not as fun as I thought it would be."

I then thought of a great idea. Never thinking of what could possibly happen from it.

"You should come out to the bar with me. We haven't really hung out since we met. You hear all of the stories about how I am when I go out. You should see for yourself."

She replied,"Do you really want your little sister hanging out with you at the bar?"

"You're not really my sister. It's not a big deal if you came out. My friends seem to like you(well her body. Not that I'd tell her that). It'll be fun."

She sat looking at me for a moment. "Okay. I'll go. BUT, if you get annoyed by me, let me know and I'll walk away."

"You got a deal."

A few days later, it was friday. My friends had all come back from hunting, and had been calling me all day to make sure I was going out that night. I told them I was. I then proceeded to tell them about Tracy coming with me. Collectively, their excitement was obvious. "HELL YEAH!" was the common response from all of them.

It was getting later in the day. Tracy had just walked in around a quarter to six from work.

"I'm really sorry I'm running late. It was hectic as hell today. I never thought I was going to get out of there.", she said.

"There really is no rush. We don't leave until 'bout nine. You can take your time."

As she was walking up the stairs, she turned back to me and said, "For a guy who lived with a girl as long as you did, I figured you'd know how long it takes us to get ready." She then ran up the stairs and into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. I heard the shower start, so I figured I'd start drinking a little early. I grabbed the rum from above the fridge, and mixed it with a little coke. I settled down in front of the television. I was done done with my first glass when I heard the shower shut off. I was walking back into the kitchen when I heard the bathroom door open. Tracy decended the stairs in nothing but a towel that landed just above her mid-thigh. It was tied up around her bronze tits, showing a perfect amount of cleavage. I instantly got hard.

"Are you gonna make me one?", she asked, staring at my empty glass.

"Sure." I said, trying not to let her see me stare at her gorgeous thighs.

We stood in the kitchen, finishing our drinks and talking about the night that laid ahead. Tracy then told me she was going to get changed, and would be down in a little bit. As she walked back up the stairs into her room, I could clearly see the bottom of her beautiful, tight ass peaking out from under her soft, white towel. I was so hard, I thought I was going to cum right there.I shook the image from my head, telling myself, "She's practically your sister! You can't think like that!"

About an hour later, Tracy had finally gotten ready to go. As she walked down the stairs, I was dumbfounded. She was wearing black, thigh-high boots that laced all of the way to the top. A denim mini-skirt that was so mini, you could see a hint of her white panties as she walked down the stairs. A black tank-top, obviously without a bra, and her hair done in pigtails. I was so blown away, I started stuttering.

"A-A-Are you ready to g-go?"

"Yeah. What is wrong with you? You're stuttering and sweating. Are you sure you're okay?", she asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just a little drunk, probably."

Just as I finished saying that, I heard a horn honk.

I told her "Mike must be here. We should get out there."

She smiled, and we made our way to the car. As we are walking out, I hear Mike whistle. "Damn girl! you'll get some attention in that for sure!" Tracy just blushed. I flipped Mike off as we got in the car.

"Remember Mike, she's my family. You fuck with her, you're fucking with me."

Mike grinned. "Don't worry, bro. I'm not dumb enough to fuck with you.(whispering)But, damn! she's fine."

"I know. Let's go."

The rest of the night went pretty well as planned. All of the boys showed up. All of them staring at Tracy. A few of them being pulled to the side and having the same talk Mike got.

When it was time to go, We had all had quite a bit to drink, except for Tracy. She told me while she was there that she wasn't much of a drinker, and the one from earlier was enough for her. Mike threw her the keys to the car, and told us to take it. He'd get a ride from some girl he had met earlier in the night. As I slid in the passenger seat, I watched Tracy slide in the driver's. Her skirt pulled up enough to let me see she was wearing a white g'string. her ass was more amazing than I had thought. Once inside the car, Tracy's skirt had rolled up, exposing the front of her sexy panties. I was looking at them when she looked at me.

"Does that bother you? I can't really get this skirt to stay down."

"Not at all. I just noticed the color white out of the side of my eye and was just seeing what it was."

"Yeah, yeah. good excuse." She said, smiling." Every guy looks."

I just told her she was crazy, and stayed quiet the rest of the trip home.

When finally home, Tracy asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I told her yes, and had her pick one out. She said she had a movie up in her room, and would go grab it. She wanted to change anyways. As I sat downstairs on the couch, Tracy came back in the room wearing only a wife-beater that was a couple sizes too small for her, and a pair of pajama shorts that were cut up to the very top of her thighs, with loose leg openings. She held up the DVD and showed it to me. It was one of my favorite movies. I told her to put it in. She turned and laughed at me.

"I'm not putting it in! The DVD player is on the floor, and if I bend over, you'll see everything!"

"only your panties. I've already seen those tonight." I couldn't believe those words just came out of my mouth. I had to be five shades of red.

"Yeah. If I was wearing any. These are my sleep clothes." She said with a smile. My cock twitched. I couldn't believe she just told me she wasn't wearing panties. Especially, in those shorts.

I decided to see how far I could take this. At the least, I could blame it on the alcohol.

"What's the matter? Afraid I might see your huge bush?"

"That's not a problem at all. I am always bald down there." My cock started growing.

"Yeah. me too." I said, smiling.

"Really?! I've never seen a guy that was bald. That's so cool." As she talked, she lifted her leg, resting her head on her knee. The leg of her shorts opened, showing me the sweetest pussy I have ever seen. Glistening with her juices. My cock started bobbing with my heartbeat.

"It's just hard to find a good razor.", I told her.

"Not if you use my kind. It works GREAT! See?" She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her lifted leg. Moving my hand up and down on her thigh. As we talked, I kept my hand there. Slowly moving it lower as the conversation heated up.

She then asked, "Since you and Faith(my ex) broke up, How much do you jerk off now?"

My inhibitions were gone. "About once a day. I got so used to having sex, that I can't deal without it."

"I do it about that much too. If not more. But that's really because I wasn't having it alot. And, when I was, It wasn't that great. You look like you could satisfy a girl." My hand was now resting just above her pussy.

"What do you mean?" I had to ask.

"Your dick. It looks big. well, bigger than any of the ones I've had." My pinky was now inside her shorts, running along her wet slit. her breathing was getting a little shorter, and her nipples were now erect. pushing hard against the cotton fabric pressed against her luscious mounds.

"Just how would you know that?"

She replies, "It's pretty obvious. Everything you wear is so tight against it." I've now slid my hand over her dripping pussy. I have pushed my middle finger inside her wet hole, and slowly began finger-fucking her. she has placed her hand under her tight wife-beater, rolling and pinching her hard, eraser-like nipple. She begins moaning as a slide my index finger in with my middle. picking up pace as her wetness rolls down my hand.

"MMMmmm... Oh God! H-H-How big is your cock? Unngh.." Now I have pulled my fingers out and slid my middle one up to her hard, soaked clit. rolling slowly around it, and, light pulling my finger across the top. Her breathing has become labored. more moans are escaping her lips as her waist begins to grind against my hand. I slide my hand down, over her dripping pussy to her soaked asshole. I run my finger around the tight hole, feeling her grind harder against the palm of my hand before bringing my fing back up to her, now throbbing, clit.

"Why don't you find out?" As I say this, She reaches down and feels my hard cock through my shorts. I then proceeded to furiously roll my finger over her clit. Feeling her mound contract against me.

"UHHhhh.. Oh my G-G-God! It's H-H-Huge! MMMmm.. I-I'm gonna... CUMMMMMmmm! OH G-G-GGGOOODDD!!!"

She had dripped her sweet juices down her ass crack, making a puddle beneath her. Her whole body spasming, and her pussy contracting against my finger which is now sliding up and down her open slit.

"Oh God! Stand up!" She tells me, forcefully. I do so, quickly. My cock throbbing and causing a massive tent in my shorts. She slides forward on the couch. I can her the liquid sound from her shorts. She places me in front of her. She reaches up and undoes my button and zipper. She runs her hand down the inside of my shorts and gives me a big smile.

"You weren't kidding about bald."

Tracy then runs her hand over my smooth skin before finally grabbing my shaft. She uses her other hand to lower my shorts. MY throbbing cock springs free. Her hand can barely wrap three-quarters of the way around my solid cock. She begins stroking it towards her. Back and forth. She reaches under with her free hand and begins rubbing my golf ball-sized nuts.

"Fuck! It's so big!"

She stops rubbing me. Tracy reaches down and takes off her pussy-soaked shorts. Then, she removes her top, exposing the greatest set of tits I've ever seen. Her nipples were smaller than I thought, rosy pink, with a perfect eraser shape petruding from the centers. She reaches between her legs to scoop up some wetness before returning to stroking my massive dick. Her other hand is furiously rolling over her clit.

"I really want to suck it! Unnngh!"

As she says those words, I move forward, placing my dickhead against her lips. She sticks her tongue out, licking the pre-cum that is dripping from the tip. She removes her hand from her pussy and places them on the backside of my thighs. As she does this, She opens her mouth and pulls me towards her more. My cock feels the warmth of her tongue as it slides halfway down the shaft before stopping. I knew she couldn't take much. She places one hand on the exposed shaft, stroking fast as her tongue rolls over and arond the head, then flicks against the sensitive part on the underside. My cum is boiling in by balls. I'm ready to explode when I feel her other hand move. It has come down to my balls, taint, and now working it's way up to my asshole. As my cock fills her mouth, I feel the pressure of her fingure press and roll against my dark hole. The sensation is too much.


Just then, I shot a thick, creamy load into my step-sister's mouth. she swallowed the first little bit of it, but, realizing it's too much, she pulled my dick out and jerked me off onto her unbelievable tits.

Tracy smiled at me while still stroking my cock.

"I'm going to get cleaned up. Hopefully that thing will be ready to fill another hole."She walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

I couldn't believe what just happened. My mind was racing. But, the thoughts were just stirring up another erection for me. Tracy exited the bathroom and saw that I was only half-hard. She then did something I would have never imagined. Tracy got behind me and ran her hands down my arms and back. She reached my ass and slowly started massaging it. As she did this, I felt her run her tongue down my spine. I knew she must have been lowering herself. I thought her tongue would stop. I felt both hands part my ass cheeks, and felt the tongue roll right onto my asshole. She was sliding her tongue in and out of it within a minute. A hand had reached around front and began stroking my cock as she did this.

"Holy Shit! That feels amazing!", was all I could say.

My cock now hard, Tracy stood in front of me. Holding my cock she looked at me and said, "Let's fuck." She then turned around, put her knees up on the couch, and bent over the back. I've never seen anything so sexy. Her ass was the most amazing ass I've ever seen. Two ass cheeks, perfect hand size, with no blemishes whatsoever. Her asshole was completely clean. Pink almost. Her pussy, dripping with excitement, looked like a warm glove. I stepped up to her. Taking one ass cheek in each hand, I pressed my cock against her waiting cunt hole. As my thick cock spread her dripping lips apart, She let out small whimpers. I slid in slowly, feeling how tight she was. Her pussy juice was running down my thick shaft and dripping on the couch. I went as deep as I could, almost three-quarters of the way, when I started really thrusting. In and out, in and out. The sounds of her wetness only being covered by her screams and moans.


Every thrust was like an orgasm for her. my ball sack was swinging just enough to hit her clit, causing my excitement for her. Her pussy is now leaking juice everywhere.




I could feel her pussy juice running down my shaft and balls as her pussy contracted on my aching dick. That sent me over the edge


She slides off of my cock, and turns around real fast. I stroke my dick as she rubs my pent-up balls. She then grabs ahold of dick and points it at her mouth. "UUUHUHHHH!!!" is all I could out as I shot thick rope after rope of cum on her face, tits, and stomach.

Tracy looks up and smiles. She sits back on the floor as I collapse onto the couch. her head now resting between my legs, I start rubbing her shoulders. She reaches up and rubs the underside of my limp cock.

"You know you're not done, right? I licked you. When's it my turn?" With that she turned her head and flicked my tip with her tongue.

It was going to be a long night...

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Horny step sister

I met my step sister about 3 months ago when she came round to mine early one night when I was getting ready to go out with her one night. I just got out of the shower and she was standing there. I wasmore...

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Damn Good!

This makes me wish i had a step sister who would suck and fuck like this. He needs to write a follow on story where he returns the favor that she alluded to and give her head. For all that she did formore...

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