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Spanking Story


So, you think that you'd like to be spanked:

A few years ago I was dating a dirty little blonde who was intelligent, attractive, and had a personality to match.

One evening after a date out, I was sitting on her sofa and she was lying down with her head on my lap. We weren't really doing much of anything. I think that we were talking or watching television. She was wearing jeans. I playfully gave her a light swat on her bottom. She moaned and squirmed as if she were starting to cum. I was caught off guard because we hadn't been doing anything that would have aroused her. In fact, we had yet to have sex. Teasingly, I said, "How interesting." Her face turned red.

Not long after that fun little evening, I found out that she loved to be spanked, and I mean spanked! She liked it often, and she liked it hard.

This was all new to me. Feeling somewhat insecure, I asking her if everything was ok. I wanted to know how being spanked made her feel and if I was being too rough.

By no means do I want to imply that I was an innocent player in our game because the very hint of pushing her beyond her limits is so erotic that it overwhelmed my senses. (In fact, the mere act of writing this story is making my balls ache and cock stiffen) I just did not want to take it any farther than she wanted. The thought of spanking her until it hurt, pushing her beyond her expectations, or beyond what she thought she could take, was a real turn on. Knowing that I could do things to her that caused her to lose self control like the time that she curled up on the bed in an attempt to regain bodily functions, created a sense of ecstasy that I will never forget. But, there is a big difference between pushing her limits and going too far. In the end, that really didn't matter because I was soon to find that she wanted it taken a long, long, way.

This was one girl that really didn't have any limits. It was not possible for me to take it too far.

As time went on I came to the realization that it wasn't just the spankings that turned her on, but everything about being a submissive. What fascinated me is how elaborate our sex games had become. I don't know why these games drove her so wild, but in retrospect maybe it was because of the fact that a woman with her level of intelligence and business savvy needed a break from reality.

And, break her I did.

Sometimes I'd tell her to go into the bedroom and remove all of her clothing, bend over, grab her ankles, and wait until I came in. Without even a whimper she'd wander off to do as she was told. Sometimes I'd wait a few minutes; giving her time to undress. Other times I'd amuse myself by watching her prepare for what was yet to come.

The first thing that I did after she had disrobed was to inspect her body. I methodically examined her, probing every nook and cranny, leaving her in a state of helpless violation. I covered every inch, even going so far as to stick a finger into each side of her mouth, forcing it open to be inspected. With her legs straining wide open, I made her squat, ever demanding that she conform to whatever position necessary to complete the examination. Her humiliation had begun.

After she had striped down naked and passed my inspection, she'd bend over; grab her ankles, and stand with her legs apart which caused her ass checks to spread wide open. This exposed her little pussy and little asshole so that they faced upward and slightly open. Ordering her to stand in this position left her helpless to any twisted vile whim that entered my mind. Instead of grabbing her ankles, I considered having her reach back and pull her ass checks wide open. But, after having her experiment with a few varied positions, I came to the conclusion that she could not expose herself anymore than when grabbing her own ankles.

She was a petite little thing and bending over opened her up in a way that made her little pussy look disproportionately large and meaty. It was an amazing experience looking between her legs and seeing the inside of her thighs spread wide open ready to be used. What a wonderful fleshy exhibition. She looked so raunchy and helpless. I never imagined that a woman could look so kinky and dirty. She was now poised for me to work her over.

While I was becoming more aggressive, she was becoming, "my little cunt." I took complete control. She willfully transformed herself from an intelligent independent woman into my slutty little whore that obeyed my every command. Her rounded shapely little bottom stuck high into the air.

I stood over my little cunt; she with her hands grasping her ankles while I rubbed her body from her shoulders all the way down to the soft spot behind her knees. She began to shake. I could hear her fearful little moans; almost tearful whimpers as she struggled to prepared herself for my assault on her hapless little body. For just a brief moment I stopped what I was doing to stick my nose up into her protruding lips smelling the pungent odor emanating from between her legs. She stunk of sex. Like a rabid dog, I lapped up her juices.

She moaned.

I stood behind and slightly to the right of her with my slowly hardening cock free to brush up against her quivering thigh. I repeatedly ran my hands all over her little body.

There really wasn't a particular pattern, I just massaged and rubbed and stroked and pressed and kneaded and squeezed and manipulated and pinched and pulled and work her from her ankles to her perky little breasts and back again. Over and over I worked, toughing and pulling at my baby girls nipples, only changing the tempo to fit my mood.

At times I worked in a slow deliberate fashion, while others, tearing at her like a wild beast. Her quivering was so intense that I thought that she would collapse. Occasionally, I'd slide my finger up into her dripping wet pussy and then slowly pull it out, only stopping to tug on her clit for a moment or two. I worked on my little whore's body until the volume of her moans signaled the loss of control.

It was not long before she bore the marks that come from being mauled. Every now and then, she'd pick up on the sexual rhythm that was being generated and rock back and forth as if she were dancing to some euphoric trance inducing jungle sound. This I did not tolerate. I rapidly pushed my finger up into her little asshole as a way to keep her in a state of confusion.

She was shocked. Pushing my finger up into her ass was so unexpected that it only served to intensify the pleasure that was beginning to overwhelm her.

Her moans increased in volume and saliva trickled from the side of her mouth. In between her gasps I heard a faint gurgling coming form her throat. Surrendering her last bit of pride, her eyes rolled back in her head.

She begged me to start rubbing her again. She'd fall to the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could; arching her back while rocking her pussy back and forth pushing it as high into the air as her birthing sized hips allowed. She offered it up to me as one that was using her last ounce of strength to crawl onto a sacrificial alter built for some cruel vengeful god. And when that failed, she'd refer to herself as "your little whore." My only response was to tell her to shut up and do as she was told. There was no way that her begging was going to keep me from completing my task.

I took action! I ordered her to stop whining, stand up and resume the position. I didn't really care how horny she had become or what she wanted me to do to her. I wanted my dirty little whore bent over so that I could play with her little pussy and little asshole in any fashion that suited my fancy. And, I wanted her to do it, NOW!

With a humiliated look on her face, she did as she was told. She stood up, bent over, and grabbed her ankles. The only difference was that her pussy lips were all puffed up engorged with blood, bright red, and dripping wet. I stepped behind her and proceeded to push my finger back inside her little asshole, except this time I pushed it in with a vengeance. I didn't care if it hurt her. After all, it was not my fault that she did not do as she was told. It was my responsibility to train her to be a good little slut, and train her I did! Her humiliation was complete.

For a couple minutes I did not allow her to move at all. Even the slightest twinge required a hard smack on her already red bottom in an attempt to reinforce the command that she had been given.

Quickly, she learned to be still with the exception of the involuntary quivering that I felt running from deep inside her asshole and up into my arm. I moved my finger around as much as I could. She violently pushed her ass up against my hand.

I didn't let on, but I began to realize that she couldn't control herself any longer because she had been on the edge of cuming for far too long. I pulled my finger out of her ass while demanding that she stay bent over.

I started spanking her bottom; first one cheek and then the other. With each stroke I spanked harder and harder. At the same rate that I paddled her ass, her moans became intermixed with screams which only caused me to spank her ever harder. Just when it seems like she was crossing the line between pleasure and pain, I gave her three more swats with my hand, just so she would never forget that I could always go a little farther than her moans told me to go.

By this time I was dying to stick my cock inside of her. I knew from both experience and from her cries, that she wanted me inside, and that her ass was her favorite hole to be fucked.

I had her get onto her bed in the doggie position, so that her knees were on the edge, with her calves and feet hanging off the side. Her ass stuck out just far enough for me to stand behind her. The position was perfect. I stood behind her, taking a firm grasp of her hips, and with just a couple quick thrusts, slid my cock into her asshole.

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