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Sniffing Her Panties: Caught

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Landlord gets caught sniffing 18-year-old girl's panties.
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I live in a small town where not much happens. Fifteen years ago, a family rented the upstairs apartment in our large house. We had much more room than we needed, and the entire upstairs was turned into a private apartment. A lovely family moved in and we became like family rather quickly.

The mother was remarried and her one child was from her previous marriage. Her new husband was younger than her, and the Mahoney's were a perfect family to live in our house. Their daughter, Erin was a very cute girl. She was full of energy and sass through her toddler and adolescent years. At around the time she turned 15, she began to get in trouble a lot. Nothing terrible, to start off, but just the kind of things that teenagers manage to get themselves into. Things like staying out after the town curfew and mouthy things in school and toward her parents.

When she turned 18, she got arrested for underage drinking and defacing a traffic sign. She was sent to a juvenile detention center for three weeks by the judge. She became increasingly difficult for her parents which resulted in a lot of yelling and banging. They were like family; we just put up with it and felt terrible for her parents. We felt bad for Erin as well. She was a beautiful girl. Thin, long brown hair, blue eyes. Very good looking and always had a date or a boyfriend. Despite her problems, she seemed to be popular among her peers.

My wife works in an office and both of Erin's parents work away from home as well. I work from my home, since I am an independent programmer. It was a typical Tuesday. Everyone left, but on the way out, Tammy (Erin's mom) asked me to look at the faucet in the laundry room, because it wouldn't stop leaking. I told her I would get to it later in the day.

Around noon, I decided to go upstairs and take a look at the faucet. I walked into the laundry room and saw the dripping faucet. I also saw a laundry hamper full of dirty clothes. On the very top was a pair of Victoria Secret satin panties. I immediately knew they were Erin's, because her mother was on the heavy side, so there was no way these little panties belonged to her. As I fixed the faucet, the presence of those panties just kept coming into my mind. I could resist the urge no longer, and walked over and looked at the panties. They were kind of rolled up, as they would look if you peeled them off and tossed them into the hamper. They were so cute and tiny. I imagined what they would look like on her. My cock began to stir.

It bothered me that they were having this effect on me, but I am a panty fetishist ... and could no longer resist the temptation to touch them. I touched them and immediately pulled my hand away. These panties belonged to an 18 year old girl! I walked away to finish the sink repair and felt an incredibly strong urge to go back to her cute little panties. Desire overcame me and I walked back to the basket and picked them up. Slowly, with trembling hands, I unrolled them ... savoring the softness in my hands. They opened up inside out ... and I immediately focused on the white cotton crotch panel. There was some dried white stuff with a pubic hair stuck to it. Oh my god ... Erin's pubic hair and vaginal discharge ... right in front of my eyes. My heart began to race as I touched the dried substance. Touch wasn't enough ... as I brought them up to my nose and inhaled her young sweetness. An intoxicating mixture of perfume, sweat and pee all mingled into one smell. It was like an aphrodisiac ... my cock swelled to full hardness.

I wasn't wearing panties today ... I had too much work to do and it was too much of a distraction. Most days I would wear a pair of my wife's panties ... from the hamper. I've done that for years ... in fact, for most of my adult life. It all started with my aunts panties, but that's a story for a different time.

I was in heaven ... I was standing there with Erin's panties in my hands ... her most intimate aspects of her life in front of me. I rubbed the crotch of her panties over my nose ... inhaling sharply the scent of her femininity. I took the pubic hair between my teeth and pulled it loose from the white substance. Thoughts raced through my head ... was that dried white substance the cum of her boyfriend that leaked out of her pussy, or was it simply the cream that leaks out from her ovulating. It didn't matter ... it was so sexy that I was as close to her pussy as I would ever get. The tender sweet pussy of a young 18 year old girl. Let's face it, I am 55 years old ... my days of 18 year old pussy are long gone.

As I rolled the pubic hair around in my mouth, my tongue touched the white dried cream. It had no immediate flavor, but the saliva from my tongue made it sticky. Greedily I continued to lick it. I was so horny, so overtaken by the whole thing.

I was so involved in what I was doing, that I hadn't heard someone come home. I would never think anyone would be coming home ... not for at least 3 hours. My ecstasy was broken up by a voice ... "Rich, what are you doing with my panties?"

I didn't want to believe this was happening. Maybe my mind was playing games on me and this really wasn't happening!

"Hello ... earth to Rich ... why are you licking and sniffing my fucking panties? Erin yelled.

I turned and looked at her. She was wearing shorts and a tank top ... her nipples were poking out.

"Oh, er ... Erin ... I was fixing your faucet" I managed to awkwardly say

"Smelling and licking my panties is how YOU fix a faucet?" she said with a chuckle.

"I, um .. I wasn't ... what are you talking about?" I managed to say

"Don't be stupid and don't think I'm stupid ... you are smelling and licking my panties."

I just looked at her with a stupid look on my face. Her panties, actually, still up at my nose.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well ... what, Erin?"

"Oh my fucking god, you are going to stand there with my panties up to your nose and act like nothing has happened?"

I just looked at her and blushed as I pulled the panties away from my nose.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." She demanded

Without hesitation I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. She looked at my tongue and said, "Is that my pubic hair on your tongue?"

Again I looked at her without responding. "Pathetic ... you are a pathetic man"

I didn't know what to say or do.

"And look at you ... you have an erection!"

I was never as mortified as I was at that moment.

"Well, say something your fucker!" she said

"What do you want me to say, Erin?"

"Well for starters, Mr. Pantysniffer ... you could say ... well Erin ... I'm sniffing your panties!"

The hardest words ever spoken by me were about to be spoken.

"Erin, the truth is ... I am sniffing your panties." I managed to say

"And?" she continued.

"And ... I don't know ... I'm licking them ... I'm sorry."

I decided to try to take control of this situation.

"Look Erin, I apologize for what happened here, but the truth is ... I am an adult and I will deny all of this. You on the other hand, are a kid who has had many problems. Who is anyone going to listen to? You or me?" I said with the confidence I managed to muster.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Pantylicker, I videoed the entire pathetic scene. While you were immersed in the heaven of my panties, unaware that I was watching, I made a video and emailed it to a safe location!"

"You're lying, Erin. Nice try!" I quickly responded.

With that, she pulled her iphone out of her pocket and turned on the video. As pathetic as I felt when she caught me, seeing it from her eye, made me sick to my stomach. I was a pathetic, disgusting man ... sniffing and licking the panties of an 18 year old girl.

"Seen enough, Mr. Pantysniffin-licker?" she said with a giggle. She knew full well she had me.

"Ok, Erin ... the truth is that you are a pretty girl. What man doesn't enjoy looking at a pretty girl? Given the opportunity, what man wouldn't pick up your panties if he thought he could get away with it?"

"Ewwww and Ewwwwwwwww! You are old enough ... fuck ... you're old enough to be my grandfather for christsakes!" she quickly replied.

"Ok, so now what, Erin?" I didn't know what else to say.

She looked at me and said, "I'm trying to figure out how to make this to my advantage!" "First of all, if you were wondering what the dried white cream was in my panties ... it was Scott's cum that oozed out of my cunt from the fucking he gave me last night!"

I looked at her as she spoke. Her nipples still poking through her top. My cock throbbing in my pants.

"Do you like licking other guy's cum?" She didn't wait for me to answer.

"Today when I left for school, I didn't go to school. I went to Scott's apartment and he fucked me good and long. When I caught you, I had come home to get cleaned up."

"You're telling me this, why?" I inquired

"Because we are going to see how you like licking another guys cum, when you now clean me. I want you to remove your pants and underwear and show me what your hard cock looks like."

"Oh, I couldn't do either of those things, Erin."

"Ok, I will show the video to your wife as soon as she gets home. In fact, I think I will just email it to her at work, so when she gets home, she can be all worked up ..."

I didn't allow her to finish her sentence.

"ERIN, ok ... ok ... you win." I didn't like the idea that this little kid had the upper hand and that I was, in essence, going to do whatever she says with the hopes that she won't ever show that video to anyone.

"How do I know you won't show that video to my wife, even if I do what you wish?"

"You don't. You're just going to have to hope I am a decent person and keep up to my end of the deal ... which we haven't even discussed. NOW TAKE OFF THOSE PANTS!"

I wanted to cry. What had I gotten myself into? I unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. Awkwardly I removed my shoes which I should have taken off before I pulled my pants down. She just stood there shaking her head. My cock was no longer hard. It shrunk like it does at the doctor's office. I slowly peeled off my underpants and held my hands in front of my now limp cock.

"Move those hands and let me see that old-mans cock" she ordered.

I moved my hands and there I was ... all shriveled up ... scared to death and being submissive to this 18 year old girl.

"So, if you are so excited about my panties ... why is that pathetic little cock so little. You were hard a moment ago."

"I'm nervous, Erin ... I suppose that's why."

She giggled. "Well, put my panties on ... the ones you found so exciting ... let's see if you get hard wearing my little panties."

"They won't fit." I responded.

"Well, I don't care ... that little cock will fit in anything. DO IT NOW!"

I took her panties and slid them up my legs. I did manage to fit in them, but there wasn't much room for any growth.

"There, you look like an ugly girl now. How do my panties feel? I don't see your cock getting hard. Don't my panties turn you on? Play with yourself ... I want that cock hard ... and I want it hard NOW!"

With hesitation, I touched my cock through the panties ... and it betrayed me and got hard. The head finally sticking out of the top of her panties.

"There you go, Mr. Panty ... do you like that name? Mr. Panty?"

"Yes, I like that name." I figured I had better go along with her and maybe this nightmare would end sooner.

"Good, because that is your new name. My new name is Ma'am. Or Erin Ma-am. Understood?"

"Now I am going to pull my shorts down and you can worship my panty-covered pussy. When I think you have done that well enough, I will let you clean my sticky pussy ... all matted up with Scotts cum that oozed out of me."

She pulled her shorts off. She had on a little pink pair of nylon panties. She sat on the edge of a chair and told me to crawl over. As I did, she opened her legs wide and I could see a dark wet spot in the crotch of her panties. Was she excited, or was that cum that continued to leak out of her from the sex she had earlier?

"Now crawl and start worshiping my panty crotch, Mr. Panty"

When I got between her legs, I could see a few strands of curly pubic hair escaping the gusset of her panties. As my face approached it, I could smell the familiar odor of sweat and pee. She obviously hadn't showered or anything and the smell was quite ripe, but not unpleasant. I love the smell of a mature pussy ... and the smell of soiled panties.

She grabbed my face and ground my face into her wet crotch.

"I want to feel your tongue all over my panty crotch, Mr. Panty. You like my wet smelly panties?"

I licked and licked at her panties, and as I did ... my cock grew harder and harder ... her panties barely holding any of me in.

I felt her foot touch my cock. Her bare foot sliding along it and her toe rubbing the tip.

"I see you love licking my panty covered pussy little man. You going to squirt on my bare foot?"

I pulled away long enough to say ... "I don't know, Ma'am."

With that she pushed me away so that I fell over backwards. She stood and pressed her whole foot on my panties and cock.


"Yes, Erin ..."

She kicked me hard in the balls. I screamed out in pain.

"What is my name, Mr. Panty?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Erin Ma'am ... I forgot ... I won't forget ever again! I'm so sorry Ma'am. Please forgive me."

"That's better. Now with great respect, pull my panties down and I want you to bathe my crotch clean ... I want you to clean all the sticky cum that oozes out and all the crusty cum that has dried on my pubic hairs."

As I pulled down her panties, I got even more excited. She had a full black pubic bush. It was magnificent ... beautiful. I don't like a shaved pussy. It all goes back to my childhood ... never seeing a naked pussy in Playboy or other porn magazines.

Her pubes were all matted and stuck together. I crawled up between her legs and touched her matted hair with my tongue. It was hard and crusty ... and then at spots ... wet. I licked and licked ... not really caring that I was licking her boyfriends cum and her mixture. I licked until all the matted hair was wet and no longer matted. I had several pubic hairs in my mouth.

She pulled my face tight up into her smelly crotch. "Put that tongue in me, and get that cum oozing out. I want you to be my douche." She said with an evil giggle.

As I slid my tongue in, I felt the thick goo of cum. I know what cum tastes like, because I would drink my own. It was most definitely cum from a boy. I coaxed it out with my tongue ... and sucked it from her pussy. The more I did it, the more she began to grind her pussy against my mouth. The wetness increased ... I realized that she was no contributing to the gooey discharge. I lapped at her pussy as if she were my lover. Then, all of a sudden, her body tensed ... and she had an orgasm. Along with the orgasm came a hot stream of piss ... right in my face.

As she calmed down, she let go of my head. My face was soaked with her boyfriend's cum, her vaginal secretions and now her load of hot piss.

"You did a good job, Mr. Panty. I feel so good, that I am too lazy to go to the bathroom to pee. You will be my toilet."

She grabbed my head, ordered me to open my mouth ... and she cradled her pussy on my mouth and unloaded a full load of hot, salty piss.

"You had better drink it all, because if you spill any, there will be a punishment for it." She said as she flooded my mouth with her piss. I gulped and gulped ... it was nasty ... so salty and bitter. Some splashed in my eyes and burned. But I did manage to gulp her hot piss down.

It was getting late.

"Well, Mr. Panty ... don't think this is the end. You have a lot of making up with me to take care of."

"I thought this would be it." I said softly.


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Bigal57107Bigal57107almost 2 years ago
Great story..

I am jealous.

 Anonymousover 2 years ago

thats fuckin hot

 Anonymousover 3 years ago

I would have one to lick her dirty pussy and swallow her warm piss. Mmm

 Anonymousover 3 years ago

I would have loved to lick Erin's pussy!

stroker00stroker00over 5 years ago
Stunning Panty Story

Similar to my experience as a caretaker. Soo hot. Love it.

I jerked off while sniffing a pair of panties while I read your story.

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