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Skyrim: A Night in Blackreach


Author's Note: This (short) story contains very minor spoilers for the game Skyrim, specifically for the Blackreach area. Given the nature of the game and that everyone's experience is different, I've tried to be as broad as possible in my description of the Dragonborn – the main focus here is really Lydia.

All characters are TM and © their respective rights holders. This is a work of parody, is not meant as a challenge to their copyright, and is intended for readers 18 years and older.

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They had been questing for what felt like days now, searching first through the ruins of Alftand and now deep in the caverns of Blackreach. When they'd first entered the lost Dwemer ruins, Lydia had murmured something about having never seen anything quite like it before, and the Dragonborn admitted that he had to agree with her.

Glowing spores floated on the wind like celestial fireflies, dropped by the immense phosphorescent fungi that hovered over the cavern. The giant mushrooms swayed on the eddying air currents, looking like jellyfish drifting amongst a coral reef, or dandelions dancing on the summer's wind.

A great sense of calm fell over the Dragonborn just from being in this place. True, they had found it infested by beastly warriors, but after they'd done the short job of ridding the cave of all the Falmer nesting in it, it felt like the safest place in all of Skyrim. If it weren't for his quest and all the people counting on him, he could have very easily spent a great deal of time in this place – as it was, he would have to settle for a single night.

He couldn't have hoped to find a better companion to spend it with, however, than Lydia. They'd been on many adventures together since Jarl Balgruuf had named him as a Thane and appointed her as his Housecarl, and in that time the Dragonborn had grown very fond of his loyal retainer.

Her dedication was unwavering – she was as brave and true as she was beautiful. Her olive skin, her full lips, the body she kept hidden beneath mammoth furs and steel armour...all of it combined in the Dragonborn's mind to create a picture of feminine perfection that was absolutely entrancing.

He was still uncertain, however, as to what her feelings were towards him. She let very little slip from behind her stoic facade, other than the sarcastic bite she offered whenever he asked to trade something with her.

Whatever he may feel for Lydia, however, he knew he had to cast it out of his mind. They needed to focus on tasks more immediately at hand, such as setting up camp for the night.

They had chosen a spot near the entrance to Blackreach, in a corner of the cavern by the alchemist Sinderion's field laboratory. The ground was flat and even, leading to a crystal blue pool and the misty waterfalls that filled it. The water was sweet to the taste and should keep their skins filled for several days.

They set out their bedrolls beside a crop of geode rocks that glowed a spectral blue – the same shade as the fungi that illuminated the darkness. Nirnroot sang its unique tune in the distance. The Dragonborn made a mental note to search it out after they had rested.

It was as the Dragonborn was starting a fire for the evening that Lydia approached him.

"By your leave, my Thane..." She said, her head bowed. At first he was unsure of her meaning, though with her body half-turned to the water he eventually puzzled it out; she intended to bathe, should he excuse her to do so.

"Of course." The Dragonborn said. Their travels had left the both of them caked in dirt and blood and he perfectly understood her desire to clean off.

Lydia, however, didn't move. She simply stared at her Thane with those piercing eyes of hers, her expression as inscrutable as ever.

"Oh..." He said, realisation dawning on him once more. "My apologies."

He turned his back, allowing her to shed herself of her apparel. Her heavy armour thumped on the ground as she pulled it loose. It was all the Dragonborn could do to keep himself from stealing a glance.

The last of the armour clanged behind him and then he heard the water splashing, waves curling over on themselves. Turning his head ever so slightly, he saw Lydia swimming into the depths of the pool, reaching the waterfall. She threw her head back as she washed her hair, the water spraying off her face, collecting on her lips to be licked away.

Desire burned inside the Dovahkiin as fire would in the belly of a dragon. There had been many nights, with Lydia watching over him as he slept, that he had dreamed of his Housecarl. A thrill ran through him as he saw for himself that, for all her hardness, she was as soft and fair as any maiden, just as he imagined she would be.

He tried to distract himself with his task, using a flame spell to ignite the campfire, but his eyes and his heart kept drifting back to the beautiful woman washing off her naked body so tantalizingly close to him.

He wondered how he came to be so like a schoolboy suffering from a crush. Had his time in the wilds of Skyrim taught him nothing of fortitude, of the need for a strong will? If he desired Lydia as deeply as he did, surely he needed to do something about it. Fate, after all, waited for no man. Not even the Dragonborn.

Standing now with purpose, he turned toward the pool. Lydia had her back to him, even as he stripped himself free of his armour, throwing it down by the campfire.

Glowing mushroom spores fled before him as he walked towards her. The water was surprisingly warm, swirling around him like a silk robe. It rose to his waist, washing away the mud along with any last doubts of what he was doing.

She had not heard him enter the water over the roar of the falls, but as he drew closer to her she seemed to sense the ripples of someone near. She half-turned towards him, just in time for his chest to brush her back, his hand firm on her shoulder, as he spun her around in a needful kiss.

Her lips tasted of honey, her tongue of wild strawberries. He relished the flavour of her like a man who'd tasted of nothing but bread and water for all his life. Her flesh radiated warmth and all the Dragonborn wanted to do was bask in it.

"My...my Thane?" She asked uncertainly when finally their lips parted.

"Lydia," He whispered warmly in her ear, planting suckling kisses on her lobe and along her neck. "I would have knowledge of you..."

"Never without my permission..." She whispered, just as guarded as ever.

"I would dream of it no other way." He replied, growing fevered by the touch of her soft, plump breasts against his torso.

"...I..." She said, for once unsure of what to say, what to do. But then a calm determination came over her and she continued, "I have dreamed of nothing else, my Thane." Her voice was now as warm as bubbling oil, her eyes wide and soulful, and she returned his kiss with all his passion and double that again.

Her hands found his shoulders, his back, and though she kept her fingernails short she still managed to scratch into his flesh as she pulled him closer, their lips dancing with one another's.

Exploring her body first with his hands and then with his mouth, the Dragonborn thrilled to discover that she was firm to the touch but soft everywhere she needed to be. Her hips were round, her buttocks pert, her breasts full and sumptuous.

Running a tongue down along the slope of her chest, her found her nipples to be like rosebuds between his lips, firm but pliant, her breast flesh soft and sweet beneath his tongue.

"Mmmmmhhh!" Lydia moaned her approval, her fingers coiling in her Thane's hair, tugging the curls.

The sound of her pleasure emboldened him. Spinning her in his arms, he pressed up against her, his shaft throbbing hot and hard in the fleshy cleft of her buttocks. With one hand he took hold of her swaying, spongy tit. With the other he rounded her hip to stroke his fingers through the soft, curled hair of her womanhood.

"Mm! O my Thane!" She gasped, flexing her hips and thrashing against him as he splayed her dusky lips open beneath the water. He teased her like that for a while, skirting the edge of her clitoral hood, playing in the liquid warmth of her slit.

"Please, my lord – don't... don't test me so!" She begged through laboured breathing, rolling her hips down on his hand, doing everything she could to draw him in closer.

Satisfied by her need, he decided to be merciful, sinking his fingers deep in the sweet recess of her sticky cunney.

"Yes!" Lydia hissed through clenched teeth. "Yyysssss!"

He explored her tentatively at first, lubricating her inner flesh with her own juices. Before long he had built up his pace, working her with the two middle fingers of his left hand while rubbing her clitoris with the thumb of his right. All the while, Lydia kissed at his skin and the battle scars that mapped his time in Skyrim.

"Mmhhh! Nn! Ooo!" She moaned and exclaimed warmly, her ample breasts heaving from her knotted breath.

With his hand buried between her legs, the Dragonborn began to guide them towards the shore, one shuddering footstep at a time. They made it only as far as the shore before they became too entangled in each other, falling into the water with a splash.

Lydia's hands and knees sunk into the grainy sand as she threw a look at her Thane from over her shoulder and thrust herself back at him, presenting herself to her lord as if she were an animal in heat to be mounted.

"Fuck me, my lord! Fuck me hard!" She urged him in a breathless whisper, her braided hair falling into her hunter's eyes.

He wasted no time, positioning himself behind her in a hurry, his engorged member pressing up against the slick folds of her cunt as he grabbed her waist and pushed inside her, her moans loud and throaty.

"Nnnnnnhhhyyyeeessssssss! Ohhh fucckkk yyyesss!" Lydia wailed as her Thane slipped every last inch of his manhood inside her, his pubic hair nestling against her asscrack, his balls warming the inside of her firm thighs.

He was barely inside her before she was thrusting back at him, slapping her ass against his thighs and throwing her head back in a husky, guttural moan. He grabbed her buttocks and held on tight, riding her like a bucking mare.

"NnnhhrrrRRR!!" Lydia growled, her tits skimming the surface of the water, her enthusiasm as fiery as a Flame Atronach. The Dragonborn had had other women, of course, but he'd never had any as sporting as this. He could already feel his passion boiling over, her zeal horribly overpowering.

But he was her Thane, and he would not be unmanned so easily. Gripping her tightly by her hips, the Dragonborn asserted himself, bearing down on Lydia with all his strength.

"Unh--!--Unh--!--Unh--!" Lydia grunted with every pounding thrust, her mouth slack, her arms trembling, and though she shook with need and exertion beneath her Thane she did not fall.

Instead, she timed her thrusts to join with his, water splashing and flesh smacking as they fucked each other with the might that would be expected from warriors of their stature.

"Fu! Fu! Fu!" The Dragonborn puffed, his voice mingling with Lydia's, with the squelching wet sounds of his cock pumping sloppily in and out of her messy twat.

Beneath his hands he could feel her tensing, her muscles straining, as her hands clawed in the wet sand and she pushed back at him, willing him on to take her as hard and fast as he possibly could.

"Dibella's cunt...!" Lydia hissed, a thin sliver of drool rolling down her chin as she lost herself to the frenzy of their passion. "I can feel it, my Thane! I can feeeeelll iiiitttttt...!!"

Her cries of passion encouraged the Dragonborn to double his speed, his intensity. The moment was at hand.

"Muh------Muh!----Mighty Talos!!" She screamed, every fibre of her body coiled tight, her cunney squeezing down hard on his cock. "Oh my Thane! Mmnnh!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!"

Biting down on her lip so hard she drew blood, Lydia squeezed her eyes shut as she writhed and thrashed , grinding herself against her Thane's shaft. A sob escaped her at the same time that her pussy bubbled over, juices dripping down into the water below.

But the Dragonborn wasn't finished yet. Only when he was certain that she was satisfied did he allow himself to fully feel the pleasure of her scent, her heat, her wetness – and he found it overwhelming.

"Fu!" He grunted again. "Fffffuuu!"

"Yes, my Thane!" Lydia whimpered beneath him. "Yes!! Please!"

Her words were warm in his ears. He could deny them no more.

"FUS! RO! DAH!" He threw his head back and roared, climaxing with a mighty Shout that blew Lydia's hair forward as the force passed over her head and thundered around the black depths of the cavern, his manhood exploding deep inside his Housecarl's cunt.

"Yes! Yesss!" Lydia moaned as she felt her Thane's swollen cock filling her up, his sticky wet seed warming her from her cunney lips to the pit of her stomach. The last of their stamina spent, they collapsed together on the shore, sated and panting.

Staring deep into the Dragonborn's eyes, Lydia offered her fingers to her womanhood. It was flushed and oozing from their union, her thatch matted with wet curls, and it squelched as she drew their joint nectar from it.

She offered the juices to her lips, sucking on them heartily.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, a small smile on those captivating lips of hers. "My Thane is indeed great."

The Dragonborn laughed and Lydia joined him, curling in beside him to rest her head on his chest.

He wondered what things might be like now that they knew each other as they did, but he dismissed that as a concern for the morning.

For now, all he wanted was to lie with Lydia, and enjoy this one night in Blackreach...

The End

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