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Redeemers of the Fallen


+++++ Redeemers of the Fallen +++++

The following is my entry for the 2019 Halloween Story Contest. This is of course the sequel to the First Place winner from the 2016 contest, Sisters of the Fallen. While not strictly necessary to enjoy this new tale, I highly encourage you to read "Sisters" first so the personalities, histories, and motivations of the principal characters can be placed in their proper context. While whenever possible I try to recap some of the events from the prequel I also want to avoid bogging down the narrative with clumsy exposition. I realize that recommending you read a short novel in preparation for reading another short novel is asking quite a lot. But after all it did win the whole damn contest last time so maybe it's sorta good :) This story is a bit more action-packed and not quite as moody or atmospheric as its prequel so I can't guarantee if you loved "Sisters" that you'll automatically feel the same about its sequel. But I've been working hard these last several months trying to write a proper sequel to "Sisters" and would love to know whether you think I've succeeded in following up one of my most popular stories on this website. Please send me your feedback, leave a comment, and also remember to vote the full five stars if you liked my story.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains material that some readers might consider too dark or disturbing. It is in essence a horror/adventure tale with several erotic sequences. The horror elements include vampirism, references to the occult, gore, body horror, extreme violence, genital mutilation, torture, and associated sexual imagery. The sexual elements include heterosexual, homosexual, and transexual couplings (F/M, M/M, F/F, T/F), oral sex, anal sex, group sex, fisting, male/female ejaculation, interracial sex, nonconsent/reluctant sex, nonhuman (demonic) sex, and more. This story also features a consensual and loving incestuous relationship between the two main characters. If you are offended by any of those topics, I recommend you skip this one and find another tale more to your liking instead.

+++++ Chapter I: Taming the Beast +++++

Setting: a remote desert in the kingdom of Jordan, 2016 A.D.

More quiet than the wind whispering over the desert tides, the Beast stalked its hunted prey. Scorching and unforgiving beneath the unrelenting sun of daytime, the shifting sands of these ancient dunes turned silent and mysterious once night fell. A waxing gibbous moon, only a few nights away from bursting full with light, shone brightly from above with no artificial illumination within a hundred miles to dull its strange lunar power. The lizards and venomous snakes of day had since been coopted by the more craven predators of evening. The usual spiders, scorpions, and wild dogs hunted along these night sands along with an infernal presence that lent a disquieting sense of wrongness to this natural desert habitat.

A desert warrior kicked his camel in the belly to urge the recalcitrant beast to more urgent speed. He wore long, clean robes of purest white that swayed around his sand-crusted boots as he rode the reluctant ungulate hard on the heels of his target. He carried a pathetic gun and an ineffective sword at his sides with the proud bearing of a doomed man. The bearded bedouin mistakenly thought himself the hunter tonight but he would discover tragically too late that he was the Beast's intended quarry for this evening. The Beast revealed her presence to the holy warrior from a distance before concealing herself and masking her scent. She led the brave but foolhardy warrior on a futile chase across miles of desert all while she slyly doubled back around and flanked him from the south.

The hardened warrior wore his black beard and hair long and unkempt to conceal handsome, almost feminine features that proved a constant and unwelcome distraction before he converted and became a religious man. His face and skin were tanned dark brown after years spent beneath a harsh desert sun surviving in sparse, unforgiving conditions. Despite the wear and tear of the arduous life he'd chosen, the warrior's eyes were so dark and beautiful and his facial structure so delicate he sometimes appeared to be wearing the makeup of a painted woman.

The holy man belonged to an ancient religious order that with the blessing of several generations of Jordanian monarchy had claimed this desert as their home for centuries upon centuries. The sect spent all their hours working and praying day after scorching day in one of the most inhospitable environments known to mankind, fervent in their belief that suffering and hardship would lead to ultimate salvation. This warrior had been sent by his mullah to investigate dread rumors of a fell beast that stalked the sands of their ancestral homeland during the night.

Recently, livestock owned by peasants living in the impoverished villages nearby had been slaughtered indiscriminately but strangely they were never consumed. Not even the many scavengers of the desert dared to pick at the dessicated corpses of these shredded goats and sheep. The strewn-apart bodies left behind deep, claw-like gashes and bite marks that originated from some creature unknown. Innocents had disappeared from their homes without a trace as well and anyone caught alone in the desert after dark was never seen again. Despite his strict religious beliefs, Abdalrahman al-Saqit was not a superstitious man. Normally he would have dismissed these stories as the baseless fears of a poor, primitive people but this case aroused his suspicion for reasons he couldn't quite express to the other peers in his sect.

Abdalrahman hopped gingerly off his camel and tucked the pleats of his robe back while he spent a moment of rest. He gulped a long drink of water from the bladder hanging at the pommel of his beast of burden's saddle before replacing the stopper. While he drank, al-Saqit's sharp eyes scanned across the endless hills of sand with sight aided by the blessed moonlight.

Abdalrahman was certain he saw something moving out there earlier, prowling obliviously amongst the still dunes. The shape he glimpsed hiding in the shadows was dark and monstrous yet still vaguely human in appearance. Al-Saqit was renowned amongst his order for being able to track a hare across miles of desert but whatever this thing was, it had thrown Abdalrahman off its trail.

When he heard a noise from behind, Al-Saqit spun around quick as a desert cat and lifted his aged AK-47 from his hip with his finger the merest twitch away from depressing the trigger. The sighing voice he heard was little more than a whisper on the wind but it almost sounded like a woman plaintively calling his name. But when he turned and aimed his weapon, Abdalrahman found nothing there. No sound except the pounding of his heart against his chest. Despite the day's lingering, oppressive heat which still refused to surrender to the relief of night's chill, Abdalrahman shivered.

Abdalrahman hated the camel that he rode in on so much that he named it Osama after that idiotic and faithless mass murderer. The hatred must therefore be mutual since Osama started stomping its hooves and bleating fearfully before trotting off into the desert like a coward. Abdalrahman cried out in alarm and began to give chase but the stupid beast easily outran his futile attempts to keep pace with it. The foolish animal had never behaved in such a way before despite its idiocy. Now Abdalrahman had a dangerous, miles-long waterless trek through the desert to look forward to. What could have provoked such a sudden and unexpected reaction from the well-trained beast?

Al-Saqit cursed the stupidity of animals as he whipped back around in a fury only to find the answer to the question of his mount's desertion. Standing only a few paces away, the Ifrit possessed a distinctively feminine figure with large, shapely twin bulges growing from its chest, wide, flaring hips meant for bearing children, and throat-clenchingly perfect curves narrowing and widening from the monster's torso on down to its slim waist and thighs. The prominent vee between the creature's legs strongly resembled a woman's vagina if female organs were instead drooling maws of sharp needle-like teeth that leaked thick black mucous from their slimy opening.

A chill passed through Abdalrahman as he quickly raised his weapon up to his sight. Abdalrahman considered himself a brave man but the terrifying sight of this demonic creature slowly approaching him as the moon illuminated its horrific profile from behind and its heavy claws pounding the sand beneath its taloned feet caused Abdalrahman's knees to quake and his spine to shiver. Even more distressing for the chaste warrior-priest was the fact that Abdalrahman had never seen a woman naked before and now he was viewing a feminine monster that wore no covering over its private areas. Even as his bowels turned to ice, al-Saqit experienced an unfamiliar tugging sensation in his crotch as blood flowed unbidden to his flaccid genitals.

Besides its face and that one soft, moist location between its legs, a red-and-black shell-like carapace armored the entirety of the creature's skin. A long, lashing red tail waved back and forth playfully between the Ifrit's slim, muscular thighs. This prehensile appendage was lined with barbs that gradually increased in size and keenness before finally resolving into a long, wicked curved spike that grew from the end of the Beast's tail. Sharp black horns curled out of either side of the Beast's scalp and twisted their way down to highlight eyes which were as black and depthless as the creature's hellspawned soul. The Beast's hands and feet were enormous, razor-sharp claws with deep, sinuous black lines running along where its veins and tendons should be. Hard, spindly yellow hairs grew from the Ifrit's scalp like wires that fell down the creature's back to its waist. A disturbingly gorgeous red visage with smooth, dimpled cheeks and full black lips hinted at the striking beauty the demon possessed beneath its evil, twisted form.

Abdalrahman brandished his AK and prepared to fire upon the nightmare horror advancing toward him. The Ifrit lifted its claw in his direction and as its fingers curled tightly together the metal of the gun al-Sadir held instantly heated to such a degree that the weapon glowed bright red. Abdalrahman screamed and dropped the gun as his fingers and palms blistered instantly. As the demon continued its methodical approach, the desert warrior wrapped his ruined hands in cloth and drew his scimitar in desperation. The Beast seemed amused by this gesture.

Abdalrahman screamed a prayer to Allah as he rushed toward the demon with his sword readied in an offensive stance. Of the members of his sect, al-Saqit was by far the deadliest and most skilled in the use of a blade. It was like he had been chosen precisely for this sort of test. But when Abdalrahman attacked the demon she used the unnatural shielding of her arms to easily block aside every slash and thrust of his sword. Blow after blow shot off sparks as each of his attempts to penetrate the Ifrit's impenetrable skin glanced harmlessly off her armor. She screamed and laughed like an insane girl-child as she toyed with Abdalrahman for awhile but eventually once she grew weary of his senseless and ineffective violence her claw reached out to snatch al-Saqit by his throat.

Abdalrahman lifted his weapon high to strike one final blow before the claw around his neck could squeeze his life away or simply rend his throat apart. But his strength failed him during his downward slice and the edge of the scimitar barely cut through the armor of the Beast's shoulder before she grabbed the blade of his weapon and tore it painfully from Abdalrahman's scorched hands. Without even scratching her claw the demon wrapped its palm around the edged portion of the sword and then flung it far and high through the air so the sword spun and then fell point-first and became buried nearly to the hilt in the soft sand.

Abdalrahman thrashed helplessly and struck futilely at the demon's arms as she pulled him so near that he could smell rank breath scented by the taste of countless human corpses. He stared straight into the demon's eyes and became lost within the fathomless abyss of those twin pools of darkness. The warrior's eyes turned blank and drool dripped from his mouth to his chin as all conscious thought evaporated from his mind. The Beast's mouth widened into a horrifying razor-toothed grin as al-Saqit ceased to resist her. The same black slime of corruption that leaked from every opening of the demon's body seeped between the creature's pointed teeth and poured down from its mouth in rivulets as the Ifrit smiled maliciously at its conquered foe.

The Ifrit stunned Abdalrahman next by pulling his mouth to her plump, surprisingly soft lips. The demon forced Abdalrahman's lips apart and spat her black corruption into his mouth, using her long tongue to spread her slime liberally over every surface inside his orifice. Against his will, Abdalrahman felt his tongue moving against the Beast's and happily partaking in the corruption of his own body. The mouth of the demon held no flavor except for the taste of sweet surrender.

The Beast broke away from its sloppy, lingering kiss and relinquished the crushing grip around the warrior's throat. Abdalrahman dropped immediately to his knees and gasped for air as the demon spoke to him for the first time. She possessed the chiming, melodious lilt of an attractive young woman but the very edge of her voice held a deep underlying growl that lent an air of menace to her speech.

"You are one of the Protectors of the Holy Desert," the multitudinous voice spoke in perfect Arabic. "I wondered when your brethren would send one of their order to challenge me. I suppose you must be the strongest and bravest warrior the sect has to offer. Just as I desired."

The demon grabbed the long locks of Abdalrahman's hair roughly in its claw and pulled back on his scalp so his head tilted upward. Even if he tried, the proud warrior couldn't possibly avert his eyes from those pure midnight pools that drew him in like quicksand. If he had Abdalrahman might have noticed the sopping, diseased flow of darkness leaking from the creature's spindly genitals down past its armor-plated thighs.

"Your sect of warrior-priests swear a vow of celibacy, do they not?" the Ifrit wondered aloud using the voice of a sweet and lovely young girl. "That will be the first of your order's scriptures that you and I shall vanquish together."

The Beast gripped its claws in the tangles of Abdalrahman's dark hair and shoved the hapless warrior face first into her putrescent crotch. She held his screaming, protesting mouth against her vile sex until Abdalrahman's lips and tongue weaved their way past hard-ridged labia into the demon's sticky, slime-ridden cunt.

"Lick, you pathetic human!" the Ifrit commanded as its songlike voice assumed a deeper and more vicious growl. "Lick me with haste before I decide that limp tongue of yours is not worth keeping!"

The Beast exhaled the moan of a satisfied harlot and worked her spiny hips and pelvis against her captive male's mouth as he unfurled his tongue and used its length to lap at the thick black fluids seeping continuously from the demon's foul cunt. The liquid focus of the demon's corruption and filth drained into the warrior's mouth in such a prodigious quantity that the slime overflowed and left dark spillage permeating his cheeks and beard. The Ifrit wrapped her tail around Abdalrahman's midsection possessively, the barbed whip scoring shallow puncture wounds all along his back as she claimed him.

Abdalrahman's face turned ashen and then pale with terror as the miniscule awareness still remaining to him perceived with horror his ultimate downfall as he plunged into darkness. Yet despite his revulsion al-Saqit's mouth never ceased its exertions and his slurping only increased in noise and ferocity as he loudly swallowed all of the demon's corrupt offering.

"On your back, weakling," the Beast growled as she tore the disoriented man away from her crotch with enough force to pull his hairs out at the root before pushing him backward onto sands still warm from the fleeting radiance of daylight. Dark, evil fluids were smeared across Abdalrahman's face and the trickles rolled down his chin to drip about his neck.

The Beast ripped through the layers of Abdalrahman's robes, covering the pure white cloth in smears of black demonic fluids as she sought feverishly for his manhood. When she discovered the firmness of his prick she whipped his penis out and let the cool night air wash over a fleshy rod that glistened wet with precum. The Beast laughed to find his cock already rock-hard from partaking of her vile communion but she decided she would do her new thrall one better before they consummated their unholy union.

The demon sank to the ground and slithered between Abdalrahman's legs to lick from the wrinkled bottom of his hairy testicles all the way up his firm shaft to the slit indentation of his meatus using a wagging tongue as long, thick and wild as that of a canine's. The Beast kept lapping at Abdalrahman's prick over and over until she'd completely bathed it in her slimy drool while the holy man writhed uncomfortably before her. She wrapped her forked snakelike tongue around the head of his shaft and opened her mouth to consume the warrior's towering prick in one swift swallow. Abdalrahman groaned and shuddered uncontrollably as the hideous creature's burning wet mouth slobbered and sucked wantonly upon his virgin penis. His hands hung limply at his sides, as adamant as his cock in their refusal to obey the call to action by their owner.

With a coughed-up gush of acrid slime spewing messily from her throat, the Beast spat out a cock that throbbed so ardently its every quaking pulse pained Abdalrahman in his scrotum and prostate. She straddled the hapless warrior's aching crotch and used the fell strength of her claws wrapped around Abdalrahman's wrists to pin his burnt, blistered hands against the sand as she climbed up and mounted him. The Beast bobbed her hips and thighs up and down in search for the jutting spearhead of his aroused heat. She quickly located the point of his cock using the sensitive nerves of her wandering cunt.

Once her black weeping hole had been positioned just above the tip of Abdalrahman's prick, the Ifrit swiftly dropped her pelvis so his entire cock disappeared instantly inside her like her cunny had consumed him whole. The outside of the Beast's skin was all hard shells and sharp edges that made the subservient warrior cry out in pain as his blood-hard shaft was gashed and scored by his labored entry. But as soon as he entered the blessed center inside the Beast, Abdalrahman's virgin cock was encompassed by a tunnel of the most incredible wetness and softness though the heat within the Ifrit burned him like fire. Abdalrahman's rapturous cries split the still night air as he experienced the most wondrous sensation of his entire life.

Al-Saqit grunted like a beast as his new master slowly lifted her wondrous center off his prick before sinking him back within her slimy depths. The demon's insides clenched ahold of his cock in a viselike grip like an animal's jaws closing around the throat of its prey. The Beast panted and wagged her forked tongue back and forth as she held Abdalrahman down and happily bounced her cunt up and down a staff of flesh that surged mightily with arousal. The tightening grip of the Beast's cunt tugged and pulled at the skin of Abdalrahman's untested prick and delivered to him forbidden sensations that could only be described as either heavenly or hellish.

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