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tagMatureParty with the Neighbor MILFs

Party with the Neighbor MILFs

byGeorge VI©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over eighteen.

I felt like such a pervert, scurrying from room to room, peeking out of the blinds. Hell, I AM a pervert, for spying on a bunch of women old enough to be my mom. With my parents gone this Saturday morning, and several of the neighborhood MILFs out in their respective yards, it was the perfect opportunity to check them out. It's kind of funny that I've grown up in the same neighborhood as these women, and it wasn't until I turned eighteen that I started to notice that there are some attractive mature women right outside my window.

But the binoculars that I was using to peek under the blinds made them even closer. Normally I wouldn't be anywhere near awake at 7:00 AM, but when I heard Linda out next door taking her dog out, I had to look out. I was rewarded with the sight of the tall busty brunette mother of three just beyond the property line in back, wearing only her sleepwear. She had on short tight grey cotton shorts topping her long bare legs, and a white t-shirt. Once she stated moving around with her leashed dog, the bobbling breasts announced that she wasn't wearing a bra. Holy Shit! I thought she looked busty IN a bra, but out of one she looked just as stacked. I detected perhaps just a bit of a slope to her tits – I wouldn't even call it a sag. But hell, she was so tall, and her tits were so big, that was to be expected on a mature woman, I guess. I could spot the bumps where her nipples protruded nearly straight out.

I wonder how Linda would feel if she knew I was up here, peeking at her through the blinds, with my hard cock in my hand, watching the way her braless tits swayed. SHE'D probably think I was a sick little pervert, too. I quickly grabbed my digital camera, and zoomed it in as far as it would go. I fumbled with a test shot in the hallway, to make sure that the flash was definitely turned off, and then returned to my room and managed to click a couple of quick shots of Linda.

Once Linda went back inside, I fell back to sleep. I was woken up at 10:00 AM by the sound of a lawn mower. I looked outside, and Kathy, the mom on the other side of my house, was pushing her mower. In a SKIRT! How odd. But how sexy! I've seen Kathy in slacks and shorts, but she seemed to prefer skirts most of the time, even when lounging around her own home and yard. So, the skirt looked sexy as she walked through the yard behind the mower, her shoulder-length blonde hair hanging down, her bare tanned legs looking hot, her top showing just a bit of cleavage of her medium-sized tits as she leaned forward. I couldn't tell what kind of top she had on. It almost looked like a bathing suit. Damn, Kathy, drop the skirt and parade around in your bathing suit for me!

I'll never forget the evening that I was out in my back yard, and I saw the lights on in Kathy's bathroom. She was showering, and through the translucent glass I could detect the flesh-colored outline of her naked body, as she washed her blonde hair and soaped herself. Damn, if only that glass had been clear! Kathy was the friendliest of the local women with me, sometimes carrying on long conversations when I'd be out in the yard. Actually, she did all the talking, as I didn't know what to say to any of these women. But she was a friendly woman.

I clicked a couple of photos of Kathy mowing, and then ran to find the binoculars, and got some better looks of her with that. The binoculars shook when I stroked my cock, so I had to let go of my hardon and hold the binoculars with two hands.

By the time Kathy finished her yard, I was wide awake, but I didn't get dressed. I alternately peeked out the windows on all sides of the house, hoping for any of the ladies to appear, while alternately lying on my bed and stroking myself imagining Linda or Kathy, or both, seducing me and fucking me. I undressed them in my mind and played with every part of their naked bodies while they smiled and pleasured me in any way I wanted.

It was 11:15 AM when Valerie came out of her yard. Her back yard butted up to our back yard, so she was a little further away. Valerie was another blonde, but she had a little more flesh on her bones than Kathy. But she was just about as busty as Linda, and just about as pretty as both of them. Her choice of backyard clothes today was some cutoff denim shorts that were a little tight over her larger butt, and equally as tight over her pussy mound. The binoculars revealed that she had a seam getting sucked right into her pussy slit, or so it appeared to me. Her legs weren't great, but it wasn't her legs that I was focusing the binoculars on. It was the tight white t-shirt over her large tits, that showed off every line of her big white seamless bra cups.

Val started pulling weeds in her plant beds. She started with her back to me, as I snapped some pictures of her big denim-covered ass as she bent over. Several times the bottoms of her white panties came into view under her shorts as she bent at the waist. But the best view was when she bent over facing me, providing me a look into her top, and a sizable amount of her cleavage spilling out over her bra.

I recalled the night that I noticed a light on in Val's bedroom. Her bedroom is a fairly far distance from my windows. But I could still clearly see her pulling off her top, and then wiggling out of her slacks, and got a look of her in just her white bra and panties. It was a distant look, and she walked into her bathroom from there, but it made Val a favorite jack-off object for quite a while after that. There were repeat performances, and I was able to see her a number of times in her underwear. And just once, she unhooked her bra and took it off, but she had her back to the window, and all I caught was a glimpse of the side of her right tit from behind, nowhere close to a complete tit sighting.

It was about twelve-thirty when Gail appeared in her back yard. Hers was the house next to Val's, to my left. Gail looked like she worked out a lot. She had straight dark-brown shoulder-length hair, a petite slender frame, small tits, a great ass for an older woman, and muscular calves and thighs. I think I could crack an egg on those thighs. I've seen her running in her black spandex shorts before. What an ass!

Today, she was wearing a one-piece lime green bathing suit. I wish it were a bikini, but I'll take what I can get from an older woman. She set up a lounge chair, and then I watched her rubbing suntan lotion all over her legs, shoulders, and face, getting a few pictures of her as she spread her legs, bent over, arched her back, and other nice poses. What a hottie mom!

I stared at her ass through the binoculars as she laid on her stomach. The bathing suit fabric was stretched tight over her ass, displaying her two irresistible half-globes. When she turned over, I could see only the slightest protrusion of her tummy. For the most part she had a pretty flat stomach for an older babe, and the suit was pulled tight over her protruding pussy mound. While adjusting her towel, she managed to lean over. Her tits were so small that I could see inside the loose top of her suit, to the non-tanned part of her tits, nearly to her nipple. Damn, I'm sure if I were standing right there next to her, I could see her whole tit and nipple!

Before I even stopped to jerk off to climax, I connected my camera to my computer, and transferred the cheesecake shots of the four neighborhood women to my computer. One by one, I pulled them up in my photo editing software, studied them, and edited them. Often with one hand on the computer and one hand on my cock under my pajamas, I cropped and enlarged them, adjusted the brightness and contrast, and otherwise did my best to turn the distant shots into photos that would best display the women's sexy figures for the sole purpose of my future personal jack off sessions. All four of these women were married and had children. I wondered what their husbands would think if they knew I'd taken these pictures of their wives, and what I was planning to use them for.


By mid afternoon, while still snooping and photo editing, I noticed a number of cars out front, mostly in front of Kathy's house and in her driveway. There were also some balloons tied to the lamp post. Kathy was throwing an afternoon party. Why? Eventually I remembered that Kathy's daughter Jenny was getting married. Perhaps this was a bridal shower or something. Jenny was quite a few years older than me and didn't live next door, so I didn't know her well.

It was around 6:00 PM, as I was finishing up with the photos, when I noticed that the party next door appeared to be winding down. There were few cars left out front. While I watched out the window for activity, the phone rang. It was my mom.

"Oh, Kyle, I'm glad that you're home. I JUST remembered that today was Jenny's wedding shower. I have a present all wrapped on the dining room table. Can you take it over there?"

"Aw, Mom, you want me to go to a bridal shower?"

"Just drop off the present, Kyle."

"I think it's too late, Mom. There's hardly any cars left out front. Why don't you just take it over when you get home tonight?"

"We won't be home until at least midnight, Kyle. Just take the present over there. Promise?"

"Oh, okay, Mom."

I had mixed emotions. Being a shy kid, I didn't want to walk in on a bridal shower. But then I wouldn't mind visiting Kathy in her home, if she were the only one left. I had to deliver the gift, but not before I got cleaned up. I hurriedly showered and dressed, brushed my teeth and gargled a half-gallon of mouthwash, and made myself look as good as I could for a possible visit with the mature mom next door. I threw on a short-sleeved t-shirt with three buttons at the top, and some clean white Docker shorts.

I walked the present next door. The storm door was closed, but the main door was open, and I could see inside the foyer. I inhaled, and rang the bell. Kathy walked toward me from down the hall, approached the door, and opened it.

"Oh, hi, Kyle!" The blonde said in her low voice that reminded me of Lauren Bacall. She was wearing a white scooping top, and a white denim skirt that was hemmed at about mid-thigh. "Come in!"

I stayed outside, and mumbled, "My, uh, my mom asked me to drop this off." I held out the wrapped box.

Kathy didn't take it. She continued holding open the door for me. "C'mon in. Most of the girls have left. There's just a couple of us finishing off the wine."

Her breath definitely smelled like wine. And she had a bit of a glazed look in her eyes and a smile on her face that told me that she'd been drinking quite a bit this afternoon. "That's okay," I stammered, although I really wanted to go inside with her, and see who else was there.

"No, come in, there's plenty left to eat and drink." Finally I walked through the door, my right shoulder brushing Kathy's left tit as I slid by her. I probably blushed, but she still had that smile on her face. I held the package under my left arm, and Kathy grabbed my right arm with both of her hands, and escorted me down the hall, to the family room. When I turned the corner, I spotted three other women. They were Val, Gail, and Linda. I was now in the same room with four older women whom I'd been secretly watching all day.

"Kyle!" squealed Val, like I was a long lost relative or something, not just a kid from the block.

"Oh, hi, Kyle," said Gail.

"Hi, Kyle," echoed Linda, my other next-door neighbor. The three women were sitting on a couch and chairs, and all were holding wine glasses. There were multiple bottles of wine on the kitchen counter to my right. My first reaction was relief, that none of them acted like they'd detected me watching and photographing them. They actually seemed glad to see me, which was better than being pissed, and even better than being indifferent to my presence.

Kathy led me right into the family room, still holding my arm with both hands. She was also pressing her left tit into my shoulder.

Then Valerie said, "Sit down, Kyle," and patted the middle seat of the couch.

"Oh, no, I was just dropping off a present from my mom," I mumbled.

"Oh, c'mon, tell us what you're up to," replied Valerie. Gail and Linda issued similar friendly commands.

Kathy somewhat reluctantly let go of my arm, and I sat down on the couch, with Valerie to my left, and Gail to my right. Linda was sitting in a chair to my left.

"So, what have you been doing this summer?" Asked Kathy, who sat down on the coffee table right in front of me.

While the four neighborhood moms grilled me on my life, I absentmindedly looked around at them. Valerie quickly turned towards me and pressed her right thigh against my left thigh. And as I spoke I realized that she also had this distant glaze and pleasant smirk on her face, like she'd also had a bit to drink. She was wearing capris, Cargo Pants I think they are called, covering her knees but leaving her calves bare. On her upper half she wore a white thin sweater cropped tight around her neck, but was sleeveless. It was very tight, and accented her large breasts that were penned in by what I could tell was a white bra. She was looking quite busty. And as I spoke, she pressed her right breast into my left shoulder. It was quite distracting.

To my right, Gail's left knee was touching my right knee. She was wearing dark blue leggings, or some fabric like that that a lot of the girls wear, but few of the moms. I know it's a real tight clingy garment usually, and I guess that Gail has the rear end for that. In fact her firm thighs looked good in it. And she wore a white short sleeved top that scooped down real deep, and the way she leaned forward toward me, it fell so low that from my vantage point next to her I could see the top of her white bra as the shirt gapped away from her.

Across from me to my left, Linda looked quite elegant in a long summer dress that was basically black but covered in flowers. It covered her long legs, unfortunately. But it did scoop down in front, and as she leaned forward towards me, she was also exposing some cleavage, and she had a lot more cleavage than Gail.

Kathy sat on the coffee table, her bare knees two feet from mine. Her denim skirt had ridden up, a good two-thirds of the way up her thighs, and I peered down at her bare legs. Just a little extra meat on her thigh, but I thought they looked sexy, as did her calves. Her knees were parted a few inches, and I instinctively wondered if I might get a glimpse of panty.

I was talking boring sports and school stuff, but Val, with her drunken eyes and wine breath, leaned in like I was The World's Most Interesting Man, while rubbing her thigh against mine. When I was looking away at Kathy, Val placed her right hand on my left thigh. Woah!

Gail didn't have very big tits. In fact they were tiny, but she was shrugging her shoulders, which caused her stiff bra to fall open, and with a little glance I could almost see her tit. I didn't want to be caught by the others, but I couldn't help taking quick little glimpses in her top, into her bra. She didn't have to lean forward much. Her bra left a gap so her little titties fell away from her bra, and I could see where her tan line ended and pure white flesh began, down almost to the point where her conical breast sloped into her areolas.

I was torn between leaning forward to see Gail's tit, and slumping back to try to get a panty upskirt from Kathy, whose knees had parted further. She still had that drunken smirk on her face and sipped wine while smiling at me.

Tit flesh won out over panties, and when Gail put her wine glass on the end table and turned back to me, I went for it and peered down into her top. For my risk taking I was rewarded with the clear view of her right nipple. It was eraser sized and surrounded by just a bit of brown areola. Her whole tit was barely a mouthful, but I got tied up in my words while gawking at the first real female nipple I've ever seen, and on an adult woman no less, a pretty one who I was peeping at and taking secret photos of earlier today.

I realized that I had a hardon, but I didn't dare look down to see if it was obvious because I didn't want to draw attention to it.

Valerie put her right arm around me behind the couch, and pressed her big tit into me even more firmly. She now placed her left hand on my thigh about halfway up, and rubbed her tit back and forth against me. I could feel the breast give beneath her bra, which did not seem to have much padding.

I just realized that Linda's long skirt had a slit, and when she crossed her legs the garment had fallen off of her right leg, leaving most of her thigh and calf exposed. There was one of those long bare legs that I had so often imagined wrapped around my head.

Kathy had let her legs spread wider, and she shifted her butt on the table and raised her left knee higher than her right, which caused an even wider gap, and more exposed thigh flesh. And now there they were, in clear daylight, her panties. Silk and shiny. And lavender. Her hands were on the hem of her dress, and seemed to be pulling up on the hems with her palms. With her chest out, it looked like she was posing for me. I could even see the bulge of her pussy mound as the silky panties clung to it.

Gail placed her left hand on my right thigh, so now I had two women with their hands on my legs. And Val's hand was riding up further. Val had the advantage, because I could feel my cock hanging left down my pants leg under my boxers. Val's hand couldn't have been too far from my dick head. But she wouldn't touch it, I'm sure.

When my mind got too distracted to make small talk, Kathy started gabbing about the party and who had been there. Soon the women got distracted with gossip about some of Kathy's daughters' friends that I didn't know.

And then Valerie's fingers grazed my dick head. I almost jumped. Her mouth was inches from my cheek, and her tit was sliding along my upper arm. I hoped that nobody else noticed. But Kathy seemed to be looking down between my legs. Val didn't back off, and in fact she slid her fingers along my hard shaft. Linda didn't notice at first, but when she did she had a different reaction than Kathy. Linda's mouth opened, and I thought she might gasp and bust me. But she kept her mouth shut, trying to look away but occasionally glancing down.

Kathy, who wasn't getting as much action, suddenly blurted out, "Oh! Food! I'm sorry, Kyle, I didn't offer you anything to eat or drink!"

"Oh, I'm okay," I mumbled. I didn't want to leave the spot I was in.

"Oh, but we have all this food left over, you HAVE to eat some. We have all these sandwiches, and pop."

I realized that I hadn't eaten all day, spending the day at my windows and on my computer screen looking at photos I'd taken of the four women currently surrounding me.

"Yes, Kyle," said Linda, go and get some food." Kathy stood up and pulled me to my feet. Kathy led me over to her kitchen, which actually was the same room in an open floor plan, with just an island counter separating the rooms. The other women went back to their wine glasses and gossip, and I thought the fun had ended. I had just seen one bare tit, one panty upskirt, and had a woman touch my cock. Any one of these events would have made my month.

There was a lot of food on the kitchen counter, and the intoxicated Kathy handed me a plate and told me to grab a sandwich and some salad. I stacked some food on my plate, and Kathy showed me to a stool at the kitchen island counter. "Oh, what do you want to drink?"

"Coke?" I asked.

"Let's see if there's any left. We had punch, but it's gone. And we've been through a LOT of wine," Kathy laughed. There were a whole lot of open wine bottles at the kitchen counter. "If there's any coke left it'll be in the refrigerator."

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