tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOutdoor Concert Anal Rape

Outdoor Concert Anal Rape


WARNING: strong fantasy literary depictions of anal rape. Seriously, you should know if you don't like anal rape. If you don't, don't read it. Go read something else instead of accusing me of thought-crime.

All characters depicted are over the age of 18.


I had been mentally planning for this night all week.

My goal was simple; to methodically and violently rape the youngest, tightest and most virginal looking ass I could find. I had come prepared, and nothing less than perfection would suffice. I would viciously and relentlessly shove my cock up some innocent young girl's dry, unprepared and unwilling asshole until my balls were emptied deep into her bowels.

Large outdoor concerts feature a D shaped fence connected to the stage that divides the audience into two groups. This is to prevent audience members next to the stage from being crushed due to the pressure exerted by thousands of people trying to push themselves closer to the stage from behind. Entry and exit from the D barrier area is controlled at centrally located turnstiles, and the vast outer edges are not manned by security.

There are two concentric D fences that encase a no-man's land to discourage people from jumping the fence to gain entry into the inner D section without going through the centrally controlled point. This makes the outside of the D barrier a coveted spot for small people that don't necessarily want to dance, but want one of the best unobstructed views of the stage. This also makes it a prime spot staked out by short little girls that don't want to watch the show through gaps in people's heads.

This would be my hunting ground.

The generic band droned on whilst I slowly nudged my way sideways through the ever thickening crowd. People continued to pour into the stadium and push forward towards the outside of the D barrier in anticipation of the final headlining act. Moving through the crowd was like plunging through molasses, and only getting more difficult over time. I had to hurry.

The stadium had been set up with two stages adjacent to each other. The penultimate band played whilst the final band set up, such that there was to be only a short pause between each band. The auxiliary stadium lights were still on in this half of the stadium to allow people to move around with ease. I had been to this venue before though and knew that when the final band started, it would be pitch black near the fence except for a small amount of light coming from the stage. Most importantly, people's bodies and their actions would be mostly invisible from behind.

I had checked the band's set list online. The first song was to be a loud and meandering 7 minute opus.

I methodically surveyed the crowd from behind looking for girls that were obviously alone as I sidled across the crowd whilst staying near the barrier. There were so many perfect, round and tight looking asses to choose from...

There she was. She was just under 5 feet tall and had perfect smooth golden blonde hair that was tied into a neat ponytail. She was wearing ornate ring earrings and a tight black tank top which did not quite stretch the whole length of her torso. The small gap between her top and pants revealed a thin band of the top of her black underwear, and the most flawless milky white skin.

Her ass was utterly perfect. She must have been a size zero. Her tight pants clung to the contour of her perky cheeks, tiny ass crack and perfect thighs. Her thin legs were encased in the tightest layer of dark jean fabric. Standing with her feet close together so as to take up the smallest footprint possible, there was quite a sizeable gap between her thighs. Her thighs were so narrow that I could have probably put my entire hand around one if I squeezed hard enough.

Her entire ass, which was the same width as her hips and body must have only been about 30 cm across. I took immediate delight in the idea that my erect cock was about 20% of the width of her ass. When shoved deep into her rectum, the geometry would necessitate an unreasonable outward compacting of her sphincter and anal canal, as I forcibly compressed her deepest recesses to make way for my tool.

Although it would be too dark to see, the image of her successfully plundered ass tantalised my mind's eye. Her hips, constrained by her bone structure would not be able to widen to accommodate my thick cock, which would tear apart her ass cheeks to an entirely unnatural degree. Much like an axe tears apart a block of wood. Her delicate little anus would be impaled on my cock by my brutal shoving, which would drive my cock deep into her bowels through brute force and my unrelenting rapist tenacity.

I was going to utterly destroy her exquisite rectal cavity.

I only fuck un-lubed and unprepared assholes, but I knew from experience that it took time to fully enter a reluctant and dry asshole and to build up to the fastest, deepest and most violently athletic thrusting I was capable of. Despite the logistical difficulty in raping a girl's bone dry ass against her will, I had become addicted to the feeling of rubbery rectal flesh dryly chafing against my cock head. I had come to crave the most painful and humiliating way to mate a cock with a human body.

My addiction completely consumed me.

I knew from experience that she would defiantly clench and the excessive friction applied by her dry ass cheeks, sphincter and innards being constrained by her tiny frame would conspire to halt the advance of my cock... but I would keep shoving with all of my strength, and inch by inch I would advance deeper into her anal canal until my balls pressed against her perineum and the top of her vagina. This much, I knew.

The crowd was now dense enough that she was pressed up against on multiple sides.

I got to work, maneuvering myself behind my victim and positioning my arms downward against my chest awkwardly. I was now looking directly down on to the top of her buttocks. I caught a small glimpse of butt crack and the smallest tuft of blonde back hair, which caused my penis to throb once in anticipation. Jostling from the crowd behind us pushed my elbows into her back, as I steadied myself and retained a small amount of distance between our bodies.

I took out my forceps, delicately pinching a small amount of fabric from just under where her asshole should be. I locked the forceps together so that they had a tight grip on the fabric, taking care to only ever pull her jeans away from her body so that she would not feel the instrument attached to her pants. I clipped the forceps to a caribena on my belt, so that I could pull the fabric away from her by twisting my body.

She twisted her head back, stealing a glimpse of me with her dark blue eyes as she sensed me pressing against her from behind. She looked extremely young and innocent, which of course is my favourite kind of victim. Being in contact with multiple guys due to the density of the crowd, she probably dismissed my calculated preparation as another guy copping a quick feel and continued watching the opening band from afar. She was probably pretty used to getting felt up at concerts by now.

Her ass was so small that I could practically grab the entire thing with one hand. It was nothing short of perfection.

Using a small pair of sharp metal scissors, I cut an incision across the crimped part of the fabric. Running my thumb across the incision, I confirmed that I had cut into both her jeans and underwear. Removing the forceps, I carefully positioned one of the blades of the scissors underneath both layers of fabric, gently tugging on the scissors to pull the layers away from her ass and towards me. I then proceeded to cut downward slowly and delicately, revealing an ever widening slit between her ass cheeks.

The second last band was finishing up their final song. At this stage my crotch was forcefully pushed against her ass due to crowd now jostling more violently towards the barrier in anticipation of the final act. My uncomfortably bent erection would soon be set free...

The band finished up, waving to the crowd as they screamed and cheered. Within seconds, the stadium went pitch black to a deafening roar from the crowd, as the final band started playing the intro riff to their first song. It was time.

I now had one purpose in life. I was going to make this delicate and innocent young creature come through brutally and mercilessly torturing her most precious and untainted hole. I was going to delay my orgasm until I felt her teenage asshole milk me by spasming and convulsing defiantly on my cock.

Pulling my zipper down, my erection forcefully sprung out of my pants. The last band came out to a reinvigorated roar of cheers and screams as the stage lit up brightly, casting a dim light across the crowds' faces. The crowd around us began to jostle more violently. I swiftly maneuvered my cock into the hole I had made in her pants, causing her to twist her head back incredulously as she stared deep into my eyes.

"What the fuck are you..."

I grabbed her arms, twisting them behind her and easily holding them in a lock with my right hand as I pulled her body close to mine. She began to scream and yelp some unintelligible statement, which was lost in the noise.

"Get the fuck off..."

Grabbing her by the abdomen with my left hand, I thrust forward with all of my might, stabbing my cock into her completely dry and seemingly unexperienced sphincter. I could feel that she was completely dry and clean, and that I hadn't leaked any precum, as my cock bluntly slammed into her tightly shut sphincter with more resistance than I had ever felt before. It felt like I was trying to push my cock into a wall.

I should take a moment to explain the mechanics of dry anal rape. I used to naively assume that some form of lube is necessary to penetrate a girl's completely reluctant and unprepared asshole, especially when the cock width to ass width ratio is so adverse and the victim is completely unwilling to relax her sphincter. However, I have successfully demonstrated to many ass rape victims that the penis is sharp and tapered enough, and the sphincter compliant enough that full, deep and complete penetration of a defiant un-lubed rectum is possible with strong and concerted effort.

The key is to accurately line up the tip of one's cock perfectly with her puckered asshole and shove as hard as possible, applying consistent and unrelenting pressure. A conventional fucking motion applied initially results in withdrawal of one's cock on each outstroke and a total loss of progress. Constant hard pressure serves to plant one's cock firmly within her spiralled skin folds, and then small gains can be made by thrusting forward using the might of one's leg and abdominal muscles to incrementally punch deeper into her rectal canal until her entire colon is stuffed full of invading cock.

She struggled more forcefully as I continued the first long sodomising plunge, which was characterised by strong consistent pressure punctuated by vicious thrusts. I pushed on her body with my right hand, slightly lifting her off the ground so that she was even less capable of mounting any kind of physical struggle. Her legs flailed ineffectually as her weak muscles twisted and struggled against my strong arm lock.

I felt my cock's motion continue to stifle against the inside of her ass crack and the folds of sphincter skin which stubbornly jammed against the head of my cock. I applied more pressure, pushing her stomach hard against the barrier as I put the entirety of my lower body strength into impaling her asshole. I now had her completely pinned to the fence. Her upper half was held securely by my right hand and her lower half was held in place by the fence and force applied by my cock, which now felt like it was permanently fused to her sphincter.

My left hand was free to grab her by the ponytail, pulling her head back towards mine so that I could faintly see her wincing out of the corner of my eye. She smelt like expensive designer perfume and fear.

I stabbed forward again with all of the peak strength I could muster, eliciting a pained grunt and whimper as my cock finally popped past her anus ring.

I calmly spoke directly into her ear, "I hope you like anal pain, because this isn't going to end until I feel your bowels spasm with a reluctant orgasm. I won't stop violently raping your little asshole until your rectal convulsions forcibly milk the semen from my balls."

"Please stop," she pleaded.

Her flailing weakened and relented as she resignedly sighed through her sobs, "Please, just let me..."

I stabbed forward again, gaining ground as I felt the sides of my shaft drag forward across her sphincter, pulling her compliant rectal flesh inward with it as her sphincter stickily clung to the sides of my cock. She grunted and hiccupped, finishing her sentence "...go."

Her asshole felt so exquisite. I could feel every fold of skin and wrinkle in her sphincter pulling back on the tip of my cock and dilating the end of my urethral hole. Continuing to apply pressure, I thrust forward with all of my might, driving my cock head further into her canal. I felt her buttocks starting to part sideways as my cock brutally gained deeper access to her tender canal.

"I'll get deeper and deeper with every stroke until you take my entire length. You can't fight it. The agony will only intensify. I am going to tear your anus in half until my balls meet your cunt."

Yanking on her hair, I thrust my pelvis forward with all of the reserves of strength I could muster, stabbing my cock in all the way in one thrust , which easily pushed it past the inner sphincter separating her colon and rectum. She yelped, which transformed into a longer wounded groan.

"Pleeeease..." she begged and sputtered through her sobbing.

I pulled out my cock as far as I could whilst maintaining the pressure from my hips on her back to maintain discretion. Everyone surrounding us was completely glued to the band, and so in the relative dark it looked like I was just hugging my partner from behind. I thrust again deeply, as she wailed in agony, further tugging on her ponytail in unison. This temporarily forced her head behind mine, making it more difficult for her body to struggle forward. I had finally completed my first full stroke.

Repeating the action again, I began to gather a pace, tearing away at her slowly complying rectum unrelentingly as she mewled through her sobbing.

Successive strokes became easier as the friction relented and her defiant rectal muscles involuntarily relaxed from the cyclical pummelling and wedge-like widening of her colon. I felt the ridge of my cock head scraping away at the top of her anal canal as I adjusted my angle to maximise the friction that could be applied to her now stretched and fully yielded canal.

Drawing on my reserves, I rhythmically pumped my leg and abdominal muscles to start thrusting as fast as the situation's mechanics would allow. Her pained groans began to transform into a more consistent grunting in between heavier panting.

"That's right. Learn to love the dick in your ass, you worthless little fucksocket."

She slowly responded through her involuntary panting.

"I," she exhaled as I thrust.

"fucking," she panted.

"hate," she grunted.


"Who would have thought it would be this easy to make you cum," I whispered.





She squealed, unable to finish her sentence as I thrust faster with more fervour and determination than I had ever mustered before.

"Remember this moment when you're limping around and shifting uncomfortably in your seat tomorrow. Remember that you are nothing but an anal slave, whose sole purpose in life is to sustain this beautiful elastic trash can for my semen."

And with the following thrust I felt her entire anus and body faintly twitch twice, as I slammed into her colon again and again. Her resolve gave way as her ass cheeks, sphincter, rectum and bowels clenched and spasmed uncontrollably in unison.

She moaned deeply as her tight canal greedily sucked on the entire length of my cock, rhythmically extracting my semen as I violently spurted ropes of liquid deep into her bowels. My body spasmed as my brain throbbed in overloaded unison. She continued to spasm as my orgasm continued for far longer than I would have liked, causing my balls and pc muscle to ache from the strain of pumping every last drop of semen deep into her rectum.

"Thanks slut," I whispered.

Releasing my grasp from her hair, she continued to sob as my cock continued to faintly twitch and leak semen. I quickly withdrew from her asshole and released her as she collapsed on the fence.

I immediately withdrew away from her, turning around and pushing forcefully through the crowd whilst tucking my cock away and zipping my pants up.

Barging my way away from the scene, I delighted at the contrast between the events that transpired, and the sea of dimly glowing faces bathed in stage light that were joyously affixed to the distant performance, as I smiled and reflected on a new personal best.

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