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One Happy Family

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Cousins find that incest runs in the family.
5.8k words
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Attention this work contains a brief male-on-male act of bisexuality, if this offends you please read another story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are above the age of consent. This is a new genre for my fiction, I hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to Tom for his advice and valuable feedback.


I watched a bead of sweat run down Jen's back, gliding down her spine, between her ass cheeks and then disappearing. She was bouncing up and down, reverse cowgirl, on my stiff cock. I gazed, amazed at the site of her big, firm, 21 year old ass compressing on every downward thrust.

I slapped her solid butt cheek, causing it to become a lovely shade of rose. The hot July morning had us both sticky and horny. We were using the rare alone time to indulge our desire, and Jen wasn't holding back as she moaned with every thrust. White froth of her wetness and my pre cum formed a ring around my rigid cock as a watched it appear and then disappear into Jen's clean-shaven pussy.

As my lust peaked, I wanted to climax in unison, so I urged her on, "Fuck me Cuz, fuck my cock good're so're going to make me shoot."

Jen's pace increased, and I gave myself over to the delicious sensation of her tight wet pussy. It was time to let go.

I had already licked her tasty pussy to orgasm before she mounted me, and I knew she would cum again as soon as I let loose my load.

"I'm going to cum baby, are you ready?" I warned her.

Jen commanded, "Fuck, yes, yes, give it to me, cum inside me, do it!"

Grabbing her hips with both hands I thrust hard, letting go a generous wad of semen. Jen, who was rubbing her clit, growled and ground her hips into me. My abs stiffened and I could feel the hot burn of another wave of orgasm course through me. Both panting, our thrusts slowed and Jen slowly lifted and lowered herself on my cock, my cum oozing out around my still hard shaft.

We were both covered in sweat, and she rolled off me and snuggled into my chest. Jen was very sexy. If you saw a photograph of her you wouldn't consider her a hottie. She is a big girl, about 5'8", and about 20 pounds overweight. She has a glorious, big, firm, round ass, and strong, curvy thighs, small tits, with large, sensitive, puffy nipples. She has bangs cut straight across her forehead, and she always wears her hair in two braids.

Jen is totally into sex, and what made the sex even hotter was that she was my cousin.

I am two years older than Jen and we were on summer vacation at our family home on Cape Hatteras. We have always been very close, and over the past year we've become even closer.

Last Thanksgiving our familial relationship evolved into something more. It was an especially boring Turkey-day get together at Jen's house. Hanging around in her room she asked me if I wanted to see a video. I said sure, as she sat next to me on her bed, she reached for her iPad .

A video lit up the screen. The video started, shockingly, with Jen's lips firmly attached to a fat hard cock. She sucked and stroked the cock until it exploded on her cheek and tongue. With obvious glee, she licked the cock clean, stopping to show the viewer her cum-covered tongue and lips. With a big grin and a final "gulp," she ended the video with her proudly showing the camera that the spunk was all gone. She smiled broadly, obviously very pleased with herself.

I sat stunned, staring at the screen. Jen nuzzled up to me and covered the growing bulge in my pants with her soft hand.

She whispered in my ear, so close I could feel her breath, "So what do you think...I'm a pretty good cock sucker aren't I?"

I think I babbled something as she began to rub my growing cock through my pants.

Jen continued, "But you know, not only am I a good cock sucker, but I love cum. I have an idea...why don't you let me show you how good a cock sucker I am, and you can reward me with your cum?"

Still in shock, I sat motionless as Jen unbuckled my pants and reached into my boxers. She pulled out my hard cock and stroked it approvingly.

"Mmmmm this is nice. So big and hard, cousin. I've wanted your cock for so long. In fact I've wanted it ever since I watched you jacking-off while you sniffed my panties."

At that she dove at my cock, taking it into her hand, licking my cock head as she giggled.

I was a little confused, but soon figured that she must have spied on me a couple of summers ago. I always had the hots for my sexy cousin, and on occasion I would indulge in a little jack-off session aided by Jen's panties.

Jen wasted no time, and she was now bobbing up and down on my cock with the same enthusiasm she showed in the video. When she took me into her throat the sensation put me over the edge. I shot a big load into Jen's hungry mouth, convulsing in pleasure. She purred with satisfaction, milking the last drops of semen from my cock.

"Oh Jenny damn that was so amazing...but we shouldn't, I mean we did...but is it wrong that I think about you in a sexual way? I mean we are first cousins. I mean...I think you are very attractive...I just feel weird..." Jen stopped me in mid sentence, placing her index finger on my lips.

"What you're feeling is just the pressure of society. You're my cousin and I love you. Anyway I love sex, so why not have sex with someone I love and trust? So I love you, and I love sex, so why not have sex with you? Anyhow, I'm a bit of a slut to tell the truth, so if you care about me, then you'll fuck me. You don't want me out on the street fucking strangers do you?" Jen ended her statement with an oh-so-sexy mischievous grin.

Needless to say, we fucked until my mom called us down to Thanksgiving dinner. Although we both go to college in different cities, we always make a point of attending every family function.

I awoke from my daydream about our first time encounter, as Jen propped herself up on her elbows in bed next to me. Her bangs stuck to her sweaty forehead, her face flushed with a post-sex glow. She had freckles on her cheeks from the summer sun and she looked adorable. I was thinking that this was going to be an amazing summer, little did I know.

After what seemed like a long pause Jen said, "You know what I like best about having sex with you?"

"No, what?" I said.

"I like the fact that this is taboo, something society, our teachers, and who-the-fuck-ever-else, says we shouldn't do. But I don't care. And because it is a taboo, we don't have to hide anything from each other or be ashamed. We can express ourselves sexually any way we want." Jen then paused. I waited for her to continue.

"I mean, if I want you to fuck me in the ass, then I can just ask you."

"Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" I blurted out excitedly.

"You've already fucked me in the ass silly. Now let me I was thinking that what would be fun would be to have sex with another couple. I've never done that and I'd love to try. What do you think?"

"Well... yeah that would be hot, but how do you find another couple? Especially out here on the Cape?"

"You just leave that to me. Now come on let's wash this sweat and sex off. Our family will be coming home from shopping any minute." Jenny said, kissing me as she bounced out of the bed into the bathroom.


Later that week we had planned to spend the day on the beach. We packed a cooler with drink and food, grabbed a beach umbrella, some towels, took our summer reading, and headed out.

My mom asked, "When will you kids be coming home. Your Uncle Jack is planning to barbecue tonight."

"We'll be back by 6:00, don't want to miss Uncle Jack's BBQ." I said.

"If Daddy goes shopping, tell him I want his yummy barbecue shrimp." added Jen as the screen door slammed behind us.

We walked down the beach for about half an hour, and finding a nice quiet stretch of sand, set up for the day. I was looking through my backpack as Jen stretched out to sunbathe. After a thorough search, I realized my headphones were nowhere to be found. I was really looking forward to catching some rays with my favorite music, but without headphones that wouldn't happen. I'm never without my headphones, and I swear I put them in my backpack.

Nudging Jen I said, "I am going to jog back to the house, I forgot my headphones. Do you need anything?"

Jen looked at me and smirked, "I'm good. I think I saw your headphones on the kitchen counter. Oh, when you go in the house be very quiet I think my dad said he was going to nap on the couch."

I took off for the house at a quick jog. I was thinking that it was odd for my Uncle Jack to nap on such a beautiful morning, perhaps he wasn't feeling well.

I climbed the back steps of the house from the beach and silently opened the screen door. Moving noiselessly on bare feet, I heard an unexpected sound, a moan. Not a moan of pain, but a moan of pleasure. As I moved into the kitchen I could see a naked man, my Uncle Jack, standing with his back to me, his shorts around his ankles, I froze and listened.

"Mmmmmm, fuck yes, that feels so good...ah...nobody gives head like you...mmmm...suck that cock Betty."

The room was spinning. Here was my Uncle, my mother's brother, getting a blow job and using my mother's name. Was it possible that they were having sex? I had to confirm what I heard. I quietly crept forward to get a better view.

I watched in shock as my mother engulfed Uncle Jack's fat cock. Saliva ran down her chin as she throat fucked the thick tool. She had on a one piece bathing suit that was down to her waist. I took in the site of her large breasts and thick dark nipples as they swayed in rhythm to her sucking.

My mom grabbed Uncle Jack's ass and pulled him forward, deep throating him like a porn star. As she backed off, the fat snake of my uncle's cock slowly appeared between my mother's wide open lips. As the monstrous tool popped out, my mother gasped and a string of saliva stuck to the uncut cock head of my uncle's member.

My mother grasped his dick with both hands and pumped his penis vigorously. Uncle Jack's mouth open and he said, "Damn Betty you're gonna make me cum!"

"That's the idea Jack. Now give me that load, come on...sis needs some cum...cum on your sister's face...give it to me" my mother pleaded like a whore in heat.

My mother cooed as a thick white spurt of jism splattered on her cheek. She pushed back the foreskin of my uncle's cock, revealing his swollen purple cock head, as it exploded again hitting my mother squarely on her out-stretched tongue. She then shoved his pulsing member in her mouth and purred as sperm and spit ran down her chin onto her bouncing breasts. She finished my uncle off, rubbing his rubbery penis across her face, collecting his sperm, then she licked him clean as she gazed up lovingly.

I was shocked, confused, and incredibly turned on, my hard cock straining against my swim trunks. As my mother and her brother shared a deep, and I assume sticky, tongue kiss. I quietly grabbed my headphones off the kitchen counter and disappeared out the back door.

I walked down the beach. My mind was trying to make sense out of what I saw. My cock was still semi-hard and I didn't really know if I should go into the dunes and jack off or throw up.

When I reached our spot on the beach Jen looked up at me and smiled, "Do you have a boner?"

"Uuh..., What? No, no...I'm just..." I stammered.

"Are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

As I gazed down at Jen in her micro bikini, it hit me. I was no different than my mother or my uncle. Like Jen said after the first time we had sex, "Why not have sex with someone you love." We were all family and Uncle Jack had always been there for my mother, he was someone she could always count on. When my father disappeared it was Uncle Jack that paid the bills and provided for us. In fact, he had been more involved in my life than my own father.

I plopped down on a towel next to Jen. She rubbed my arm reassuringly.

"Hey Cuz, do you wanna talk. Come on we can talk about anything, you'll feel better if you get it off your chest." said Jen.

I described what I saw to Jen in detail. My Mother sucking her Dad's cock, the cum shot all over my mother's face, the lust they showed for each other, and how confused and turned on I was at the scene. After I told my sordid tale to Jen we both sat in silence.

She said, "Can I tell you the truth?"

"Yes, of course. We have always been truthful with each other, and I trust you Jen."

"Well," Jen continued. "I set you up. Truthfully WE set you up. I pulled your headphones out of your back pack before we left the house. And I've known about my dad and your mom for a couple of years. We all thought that you should know...because..."

I interrupted Jen, "Why didn't you tell me! I could handle it, I mean you and me, we've been doing it, for almost a year now. Do you think I'm some kind of hypocrite? We're having sex so why shouldn't my mom and your dad..."

I sat stunned by my own words. My mom and my Uncle Jack were really no different than me and Jen. So why am I upset? If it's okay for us why not for our parents?

Jen spoke, "No I don't think you're a hypocrite, just the opposite in fact. It's just not something you come out and tell someone like...Oh by the way, my dad is fucking your mom and he's also fucking me too!" said Jen.

"He's fucking you too? Are you telling me you are doing it with your dad?"

"Maybe that's too much information, too fast...but we haven't done it since you and I started hooking up. That video I showed you, the cock in that video belonged to my dad. But to answer your question, yes I have screwed my dad. In fact it was my idea after I saw him once with your mom. You know me, what society thinks is normal means nothing to me."

We both sat in silence as we contemplated what had just happened and what was just said. Now beside the image of my mom's big luscious tits swaying back and forth while she sucked her brother's cock, I also had the image of my uncle fucking his horny, hot daughter stuck in my head.

I broke the silence, "I have a question, and I hope you'll answer it truthfully. Is it weird fucking your dad?"

Jen giggled, "Yeah it was real weird at first, but you know how horny I get. We were at our cabin in the mountains, and well I figured if he could fuck his sister why not me."

She continued, "The first time it was dark and I crept into his bed, it was warm and cozy under the covers with him, and he was half asleep...for a little while anyway...then I started rubbing his cock and well one thing lead to another. It was awkward at first but then we both just got into it. I don't know if you noticed but my dad has a nice cock, not as nice as yours babe, but nice."

Again there was a period of silence. My mind was exploring the possibilities, I asked, "Do you think my mom is hot?"

"Your mom is beautiful, I'd die to have a body like hers and she's so sweet."

Then it dawned on me. The other day when we were having sex, and Jen mentioned getting together with another couple, she was talking about our parents!

"Jen, our parents, are they the 'other couple' you were talking about a couple of days ago?"

Jen gave me her wicked grin then just raised an eyebrow and nodded.


Mom had told us that we were going to have a family dinner that night and the required dress would be "elegantly casual." I was the last one to shower and I put on a pair of khaki pants and nice dress shirt. As I bounded down the stairs I ran into my uncle.

He stopped me as we passed, "I heard that you spoke with Jenny today. I hope you are okay with our...well let's just call it the 'family dynamics.' I hope you understand that what I share with your mother comes from our love for each other and the same goes for Jen."

"Yeah Uncle Jack I understand, in fact I'm glad because now I don't need to sneak around with Jenny." I replied.

He gave me hug. For the first time I really noticed him physically. Like me, he was about 6' tall. He had thick sandy hair and kind of a rugged handsomeness, he had broad powerful shoulders and a little bit of a gut, but he was solid all around. I hoped I was in the same physical shape when I was 47. He smelled good and I could see why mom would be attracted to him.

As I moved past he whispered, "Don't make a lot of noise before you enter the kitchen. The girls look especially hot tonight and you'll want to take in the view if you know what I mean."

I moved to the entry of the large kitchen/great room. Jen and my mom stood next to each other, their backs turned to me. Jen had on a shiny pair of gold spandex booty shorts that barely contained her big round ass and muscular thighs. She also wore a tiny black tube top and a pair of gold slutty platform pumps with crisscross straps that went up over the calf. She of course added a few punk accessory, a spiked leather choker, and a skull shaped clip on each braid.

Mom was wearing a pink, form fitting, mini dress with a low cut back that ended right above her ass crack. Mom had a sculpted ass from years of yoga. She was on the petite side with a small thin waist. She was perched on white stiletto heeled sandals that accentuated her curvy toned legs. Her thick mane of red hair flowed over her shoulders. Just seeing her all dolled up caused a stir in my loins and brought back the memory of her sucking cock this morning.

The girls were giggling as they chopped and squeezed limes for margaritas. I cleared my throat as I entered the room.

They both turned and said my name, "Will!"

I first slid my arm around Jen's waist and feeling bold gave her a big kiss on the mouth. I could tell she was a little shocked at first, but I wanted to set the tone. She quickly responded with tongue and we put on a little show for Mom. I even grabbed a handful of Jen's full ass just in case there was any doubt.

My mother looked at me with a smile and a raised eyebrow. I stepped over to her and took her hands, I held them out so I could get a better look at her. She wasn't wearing a bra and her thumb sized nipples could not be denied. Her nips made two distinct peaks on the shear fabric of her dress which was also cut low, showing off her ample cleavage and DD size breasts.

As my gaze moved from her mesmerizing green eyes to her glorious chest I said, "Wow Mom you look so beautiful, any, and I mean ANY, man would consider it a privilege to be with hot babe like you."

"Oh baby, thank you!" she said as she hugged me tightly smashing her big tits into my chest. And holding me close much longer than a mother should, she squeezed my ass and said, "If you can grab Jen's cute butt, then I can grab yours."

Jen laughed, "Good job Auntie, show him who's boss."

Jack entered the room and putting his arm around Jenny said, "Excuse me, there will be no grabbing until we've all had a drink."

We all laughed as my mom filled 4 glasses with ice cold margaritas. We all pitched in to set the table and finish preparing dinner. Several times my mother rubbed her tits against both me and Jack during the food prep and once I noticed Uncle Jack standing behind Jen, his crotch firmly nestled between her magnificent ass cheeks. Needless to say we were all getting very horny.

The food all prepped, Uncle Jack handed me a platter of vegetables as he grabbed the platter of shrimp. "Come on William, let's get this stuff on the grill."

There was a full moon rising over the water and a gentle breeze. Jack and I chit chatted as the veggies and the shrimp sizzled away on the grill. At one point Jack interrupted my dialogue on the out of control salaries in baseball, redirecting me to look back into the kitchen. Through the window I could see mom and Jen in an embrace, lips locked in a deep kiss, Jen's hands on my mom's tits.


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