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Obsessed with Miss Best of Breasts


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Three plus hours of gorgeous women in revealing dresses.

Perhaps half an hour with my hand between the legs of a luscious woman, while I was free to look down her cavernous cleavage, and watch her breathing swell those massive breasts with each gasping intake.

Maybe fifteen minutes of being stroked under the table by another beautiful woman.

Finally, having that same woman swallow my shaft, and suck my cock, in the middle of well over a hundred contestants, judges, and servers.

It was all too much to take.

"Oh shit, Danni! Suck me! Here it CUMS!" I grunted, spurting in her mouth.

More applause from around the room, and a few hoots of support, greeted my ringing ears, while Dannielle slurped away under the table, gulping down my load. She licked me clean, tucked me back into my pants, then crawled slowly out from her hiding place.

"Woooooo hooooo! Atta girl! Suck that dick!" someone yelled, as Dannielle stood up. She took the applause with a smile, and a wave.

"Thank you, thank you, I'll be available for autographs in the lobby later," she giggled, taking her seat.

"Thank you, Dannielle," I said softly.

"Thank me with your vote," she said directly.

"He's already thanking me with that vote," Annette informed her. "I actually fucked him, honey. You're gonna have to do better than just a blowjob."

I'm up for a challenge," Dannielle smiled.

"I think he's mine, tonight, ladies," Vanessa chimed in. "I owe him for getting me off. I'm afraid you're all going to have a pretty high target to beat by the time I'm done with him. I don't want to blow my own horn, but I'm an incredible fuck!"

"I'm not exactly chopped liver," someone else barked.

"Ladies, please?" I laughed, raising my hands to stop the squabbling. "I'm here for the duration. Vanessa has claimed me tonight, but that leaves plenty of time for all of you to make your case, in whatever way you see fit. There will be no fighting. Agreed?"

"Okay," I heard, from several faces that didn't seem happy to comply. Only Vanessa was smiling.

"I'm gonna fuck you silly!" she giggled, leaning closer. "I hope you have helpers, because you're gonna need them."

I had already taken advantage of the 'helpers' offered to the judges; a bottle of pills, two per day, that would ensure my flesh was as willing as my spirit was, when it came to sampling the girls. I nodded.

"Good. Are you waiting for dessert, or can I offer you some in private?" she asked, eager to be alone.

"After Danielle's wonderful blowjob," I smiled, glancing at the beaming blonde, "I think I need some sugar. I'd like to stay a while."

Dannielle smiled, then stuck her tongue out at Vanessa, who responded in kind.

"Fine. I'll be patient, for now, but you should know I'm not accustomed to not getting my way," Vanessa answered. "Most men just give in immediately, when they see these." She traced her fingertip over her huge, curvy chest. "They're pretty powerful."

"Yes, I can see that," I nodded, as she squeezed her arms together slightly, causing even more impressive bulging. She had one arm around my shoulders, and was pressing her melons into my ribs. "We'll get dessert to go."


I stopped in front of my door, key card in my teeth. Vanessa took the card, and swiped it in the lock, allowing the door to open with a faint buzz. She held it wide, while I struggled in, carrying no less than five servings of chocolate mousse.

Well, a few of the ladies didn't want theirs, citing the upcoming swimsuit judging as reason enough to abstain. I just couldn't let it go to waste, and I was sure the energy would be something I could use. Vanessa was a big girl, and appeared to be quite a handful, no pun intended.

"How did I miss seeing you earlier today?" I asked her, putting the mousse on the counter. "Were you at the beach?"

"No," she smiled, reaching behind her to unzip the top half of her dress. "Tanning is not a priority for me," she giggled.

"I guess not," I nodded, looking at her dark, ebony skin. More of that skin was visible, and she was holding the dress up with her arm.

"Before we go any further," she said, "I make it a policy never to have sex with someone unless I know their name... "

"Cole. Cole Cameron," I answered.

"Nice to meet you, Cole. Ready?" she smiled. I smiled back, and she released the luxurious, velvet and sequins garment, which slid with a 'whoosh' down her body. "What do you think?"

I think I'm going to need some time to answer that one, that's what I think. Words were not immediately popping into my head, but emotions were. Excitement. Awe. Lust.

There she stood, easily six feet tall in her four-inch heels. Her hair was up in a very sensual braid, making her neck look longer, and her body leaner, although it didn't need much help. Her waist looked microscopic, relative to her wide hips and incredible bust-line. Her belly was flat, and tight, and her legs looked strong and athletic.

Speaking of that bust-line... Wow! Those huge tits cantilevered off her chest, projecting well forward, and they were so round and firm that they sat wider than her ribcage. Each had a charcoal black areola, maybe three inches across, and a stiff nipple standing up like a gumdrop, beckoning to be suckled.

"Speechless is good," she giggled, stepping closer. Each step shook her breasts, setting the resilient yet bouncy flesh in motion, and validating her claims of natural gifts. They hung, like huge teardrops, without a great deal of sag.

"My god, Vanessa," I whispered, reverently.

"36H-24-40,"she volunteered, twirling in place to show me the whole package. She stopped, and her boobs swayed to rest a second or two later. "What do you think of them, and my chances for the title?"

My mouth was dry, and my dick painfully hard, but I managed an answer.

"I can only speak for myself, of course, but I'd say your chances are pretty good. I know you got several '10s' from me, tonight," I replied, honestly.

"Just several?" she pouted. "Not ten? Who beat me?"

"Now Vanessa," I shook my finger at her, "you know how these things work. That's why we judge you in so many separate groups. It's all relative. I voted a thousand times tonight. I don't remember them all. One hundred times, I picked a favourite girl out of each group of ten, and several of them were you. Understand?"

"Yeah, I get it," she giggled. "I'm just messing with you. So, are you going to eat some of that dessert, or maybe you'd rather eat me? I'm still juicy, and delicious." She dipped a finger into her pussy, and showed me the wet result, before licking it clean. "Yes, delicious... If I do say so myself!"

"Perhaps both," I grinned. I hadn't planned on it, but now that we were alone... why not? It took her a few seconds.

"Why Cole Cameron! You kinky bastard!" she laughed, then tugged on her nipples. "I like it!"

Without another word, she pounced on the bed, taking a position on her back, with her legs spread wide. She propped her head up with pillows, so she could see past her tits.

I stripped, feeling her eyes on my hard penis, and scooped up a serving from the counter, along with a spoon. Kneeling between her legs, I looked down at her hairless pussy, so dark and swollen, with its bright pink interior peeking out through the lips. Her clit was as big as my fingertip.

"Ready? It's going to be a little cold," I warned her. She nodded, and braced herself.

Plop! Plop! Plop! I scraped the mousse out, onto her gaping pussy.

"Woooooo hooooo!" she giggled. "Sonovabitch!"

I put the glass and spoon aside, and laid on my stomach, inches from her cunt. My tongue stretched out, and tasted the gooey chocolate that was melting into her crevice. It was yummy, and I dove in, slurping up the sugary treat. It only took a few seconds for my tongue to penetrate the mousse, and make contact with her skin.

"Mmmmm hmmm, that's it. Lick my pussy!" she purred. Her hands were all over her tits, kneading the full globes, and twisting her nipples.

I continued, licking a wider and wider hole in the icing, and listening to her moan happily. As more of her pussy was laid clean, I expanded my range, until I stopped tasting mousse, and started tasting pussy alone.

"One mousse down... " I breathed.

"... One pussy to go," she finished.

I focused on her clit. It was huge, and peeking out from between her thick lips, and its hood. I swept my tongue over it gently.

"Oh, Cole, that's such exquisite torture," she moaned. "Your fingers were good, but your tongue is better."

I was going to thank her for the kind words, or remind her that my dick still hadn't been introduced to her pussy yet, but my tongue was busy, in a mutually pleasing way. She was getting closer to cumming, and I was getting more of her savoury juices to taste. I kept at it, swirling around her clit, and dipping deep into her increasingly sloppy cleft. Her bright pink inner folds became more visible, as her outer labia swelled open with extreme arousal.

Vanessa's tits were wobbling across her chest, as she squirmed and twisted her body under my tongue. She had a handful of my hair, pulling my face into her cunt, while she told me all about how she was feeling.

"Oh, fuck, yeah baby, right there, on my clit! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Lick it! Lick my pussy, baby! Oh yeah! More! More! It feels so good! OH MY GOD! YES! SUCK IT! SUCK MY CLIT! SUCK MY CLIT! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M C-U-M-M-I-N-N-N-N-G!"

She thrashed about, back arched, screaming in ecstasy, while her pussy gushed in my face. I nearly drowned, or suffocated, before she released my head and collapsed on her side, breathing heavily.

"Oh, god... Oh, god... Oh, god..." she repeated, whispering over and over.

I untangled myself from her long legs, and crawled up to lay beside her, face to face. She opened her eyes, and giggled.

"I think I came on your face," she smiled, wiping my cheek with her hand. She sniffed the transfer, and kissed my cheek. "Yup. That's me. Smells good, tastes better."

"Well, that attitude will get you points in the race for Miss Modesty," I laughed.

"It's tough to be modest when you're just so damn perfect," she grinned. "And with tits like these, no one would notice, anyway!" She laid back, and rolled her shoulders, setting in motion a wave that bounced from side to side on her chest.

"I'm sorry, were you saying something?" I asked blankly, staring at the hypnotic sway of her breasts. We both laughed.

"Vanessa, what do you do for a living, when you're not attending beauty pageants, and showing off your boobs?" I asked, resting beside her.

"I'm a dental hygienist," she smiled, showing those perfect teeth again. "I squeeze these into a tight nurse's smock, and get people to say 'ahhh'."

"My god!" I gasped. "I can't imagine you in one of those little dresses. Don't they get in the way, a little?"

"They used to, when I first started," she recounted. "Back then, I would try to keep from touching patients with my boobs, which made things a little awkward. I talked to a friend, who also has big ones... not as big as these, mind you... Anyway, she said she gave up the attempt. Now she just uses them like cushions. I tried it."

"You mean...?" I asked.

"Yeah. I usually warn the female patients, so I don't freak them out, but they just lay back, and let Vanessa take care of them, cradled in the soft embrace of my tits. The guys are hilarious. I'm very popular with my male patients, especially the repeaters. The first timers just freeze, as though they don't want to move, just in case I don't know they've got their head in my cleavage, and I might stop. Makes my job easier."

"I'm sure," I smiled.

"Within a few minutes, they relax, and just enjoy the contact," she smiled, patting her giant globes. "Lots of tents get pitched in my treatment room. Gets me pretty gooey. By the end of the day, I'm in dire need of an orgasm and some dry panties."

"Ever fuck in your chair?" I asked.

"No, but I've thought about it," she nodded. "I've seen a few impressive bulges I'd like to explore. Speaking of exploring..."

Her hand reached down, and grabbed my stiff cock.

"Are you gonna fuck me with this, or do I have to climb on top of you, and do it myself?" she giggled.

"I think I can get the ball rolling," I smiled, moving between her legs.

I had been with one black girl before, but her complexion was really more of a light brown colour. Vanessa was very dark, and while I watched, her hand guided my suddenly very white shaft into her coal black snatch, nuzzling the head between her swollen, juicy lips. The contrast was striking, and very exciting. I pushed, and her pussy stretched open, letting me slide in smoothly.

"Oh, yes," she moaned. "Fuck that pussy. Fill me up with that nice, thick cock."

I was all the way in, now, resting, as considerate lovers do, on knees and elbows. Vanessa's chest was still mashed firmly into mine. There was simply not enough room between us for the enormous breasts. Still, she wasn't complaining, and I, like her patients, enjoyed the contact. I'd always been a fan of the feeling of firm breasts pressed hard against me, and Vanessa was going right to the top of my memory list.

She wrapped those long legs of hers around me, and pulled me down for a kiss of those plump lips.

"Come on, white boy," she growled. "Give a girl what she wants. Fuck my brains out. Make me scream like a banshee. Don't stop until I pass out."

It was a long, long night. Vanessa did a lot of screaming, and I pounded her succulent pussy in several different positions. She took a few shifts on top, letting me suckle those massive jugs while she rode my erection hard. Along the way, I came in her, on her bouncy boobs, and down her throat. We fucked, slept, fucked some more, slept, and fucked still more. She was right; she really was an incredible fuck.

Our last coupling, during which the sun rose into the morning sky, had her on top, leaning back on her arms, and fucking herself on my shaft with surprising zeal, given we'd already been at it for hours. Leaning back like that, I couldn't reach her breasts to suck her nipples, and was simply forced to watch them jiggle and bounce crazily. That sight alone was nearly enough to make me cum again, but her snug pussy made it an inevitability. I spurted up inside her, and she sat forward, resting her huge hooters on my chest while she caught her breath.

"I think I'm done," she panted, sweeping sweaty hair out of her eyes. Her once elegant hairstyle had been destroyed by hours of athletic sex, and a glob of cum sat among the tangled strands. She rolled off me, and stood on unsteady legs. Cum trickled out of her abused cunt, moving slowly down her leg. She picked up her shoes, and put her dress over her shoulder.

"I'm going back to my room, and sleep for a week," she smiled. "Thanks for the lovely evening. See you around the island." She waved, and walked slowly to the door, still naked.

The door clicked shut behind her, and she was gone.

"Yeah, um, thanks Vanessa," I panted. "See you."


Surprisingly, it was only a little past noon when I woke up.

I was a mess, with cum of the male and female varieties dried into crusty deposits, all over me, especially my dick, which was glued to my belly. I needed a shower, now.

The shower dissolved the goop, which went down the drain, and it also woke me up a little more, especially when I ran it a little colder at the end. I almost felt human when I got out. Human, and starving.

I dressed quickly, and got out of the room, lest I sit down again and wake up tomorrow. There were no official events scheduled today, other than dinner, which was good, because I needed to rest.

I was planning on just going back to my room when I was done eating. I know that sounds lame, given I was on an island with a hundred sexually motivated women, but Vanessa fucking near killed me last night. Another day like that and I'd need medical attention.

Of course, just because I was planning to go back to my room, that doesn't mean all would go according to that plan. Now that all the girls knew who the judges were, there was no hiding from them.

I was sitting alone at my table, eating a delicious chicken sandwich, when a pretty redhead sat down. She didn't say anything, just sat there quietly, watching me eat, with those huge, blue eyes of hers. She was wearing a hoodie, that zipped up the front, and it was showing about an inch of enticing cleavage.

"Hi," I smiled, putting my sandwich aside for a moment.

"Hi," she smiled back, leaning forward slightly, and resting her chest on the edge of the table. "My name is Kaitlyn. I'm going to try to sit at your table tonight."

"Well then, I'll see you there," I nodded.

"I hope so," she giggled. "Just in case I'm not able to fight my way into the crowd, I thought I'd introduce myself now."

"And by introduce yourself, you mean...?" I asked. She smiled, and slid the zipper of her jacket down.

"I know this is terribly forward," she said softly, holding her jacket open, "but I really need to do well in this contest."

Her breasts were breathtaking. Absolutely perfect. Not in the same league as Vanessa, for size, but still quite large. They sat high on her chest, very full, round and proud.

"Very nice," I smiled.

"Thank you," she smiled, obviously still nervous. "Should we go back to your room now?"

"Oh, Kaitlyn, no honey," I replied. She immediately looked crestfallen. "Don't misunderstand, please. Let me explain." I reached across and took her hand, and she looked at me hurt.

"You don't need to do that, go around offering yourself to the judges. I mean, I just spent the night with someone who did, so I'm not going to turn down a free lunch, but you don't strike me as the kind of girl to do that. You're very pretty, Kaitlyn, and you have a lovely body, and very nice breasts. If I wasn't exhausted, I'd be all over you."

"Thank you," she nodded.

"I'll see you at dinner, tonight, and I promise you have a fair chance with me, okay?" I told her. "You don't have to sleep with me to get my vote."

"Thank you," she repeated, now smiling. "I do have just one question, though."

"Ask away," I said, picking up my sandwich again, and taking a bite.

"What if I still want to sleep with you?" she giggled.

I almost choked on the sandwich. While I wasn't a virgin, I wasn't James Bond either. Women hardly ever just fell into bed with me.

Okay... Women never just fell into bed with me.

Yet, here was this gorgeous creature, showing me her impressive breasts, and telling me she still wanted to fuck me, even if she didn't have to.

Like I said. Best. Trip. Ever.

I chewed the mouthful of sandwich, while Kaitlyn waited patiently, eyeing me with her light blue peepers.

"Well, then I'd say I'll see you at dinner, tonight, and in my room afterwards. As long as you know it won't get you my vote, any more than not sleeping with me would cost you my vote. Understood?" I smiled.

"Yes," she smiled, even wider. "I'll see you later!"

I grabbed another sandwich, and headed back to my room, content to stay there until dinner forced me out. I was going to nap, and watch TV, and hide from horny women who might want to complicate my life further.

I only hoped the rest of the women at dinner didn't fight over me. Giggle.


The pageant organizers had thought of nearly everything. While it was true that there were only three official events for judging, every dinner was an opportunity for the judges to review the girls. There was even a dress code for them, and the ladies were required to wear the casual uniform... a skin-tight Lycra tank top and shorts.


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