Nudist Family


(A little story about an above average family that decides to be nudists--at home)

Chapter 1: The Decision

My wife Judy got into a health kick a couple years ago that led to yoga and healthy living. She is 38, brunette, attractive and in shape. We have a great sex life. I am 45, keep fit, and very open minded.

We have a lovely home in the Hollywood Hills. I especially love our very private back yard, that includes a huge swimming pool. Judy has sunbathed topless when the kids were not around. I have skinny dipped with her in our pool which always led to sex out in the yard!. We have always had an openness about sex with our children, within the normal age appropriate limits.

Judy had this new idea about us going around the house--nude! She felt it would be an honest expression for all of us as a family! Well, now that our kids are older, I thought we could at least talk to them about it.

My son, Rob, is 20, and my step-daughter Sadie, is 18. The idea is that we would be nudists at home 24/7. If friends came over we would get dressed, but other than that, we would be nude all the time.

I thought about it and wondered how Rob and Sadie would feel about it. We have always had a great communication with them and have gone through the usual ups and downs you do with teenagers. As far as nudity, I have never really seen Sadie nude except for one time when I walked into the bathroom and she was topless. That was last year.

Although I am her step-father, she has been like a daughter since she was a little girl. And I have never had a sexual attraction to her. I am not that way. Having said that, it is obvious she has a great body. She looks amazing in a bikini. She is a cheerleader and does dance at the local theater.

She has long, blonde hair, and is very busty, too, larger by two bra sizes than my wife. There must be something in the California water!! Feels funny comparing them, however, they are competitive in so many things. Sadie flaunts herself a bit too much. And I think she is trying to get my attention. Might have to do with her never getting it from her real father, who was never in her life. And Judy is always flirting with Rob's friends. She like being the hot cougar!

Rob is the true athlete of the family and in top shape. He has the six pack stomach, and muscles everywhere from his workouts and weight training. Yeah, I am a little envious of that. He and his sister don't always get along, though, and it seems like they are always bickering. I guess that is typical for their age. They also seem to be very competitive with each other. When we got married and created this family, it took some adjusting for them not being the center of attention.

So, we got the kids together on Friday night and Judy explained this nudity idea. She did quite well with it, I think. Better than I could have. I was nervous and tried to jump in when I could to add to what she was saying. But I probably fumbled it more than helped by telling them it was natural to look at each other at first, and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. I could see that they totally understood and were laughing at me for trying to explain male and female anatomy to them.

The kids seemed to take it all in, nervously giggling. Knowing how guys think, I could imagine Rob wondering what Judy and Sadie looked like naked. Men do have impulses. Primal urges can take over no matter how civilized we think we are. Rob seemed pretty eager to give it a try. Sadie reluctantly agreed try it just once.

So we set it up for the coming Saturday.

Chapter 2: We Get Naked

On Saturday the weather was warm, as it always is in Los Angeles. Judy let me sleep in. I heard her stirring in the bedroom and when I opened my eyes I saw her in the nude. She has a nice ass and I was already getting a hard on anticipating "weekend sex" . (We usually had a sex a few times during the weekends. During the work week was harder to find the energy. Seeing her naked, I wanted to do it right then and there, but she reminded me that today was our "nudist day" with the kids.

I took a shower. She had taken one earlier. The bathroom was still steamy. After cleaning up we headed downstairs to the living room.

In the living room were Rob, wearing his bathing suit, and Sadie in bra and underwear. I guess they had not fully committed to it yet. They stared at us, with a surprise in their eyes, checking out our bodies. Sadie giggled a bit looking at us, and Rob had his eyes fixed on his step-mom. He was quiet. With Sadie gazing down at ny cock, it took everything I had not to get a hard on. It was her expression that aroused me. My cock was starting to swell up and get hard.

We told them that they had agreed to try this "nudity", and now they needed to get their clothes off! Judy was in charge! Better she be the one to urge Sadie to get naked instead of me. This was awkward. This was all so new.

I told Rob to get his bathing suit off. He hesitated, and an impatient Judy went over to him and told him to pull them down. He was slow at it and so she got her fingers inside the waistband and pulled them down. His cock sprang out, huge and rock hard!

Rob's cock a monster! Must be something in the water, right?

(Judy was not totally surprised. Last year he had pulled a groin muscle and she massaged it. He was on the bed wearing boxer briefs, and he got an erection. The more she massaged the area, the bigger and harder he got. She paused and assured him not to worry about it. She continued massaging and he was almost bursting through the material, and she realized she had better stop before he had an "accident".)

And now there he was, nude, with a throbbing erection. He had a girlfriend. Lucky girl. Brave girl! Sadie spoke up with a sly tone and said that the secret was out now! And she laughed. (Apparently she had walked in on him masturbating once, and got her first look at how big he was. It was 10 inches!)

I turned to Sadie and noticed she had taken her bra and panties off. I was in a trance looking at her. Her breasts were large and firm and had big, pink hard nipples. She had absolutely no pubic hair. Shaved bald! That surprised me.

Rob had plenty of friends who often asked him if he had ever seen her naked. He knew they fantasized about her. She was hot and she knew it. And she enjoyed it that he had no control right now of that cock!

Chapter 3: Awkward Moments

So, we hung out all day, nude, swam in the pool, and had lunch. For the most part I was able to control myself but did not try to fight it. Judy assured me that she thought Sadie was comfortable seeing me that way. She knew erections were natural for us guys.

Sadie and I were on the couch later that afternoon. Each of us were resting on each end, facing each other. She was reading and had her legs wide open! I was not really reading, as I kept checking out her smooth, young pussy. She must have known I could see every inch of her pussy.

I got an aching erection again and I decided not to control it anymore. I wanted her to take a closer look at my arousal. This was our first private moment. I guess I was just horny from being naked and seeing her hot body all day long.

I continued to "read" and I looked from the magazine and saw her looking closely at my hard cock like I hoped she would. My heart was pounding out of my chest!

I had no intention on touching her, but it was the idea she could see me like this that turned me on. I realized I like exposing myself to her like that. And I would be taking out my lust on her mother that night. I needed relief!

I wondered what she was thinking? I was not as big as Rob, almost 8 inches long, and very thick. Never had any complaints! Competing with Rob in that department was futile. He was the stud here.


That night Judy and I had the most intense sex. She was a wild woman and I never came so hard. I have to admit that images of Sadie did flash through my mind during sex, and I would not be surprised if Judy had fantasies about Rob. Fantasies are just fantasies. It had been a very arousing day for all of us. I wonder if the kids relieved themselves in the privacy of their bedrooms. At least Rob would have had to. He was hard all day long!

I asked Judy what she thought about Rob's "equipment" and she admitted that she lost her breath for a second when she saw it. I wondered if she had a little thing for his big thing!

Chapter 4: Monster on the Lose

We did the family nudity for a week but something changed between us. I could sense some flirting between Judy and Rob, and even Sadie seemed more focused on him. I felt a little left out and jealous.

I came home early from work one day and noticed Rob, Judy and Sadie by the pool on their towels. I peeked at them from behind some shrubs near the house. Judy was applying lotion to his chest, as he rested on his back. In a downward, circular spiral she neared his monster hard on. Sadie was applying lotion to his powerful thighs moving upward toward his heavy balls.

Sadie and Judy must be pretty naive to be massaging his groin and thighs like that. Didn't they see how turned on he was, and how hard his cock was getting? All ten inches of it rising up over his flat stomach and over his chest. I could see pre-cum glistening on his swollen cock head. If they didn't stop soon he was going to have an orgasm!

Judy told Sadie to dribble some sun block on his shaft and head and rub it in so it wouldn't sunburn. She grasped his shaft with one hand and rubbed the lotion on it vigorously. Rob shifted and tightened his stomach as if to try and control something that was about to happen. He told Sadie to slow down and be careful.

I am not sure she cared what he was talking about at that point. Judy sat back a bit and coached Sadie.

Sadie joked that he was leaking. His pre-cum was dripping down his shaft on to her hand! I watched in awe and envy at the attention my son was getting from those two.

Judy looked excited watching what Sadie was doing although her voice was very calm, like a teacher.

(She had taught Sadie a lot of things, and Sadie was a good student. She and Judy were always very open about sex education. When Sadie was 12 she told her exactly how to masturbate, Sadie learned how to stimulate her clitoris with her fingers until she reached orgasm. And masturbated often. If she could pleasure herself, she would not need to depend on some boy. That was Judy's theory. Made sense.)

At poolside, Sadie firmly gripped his cock and rub up and down, up and down to get the lotion deep into the skin on his shaft. His monster cock seemed to get even bigger and thicker! It was so rigid and throbbing hard! He grimaced and made a fist, tightened his washboard stomach and said he couldn't take it anymore! He begged her to quit! But she didn't stop!

His cock head swelled up and he exploded a stream of hot semen 3 or 4 feet into the air hitting Sadie in the face and breasts and on his chest and stomach! It kept spurting huge amounts of thick cum as if he had been saving it in his big balls for years!

Judy looked amazed keeping her hand over her mouth. Her eyes were open wide in awe!

Sadie released her tight grip on his softening cock. Rob was practically knocked out from that massive orgasm. His head resting on the towel. Cum was everywhere, on him, and globs of it dripping off of Sadie's cheek, nipples and on to her thighs.

Judy asked him if he was okay as if she had no idea that that was going to happen. I could tell she was feeling pretty satisfied right now. I was jealous.

He just grunted something unintelligible, as if he were drugged. It was probably the strongest orgasm he ever had! He must have loved Sadie jacking him off in front of Judy like that. I would have.

I stood there feeling a lot of emotions. Did Judy orchestrate this to happen? I know Judy can be a little kinky, and has always been very open about her sexual desires and fantasies. I needed to talk to her about this later. I had to.

I went back into the house and up to the bedroom, and heard them in the pool splashing around.


Later on that night I did confront Judy about what I had seen. She accused me first of spying, but calmed down and apologized. She said that it really was an accident. She thought Rob was in control and did not realize he was about to cum.

And then she added there is something I should know. She told me that Rob and Sadie were a couple--boyfriend and girlfriend! I had to get my mind around that one. She said she wanted to tell me, but didn't know how or when. They had made up cover stories that they already had significant others. Pretty damn clever. Apparently, they had been together for a few months now. Judy said a few months ago Sadie had confided in her when she first had sex with Rob.

She had been on the pill for a couple years now, and wasn't worried about getting pregnant, but wanted to know how to handle his huge penis. Judy said women have to adjust to different men. Think of the petite girls who go for the basketball players. We know they must be huge!!! They are having sex all the time. So, these girls are able to handle their huge cocks.

So, now I knew they were a couple, and it was out in the open. I know they were having sex under my roof. He was the stud of the family. I had fantasies of him fucking her, handling his big cock.

Judy seemed to treat him differently now. I felt a little left out, always the last to know about things. I didn't like it one bit. And sexually, Judy was withdrawing from me. I just wonder if this family nudist thing was such a good idea, after all.

Chapter 6: The New Order

I had to be away on a business trip one weekend and had a lot on my mind about my family. I caught an earlier flight home and was glad to get back home. It was past 9pm and the house was quiet. I walked up the stairs and down the hallway. Rob's door was slightly opened, and I could hear his bed springs squeaking and muffled moaning.

Instead of turning right to go to our bedroom, I went left and approached Rob's room. Now was my chance to see how he and Sadie fucking!. I wondered how it looked stabbing his monster inside her little pussy. I just had to peek. I was getting very aroused!

I heard Sadie moaning, telling him to fuck her harder! But as I neared the doorway Sadie's voice was actually Judy's voice---it was Judy!

My heart was racing as I took one more step toward the doorway and peaked in.

Judy was riding on Robs cock, her back to me, furiously bouncing up and down on it, her pussy practically split open from his thick, hard shaft! Her pussy so stretched! His balls were so big and looked heavy and full as they would flatten when she slammed down to the base of his shaft! I couldn't see his face, but only his strong legs and thighs as he would thrust his cock upward to meet her downward slams!

They fucked like animals. She was almost speaking in tongues, grunting and groaning. She screamed at him to fuck her harder like a man! She was cumming hard!

I turned away, I couldn't watch anymore, the sounds of their hard sex fading as I walked back to my bedroom. My head was spinning. I was very sad and angry and also aroused. My cock was straining against my pants.

I walked past Sadie's room and heard some sniffling. I looked in.

She was on her stomach, naked. She was crying. I asked her if she was okay, and she told me that Rob wanted to be with her mom now, and they had been fucking for an hour like that.

Had my wife set this up all along? I was starting to wonder. Maybe she had always had a thing for him. And this nudist idea was a ruse, maybe to get to him?

I don't know. I know she must love that big cock of his. I didn't know size mattered. That is what they always say. I think for some women it does matter. Of course, I had sex with Sadie. Surprised? We consoled each other at first in an embrace, she was naked and I still had my clothes on. She made the move and started massaging my cock through my pants. And it wasn't long until we were having sex, finally!

I really only fantasized about her and never wanted to actually have sex with her. You have to believe me. But it was hard for me to resist her attentions on this night. Her hands felt nice on me. Her mouth was so sweet and caring on my cock. Kissing and licking me from my balls to the tip. She was very good at it. She was 18, but sexually, she was the right age for me. And still is.

Down the hallway they were still going at it all night. Seemed to never end. Judy got what she wanted Rob, too. I was lost in Sadie's passionate grip. Weeks of pent up lust and passion, anger and frustration, were released in my soul-deep orgasms with her. I felt like I was in my twenties, able to go 2 or 3 times that night with her.

I knew things would be different now. Sadie would be with me. Judy would be with Rob. I don't know if I could forgive her. Rob was my son. I could forgive him. He was a man, weak, like me, when it came to women. But I seriously think there really is something in our water here in California! Drink it up, my friend! Drink it up!

The End

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Beautiful Family who spent Nude time together.

This story brings back lots of memories of my 82 yrs of my previous life of naturalism. My parents and well as my immediate family of three children and a beautiful wife spent many hours in the nude togethermore...

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