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Nude on Stage


It had been a pleasant evening. David's old friend had joined us for dinner. I had known him from when I first met David and always got along well with him. From the start we had teased one another unmercifully and flirted too. Nothing serious and he had never made a pass at me or touched me inappropriately. Close, maybe, but never too close. If I hadn't been so crazy about David, who knows? But then, without David we would never have met. Anyway, we did not see him often. When we did I always wore my sexiest dresses, showing a bit of thigh, a bare back, or some boob peeping out of a deep vee neckline. You get the picture. David didn't mind because he knew it was harmless fun.

We were relaxing after dinner when David asked Jerome about his latest project. He worked in the film business and sometimes did live theatre. Let me tell you a bit about us. After getting my commerce degree I had a change of heart and came to Los Angeles to get into film. To make ends meet I got a bookkeeping job with a little outfit that rented equipment for low-budget films. David was the Owner and was doing reasonably well, staying in the black most months. He was a likeable guy and seemed to know everyone in the movie business but did not have the capital to compete for business with the big operators. Within a year and drawing on all my talents I was instrumental in getting him his first really big contract and with that we became partners in the business and at the altar.

"You know what its like. There's so much to organize up front. The theatre, the technicians and so on down to dressmakers."

"The word on the street is that you are pushing the boundaries and that maybe you don't need the dressmakers so much."

"That's true, so I am spending more time than usual talking to the city, the media and others."

"That's intriguing. What's it all about?" I chimed in.

"The play is not finished, but the plot is about an actress who takes a stage role that requires her to be at least partially nude. It follows her from the casting interviews through the rehearsals and the opening night, showing how she and her husband deal with that. We are touching on a theme we all know exists since there is so much nudity now in movies and more all the time on the live stage. We have tested this in a number of places and the reaction we are getting here is as good as anywhere."

"So what happens next?" I asked.

"I will give the go-ahead to the financial people, Suzanne. We should be able to get things organized and be casting very soon. We have to tie the theatre down and decide on the opening night. We work back from there to do the casting, start rehearsals and so on."

The conversation wandered on. Jerome was excited to be involved in a cutting edge performance and needed no encouragement to talk about everything involved. I was only half listening. I have been doing what I can to support the business but am no longer on staff. Although I keep a low profile, I am also involved in several charities he supports. Maybe this would be a chance to get back on stage. They were talking about the general state of the economy when I decided to take the plunge.

"Any reason why I wouldn't try out for the part?"

That interrupted their train of thought. Jerome finished what he was saying and David answered before they turned to me. David was the first to speak.

"What was that?"

"Is there any reason why I'd not try out for the part?"

"You mean the lead in the new play I was talking about?"

"That's right, Jerome. I have some acting experience and am quite pretty, don't you think?"

David's expression showed some confusion. He seemed at once amused and puzzled. "That's the part where the actor is at least partially nude in some of the scenes, right? You remember that bit?"

"Yes I do, David. You both know I am a bit of an exhibitionist. It would be fun."

"What about our business associates, the charities, our friends?"

"They are all in the film or the theatre business. They are quite familiar with nudity and know my nature. Nobody batted an eye when the see-through top I wore to the opera got my photo in the society pages."

I did a quick pirouette, making my skirt fly out around me. Stopping quickly I caught it at my waist. "If your leading lady needs a good pair of legs, remember these."

Jerome has often seen me in bikinis and even topless in our hot tub a couple of times. But standing in my heels and stockings with lacy red panties and holding my skirt high enough to bare my tummy was different. Turning slowly around to show him my bum too was pretty blatant. The two guys were shocked into silence and watched with open mouths.

"Do you think you can remember that, Jerome?" I asked. We all burst out laughing.

"Are you serious, Honey?"

"You know I'm not prudish. Getting back on the stage could be what I need. There is only so much I can do to help you with our business and this could be the spark I need in my life. There will be lots of time to think about it and anyway, it would just be an audition where they'll have lots of beautiful and talented women to choose from."

Looking at Jerome, I could see he was nervous, maybe even embarrassed.

"Come on, Jerome. Out with it. Are you afraid you'd have to tell me they chose someone else?"

"That's not it. I'm more afraid you'd get the part."

"Why's that?" asked David.

"He's been holding out on us, Dave, not telling us everything it would involve. Right?" Jerome nodded, waiting for me to continue. "Some physical contact, touching, fondling." I stopped. He just waited, looking nervously from me to David. "And that bit you were telling us about earlier, talking to the authorities; that's about whether they will allow simulated sex on stage. Right?"

"She's a smart one, Dave, and she's right. If she can act, she will likely get the part because she has all the attributes we are looking for. Beauty, elegance, innocence and yet poise and maturity. That's why she shouldn't audition."

I had been watching Jerome carefully and all this talk about the sexual content of his new play after hours of my usual teasing had gotten him hard enough that he had adjusted his cock in his pants to let it straighten up. All evening long I had been touching his arm or his thigh, leaning forward so that the front of my dress fell away to let him see a lot of breast, maybe even some nipple, all my usual teasing. He was not the only one that was excited. I could feel myself begin to moisten and with a quick glance I saw the bump in David's pants too.

"Why do you say that? Do you think I am too much of a prude? Or that David would object? We have always understood that sex, emotion and love can be absolutely separate. Not always, but sometimes." We both checked to see David nod in confirmation.

"Dave, have you ever had a threesome? Watched your girl play with another guy?"

"Only once, in college. And she wasn't really my girl."

"It turned you on, just like this talk about me taking that part is turning you on now." We could hear him gulp. "It's okay then if I show Jerome how easily I could play that role? He can audition me right now. We'd need you to be the audience. I stood in front of him. "Help me out of this."

With only a short zipper at the waist there was no help needed, but this way David had to decide whether to stop me or encourage me and let Jerome know. Dave stood and lowered the zipper, resting his other hand on my hip. Reaching across with my left hand I took his right hand and lifted it to my shoulder. He took the hint and slid the dress off my shoulders, letting it fall in a puddle around my feet.

All the time I was looking at Jerome. He was on our settee. He was drinking in the sight of my almost naked body, especially the way I was tugging on my already prominent nipples.

"After all these years of brushing against one another's private bits it's time to get close and personal, don't you agree? Let's get you out of those things." He sat as if stunned so I straddled him with one knee outside each of his thighs and unbuttoned his shirt. Standing up with my legs apart I grabbed his belt and pulled him forward so that his bum was close to the front of the cushion. While I undid his belt and loosened the front of his pants he came alive and started kicking off his shoes, then lifted his bum off the cushion to let me pull his pants and shorts down and off. His rod was solid and flopped onto his tummy. From brushing against it in the past I knew it was thick and fairly long, so it was no surprise but it was good to see it at last.

"Did you jack off before you came over here. I've always assumed you do to help you control yourself with all my touching and teasing." I was kneeling astride him again and working his shirt off his shoulders with one hand while fondling him with the other. He groaned a "Yesssss."

"Then you won't give me a surprise spurt and we can take our time." Dave handed each of us a glass of wine from which we took a good drink before handing the glasses back.

"Will you be stage director and tell us what to do?" I asked. I wanted no recriminations later.

"Start off with a kiss." Dave told us. "A real one, not the little peck on the lips you have always done. That's better." I was getting into it. Every guy kisses differently so it was a new experience to open my mouth for Jerome and play our tongues together. We did not need David to tell us to start fondling one another. Jerome obviously exercised regularly, he was so lean and muscular.

"That's good. Suck on her tits, Jerry." I was surprised to hear him say that so bluntly and glanced over at him. He had his cock out and was gently stroking himself. Suddenly Jerome pushed me off to one side so that my weight was all on one knee. My arms around his neck stopped me from flopping onto the settee. He started babbling that this was all going too far, he valued our friendship too much, that kind of thing while I resisted his pushing and edged back astride him. It was Dave who finally shut him up.

"Don't worry, Jerry. We are much more liberal than you might imagine. Realistic too. So though we love one another dearly we both understand that it is too much to expect the exclusive right to physical contact with the other for life." Jerome looked puzzled. "What do you mean?" Dave looked at me. "Want to give him an example?"

"Okay Dave. Which one? Your business travel? Or how I earned my interest in the business?" I asked Dave. "My travels will do nicely." I had gone over to the coffee table to get my glass of wine, took a drink then went over to kneel beside Dave and stroke him.

"You know Dave spends days on end on the road. At first I went with him and I know he thought I was just keeping tabs on him. Then on one trip when we had finished up I asked one of the attractive ladies he worked with to join us for a drink. I had got to know her quite well over the previous two or three visits. Better than Dave did for sure. You know how we girls chat in the ladies room. She was not getting much at home but loved her hubbie and did not want to break up her marriage. Over drinks I explained my rules. No strings, hickies, infections or babies. If they took care of one another's needs for sex that was fine by me. They seemed shocked, but neither protested when I left to catch a late flight home. That was the first of three lovers I picked for Dave so he is pretty well covered for any of his trips. They are all good friends, and I visit them maybe once a year, to be sure I can trust them to send him home."

That's where Dave chimed in. "So who am I to get fussed if Suzanne wants to explore her boundaries? Would that make me a cuckold? Or make her a hot wife? Or do we have an open marriage? You two have been making sparks fly as long as you have known one another, so who better for her to go exploring with?"

Jerome had been all ears. Now he fell back, stretched out on the settee, eyes closed, trying to absorb all of that. I crawled over, pushed his knees apart and squeezed myself between them.

"Pretend to give him a blow job, Sweetheart." Dave took up the role of stage director again. That might sound easy, but it isn't. You have to bob your head as if you were really doing it without taking the cock in your mouth. It kept poking me in the eye. In no time we were both giggling, then laughing out loud. "This will take a lot of practise, I can tell." That sort of broke the spell, so when I opened my mouth and took him in for a few strokes it seemed more light hearted than sexual. I got up and went to sit on David's lap.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you? You never told me you'd like to see me play with someone else. This is something we need to explore, don't you think?"

"Soon, I hope. I've never seen your nips any more swollen than they are now, and I bet you are soaking down there."

"Don't embarrass me. So what's next?"

Dave and Jerome looked at one another, then at me, and back again at one another.

"Come on, Jerome, don't be shy. You have to eat me out. Pretend to, anyway. Let's do it." The smiles were gone. The two guys looked pretty serious again."

"Maybe this has gone far enough."

"No way, Jerome. This is all about what I can do and whether Dave objects. Don't you chicken out on us. It's all just pretend, anyway." By then I was on the settee, leaning back with my bum near the front and my legs spread. Jerome had got up and was shaking his shorts out from his trousers, but his cock was standing almost straight up, showing how excited he was. Dave was still stroking himself. He got up and tugged Jerome's pants out of his hands.

"You are worried about our friendship, but there's no need. You have always controlled your desire for Suzanne, but you could never hide it. You will both enjoy this." There was no arguing with that. Jerome came over and knelt between my legs.

I lifted my bum, inviting him to remove my thong and when it was off I spread my knees far enough apart to let him get his head between my thighs. Now it was his turn to bob his head as if he was licking me and biting my clit.

"You don't need to do this, Suzanne. I am convinced."

"You may be, but I'm not. I need to do it all and to have Dave excited to watch me. Do this for me." Dave returned in time to hear the last of that. I lifted my legs high.

"Now handle me as you'd handle any other girl who offered herself to you. Play with my tits."

Oh, that felt sooooo good. His breath on my cunt and the rubbing of his five-o'clock shadow on the inside of my thighs almost got me there. Dave let us play that way for a couple of minutes before he commented:

"You make a pretty convincing pair of lovers. That's realistic." Not realistic enough for me. Holding the back of Jerome's head so that he could not avoid me I shifted to plant myself in his mouth. Maybe he was too startled to pull back, but the way his tongue pushed into me and he sucked my clit out from under its hood told me he had been waiting for the chance.

"Is this what you want, Dave, to see me with another man?"

Jerome raised his head and gave my thigh a couple of pats as if to say: well done; then got up and again reached for his pants. Then he hesitated, looking from one to the other of us. It was Dave who voiced what we were all thinking.

"You two have been teasing one another for years, openly fondling each other. There comes a point when teasing becomes an invitation, don't you think? It was going to happen sooner or later, so why not tonight? You know our rules. No strings, hickies or infections. She's on the pill so don't worry about babies." Then looking at me he added: "You can let him out. No hurry, but join me when you are done. Sloppy seconds could be fun." He was already on his way up the stairs.

Jerome looked undecided, so it was all up to me. The combination of my affection for Jerome and the stimulation of our contact over the last half hour made it easy. He was getting soft so I knelt to take him in my hands and mouth. In no time he was hard as a rock.

"Enough foreplay. We have been doing that for years. Just fuck me hard and unload in me." I kept trash talking while I led him to the settee and spread myself over the arm, presenting myself for him to take me from behind. That's how it was, quick and hard.

The sensation of being fucked does not get me off, but the eroticism of being taken by this man with my husband's approval excited me so much that with one hand on my breast and the other diddling myself the world seems to become one long orgasm. "Unload in me. Make me your whore. That's me, a dirty whore, a complete slut. You could have had me any time you wanted." I was still calling to him when I felt him shudder, become still, shrink, and finally plop out of me.

I laid still on the arm of the settee while he dressed, not knowing what to say, and catching his jism in my hands as it oozed out of me.

"I guess that was a casting couch audition. Do you do that often?"

"Listen, Suzanne, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me."

"Don't be silly. If we didn't all want us to do that it would never have happened. Maybe we've got it out of our systems. If we never do that again it will be a precious memory for me and a reminder of how easily a girl can let things get out of control. If there is a next time we will take more time and I will want to watch you as we do it."

With his stuff dripping down my legs I ran into the kitchen and wiped myself clean with paper towels. Still in my stockings and heels I caught Jerome at the front door. We hugged, not the antiseptic way we always had, but more as lovers might, his hands feeling my buttocks and my breasts, and mine holding his penis through his pants. Our kiss was open mouthed, and when we pulled apart I cupped my breasts in my hands and asked: "A kiss for my girls?"

He obliged, of course, and then was gone. As I curled into bed and into Dave's arms and he slid easily into me I had to wonder how much of what I said was true. Was I a whore? A hot wife, offering myself to my husband with another man's sperm so fresh in me. And a slut for sure, having two men shoot in me, one right after the other. But a whore gets paid for it and so far I had not been paid. So far.

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Whores don't get paid

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No pay

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