tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Lit Story Page BETA - Font Customization Now Available!

New Lit Story Page BETA - Font Customization Now Available!


Happy New Year to everyone at Literotica!

To start the new year, we've released a big update to the New Story Page BETA.

This new release includes the ability to customize font family, size, and spacing. Font customization is a feature that's been requested by Lit readers for many years, so we are excited to have it out in BETA.

The feature is accessed via a new tab on the Story Info Block on the first page of each story on Literotica. It looks like this:

To activate the New Literotica Story Page right now, log into your member control panel and go to the Options > My Options menu. On that page, you'll see a new option called "Participate in early site feature versions beta-testing?" If you turn that on and then click "Save", you'll see the New Story Page the next time you visit a story here on Lit. You can turn it off at anytime, so there is no risk!

We'd like to hear from you about any of the following:

1. Any problems, bugs, or issues that you have while using the new story page. The more information you can send us, the more quickly we can track down bugs.

2. Any suggestions you have to improve the new story page.

3. Any general feedback letting us know what you think of the new story page compared to the old one.

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

The Literotica Feedback Form

• The "Report A Problem" link in the footer of the new story page

• Email to support[at]literotica.com

• Leave your comment below!

We've been working on the new story page - with the input of many Lit readers and Lit authors - for a long time. Once launched, it will allow us to add many highly requested features, so please help us get it ready.

Thank you in advance for any and all feedback, and for being part of Literotica!

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by Anonymous

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by RomanceLives02/03/20

Ditto. Font customization is only retained for the current story. Changing stories, eg next story in the series, goes back to defaults.

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by RomanceLives02/03/20

I'm quite pleased with the changes. Having the tàgs at the top is a great idea - they help me decide if I want to read the story. You know what would be good ... I would like to see the story's score,more...

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by ZBSKRN02/03/20

Would love an option to mark stories as read.

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by DSolomonD02/02/20

Can't seem to save the text preferences from one story to the next

If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it.
by ElderDirt01/28/20

Needs More Work

I am unable to access the second page of My Works which is from P on. Also, the like to my Member Control Panel is not on the opening Literotica face page. I have to weave my way through the BETA testmore...

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