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tagNovels and NovellasNew Girl in Town Pt. 11

New Girl in Town Pt. 11


Volleyball, Football and Sex, oh my!

Also a time jump to move the story along a bit otherwise I'd be writing this forever.

Warning! There's quite a bit of american football in this chapter so be prepared.

Huge thanks to Devir Ginator for letting me bounce ideas off him. Super helpful with story direction and telling me that I don't suck as bad as I think I do most of the time.

As always, thank you so much for your patience, reading, commenting and voting.


"How did we not know about this sport earlier?" Jamie asks as he leers at all the girls in their tight volleyball outfits.

"Because it's lame but damn is it nice to watch." Patrick answers as the pair lean against the gym wall. "Just look at Jessica's ass in those short! Goddamn, that's like a work of art."

"Yeah, it's too bad that Jake is the one that's going to be tapping it. What a fucking waste." Jamie sighs.

"That fucking virgin ain't gonna be tapping anything as fine as that ass." Patrick sneers then glances up at the bleachers. "I mean look at that fucker playing nice with Jessica's family. Even that little bitch sister of Jessica's. She was such a pain when I was there."

"Dude, she looks like seven or something." Jamie comments.

"Being a bitch doesn't have an age limit. I mean look at how much she's laughing up with Jake and those misfits jerks." Patrick states then turns his attention back to the court.

"Is C.C. one of them now too?" Jamie inquires noticing the cute cheerleader seated with Jake's group. "Damn, their group of weirdo's is growing this year."

"Who gives a fuck?" Patrick asks. "They're all a bunch of losers anyway. Staci, Ray and C.C. fit right in with them."

"I thought that Marybeth girl was pretty cool." Jamie comments.

"She's got a set of cute little tits on her but if she's dating that long haired freak then she's got no taste." Patrick comments.

"You can say that again." Jamie agrees. "Oh well, plenty of other tasty fish in the sea. I'm looking forward to going fishing here once this game is over."

"I think I may dip my pole in the water as well." Patrick chuckles. "There are some very tasty looking fish just begging to be landed out there. It may even make Jessica a little jealous if I start showing someone else some interest."


"Dreamboat at twelve o'clock." Tonya says just loud enough for her teammates to hear.

They all look and Jessica snorts. "More like douche bags at twelve o'clock."

Tabitha and Tonya both gasp while Kenyetta and Caitlyn giggle.

"Sorry guys," Jessica apologizes. "I know that Patrick is Mr. Popular and all that but I do not like him and I especially don't like Jamie."

"Oh yeah, that whole thing where he took that cheap shot at Jake in the scrimmage game. That was terrible." Tabitha states.

"Then somehow the whole school got that video of Jake getting slammed to ground. I am glad to see that he's out of the sling now. He's doing better, isn't he?" Tonya asks.

Jessica nods and begins to answer but the referee blows the whistle to start the next game.

The Raiders are lining up to serve when Jessica speaks.

"Guys, I'm sorry for what I'm about to do." She says.

Caitlyn begins to ask her what she's talking about but the Raiders serve the ball into play. Tonya plays it from the backcourt, hitting it towards Caitlyn.

"Set!" Caitlyn shouts as she bumps the ball up towards the net.

Jessica leaps up then smashes a hard spike hurtling towards the wall where Patrick and Jamie are currently reclining on.

"Whoa!" Patrick shouts dodging left.

"Fuck!" Jamie shouts as he dodges to the right just as the ball smashes into the wall between where they were just standing.

"My bad!" Jessica says then shrugs.

"Whooo, now there's that Wildcat!" Antoine shouts from his seat and laughter erupts from the stands.

Jamie glares at Jessica who returns his glare until she's pulled into the huddle.

"Damn girl, I know now not to ever mess with your boyfriend." Kenyetta laughs.

"Sorry I gave up a point guys but they both had that coming." Jessica shares.

"No argument from me." Caitlyn giggles. "I'm going to laugh myself silly when I think about how Patrick and Jamie's faces looked when they saw that ball flying at them later on but for now, let's get that point back huh?"

"You keep setting us up so perfectly and we'll do just that, Caitlyn." Jessica assures her.


"I assume that you know what that was all about, Jake?" Dr. Golden asks him, as the rest of the group is too busy laughing to answer.

"I think it was a bit of payback, ma'am." Jake answers. "I'm just glad she didn't hit either of them. I don't want Jess getting in trouble over me."

"Patrick I recognize but who's the other boy?" Mr. Golden asks.

"That would be Jamie." Jake answers.

"He's the jerk that hurt Jake in the scrimmage game." Shelly chimes in.

"Ah, that explains the payback bit then." Dr. Golden states.

The ball is served back into play so nearly everyone's attention is turned back to the game except for Roxie who nudges Jake.

"You're not mad at Jessica, are you?" She asks.

"Mad? No." Jake answers.

"Then what is it?" she asks.

"You know how those two get about even the tiniest provocation. Jessica just delivered one hell of a message for everyone to see. You don't think that they're going to want to get even for that?" Jake asks.

"Shit, you're right about that." Roxie agrees. "What do you think they'll do?"

"I don't have a clue." Jake answers. "That's what worries me."

"We'll keep an eye on her, Jake." Roxie assures him. "We won't let anything happen to our Jessica."


"If she thinks I won't punch her just because she's a girl, that bitch is dead wrong!" Jamie hisses to Patrick.

"Are you looking to get expelled?" Patrick asks. "You whined about that little suspension when you spiked Jake and that was only a week. You lay a finger on her and you'll be gone. No, we've got to smart about this."

"Do you have a plan then?" Jamie asks.

"I'm thinking emotional damage hurts a lot longer than physical damage does. I say we hit her there." Patrick states showing his shark like smile.

"How do you plan on emotionally damaging her, take away her teddy bear?" Jamie asks.

"Did I ask for your fucking sarcasm?" Patrick snaps with a frown. "No, we get Jake to cheat on her. I hear that a betrayal like that has lasting effects for a long time if you actual care for the asshole."

"That virgin won't even fucking call Somer after she shook those tits of hers in his face. How in the hell are you going to get him to cheat on that?" Jamie asks pointing towards the court where, after tying the game, Jessica is bent over in the huddle.

"I've got the beginnings of an idea but I need to talk to Somer about it." Patrick tells him. "Remind me to call her when we leave here."

"Yeah, I'll remind you but I'd much rather just throw a garbage can through Jake's windshield and be done with it." Jamie states.

"Think for a minute. That only gets back at Jake and you'll get caught." Patrick tells him. "The school got camera's installed in the parking lot last week. Why do you think we haven't let the air out of Jake's tires again?"

"Because we moved up to trying something more permanent and damaging to that fucker." Jamie answers. "I mean, I hit him as hard as I could, slammed him into the ground then landed on him for good measure and he still got his ass up."

"Yeah, well neither of them will be getting up once this plan falls into place." Patrick chuckles as he watches Jessica spike the ball onto the Raiders side for a point. "I'll leave her heartbroken and in need of a lot of consoling. You know I do my best consoling work in my bed and I can't wait to see that tight little ass of hers bouncing on my dick."


A late rally by the Raiders cuts the score to 24-23 when Coach Morrison calls a timeout.

"Anyone winded?" Coach asks and gets several nods from the girls on the team. "Anyone want to come out?"

Everyone shakes their heads in the negative on the second question. "That's what I like to hear." She nods. "Now, they've got the serve and our front line players have all rotated to the back line so we're going to have to work for this point. I know you all can do this so get out there and get after it!"

The timeout ends and Jessica moves to her spot on the back line to await the serve. The Raider player tosses the ball into the air and sends a hard overhead serve towards Jessica. She knocks the ball towards the front line.

"Set!" Tabitha yells as she bumps the ball up.

Caitlyn leaps up and spikes the ball but it's blocked by two Raider players. Tonya makes a diving save that launches the ball backwards. Kenyetta hits the ball towards Jessica who smacks it over the net. The Raiders set up their spike that goes over the outstretched fingertips of Caitlyn and Tonya. The ball is headed out of bounds but Jessica dives for it in case Caitlyn or Tonya got a piece of it.

"No touch!" Caitlyn shouts out to a sliding Jessica.

Jessica spreads her arms back at the last minute, doing a sort of breaststroke on the gym floor as she watches the ball hit the floor just in front of her.

"Out," The referee calls out then looks to the line judge.

"No touch." The line judge confirms. "Point and match for Carter."

The Wildcat teams come together in a group hug in the middle of the court then go and shake hands with the Raiders on a match well played.

Coach Morrison gathers her team together. "You all played a great match against a tough team tonight. I am so proud of you all! Celebrate this win but remember that this is just the start of our season. We play Reynolds again tomorrow on their home court so be sure to rest up and be ready for tomorrow's game. Now hit the showers and I'll see you all tomorrow. Jessica, hang back a moment."

"Damn," Jessica thinks as she watches the other girls walk a few steps away then stop to wait on her.

"Do you want to share what that first shot of this set was about?" Mrs. Morrison asks Jessica.

"I'm sorry, Coach Morrison." Jessica apologizes. "I just saw those two standing there and I let my emotions get away from me."

"I can't say that I was too thrilled about their presence either. I had them both in a class last year and needless to say, the impression they left with me was not the best one but I can't have you trying to behead them on the court." Mrs. Morrison tells her.

"Yes, coach," Jessica answers her. "It won't happen again."

"I appreciate that, Jessica. Now hit the showers and drag your teammates along since they obviously are waiting for you."

"What was that all about?" Tabitha asks as Jessica joins the group.

"Me trying to flatten either Jamie or Patrick's face with that spike." Jessica answers. "I promised not to try again."

"That's a shame. That was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile." Caitlyn comments.

"You're coming to Smitty's with us for celebratory ice cream right, Jessica?" Tonya asks as they head for the showers.

"Maybe tomorrow night I can." Jessica answers. "My family has a tradition of going out to eat after the first game of the season." Jessica answers.

"I know that you're aware that they serve food at Smitty's, Jess." Caitlyn giggles.

"Duh, I'm just saying that I'll be sitting with my family..." Jessica begins to explain.

"And Jake," Tabitha chimes in.

"Yes, Jake too. He gives the best hand massages and I can really use one after this match." Jessica answers.

"Are those designated girlfriend only or can anyone get in on these massages?" Tonya asks.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm entitled to one. He is my cousin after all." Caitlyn teases.

"He's your cousin, Caitlyn. He can't go rubbing on you. That's like incest or something." Tabitha points out.

"He's my fourth cousin, Tab. He and I can get married if we wanted." Caitlyn argues.

"Caitlyn, you can't marry my boyfriend!" Jessica exclaims with a laugh.

"Well clearly not now that he's got you." Caitlyn says. "It's just my luck that Jake hooks up with the one girl in school who's smart enough not to play games with him."


"Rub please?" Jessica asks as she reaches her hand across the table to Jake once they have all finished eating. Jake smiles, takes her hand and beings to massage her palm.

Jake's parents had headed home after congratulating Jessica on her game and the misfits, along with C.C. who was chatting away with Roxie, all headed home as well after passing along their own congratulations.

"Really, Jessica?" Dr. Golden asks.

"It really helps, mom." Jessica tells her.

"Me next, Jake!" Tabitha shouts from the table she's sharing with her sister Tonya, Caitlyn, Kenyetta and Wendy Deal, the other starting back line player.

"I'm next, sis!" Tonya shouts.

"I'm not getting left out of this deal either, Jessica!" Wendy shouts.

"No, I'm next. Blood is thicker than boo... blondes." Caitlyn corrects when she realizes she was about to shout boobs with Jessica's parents sitting right there.

"I'll thank you all to not distract my boyfriend while he takes care of me. Blonde or not!" Jessica calls back and their table erupts in a bout of giggles.

"Looks like you have a future in massage therapy if my daughter will ever allow you other clients, Jake." Dr. Golden jokes.

"I'm allowing him to hone his skills on me first." Jessica answers.

"And I'm sure the world will appreciate your sacrifice." Mr. Golden chuckles.

"I 'precate you, Jake." Sarah shares.

"You are much too adorable for your own good, Sar-bear." Jessica giggles. "Are we about ready to head home? I've got some homework to finish up."

"I guess that depends on if your massage time is up." Dr. Golden states.

"We're taking a break so Jake can drive me home; we'll finish up the hand massage then say goodnight and I'll come in and finish my homework." Jessica lays the plan out for her parents.

"She meant to ask if it was okay with guys." Jake chimes in.

"I suppose that's fine with us." Mr. Golden answers.

"As long as the massage doesn't take longer than fifteen minutes." Dr. Golden adds.

"Thirty." Jessica counters.

Dr. Golden sighs. "How much homework do you have left to do?"

"I got most of it done during the team dinner." Jessica tells her. "I've just got a bit of English left."

Dr. Golden thinks it over for a few moments before nodding her head. "Fine but it had better be thirty minutes on the dot."

"Just flash the porch light and I'll hurry right in." Jessica assures her.

"I'll trust Jake to send you right in." Dr. Golden says. "Him I can trust to stay in our good graces, you on the other hand... you I'm not so sure of."

"Mom, you know that I'm your perfect angel." Jessica tells her.

"I'm going to need you put that in writing, sweetie." Dr. Golden laughs. "That way, I can get it framed and point to it every time my perfect angel forgets her wings."

When they arrive back at Jessica's, The Golden's herd Sarah inside but only after she receives a goodbye hug from Jake. Jessica takes him by the hand and pulls him to a bench on the porch. Jake takes her hands in his and goes back to rubbing them as he was at Smitty's.

"How does this feel?" He asks.

"Fantastic." Jessica answers as she turns so she's facing him on the bench and Jake does the same.

"Can you massage me a little higher, Jake?" She asks.

"Here?" Jake asks as he slides his hands up to her forearms and begins to rub them lightly.

"Mmm hmm," Jessica purrs as goose bumps pop up on her arms. "Do you do shoulders?" she moans.

"Do you grant kisses afterwards?" Jake asks with a smile.

"Definitely." She answers with giggle.

Jessica turns her back to Jake and scoochs her butt back until it presses against Jake's lap. His hands rest on her shoulders for a moment without moving.

"Problem, Jake?" She teases.

"Huh?" Jake manages to respond.

"Rub." Jessica giggles.

"Right. Rub. Got it." Jake says and begins to manipulate her shoulder muscles with his fingers and thumbs.

Jessica does her best to curb her appreciative groans as her muscles react to Jake's touch so her parents don't hear her and come running.

The massage goes on for several minutes until Jake moves his fingers lightly up her neck and leans close to her ear.

"How are you feeling now, Jess?" He breathes into her ear.

Jessica feels an involuntary shiver run the length of her spine. In answer to his question, she spins around, pushes him back, then straddles Jake's lap.

"This is what I've been waiting for since we won that last point." She whispers then presses her lips to his.

Jessica starts by nipping playfully at Jake's lips before she slides her tongue between them. Jake places his hands on Jessica's hips but she reaches down and moves them to her butt. Jake pulls his lips from Jessica's and stares for a moment.

"Jess?" he asks breathlessly.

Jessica leans down to his ear and gives the lobe a nibble before answering him with her own question. "Rub?"

Jake starts to chuckle but her hot breath on his neck turns it into a moan. She begins to kiss his neck, moving to his jaw line before finally capturing his mouth with hers. The pair kiss passionately as Jake's hands squeeze and knead Jessica's tight butt for several long minutes until Jessica pushes him back.

They sit staring into each other's eyes, their heavy breathing mixing until Jake asks.

"Are you okay, Jess?"

"I feel incredible, Jake." She answers with a huge grin on her face.

"Then why are we stopping?" He asks.

She giggles and nods towards her front door. Jake looks and sees the light flash off then back on.

"Has it really been thirty minutes already?" He asks.

"'Fraid so." Jessica answers. "You should button back up, Jake."

"Button up?" Jake asks.

Jessica tips her head down towards Jake's chest. He looks down to see his shirt is half undone.

"When did that happen?" he asks.

"That? Oh that happened as soon as I got my fingers to cooperate with me." She answers as the porch light flashes again.

"Guess you'd better get inside." Jake tells Jessica.

"Uh huh," Jessica answers still beaming as she gets to her feet then pulls Jake to his. "I really don't want to but if I want to keep my wings, I suppose I should."

Jake grins and walks her to the door, which Jessica opens and sticks her head inside.

"One more sec, mom." She says then gives Jake a quick kiss. "See you in the morning, baby."

"Sweet dreams, angel." Jake tells her.

"Only the sweetest after tonight," Jessica answers before stepping back inside.


After finishing her homework, Jessica heads to her room while dialing Staci's number on her cell.

"Hey Jess the mess that was one awesome match you played tonight." Staci answers. "I was very impressed."

"I did okay." Jessica answers modestly. "I have a great team with me and thanks to them we pulled out a tough win."

"And don't forget your cheering section, Jessica." Staci giggles.

"Never!" Jessica exclaims. "You guys all being there meant so much to me. I was surprised that so many others popped in to watch us."

"Even the douche bag duo showed up to gawk at all the tight uniforms." Staci says. "I nearly peed myself laughing when you smashed that spike at their heads. Did you get into trouble for that?"

"I had to promise not to do it again." Jessica answers. "I don't even want to think about those two right now, I was having too good a night to spare them a thought."

"Too good a night with a certain brown haired, green eyed cutie you mean?" Staci teases. "You looked like you couldn't wait to drag him out of the gym and get your hand massage underway. Does he just do hands, Jessica?"

"He graduated to forearms, shoulders and maybe my butt tonight." Jessica giggles.

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